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This Log Sheet is for record keeping of ODS use in the course of maintaining, repairing, servicing or
disposing of equipment containing ODS and provides a means of compliance with Regulation 12.6 of
Revised MARPOL Annex VI.

1. Repeat Part B for each single serivce made to the ODS system/equipment identified in Part A.
2. The completed log sheet must be kept permanently in the Ship's ODS Record Book.
3. A separate log sheet should be used for each individual ODS system or piece of equipment.

Part A: Ship Information

Ship's Name


Flag State

Rechargable System or Equipment containing ODS

Equipment Name Location

Manufacturer Year of Installation

Refrigerant Type Quantity (kg)

Ship's Officer Confirmation: Name:

Part B: Service Data

Date: Engineer / Company:

Reason/Condition for recharge, repair or

Amount supplied, added or
maintenance of equipment, discharge or supply of
discharged, kg
ODS, leak test, etc.

Refrigerant Addition

Refrigerant Discharged

Leak Test

Ship's Officer Confirmation: Name: