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Monday, April 1

April 2019 Newsletter for Families Take NYC School Survey
Tuesday, April 2
Wednesday, April 3
National Paraprofessional Appreciation Day
Thursday, April 4
2:20pm PS 197 SLT Meeting
IS 14 SLT Meeting
PS 312 SLT Meeting

PS/IS 109 SLT Meeting
Friday, April 5
Deadline to Apply for Round 2 HS
5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234
Sunday, April 7
Phone: 718-968-6115 National Volunteer Appreciation Week 7-11
Julia Bove, Superintendent Monday, April 8
Linda Dalton, Family Support Coordinator 4:30pm PS 236 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, April 9
Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator
3:45pm PS 203 SLT Meeting 4:00pm IS 234 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 134 SLT Meeting
4:00pm IS 240 SLT Meeting
5:30pm PS 315 SLT Meeting
Wednesday, April 10
2:45pm PS 119 SLT Meeting
Thursday, April 11
STEMSITC 5 Week program Application
Deadline to fill out NYC School Survey
@district22bkny @district22bkny 2:40pm PS 255 SLT Meeting
3:00pm IS 278 SLT Meeting
3:00pm PS 222 SLT Meeting
3:00pm PS 254 SLT Meeting

Gr. 3-8 New York State English 3:15pm IS 78 SLT Meeting

6:00pm CEC Candidate Forum

Language Arts (ELA) Monday, April 15 3:30pm PS 326 SLT

Meeting 4:00pm PS 152 SLT Meeting

April 2-3 Paper-Based Administration 4:00pm PS 217 SLT Meeting

6:00pm PS 193 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, April 16
3:15pm PS 277 SLT Meeting
3:40pm PS 52 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 251 SLT Meeting
4:30pm MS 890 SLT Meeting
6:30pm FACE PA/PTA Academy
FILL IN YOUR SURVEY BY April 11 April 19-26 (Continued on page 21)

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All Families
NYS Tests are April 2-3 (ELA) and May 1-2 (Math) Here are some helpful guides and tips:

 State Testing Tips for Students and Families:

 2019 Testing Parent Guide 2019
 The 2019 Grades 3-8 New York State Assessments: What Parents Need to Know
 Things every parent should know about student participation in statewide assessments under the Every Student
Succeeds Act
 Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions about New York States Annual Grades 3-8 English Language Arts &
Mathematics Tests

NYC School Survey: Each year, all families, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC
School Survey to share feedback about their schools. Complete the survey using the instructions
at the top of the survey. Return your completed survey using the prepaid envelope included with
your survey materials, or you can also take the survey online by visiting
Use the eight-digit survey access code at the bottom of your paper survey to login. If you do not
have your survey materials, you can look up your survey access code on the survey login page or
call 1-877-819-2363 for assistance. You can take this year’s survey until April 11.

STEM Matters NYC 1 Week Program: Friday, April 5 Deadline to apply. Application is available
here Families can only
attend one program. However, they can apply to any program which their student is eligible to
attend based on grade level (not all programs are available to all grades). Visit the programs
page so that families can see all information at once and review an FAQ in many languages: Additionally, families can click on the
tab for entering K-9 programs in September to find this document that lists all programs, grades,
and dates:

Salute parent volunteers during National Volunteer Week April 7-11! The most powerful
force in the world is the individual who has realized their power to do good. During National
Volunteer Week, we celebrate the extraordinary parent volunteers who dedicate their
time, talent, and resources to make a difference in our school communities. THANK YOU!

STEM Summer in the City 5 Week Program: Deadline to apply is April 26. This is a lottery program.
Please view the flyer for more information

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Community Education Council Candidate Forum: Candidate forums allow CEC candidates to
meet parents and parent selectors who will vote for candidates for their district’s CEC; voting will
take place from May 2–14. The parent selectors are the PA/PTA presidents, recording secretaries,
and treasurers from each school. We encourage all parent selectors and candidates in our district
to attend the forum on Thursday, April 11 at 6 PM at PS/IS 109, 1001 E 45th St, Brooklyn, NY 11203.
ALL are welcome to attend. Download flyer here

District 22 Art Exhibition May 21 & May 22 from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the Joan Snow Pre-K Center,
1340 East 29, 11210: Please save the date to come view our gallery that celebrates our student
artists in our pre-Kindergarten through grade 8 schools. Flyer is available for download here in all
translated languages and available at the back of this newsletter.

