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Shopping & Retail

Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics

Shopping & Retail

High-Technology & Electronics

Shopping & Retail

Shopping & Retail

Shopping & Retail

Gift & Flowers

Shopping & Retail

CHOUCHIC is an online retailer shop which presents private-sales of upcoming and
top fashion labels to its members. Chouchic guarantees free international delivery
to its customers and sell products across the realm of clothing, accessories and

La Redoute Liban is considered as a unique platform for typical ‘French Fashion’ as

it holds more than 45,000 items for Women, Men, Children and Home. The site is
also mobile optimized and offers the Lebanese consumer a hassle-free shopping
experience and a high end customer service.

Lebelik is an online shopping platform which provides clients with fashion items,
accessories and home products from Lebanese designers. Lebelik is home to over
60 of Lebanese designers, and strives to help deliver products of local talent and
creativity worldwide.
Mes petites ballerines is an online store that specializes in young girls’ ballerinas,
bags and tutus. The website offers International deliveries.

MarkaVIP is a retail website dedicated to fashion lovers of the Middle East. It

renders available online latest fashion offerings. Marka VIP works with over 3000
brands worldwide and delivers products across the whole region.

MySouk is a platform that aims to help brands establish a presence online. The
concept is to offer each local creator, designer and artist, their very own
personalized space and virtual store through which they can display and sell their
Odelarome is an online boutique specialized in the sale of designer perfumes and
cosmetics in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Scentle is an online store dedicated to beauty products including skin care, fitness
equipment, personal care products, and shapewear. Scentle delivers worldwide.

Young Wilderness is an online-only clothing store targeting young men and

women. The online-only store delivers in a few countries from the Arab World
including in Beirut and its suburbs.

Macrotronics is an online retailer of high-tech products. It offers special deals on a

selection of products as well as after sale support and contractual maintenance
services for its customers.

Options megastore is a computer, laptop, tablet & mobile accessories retailer. The
website offers same-day delivery in Lebanon for most of its products.

Antoine Online is the e-commerce platform of Librairie Antoine, one of the main
regional actors in the world of books and the press. Antoine Online offers a choice
of over 150 000 references in 5 languages from Lebanese and foreign publishers.
e-mall was launched by Bank Audi. It is an e-commerce platform which offers Bank
Audi clients and consumers the convenience to buy online from designated
merchants. It also allows them to enjoy the convenience of Audi prepaid cards, and
make online donations to specific organizations.

Ishtari is an online shopping portal providing an array of different products

including technology, home décor, and jewelry among other items.

Exotica is the e-commerce platform of Exotica, one of the main regional players
that specializes in multiple floral contracts, outdoor landscaping, and plant supply
and maintenance. Exotica’s online store services gives consumers the flexibility to
order flower bouquets and arrangements online.

We deliver gifts is a website which delivers gifts on your behalf throughout

Lebanon. Merchandises are designed by their team and customers can make a
personalized combinations of gifts.

Instruments garage is a specialized musical retail outlet that focuses on the

provision of integrated solutions for the performing musician as well as the
professional and project studio.

Kay Store by Khoury Home is the online store of Khoury Home, a Lebanese retailer
of household furniture and appliances. The online store offers products from over
461 brands.

Wild Willy allows you to buy toys online in Lebanon with free delivery. Customers
can either pay by cash on delivery or through PayPal online payment options
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Industry/Sector Company

Daily Deals

Daily Deals

Daily Deals

Ticketing & Booking




GoSawa is a group buying platform that features daily deals on the best to eat, see,
buy and do in Beirut. GoSawa Members can enjoy discounts of up to 90% on offers
which include restaurants, spas, nightlife, salons and other experiences.

Makhsoum offers discounts on products, health and beauty outings as well as

hotel stays. During summer months, Makshoom features a special “Summer goods”
ScoopCity is a group buying platform that offers special deals on restaurants, spas,
entertainment, retail and more in Lebanon.

