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3095 Anderson snow rd

1. Eligibility
- Show up at least 15 minutes early to check in at the tournament
- The only systems that will be available to play will be Xbox and PS4
-Button layout will appear as Xbox buttons (receivers will have x,y,a,b over head)

2. Requirements
-$5 dollar entry fee
-bring your own controller

3. Game rules
- Fatigue: On
- Injuries: On
- Even Teams: Off
- Quarter Length: 4 Minutes
- Game Skill: All Madden
- Game Speed: Normal
- Accelerated Clock: 20 Seconds
- Weather: On
- Team selection: any of the 32 NFL teams
- If both players wanna to play as the same team there will be a coin flip to decide who plays as that
- Seeding will determine home or away. Seeds will be determined randomly prior to the beginning of
the tournament.
- You will NOT be locked to a team. You may choose whatever team you want every game as long as
they apply to the rules above.
- 28 point mercy rule

4. Tournament structure
- Players will compete in bracket play based off their random seed
- This tournament will be single elimination(tournament organizer has the right
to change to double elimination)