Upcoming District 22 June Events:

 June 5, Music Concert, 10:30 AM, IS 278, 1925 Stuart St, 11229
 June 6, Science Expo, 9:15-11:15 AM, Joan Snow Pre-K Center, 1340 East 29 St, 11210.
 June 7, Family Fun Night, 5-7:30 PM, John Malone Community Ctr., 2331 Bergen Ave. 11234
 June 13, Dance Show, 10:15 AM, PS/IS 206, 2200 Gravesend Neck Rd, 11229

Chronic Absenteeism: Being chronically absence from school, is defined as missing at least ten
percent of enrolled school days, and warrants our urgent attention because it diminishes successful
student outcomes and undermines learning. The connection between instructional time and
achievement is intuitive, and there is extensive research
in the area of absenteeism that indicates missing ten
percent of school days tends to be the ‘tipping point’
when student achievement declines. Are you planning
a family trip for the holidays? As you think about your
arrangements, we want to stress the importance of
sending your child to school every day possible. Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and
after holiday breaks as families squeeze in a few more vacation days. It’s time to break that cycle.
We know that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add
up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. This is as true in kindergarten
as it is in high school. Put simply, too many absences at any age can affect a student’s chances for
academic success and eventually for graduation. We recognize that holidays are an important
time for reconnecting with families far away. The costs of plane tickets often influence when you
want to travel. But keep in mind the costs to your children’s education if they miss too much
school— and the message you will be sending about the importance of attendance. Even if you’ve
got a homework packet from the teacher, it doesn’t make up for the interaction and learning that
happens in the classroom. Our teachers will be teaching, and our students will be learning, right up
until vacation starts and the first day back.

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New York City Graduate Profile:

Dear New York City Parents,

New York City public school students are the future of our city, our state, and our
democracy. Since Chancellor Richard Carranza arrived in April 2018, the DOE has been asking
educators, parents, students, and community leaders what they envision an NYC graduate to
look like. We've heard from thousands of New Yorkers so far, and we want to engage thousands
more to make sure the unified vision of an NYC graduate is one that we build together, and one
that all of us can rally around.

Watch our video to learn more about the New York City Graduate Profile.

Today, we're asking you to spend some time giving us feedback and helping us prioritize some of
the ideas that we have heard most often from you. In this survey (available in all DOE languages)
you'll find these ideas organized into three areas: Knowledge; Experiences; and Skills.

These are the concepts we've heard the most frequently so far, but we want to reflect them back
to you to see what resonates the most. We expect to take your feedback forward into some
focus groups that will help us ultimately define our shared vision of an NYC graduate. We want to
be clear about what makes NYC public school graduates stand out.

Thank you in advance for your time, and for your support of NYC public schools.


Linda Chen, Chief Academic Officer

Hydra Mendoza, Deputy Chancellor for Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and


Become a School Crossing Guard: Join the NYPD as a School Crossing Guard and help keep our
children safe! Earn full-time health benefits on a part-time work schedule (20-25 hours/week).
Please visit and apply today!

NYS Parent Dashboard: The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is developing a Parent
Dashboard to increase transparency and make information about school performance and other
school-level data easier for parents and the public to access. This is part of New York’s #ESSA plan.
NYSED is gathering feedback from parents and stakeholders to guide the work of developing the
Parent Dashboard. NYSED will use this feedback to identify the data that is most useful to parents
and the public. Please complete this five-minute survey and tell us how we can make the Parent
Dashboard as useful as possible.

