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or Sean Patrick Maloney U.S. House of Representatives ‘Sth District, New Bork April 4, 2019 Deputy Director Ronald Vitiilo USS Immigration and Customs Enforcement 500 12" St, SW ‘Washington, D.C. 20536 Director Vitiello, | write to inquire about a situation in my congressional district that took place on Wednesday, April 3° at Middletown City Hall in Middletown, NY. During the incident, plainclothes U.S. Immigation and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrived at city hallo detain a local resident ‘who was reportedly wanted on an administrative immigration warant. This incident has caused significant local concer. The ICE officers in question appeared only tobe ordinary people but ‘were armed and chased the subject in question through city hall. Local authorities were not informed of the operatio before it transpired. While | understand these officers were performing an action consistent withthe mission of your ‘agency, am extremely eoncemed inthe way these duties were caried out. Not only did ICE ents show up unannounced end in painclothes, but they reportedly carried guns inside city Inll, where innocent bystnders and families watched with canfsion and fered forthe ef af alliavolved. Reports suggest that ICE agents also refused to presen the administrative warrant, to authorities when requested, leading to futher speculation regarding the intent oftheir presence These reports are highly disturbing and have caused considerable concem for the Middletown, community. am reguestng a detailed explanation ofthe protocols that govern ICE detainment efforts. If protocols preventing this kindof incident are not already in place, they certainly ought tobe. a Ce ‘Sean Patrick Maloney Menber of Congress