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Manpower Planning of Canteen

Firstly, we would define the job description and key responsibility areas of each employee and
the parameters for evaluating their work performance.

 Job Description
 Cook:
 Cooking and preparing the food as listed in the menu
 Preparing meals in a timely manner
 Cleaning of kitchen equipment
 May have to serve food to customers

 Steward:
 Serving food to customers
 Helping in cleaning of utensils
 Friendly and proactive customer service

 Cash counter executive:

 Receive payments by cash, mobile wallets
 Preparing the note of credit of customers
 Count money in cash drawers and ensuring correct account and maintaining
availability of change
 Must have studied till Higher secondary school

 Work Performance Measurement

For measuring work performance of each employee we will be using Behaviourally Anchored
Rating Scale Method (BARS). The BARS method is used to describe a rating of the employee’s
performances which focusses on the specific behaviour as indicators of effective performance as
well as ineffective performance. This method is basically a combination of two methods: the
Rating scale and Critical Incident technique of employee evaluation.

Rating scale for BARS:

 Extremely poor (1 points)

 Poor (2 points)
 Average (3 points)
 Good (4 points)
 Extremely good (5 points)

Also, we can note down the frequency rating of critical incidents which the employee has
performed over a certain specific duration. This method is known as Behavioural Observation
Scale (BOS) and it helps overcome biases of rating given by the person evaluating the

Based on score of rating on all of the KRA parameters (BARS) and BOS score we can evaluate the
performance of the Canteen Employees.