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Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
All families who submitted an application by the March 18 deadline will get their pre-K offer letter in
late spring. This letter will also tell you where your child is waitlisted. You must accept your pre-K
offer by pre-registering at the program where you got the offer. Pre-registration secures your child's
pre-K seat at that program. Contact the program to schedule a time to pre-register in person. Be
sure to accept your offer even if you are waitlisted at another program. Visit the NYC Department
of Education site here

Kindergarten Admissions
You should have received your child’s kindergarten offer in late March. Your offer will tell you
where your child will go to kindergarten next fall. It will also tell you where your child is waitlisted.
You must accept your offer by Pre-Registering for the school by May 3. A school has a
kindergarten waitlist when there are more students that apply to it than kindergarten seats
available. Your child will automatically be added to the waitlist for any school you ranked higher
on your kindergarten application than the school where your child got an offer. Schools will
contact you directly if they are able to offer your child a seat from the waitlist. Learn more at

Gifted & Talented Admissions

If you apply to G&T programs, you will get your results in the late spring. There is no guarantee that
a student will get an offer to a G&T program, regardless of their G&T test score. The number of
eligible students typically exceeds the number of seats available. Questions? Visit Gifted &
Talented Admissions or call 718-935-2009.

Middle School Admissions

In April, your child will get their middle school results. They’ll get a middle school offer from the
Main Round and may also get a second offer from the New Schools Round. If your child also gets
an offer to a new school or program, you will have to choose between the two offers. Most
students get an offer to attend one of the programs ranked on their middle school application,
but it is not guaranteed. If you do not get an offer from one of the programs ranked on your
application, you will get one to another school. Your results letter will include information on how
to submit an appeal if you want to try to change your child’s middle school placement. For more
information visit

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High School Admissions
Submit a Round 2 application by April 5 ONLY if you'd prefer a Round 2 program to your Round 1
offer. If you get a Round 2 offer, it will replace any Round 1 offer; if you don't get a Round 2 offer,
you will keep your Round 1 offer. Visit or read our Round 2
Admissions Guide to find programs available in Round 2:
admissions-guide---english For more information visit

Multilingual Learners
The New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test: will be given between April 8
and May 17. Schools can test eligible students any time during this period.

Special Education

After your child has received special education services, an IEP meeting is held at least once each
year to review your child’s progress. This is called an annual review. During the annual review the
team will discuss your child's progress toward his or her goals, review the special education services
provided and determine services and goals for the following year.

You may also request an IEP meeting. You should make that request in writing to your school, CPSE
or CSE. A reevaluation must be completed once every three years, unless you and the DOE agree
in writing that it is not necessary. This is called a Mandated Three-Year Reevaluation (formerly called
a Triennial). If new assessments are needed, you will be asked to provide consent. Consent means
you are giving your permission for an evaluation to determine continued eligibility. All written reports
will be shared with you when the reevaluation is completed. The IEP team will meet again to
determine if any part of the IEP needs to be changed based on this new information. A
reevaluation can also be requested by you or school staff, but will not take place more than one
time a year unless you and the DOE agree otherwise in writing. For more information visit

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Parent & School Leadership

o Notify Principal of the election date by April 1st. CR A-660 page 5

o Principal Quarterly: Regular communication between school officials and PA/PTAs is essential for PA/PTAs to
achieve their goals. Principals must meet at least quarterly with the PA/PTA Executive Board. PA/PTAs are
encouraged to satisfy this requirement by inviting their principals to attend all or part of their regular
executive board meetings. CR A-660 page 16

o Form Budget Committee: The budget committee shall include but are not limited to: a) review prior year’s
budget and make recommendations to the executive board; b) draft a proposed budget each spring for
approval by general membership. The proposed budget must be presented to and approved by the
membership no later than the June meeting. Proposed Budget Form is here.

o Form Audit Committee: It is recommended that an internal audit be conducted once every year, preferably
before submitting the PA/PTA's Annual Financial Report. The audit committee must be selected by the
general membership and be comprised of a majority of general members. Signatories of PA/PTA checks may
not serve on or guide the work of an audit committee. The audit must include a review of PA/PTA or records,
as defined in Section III.E.1 The audit committee’s findings must be reported to the membership at the next
general membership meeting and recorded in the meeting minutes. PA/PTA audit committees must provide
a copy of their findings to the principal. CR A-660 III, E1 and G. A sample of the Audit Committee Report is

If you need assistance contact Presidents’ Council at or

Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator at

Community Education Council: The CEC Candidate Forum will be held on Thursday, April 11,
2019, 6 PM at PS/IS 109, 1001 East 45th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203. We urge all PA/PTA
presidents, recording secretaries and treasurers to attend. This meeting is open to the public
for all to attend.