Virgin Ticketing Box-Office is a website working in partnership with Virgin

Megastore to provide a full range of services of integrated ticketing solutions. It is
designed to enable entertainment, theater, clubs, sports and concerts promoters to
sell tickets online to consumers.

Buy Lebanese is an online store delivering Lebanese food products worldwide, Buy
Lebanese have been delivering Lebanese products since 2000 and currently serve
clients in more than 130 countries, directly from Lebanon.

Rafaat Hallab is the online store of Rafaat Hallab, a leading Lebanese bakery which
provides its customers with homemade oriental pastries. Thanks to the
development of new preservation techniques, clients can now order products
online and have them delivered anywhere in the world.

Spinney’s delivery is the online store of Spinneys, one of the leading supermarkets
in Lebanon. The online shop allows you to grocery shop online. Spinney’s will
deliver your grocery list to your chosen location while being able to pay credit or
debit cards, CMO mobile payment application or Cash On Deliveries.
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Online Payment Platforms

PinPay is a mobile payment service that allows customers to pay various bills, purchase
vouchers and gift cards as well as carry out many other transactions «anywhere, with
anyone, anytime”. PinPay is owned and operated by Bank Audi and Bank Med, and is
licensed by the Central Bank of Lebanon.

NetCommerce is a payment gateway which provides complete and simple online payment
services with real time credit card transaction validation. This enables merchant websites to
transact and accept payments online in real time. Lebanese partner banks include
Fransabank and the Crédit Libanais.

CMO is a mobile payment application which enables customers to make direct on-line
payments to merchants, and to transfer money or withdraw cash without a card from any
cardless ATM. Participating banks include BBAC, BML, Byblos Bank, LGB Bank and SGBL.

CASHU is a payment method designed for and customized to suit, serve & support online
shoppers in all Arabic speaking and surrounding countries with accessible and easy ways to
use payment solutions. CASHU works as an electronic wallet where customers use pre-paid
cards to shop online and pay bills in the region.

MT2 is a 24/7 mobile payment transaction application that gives end-users the ability to
purchase by SMS payment digital and music content as well as virtual games from any
website or digital content publisher. Participating Merchants include telecommunication
operators Alfa and Touch.

PayTabs is a convenient and secure online B2B payment solution provider that enables
businesses to receive payments online. With PayTabs, you can make or receive online
payments, create and send online invoices, use API plugins to integrate with your website
and even create an online store.

PAYFORT makes online payments safe and secure for buyers and sellers in the Arab world,
delivering a complete suite of payment solutions that cater to the needs of the region and
are tailored to Arab online buying habits and trends. PAYFORT is an Amazon Company,
established in 2013, and operates in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and

Telr enables customers to accept payments online and through a wide range of alternative
payment channels including payment features across social media, mobile and web.

2Checkout is a leading global payment platform that allows companies to accept online and
mobile payments from buyers worldwide, with localized payment options. Capabilities
include a pre-integrated payments gateway, merchant account, PCI compliance,
international fraud prevention, and integration with more than 100 shopping carts. In
business since 2000, 2Checkout supports transactions in 200+ markets through 8 payment
methods, 87 currencies, and 15 languages, and is trusted by more than 50,000 merchants
Network’s e-commerce payment gateway offers a customizable gateway solution that can
be tailored to meet the processing needs of specific industries or business models. It
enables incremental revenue from international customers who wish to tap into the region’s
unparalleled and diverse retail offering. A real-time MIS empowers merchants to make
effective inventory and pricing decisions with the latest transaction trends at their

Bankmed e-Payment Services offer state-of-the-art payment processing by accepting

electronic Internet transactions through Visa and MasterCard with a secure payment
gateway and quality account servicing, offering a comprehensive suite of secure, cost-
effective and value-added payment services and solutions.
Areeba is a financial technology company that provides payment solutions for banks,
merchants, governments and individuals.
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