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PT.Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT.CPI) is one of the largest oil company in Indonesia.
PT.CPI using sophisticated and modern technology. At PT.Chevron Pacific Indonesia has
many occupations, one of which is the field of Information Technology. Information
technology infrastructure also increased along with the increasing need for IT resources of
this company. To meet the development needs of data center computing capacity needed
improvement, one of which is by way of procurement of new servers. But there are
consequences of the decision, the organization will face some new problems in the
management of the growing server that one of which is the cost spent for that purpose is quite
large. Therefore PT.Chevron Pacific Indonesia using virtualization systems. Because of
considered beneficial, one of its advantages is that it can source or the management of
existing storage. Virtualization is a virtual operating system installation, do not have to use a
hardware device or a computer. To determine the application and measurement of the
benefits of the use of virtualization systems, performed the analysis using method PIECES
that can improve and know the development through six aspects: Performance, Information,
Economic, Control. Efficiency and Service. PIECES analysis will produce a level
measurement application virtualization system in PT.CPI.
Keywords: Chevron Pacific Indonesia, PIECES, Virtualization