District 22 School News & Community Events

PS 152: PS 152 celebrated Black History Month and Women’s History Month with an amazing show
featuring our very talented students. The students sang, danced and expressed inspirational
messages through creativity.
Our Multicultural Event was
hosted by our Parents
Association. Our families
came out for a night of food,
dancing and socializing.
Parents brought in a favorite
family dish that represented
their countries. Everyone enjoyed tasting food from around the world!

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PS 139: Please join me in congratulating Rebecca Quinones, 2nd grade Dual Language teacher.
Rebecca who along with Laura Ascenzi-Moreno from Brooklyn College, attended the New York
State Association for Bilingual Education (NYSABE) conference and gave a presentation entitled
“Transforming Language Learners, Their Multi-literacies, and the World through Bilingual Education."
At the March 14 parent teacher conferences volunteer language liaisons helped families share
their perspectives on school quality at the PS 139 survey party.

PS 195: At Mrs. Pero’s Science Fair students got the

opportunity to apply their scientific method to conduct
independent research. The results of each student’s
efforts and research was presented at the science fair. A
beautiful job was done by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

PS 207: Mrs Kelly’s 5th grade students at PS 207 are designing their own theme park park rides using
the Tinkercad 3D modeling program. Student then 3D printed their creations using our brand new
technology from a recent grant.

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PS 197: From March 12- March 15, students visited PS 197's Second
Annual STEAM Fair. On display were the Engineering Elementary
projects from Ms. Colley's classes,
Lego Robotics and Dash and Dot
robots from Mr. Slavin's Lab and the
Tinkercad drawings that
Mr.Richford's classes have been
designing. Pre K and K worked on
science projects with their
classroom teachers. These projects
ranged from building pinball
machines, windmills and
contraptions to capture toads. STEAM activities blend Science,
Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts. Our students are
collaborating to solve real world problems!

IS 14: Women's History Month- Scientists and Inventors. Mr. Barnes, one of our outstanding science
teachers, proudly unveiled his bulletin board in celebration of Woman's History Month. Students
worked diligently to create presentations and models to
convey how various women scientists have shaped our
society through their innovative work.

Congratulations to the Shell Bank Theatre club on their

outstanding performance of Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

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PS 52: On Monday, March 11th at 8:30 AM students in Africa from the Malawi Children’s Mission
Academy (MCMA) Standard 4 class and PS 52 The Sheepshead
Bay School's 3rd grade class, 3-241 with their teacher, Ms.
Jennifer Naccash, met over Facetime to share projects,
discussions and questions regarding their cultures. The
relationship began in October 2018 with both groups reading
the same series of books from the Global Read Aloud 2018
program. The stories focused on Canadian indigenous cultures.
Both groups of students then worked on projects around what
was unique to their own cultures and families; customs,
traditions, religious, language, art, literature, forms of
government and economic systems. They interviewed
grandparents and guardians, wrote factual reports on their
family’s country of origin, created dolls that represented that
country and shared videos explaining traditional dances, local
foods and answering “What fills their hearts with happiness”.
The call even ended in both groups of student singing and
dancing to the same song together! PS 52 feels grateful to have
participated in this global learning experience and looks
forward to a continued relationship with their peers in Malawi.
On March 15, 2019, the Pre-K classes at P.S. 52 had a visit by
Musical I.Q. The artists told a story about a trip to Africa using
bongo drums as a musical aid. Each Pre-K student had a drum of their own. The story had the
students imagining seeing the different animals and hearing and imitating the different beat of the
drums led by the artists.

