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Fortnite Tournament

Requirements and overview

- $10 player registration fee
- Participants must check in 15 minutes before the tournament begins or they will be disqualified. NO
- Each player will be responsible for bringing their own controller or mouse and keyboard.
- headsets will be provided
- The platforms that will be able to participate will be: Xbox, PS4, and PC
- Epic accounts will be provided for you.

Tournament Structure
- Bracket Style single elimination
- Each player will compete in 2 games to outscore their opponent

- Each player will be in a lobby by themselves
- Each player will load into a solo match
- You will play 2 games to accumulate the most points.
- If there is a tie at the end of the 2 games then a 3rd game will be played to determine the winner
- Scoring system will be explained below
- No toxic behavior

#REVO Scoring System

Kills = 1 points
5+ kills (one game) = 1 point
10+ kills (one game) = 2 points
15+ kills )one game) = 4 points
Victory Royale = 4 points
Place top 3 = 2 points
Place top 7 = 1 point