FORMAL APOLOGY TO THE AFFECTED PARTIES Hello , as one being judged and condemned by most of You ( If not all

) that read this, I feel obliged to defend myself, but before all to make it clear that I, and I myself alone, take the full responsibility for the “mess” that posting the document “Hoodoo Crossing, Uncrossing and Protection” had caused First of all, I want to verify that all said by Miss Denise Alvarado, site owner and respected occult book author is correct. It was her act of kindness, and a very nice one indeed, to grammatically and somewhat in terms of style, revise, and correct some of my work, latter published on Scribd as “Hoodoo Crossing, Uncrossing and Protection”. I stated on the front page how she was editor, without any ill will. At this point I was not aware off all the responsibilities and services of an formal editor. Therefore I admit I made an ( honest ) mistake. Above mentioned Miss Denise Alvarado, also known as “Voodoomama”, is not to be held responsible for any of the content of the published document, and I beg ones that complained about the document, calling it plagiaristic and other ( I shall not repeat all , as those are very rude terms and serious accusations ) to understand this. Miss Alvarado was indeed very nice towards myself and has helped me in many occasions. That being said, and considering my downright pathologically servile nature, stands to show I have had no ill intentions when I noted her as “editor”. It seemed to me like the only appropriate way to credit her and give thanks and express my gratitude for all the precious help with the readability of my document, she had kindly provided. I also apologize for not reacting sooner, but due to health issues I was unable, until now. The very only “sad place to be” I have been “hiding” recently was hospital. Otherwise I would remove the documents myself. I will also humbly ask, the proprietor of the website to accept my profound apologies and regret, for posting her formula ( Being the recipe/formula for “Black arts oil” , a Hoodoo condition oil, whose formula is owned by above mentioned site owner ) in my document. Again, it was without any ill will, and truth be said, without any gain for me. I have clearly stated in the document ( below the very formula ) that it was a formula, by Miss Catherine Y. , and I have provided her email and a link to her site, where I had read the formula in the first place. I admit that I should not have posted this formula without consulting the author before ( which to be completely honest , from my position was next to impossible ). I admit and understand I have done wrong, and violated copy-write law, though without actual premeditation, but regardless I feel terribly sorry. I was not aware of “APA” standards at this point, and the fact that the same recipe appears on vast amount of places online ( and on most of them unaccredited ) , cunningly led me to very foolish conclusion that above mentioned site owner does not mind her formula being shared. That was not my conclusion to make I understand that now and I am very sorry for it. I can only hope my judges will be of kind heart and somewhat considerate toward me.

I posted the document for purpose of sharing some of the information and my personal experience about African American magickal system called Hoodoo , and some of it’s methods. The reason for posting it in first place, was out of my great affection towards the system mentioned, and out of my constant tendency to share and exchange what I learn with others, Once again I am truly and honestly sorry for all the confusion, anger, ill will, damage and anxiety I have ( without intention caused ) Thank You for Your time and once again sorry Sincerely Shadow

Apology to the readers Dear readers and subscribers , as many of You know I have posted a document called “Hoodoo Crossing, Uncrossing and Protection” on this profile, a year ago or so. I posted the mentioned document for purpose of sharing some of the information and my personal experience about African American magickal system called Hoodoo , and some of it’s methods. The reason for posting it in first place, was out of my great affection towards the system mentioned, and out of my constant tendency to share and exchange what I learn with others, and provide what from my perspective seemed as quality info, opposed to ever growing tension of providing misleading information about European herbalism and methods of magick as Hoodoo. You might get surprised how many books of occult authors that do not specialize in Hoodoo, claim how Graveyard dust is composed of pulverized Patchouli, or Mullein leafs, and how Van Van oil is made with main ingredients of Lemon Balm and Lemon, and other “facts” alike. This is not justification for what I have done, this is simply an illustration of some of the things that inspired me to post the document. That and as I said my will to share what I am able with others and learn through interaction with others of alike interests and practice. As You can testify and I had no money gain from it as both reading and downloading was free, and free of charge. I was recently accused of “plagiarism and identity theft” by an occult book author and site owner, because I used her respected formula, without approval. Even though I have provided the information about the author and owner of the formula , I have violated the copy-write laws, and for that I am terribly sorry ( look above in the text, “Formal apology to affected parties” ) . I feel that I also have to apologize to all of You my subscribers and readers, as You are somewhat caught in the middle. I never wanted that and it is indeed awful that it had to

come to this. I will try to repost the document edited, without the text I quoted and without the “Hoodoo” epithet in the tile. The document will be revised and I will make sure that all the formulas will be my proprietary formulas, in order for me and You, respected audience, not to have to face such unpleasant situation in future. I have made a honest mistake and I will try very hard to mend it as much as possible. Some people have downright strict criteria when it comes to mental propriety and they are in all their legal right to do so. So I will post my formulas instead. I ask You to bare with me in these hard times, and Thanks You for Your trust. If You have opinion on this , please comment bellow this document ! I would appreciate it greatly. Many Blessings !

Apology to Scribd Adminitsration Respected Scribid Administration , I wish to say I am terribly sorry for making You have to delete those documents and look “bad” because of me. It was never my intention and If I have had the opportunity I would have removed the documents myself. Thank You for Your patience with me and all the good work You do. Minding the legal boundaries Reading should indeed be social. Sincearly Yours Shadow I admit to have made violations of the copyrights law, but they were result of my lack of knowledge and information about proper way of writing e-books, quoting other work , APA standards and alike. I deeply regret for what I have done, I have not had any material or other kind of gain or profit from it, and it was done with good intentions. I humbly ask for consideration and absolution, with my word that I won’t quote or use licensed metal property or the above mentioned parties. Shadow

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