PS 361: In partnership with Bloodline Dance Theater, Public School 361 hosted a Women's History
month showcase in Celebration of women of all kinds, all around the world. Our community and
families got a chance to come out and indulge in a night of culture and creativity as we watched
our scholars showcase their talents. We also honored Ms. Farah Louis for all of her hard work and
dedication that she puts forth for not only women, but the community as well.

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PS/IS 206: PS/IS 206 Celebrated Read Across America Day on March 1. The 1st grade Russian Dual
Language class wrote their responses to “Everybody Reads” in Russian. Middle school twins’ day was
held on 3/10/19.

PS 194: The 4th graders recently began a 10 week residency with Covenant Ballet Theater of
Brooklyn. Students will work alongside one of Covenant’s dancers and PS 194’s dancer teacher,
Heather Iacoviello, to create original choreography based on stories each class has chosen. The
students and families of PS 194 had a great time at our Family Fun Night. Life size games, musical
chairs and fun for everyone. Our student collected pennies in the "pennies for patients" campaign
led by Keisha Stevens. All pennies that we collect go to research for Leukemia.

PS 326: Our Pre-K staff celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday with green eggs (minus the ham). The children
said I love it! I love it! Said Sam I am!

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 11 of 22

March Parent Coordinator Meeting: We thank Pearson for an informative & engaging “Literacy For
All” Workshop for Parent Coordinators. Parent Coordinators can share these strategies w/parents to
help support children at home. Marian Searchwell, Program Coordinator at SUNY Downstate spoke
with Parent Coordinators regarding the Adolescent Education Program’s free outreach & prevention
workshops. SSA3 Terence Elmore School Safety Division Community Outreach Unit reviewed programs
and presentations for youth and families. Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator distributing
CEC voting credentials to Parent Coordinators for PA/PTA selectors as voting will begin in May. Erica
Di Giovanna, D22 Field Support Liaison reviewed the Summer in the City Calendar & Programs with
our Parent Coordinators to support families. We are grateful to Principal Noel and PS 251 for hosting.

PS 203: The PS 203’s Second Grade Keyboard performances were electrifying. All of the second
grade classes sang and performed the
songs they sang to their audience on the
keyboard. Our parents enjoyed the
progression the children are making under
the instruction of Ms. Fratello. They
definitely didn’t pass on the opportunity to
celebrate their hard work through
multitude of photos and video recordings.

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IS 240: I.S. 240's
Family Humanities
Night! Families
participated in
various activities,
such as digital
escape rooms,
creating a
Monument for a civil
rights leader,
jeopardy, Quotation
Station, Three Little Pigs STEM Challenge, and more. Fun was had by all! 7th graders at I.S. 240 have
been working on a yearlong Project-Based Learning (PBL), Recycling Makes CENTS. During this PBL,
their recycling team collected enough bottle to donate $150 to the charity of their choice, Ronald
McDonald House New York.

March Principals’ Conference: We had a powerful & productive Principals’ Conference! Thanks to
Laura Kaiser, Deputy Dir. of Teaching & Learning, for presenting data resources, accountability
measures & metrics under ESSA.
NYC Schools are committed to keeping our schools safe, supportive,
& free from discrimination. Thanks to Russell Lieberman &Lian
Robinson, Administrators of School Culture & Climate for their
presentation on Bullying Allegations & 311 protocols. School Safety
Agents provide security and ensure the safety of students, staff &
visitors in our NYC Public Schools. We are grateful to Asst.
Commissioner Garcia, Asst. Chief Beltran, and School Safety Agents &
Community Affairs who came out & spoke with our principals.

