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PD-15 Authorized Hearing Steering Committee

Appointed by CM Gates on May 25, 2018

Disbanded by CM Gates on November 12, 2018
Views on PD-15 Re-Zoning as of 2-12-19


1. Trish Morin-Resch, Preston Place: represents 60 Pink Wall homeowners

2. Ken Newberry, Royal Orleans: represents 20 Pink Wall homeowners
3. Maggie Sherrod, Diplomat: represents 15 Pink Wall homeowners
4. Sandra Welch, Diamond Head: represents 41 Pink Wall homeowners
5. Juli Black, Preston Hollow East: represents 0 Pink Wall homeowners*

TOTAL: Pink Wall homeowners represented: 136 homeowners

6 OPPOSED TO STAFF RECOMMENDATION (and in favor of a neighborhood compromise of 4 to

10 stories):

1. Bob Bowling, Preston Tower: represents 320 Pink Wall homeowners

2. Bill Kritzer, also represents Preston Tower
3. Margaret Darden, Athena: represents 145 Pink Wall homeowners
4. Barbara Dewberry, also represents Athena
5. Kevin Griffeth, Pink Wall low-rises: 612 Pink Wall homeowners
6. Grover Wilkins, also represents Pink Wall low-rises

TOTAL: Pink Wall homeowners represented: 1,077 homeowners

1 OPPOSED TO STAFF RECOMMENDATION (and in favor of a neighborhood compromise of 7 to

10 stories)

1. Jim Panipinto, at-large member: 0 Pink Wall homeowners**

*Ms. Black is President of the Preston Hollow East HOA, comprised of 1,100 homeowners who
live just north of the Pink Wall community; (many of them were unaware of her appointment to
the Steering Committee and are now speaking out against her support of the PD-15 city staff

**Mr. Panipinto has two relatives living behind the Pink Wall and is serving at-large.