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/ Save fuel with Fronius PV-Genset systems

/ Diesel gensets and photovoltaic technology can be combined in perfect harmony. Although these technologies have
rarely been in demand by the same users in the past, combining them has now become extremely beneficial technically,
ecologically and, last but not least, in terms of cost effectiveness. To control the entire system the new Fronius PV-
System Controller is the first choice. Fronius also provides support in planning the PV-Genset solution.

Fronius PV-Genset solution minimises costs

/ In remote areas or regions where the electricity supply is

patchy or extremely expensive, grids powered by diesel
gensets are an absolute must. The cost per kilowatt hour
of electricity from a diesel genset is largely changeable,
depending as it does on fuel and other variable costs.
Power [kW]

Only a small proportion is fixed. The costs can vary wide-

ly depending on country, transport distance and increas-
ing oil costs on the global market (€ 0.05 - 2.5 per kWh).

/ The price trend in the photovoltaics sector is much more

positive. Over the past few years the costs per kWh from
PV systems have dropped dramatically around the globe 6:00 12:00 19:00
(€ 0.07 - 0.14 per kWh).
The load profile of an example load
The area in red represents power from PV and therefore the saving in
/ For this reason there is a clear financial justification for expensive diesel
The difference between load and PV is met as before by the diesel
integrating a Fronius PV-Genset solution into almost genset
every diesel-powered system. Every unused diesel kWh
saves money.
Intelligent technology

/ A stable PV-Genset system is the highest priority. Using photovoltaics must not result in diesel gensets
being operated at unfavourable or prohibited operating points, where an increased load causes prema-
ture ageing. As a result it becomes absolutely essential that the inverters (and, where necessary, the
diesel gensets too) in systems above a certain size are subject to an intelligent control mechanism.


/ With the Fronius PV-Genset Easy solution, photovoltaic systems can be integrated into existing diesel systems quickly and
easily. The solution is optimised for low-voltage applications with a diesel generator.

1 Fronius inverter
2 Fronius PV-System Controller
3 Diesel generator
4 Consumer
5 Fronius Current Sensor
6 Fronius Back-up switch
7 Grid

1 2

7 3 4

/ A consistent power balance (reactive and effective power) / This is where the Fronius PV-System Controller comes into
must be guaranteed within a PV-Genset system at all times. play. By using data from the Fronius inverters together with
Both the load and the PV power available are subject to fluc- load measurements (as well as diesel genset measurements
tuations. In small PV systems (just as in systems with no PV were necessary), the entire system can be monitored. Fronius
element), these variations are met by the diesel genset. Yet if inverters can thus be controlled so that the minimum load
the power from the photovoltaics system is proportionally of the diesel generator is not undershot and the system
quite large, the entire system must be optimally controlled remains stable.
to obtain the best possible diesel savings.
/ With the Fronius PV-Genset Advanced and Professional, PV systems can be quickly and easily integrated into diesel systems
in which several diesel generators are used. The controller is the communication interface for the photovoltaic system and
diesel generator and assumes all control functions over the system. The solution is suitable for both low-voltage and
mediumvoltage applications.

1 Fronius inverter
2 Automatic Sustainable Controller
3 Diesel generator
4 Consumer
1 2 5 Transformer
6 Grid


Fronius PV-Genset Advanced is the retrofit solution for multi-generator systems.

Fronius PV-Genset Professional is the fully-integrated solution for multi-generator systems.

Optimising the PV-Genset system

/ It is very easy for a small PV system in relation to the load be controlled automatically. This significantly increases the
to pay for itself financially, but it does not represent a cost- amount of power supplied from photovoltaics. In order to
effective form of optimisation. As the PV output never has identify the most cost-effective PV system size for each pro-
to be restricted, the savings can simply be identified from ject, it is important to examine the insolation and load pro-
the annual energy calculated in the respective region. file alongside the variable diesel power costs and the cost of
The difference between the costs of producing PV energy the PV system.
and the costs of producing electricity from diesel is normally Simulations are then used to calculate the highest possible
quite large. The saving is therefore much higher if the size of savings that could be achieved. Fronius can provide you
the PV system has been designed so that temporary power with unbeatable support in the planning of your PV-Genset
restrictions are the norm or so that multiple generators can system.
Online system monitoring

/ Every PV-Genset system can be designed, monitored, analysed and visualised at any time
using the Fronius Solar.web online portal. Up-to-date system data can be accessed at any
time and is clearly presented: the portal is very user-friendly and easy to use, and a compre-
hensive range of analysis functions is included.

/ Fronius Solar.web is also available as an app to allow you to check your PV system data
from your smartphone at your own convenience.
/ Fronius Solar.web App

Products for the Fronius PV-Genset solution

Products for the Fronius PV-Genset Easy Solution:

/ Fronius PV-System Controller
/ Fronius Genset Measurement Extension
/ Fronius Current Sensors
/ Fronius inverter with Fronius Datamanager or Fronius Datamanager Box
/ Fronius Datamanager 2.0 Box

Products for the Fronius PV-Genset Advanced Solution:

/ Automatic Sustainable Controller ASC, DEIF A/S

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/ Fronius inverter with Fronius Datamanager or Fronius Datamanager Box

Products for the Fronius PV-Genset Professional Solution:

/ Automatic Sustainable Controller ASC, DEIF A/S

Text and images correspond to the current state of technology at the time of printing. Subject to modifications.
/ Automatic Genset Controller AGC, DEIF A/S
/ Fronius inverter with Fronius Datamanager or Fronius Datamanager Box

/ Due to the open nature of Fronius communication solutions, it is also possible to imple-
ment individual solutions containing third-party components. With the Fronius Data­
manager 2.0 or Fronius Datamanager Box 2.0, it is possible to incorporate all components
into a control system using Modbus RTU or TCP with the SunSpec Inverter Control Model.

/ Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging

/ Whether welding technology, photovoltaics or battery charging technology − our goal is clearly defined: to be the innovation leader. With around
3,800 employees worldwide, we shift the limits of what’s possible - our record of over 1,200 granted patents is testimony to this. While others progress
step by step, we innovate in leaps and bounds. Just as we’ve always done. The responsible use of our resources forms the basis of our corporate policy.

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