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PS 236: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Park Rangers visited P.S. 236 4th graders on Friday, March 1st.
The visit included curriculum-based activities that are tied to the National Parks. The activities were
social-studies based with a little bit of science and environment mixed in. Ms. Schiffmiller and Ms.
LaBella Cooking Club coordinators took their cooking club to Apple Bee's to learn how
a commercial kitchen operates. The students enjoyed learning how the dishes are washed, how soda
is mixed and sent to the soda fountain, and how food orders are processed. They especially
enjoyed going into the walk in refrigerator. Students in 4th and 5th grade are learning to play guitar
with Midori and Friends music teacher. P.S. 236 Celebrates the #100thDayofSchool Students and Staff
were greeted at the main entrance with shouts and applause!!! Everyone walked the RED Carpet
and dressed for Success and Respect!!

PS 315: PS 315 held Career Day on Friday, March 5, 2019. Our school welcomed parents, family
members and friends to come in to present their career to their child's class. All volunteers were
presented with certificates of appreciation for their time. We also had the pleasure of having the
mobile library come to our school. Attached are some pictures of the events on Friday!

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P.S. 193: March was an AWESOME month for
P.S. 193, celebrating woman’s history, Pi
Day, March Mathness and our Pajama-
Rama Family Literacy Night. Our Family
Literacy Night ended our Literacy week but
kicked off our March activities. The event
was sponsored in part by Kings Bay Y and
the NYC Public Library. We had a ball with
all types of fun literacy activities for our
families and light refreshments. Our students
and their families participated in Dr. Seuss
read-a-louds, made book marks, created
authentic poetry and were even able to
create their own “Make & Take” literacy
board games. It was a great and FUN
learning experience for all!

PS 312: The students and staff attended a special

assembly given by the parents, community
members and Senator Roxanne Persaud who
volunteered their time and expertise to speak
about their careers. PS 312 would like to extend our
sincere thanks and appreciation to all who helped
make Career Day a successful one!

IS 234: On March 28, 2019, Mauri Harris, Social

Studies Teacher, arranged for Sonia Klein to visit our
school and share her first-hand experiences as a
survivor of the Holocaust. This is the second year
that Ms. Klein has come to speak at Cunningham.
She met with close to 80 grade 7 students. She
shared her story
of survival which
ranged from
living in the
Warsaw Ghetto, laboring in four different concentration camps
(including Auschwitz), and enduring the Death March. Ms. Klein
believes in the power of young people to build a world of love,
peace, and respect for all. She is a testament of the strength of the
human spirit. The students who heard her story will forever be
touched by her message!

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 15 of 22

PS 152 PS 152 PS 152

PS 312
PS 312

PS 889 PS 889

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 16 of 22

PS 195: Students in Ms. Egan’s class learned the history of Pi Day and then solved Buffon's Needle
Problem through a hands-on trial and then computer simulation. Today in Ms. O’leary’s class, students
watched a video on what the meaning of Pi was, and then used a copy of the first 225 digits to
study. The students reviewed bar graphs and then created a bar graph showing the frequency and
distribution of each number. Students in Mrs. Bianchi’s class cut out circles of three different sizes. They
found the length of the diameter, radius, circumference and area. Then the students created a pi
abstract by overlapping the circles to create original images. Another group of students created a pi
skyline using a color coded system and the number of ventricle squares to represent the numbers

within pi.

PS 326: PS 326 enjoyed many activities on PI day

including students singing the PI Song view here and second
graders learning about diameter and circumference on Pi

IS 234: On 3/14 we kicked off Pi Day with an exciting 'PI' eating contest. Our student participants did
an awesome job by engaging in some friendly competition. We
had three winners who pushed themselves to the limit by being
fierce competitors going two rounds for the title. Let's all find a
moment to CONGRATULATE our 3 'Pi Day' winners. Nickoloz P,
Axel S., Mehribon K. In addition, the continued spirit throughout
all of March for #MarchMathness has been radiating! Basketball
#MarchMathness pictures are coming soon! Let's keep our math
spirit alive! Remember to 'Keep Calm' and be infinitely
IRRATIONAL 3.14159265358979323846 2643383279...

