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Service Manual

The IMS2760 is a digital image processing system designed to extend the advantages of Digital Image Technology to C-Arm
Fluoroscopy. IMS2760 has image enhancement processing capabilities that answer specific needs for a variety of clinical C -
Arm applications performed during fluoroscopy.

The IMS2760 Image System is an integral part of the C-Arm system, designed to work hand-in-hand with the C-Arm
control.The Image Processor is activated by the C-Arm footswitch or handswitch and controlled by the C-Arm control panel
and the monitor cart control keyboard. The IMS2760 acquires video from the video camera of the C-Arm.

The unique software of the IMS2760 improves the image by reducing noise, acquiring images at a true 10 bit gray scale,
1365H x 525V line time digital acquisition, real-time edge enhancement and displaying high line 1287H x 1049V processed
video images on two high resolution black anti-glare monitors. The user can manipulate the image, i.e., freeze, store or make
a hardcopy printout of the image displayed on the monitor. The user may retrieve any stored image from a digital disk,
manipulate the image, i.e., zoom, minify, edge-enhance, electronic shuttering (Image Crop) etc. on the retrieved image .
With version >01
TMS2760 software the system will do D S A / M S A / R S A and 4F/Sec cine runs to include re-masking, variable mask
landmarking, and with direct store of images to the dynamic disk drive. Start date of delivery 04/01/96

With revision of software > 04IMS2760 image system provides 30f/sec operation and includes the addition of multi
subtracted masking, subtracted image window and level, start of delivery 11/1996

The IMS2760 includes I M A G E P A G E D I S P L A Y function. The 16 images are displayed on the right or " B " monitor for
image reference during fluoroscopy work and transfer images during minification, hard copy selection and other image
post processing features.

Live images are displayed during 2 - 30 Frame cine loop acquisition on the right monitor and the acquired images at 2¬
30 F/Sec are displayed on the left monitor .

The IMS2760 C-Arm Image Processing System was developed with a modular design and simple
C-Arm interface allowing for quick and efficient repairs. High-reliability parts were used in its design and affords a long
service life with upgrade-ability in system design.

Block diagrams that illustrate the main components and interconnection of the IMS2760 Image Processing System and
C-Arm 7000 refer to Figure 3.0-1 rev 4-2 of this section.

With revision of software > 06 IMS2760 image system provides with optional Real-time Edge Enhancement or Vascular
Image Module the following:
-Digital Document Rotation -Image Mirror (Image Reversal) with Fluoroscopy off.
-Circular Image Masking -Auto Magnification Mode
-Single Image Delete -Image Store Alert
-Cine Auto Store -Subtracted Image Mask in D S A , R S A , M S A Re-registration
-Pulse Fluoro Auto Store -Patient View Markers for RIGHT & L E F T
-Cine Default Frame Rate -Add Cine Run Indication In Patient View Mode
-Patient ID allows input of 13 characters -LIH off function default setting
-Edge Enhancement Default setting -DSA Default Noise Reduction Setting
-DICOM 3 Interface. -Extended Image Storage
NOTE: Only those system with the required hardware and software can provide the operation listed above.

Copyright 1997 by IMS Corporation. All rights reserved. Reproduction or issue to third parties in
any form is not permitted without express written authority of IMS Corporation.

Exposcop 7000 / IMS2760 Section 3.0 09/20/97

International Medical Systems General Description Image System Rev. 4 -1


Exposcop 7000 / IMS2760 Section 3.0 09/20/97
International Medical Systems General Description Image System Rev. 4 -2

Video Input:
Compatibility: - RS170
Sampling rate of A/D converter - 1365Hx525V 21.5MHz
A/D Converters: - 10 BIT
Acquisition frames per second - 30f/sec

Video Outputs:
Compatibility: - RSI70 and 1049 High Line Rate

No. of Output Images: - Two, simultaneous 1287H x 1049V

- Special output
1. Documentation Camera -
4 X 525V line rate at 1365H
2. Video RSI70 output

Video Bypass: - Automatic at power off

of image system

Image Store Format: - 1024 X 512 X 10 Bit

D/A Converters: -Three (3) 10-Bit D/A

Image Noise Reduction: -1 to 16 frames real time

- 2 to 16 last image hold
- Independently programmable

Memory: - Std 12 M B . Max= 128 M B

CPU: - Std 486DX4-100 (Optional Pentium)

Disk Storage:
Type - >850 M B IDE/ATA Digital Disk

Capacity: -16 Frames (Standard)

Up to 2700 frames (Optional ESP)

Image Loop (CINE) - Optional 2F/Sec Dynamic

acquisition 250 standard images,
special option of 500 images.
Stored to digital disk drive.

DSA7CINE - Optional 4-30F/Sec with DSA, MSA,

- RSA functions with dynamic digital
disk drive. 500 Standard Image
Line Conditions:
Line Voltage: - (210 - 230 V A C ) Standard
Frequency: - 48 - 63Hz
Ambient Temperature: - 50 C to 300 c
Relative Humidity: - 0% - 80% (NC)

Operator Interface: - Simple multi-function user operation

Integrated C-Arm Interface: - I M S EXPOSCOP7000

I . M . S . reserves the right to i m p r o v e change specifications without notice.

Exposcop 7000 / IMS2760 Section 3.0 09/20/97

International Medical Systems General Description Image System Rev. 4 -3