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Reporting orders

Im direct speech, orders e advices are expressed by imperative:

Ex: Stay in bed for a couple of days

To report, we have to use infinive form: to/not to + base form

Ex: The doctor told Jin to stay in bed for a couple of days

Reporting statements (declarações)

Reporting speech introduced by the presente form of the verb say:

Ex: Laura Always says to me: I love the way you dress. Your clothes are all so trendy.

Laura’s Always telling me that she loves the way I dress and that my clothes are all so


Reporting interrogative clauses

Same struture as affirmative sentence:

Ex: He asked me what the weather was like in Australia in winter (past simple)

She asked me if I had liked / liked the presente (past perfect / simple past)

If interrogative is introduced by ask, inquire, want to know, wonder, can, do you know, could.

Ex: I wonder how long it takes to get to the falls

Could you tell me how I get to the station, please¿ (Ficam iguais os verbos)

Interrogative introduced by interrogative pronouns: what, where, who, how much and if the
answer is yes/no, the reported is intoduced by if/whether.

Ex: The policeman asked the man: What were you doing yesterday around 5 p.m.
(simple past)

The policeman asked the man what he was doing/ had been doing the day before
around 5 pm. (past contínuos/past perfect contínuos)

Ex2: The teacher asked me: Have you finished you Project¿ (resposta é sim ou não)

The teacher asked me if/whether I had finished my Project. (past perfect)

Adviced or direction by modal verb.

Ex: Where can I by a map of the town¿

A tourist asked me where to by/he could by a map of the town.(infinitive /modal verb)
Making suggestions or request by: how about / what about / whay don’t we.

 When someone suggest that others do something, without being personally involved.

Structure: suggest that + subject + should/could + the base form of the verb


Suggest (to someone) that + subject + presente simple or simple past of the verb.

Ex: How about staying here for the finals¿

I suggest that you stay here for the finals

 When the person suggesting something is personally involved in the request:

Structure: suggest + the verb in the ing form

Ex: whay don’t we (involved) go to the theatre tonight¿

He suggest going to the theatre that night.


Estrutura : verb + object + to + infinitive

 Usado com os seguintes verbos

Ask Invite
Advice Mean
Allow Order
Beg Persuade
Cause Recommend
Enable Remind
Encoraje Take (time)
Expect Teach
Force Tell
Help Warn

>>>> Para “advice, persuade, remind, teach, tell e warn pode ser usado o objeto +
that clause.

Ex: He advised me that I should stay off work for to weeks.

 Também se usa com...

Would like
THAT clause is
Would love
Would prefer
Would hate

 Com os verbos....

Ask Necessita FOR após
Plan o verbo e antes do
wait objeto

Estrutura : verb + object + infinitive without to

 Com os verbos....
É FACULTATIVO o TO (just to help)
Make Ex: she help me (to) make the dinner.


MADE - forçando alguém a fazer algo a alguém - usar TO

com verbo to be - I was made TO DO something

sem verbo to be - He made me do something

Estrutura : verb + object + gerundio

 Com os verbos de opinião