PS 222: On Pi Day everyone at PS 222 wears a number on their shirt. Many of our
students designed their own t-shirts. #D22MarchMathness is alive at P.S. 222! Fifth
grade students in Mrs. Lapidus and Mrs. Leary's class
learned about Polyhedrons by building different
polyhedron pyramids and prisms. This hands-on
lesson helped students to distinguish and categorize
3-dimensional shapes!

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PS 134: "March Mathness" was in full effect at P.S. 134. The third graders tested their math skills at
the multiplication math bee and also created delicious fraction pizzas at their family math day
event. Fifth graders measured various fractions amounts to make the best slime at their family
math day. Once their ingredients were mixed together, each group of students tested out their
product to see whose slime had the best elasticity. All classes celebrated PI day, March 14, by
playing some of their favorite math games in the classroom. We ended #MarchMathness by
conducting our annual family math night in which students played some awesome math games

with their parents or with their friends.

Joan Snow Pre-K Center E 29: Math Day Parent Engagement Activity from Joan Snow Pre-K
Center @East 29th: Parents and students enjoyed playing the Building Blocks Hands On Activities
together. The purpose of this event is to Introduce the parents to our Math Curriculum-Building
Block and how these activities help the students learn, understand, and have fun doing math,
empower the connection between child and parent and provide options for them to use at home

to build priceless memories for the child to remember and retell

PS 217: On Thursday, March 21st 2019, students from PS 217 got an opportunity to attend Family Math
Night! During Family Math Night, families were invited to play games ranging from Kindergarten to 5th
Grade. Upon arriving, parents were greeted by the staff members who provided them with
informational brochures about “How to Best Support their Children in Mathematics” along with a list
of math books for each grade level. Students received a Game Night Choice Board which allowed
them to choose what stations they would like to visit.
Students got a chance to make a guess at the Estimation Table! Two mason-jars filled with erasers
were displayed for students in K-2 to make an estimation and 3-5 to guess how many erasers were in

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 18 of 22

the jars. Each grade had a basket as the Grand-Prize for the student who guessed the closest
number to the amount of erasers inside the jars. The gift baskets consisted of grade level math
reading books, math tools, and school supplies students would be able to use at home to support
their understanding of math.
Throughout the night, students played a variety of games that aligned to their current unit of study.
Three different game-sessions allowed for students to play a variety of activities varying from
Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Activities from “Math during Gym” and “Math in Art” engaged all learners
to have a fun filled night! Read-Aloud stations were also open for families to see the connection
between literacy and mathematics.
At the end of the night, winners for each grade were announced and presented with their math
baskets! What a fun-filled evening for student ts, families, and teachers!

PS 312: Celebrates March Mathness! It was Math, Math, Math all month long. The students were
challenged with daily math facts of the day. They participated in The Brain Show and The Math
Bee Assembly, where students and teachers compete in groups, one on one, head to head and
pen to paper to test their math skills. It was a fun and exciting way to motivate, educate and get
the students prepared for the upcoming Math

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IS 278: Students of Marine Park Intermediate School 278 participated in a school wide Pi Bee
Contest, on March 14, 2o19, where they competed to see who could recite the most digits of pi.
Congratulations to our 1st place winners Leo, Semir and Fajar. As well as our 2nd and 3rd place
runner ups, Emma, Aaron, Sofia, Vladyslav, Matan, Ava and Brian. -Ms. Wolf and Mr. Levine

IS 381: Math Bee Winners

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Thursday, April 18
7:15am PS 195 SLT Meeting
12:00pm FACE PA/PTA ACADEMY Live Webinar Lunch & Learn
5:30pm IS 381 SLT Meeting
Friday, April 19
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Saturday, April 20
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Sunday, April 21
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Monday, April 22
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Tuesday, April 23
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Wednesday, April 24
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
7:00am PS 889 SLT Meeting
Thursday, April 25
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
Friday, April 26
Spring Recess (Schools Closed)
National #CallItOutDay
Monday, April 29
4:00pm PS 245 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS/IS 207 SLT Meeting
4:30pm PS 139 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, April 30
4:00pm PS 194 SLT Meeting

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 21 of 22

April 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 22 of 22