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FCRA 609 Notes

609 dispute letter templates, according to some, offer you a secret way to remove negative items from
your credit reports.

1. You can purchase these templates with varying promises of success.

2. Others offer to create and send in the special dispute letters on your behalf, for a fee.

And while there is nothing wrong with buying a 609 letter template PDF to make your life a little easier
by outsourcing the work, it’s probably helpful to understand what you’ll be paying for upfront.

1. Essentially a 609 letter is the same thing as a debt validation letter, only based upon a specific
section of the FCRA. (If you already guessed that it’s FCRA Section 609, give your brain a kiss.)
2. Take note that these are debt validation letters — you’re only asking for the debt to be verified,
not necessarily removed from your credit reports.

Ironically enough, Section 609 doesn’t specifically give you the right to dispute information on your
credit reports. That’s covered in sections 611 and 623 of the act. What Section 609 does cover, however,
is your right to request further information about items on your credit reports.

Upon request (again, it’s up to you to be proactive), the credit reporting agencies must disclose:

 All of the information in your consumer credit files (with a few exceptions).

 The sources of that information.

The credit reporting agencies do not have to disclose:

 Your credit scores.

 Your Social Security number (if you ask for it to be hidden).

Of course Section 609 goes on to cover disclosures and about ten pages worth of other requirements
and instructions for the credit reporting agencies to follow. These are just the highlights commonly used
in the 609 credit repair strategy.


Generic 609 Dispute Letter

Your NAMe



Dear Credit Bureau,

I’m exercising my right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 609, to request further information
about items on my credit report.

I wish to see the original sources of the information reported including, but not limited to, the original
contract or service agreement with my signature. If you can’t provide me with this information, please
remove the accounts immediately as neither your agency nor I can verify that they are reported

Joe Consumer
Address, Social Security number, Date of Birth