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My educational goals for Fall 2019 are to double major in Computer Science and

Technology, Computer Science rather. I have a strong yearn to learn about business as well as
computer science. Something about computer science really just intrigues me as well as
business, talking to people and making relations is what I live for. My only career objective is to
be successful, which means striving to be the at the top percentile of my class. I will do
everything possible to achieve that goal, which includes helping others understand the material
to benefit myself as well.

If I’m going to be honest in this essay, I will say that my performance senior year does not reflect
a student worthy of a scholarship, but if you take a look at my past performance, I am capable.
I’ve learned a lot about life, a lot more about the opportunities and mistakes I had and made. I
know now that I’m a changed person with a driven conscious upon my shoulders. As stated
above, I know what I want and I will do all means necessary to achieve my goal. Another reason I
want to succeed, is to make my parents proud, I want them to see how good they did at raising
me. How would you know that I am capable of achieving a high academic performance? If you
can my: 7,8,9th grades prove that I was incapable of receiving anything lower than an 89, I
received honor roll for 3 years in a row, as well as student of the month regularly.

This might not be the quality that you may be looking for but a quality that makes me unique as
an individual is my faith. I am Christian and not many people in Oregon City are that. I know that
reading this you might be biased but hear me out. Being faithful to the Lord takes a lot of
commitment, going to a school where it is frowned upon. You are taught evolutionary beliefs,
and graded upon how well you follow their curriculum was hard. I am driven to serve and
worship Jesus though it may not be as much as when compared to the past. I am committed and
I know it’s right. I can compare this to a drive to want to be successful, I know what’s right and I
know that I must do it.

I also want to go back to what I stated prior; I’ve learned a lot of lessons, some that
might have taken me longer than others. I know that highschool carries a multitude of benefits
waiting to be reaped; I was one of the few who didn’t work towards many available. I never
knew that I could have as much regret for the decisions I have made at this age, though they
might not be bad in the eyes of many. I learned that sometimes it’s best to just do work the right
way, put all your effort into something; not just ‘wing it’. I realized that just ‘getting by’ won’t cut
it in the real world, and if you want something you have to put your full heart and soul into it. I
learned that if you truly want something, you will follow it, and be passionate and patient
throughout the steps. That’s why I believe that I deserve a scholarship, because I will not waste
away another opportunity given to me.