The bus moved forward. The kids inside laughed as they told jokes and tried to scare each other. One girl inside was starting to worry. The bus was heading to a haunted house, well really a haunted farm. It was Halloween and the local youth club had paid for the kids to go to the farm. Stephanie, the girl I mentioned, was a shy and not very into the whole horror part of Halloween. “Oh, I don’t want to go” she said burring her head into her friend Lorna. Lorna had a light brown hair, like the colour of hay. Her hair reached down passed her neck. “Don’t worry dear it’s all fake any way” said Lorna stroking Stephanie’s long brown hair. Stephanie straightened up and smiled at her friend. “Ok but don’t leave me,” she said hugging Lorna as she did. “Not a chance dear” Lorna said back. The bus continued for another fifteen minutes or so before coming to a stop. “I’m not going” Stephanie said before the bus doors even opened. “Don’t worry I’ll protect you” said Callum. Callum was a Scottish boy in transition year. He had brown hair that ran to the lower part of his neck Stephanie jumped up holding on to Callum for dear life. The slowly made their way down the steps of the bus. The others were already outside. The cold hair froze on their cheeks. The instructor told them to get into groups of four and to walk into the house. Stephanie didn’t know who she was holding onto and she didn’t care she just wanted to have some where to block her eyes. They moved through the house and nothing happened. She started to loosen her grip on, who she was holding. She could she that she was clinging to Adam. The thing about Adam was he liked to play tricks. The three other people ran off leaving Stephanie all alone in the house 1

Stephanie looked around for a friendly face but couldn’t see one anywhere. She stumbled into a room. It was a bedroom with one difference. There was someone in it. A woman with dark skin and short black hair kneeled on the bed. She was clutching a small teddy bear. “I killed them all, I killed them all” she kept chanting. Stephanie ran out the door into another room this one an another alive person…and a half of one. A man stood with a small hand held circular saw and was walking towards her. Stephanie looked around and saw a woman cut in half with blood all over the ground and her clothes. Stephanie screamed and ran towards the exit, where she was met with fake heads and large butcher knifes. She didn’t stop to see if they were still chasing her. She burst through the door running as fast as she could trying to get away from they things. She was out of the house but that didn’t matter to her she kept running. She heard shouting behind her calling her back but she had her mind set. She ran down a pathway lights were set up along it so she must be going the right way, she thought. The path was winding and she as getting tired but she knew not to stop, or else. She stopped to catch her breath. She had ran for ten minutes straight and was tired. She looked around and saw nobody. She gulped when she saw where she was. She was standing in a graveyard. Hell she was even sitting on a grave stone. Suddenly from up the path she saw a man. The man seemed to have no face and looked to be wrapped in shadows. He pointed at her and started to shout. This was enough to get her moving. She ran past the graveyard and down another winding path. The path lead to a small shack. Stephanie hesitated to go in but decided it was better than the shadow man. She opened the door and stepped into oblivion. The room was pitch black and she could see nothing. Suddenly the lights turned on and she stood face to face with a masked man holding a sword. 2

She screamed and ran for the now visible door. It led to another room a bedroom. She heard footsteps and ran into a large wardrobe in the corner of the room. She held her breath and looked out o small hole in the door. She saw the boots of the shadow man. She almost started to cry. The man looked around a bit before turning around and going back out the door. Slowly Stephanie crawled out of the wardrobe and moved toward the next door. She could see the light of the main courtyard where everyone would be waiting. She started to walk slowly looking for anything that could kill her. The gravel crunched underneath her feet. Suddenly a loud engine noise appeared behind her. The shadow man and a masked man holding a chainsaw was standing behind her. She ran down along the path praying, hell, begging to god as she did. She could see the lights of the courtyard. She was home free. The other were already there waiting for her. Stephanie walked up to Lorna, shaking. “Now Darling it wasn’t that bad was it?” Asked Lorna with a smile. “I want to go home,” Stephanie said and the other laughed before getting on the bus.


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