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Oil & Gas Training Institute (OGTI)

007-free of cost Sponsorship (OEM) Training Program for Process
officials of any grade from P&P and as well as Process officials from
Projects Departments
Organized by Muhammad Ali Mirani M. (Projects) OGTI
Monday & Tuesday 08 to 09-April-2019 for two days form (09 am to 5 pm)

Participants List

Sr. No. Name Designation Place of posting

1 Imran Haider S.E. (Process) P&P Head Office
2 Syed Riaz ud Din J.E. (Process) P&P Head Office
3 Asad Khaliq J.E. (Mech) P&P Head Office
4 Muhammad Asif Rasul J.E. (Mech) P&P Head Office
5 Imran Riaz J.E. (Mech) P&P Head Office
6 Muhammad Rauf S.E. (Process) KPD-Tay
7 Arslan Zahid J.E. (Process) KPD-Tay
8 Muhammad Shoaib A.E. (Process) KPD-Tay
9 Aftab Alam J.E. (Process) Nashpa
10 Faisal Shahzad J.E. (Process) Nashpa
11 Wasem Hafeez A.E. (Process) Nashpa
12 Muhammad Zaid J.E. (Process) Qadirpur
13 Ahmad Sharjheel A.E. (Process) Qadirpur
14 Hafiz Atta Mustafa J.E. (Process) Sinjhoro
15 Mr. Saddaruddin Chandio J.E (Process) Sinjhoro
16 Hafiz Muhammad Wajahat A.E. (Process) Sinjhoro
17 Walayat Khan J.E. (Process) Chanda
18 Muhammad Shahid Mushtaq J.E. (Process) Dakhni
19 Khurshid Ahmed J.E. (Process) Uch
20 Raza Khalid A.E. (Process) Uch
21 Mr. Umar Khayam J.E (Process) Projects
22 Mr. Mukhshif Umair A.E (Process) Projects
22 Mr. Asif Mahmood Makhdoom C.E (Mech.) Projects
22 Mr. Faisal Mumtaz D.C.E (Mech.) Projects