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Tes Tey [sae [zp TPrene (Currary ot torsos and probatlo Came Aaa = Sane (On Apri, 2018, was nailed thle parson, who was eer released rom cusldy fem the Sav Lucie County Detenbon Facil was waking sxound the pasting fot acting suspkious end checking vice doors, The subject was observed by Deputy John O'Connel who nals Deputy Raman Lopez (Perimeter deputy), The subject was then ageroached by Deputy Lopez and identéed him as Casay Michael Lewis, A review of the video showed Lewis being released from custody, exting out the 13SE doar inthe sally port of booking, Lewis wat observed walking sround be pecking let, In the video, you can ceaty see Lewis coking into cars and openig tho door ofa slwereclored vehicle, Lens entered the vohice trom the divers sie and sts in the car for approximately 2.5 minutes, He then exts the vehicle ard és sen golng from the frente the parting Fo, all the way tothe exit ete, checking weicies along the way by eithes looking into the windows or irg door hancies to 300 they are unsecured, ‘He then looks into a back tuck tha parked atthe gate before heading back lowards the front door of he facity. In 2 review ofthe video, Lois is nol seen checking the as caps but rathor th doors of to vehices. It wih Cosy Li oo et ety sa apy Lats. Lv teed in he aig euinevieo ‘walking around checking vehicles. Lewis spontaneously vered iii | thon 13 Lewis redo roece is spn et vow na whew hes ben eg what whee ceca Le sates wig ore erent en pd c's ace 3 ‘rw pe be hod revo Wen Be propery he reveed fom De vene Aswan bho Lens ined me pedeed catia (Apooch utara Fe doe nee an th Lees waked sean ts nate et ote ling eran nd hover ceptors | ben paces Lesa taeda ere tao roi tn | read Lewis Manca from my agency issued card. Lewis said be understood his rights at I oad thom to hi ard sald he didn't want lo epesk to sre, which baved on the question appeared he mesrt an starry. | askod him fhe wanted to speak wih me about the case, Lewis hesitated, Agency Case # 1904280 Page tof3 en's, Casey ‘began fo aay semething and then said bo was going 10 "Tell me the Vull” which | Plerpreted as an agreement fo speak to me. He is seen pullg on the door handles of several wohles, and the ear he took ems ‘ut of was net white, but siver incor | read th report wrtten by Deputy Ramon Lopez who stated he was notified via radio communication from Deputy O°Conewt trat a subject who was, recent released trom custody was in the packeg ft attempting to open or enter vehicles. Lopez made contact wth Lewis and whon he asked him what he was doing, Lewis told him he was "watig fr his ortiienc” to pick him up. Lopez also saw Lewis in possession of cash money and Ggareties, which he wouldn't normally have afer being released from custody. 1 18ad the ropor wnton by Deputy John O'Connel who stated who stated when he cbcerved Lewis Being releasetem custody he appeared upset ying sbout rot having charetes. 0’ Coane says etd Lew hay are consisered conlvebend and ey ate disposed of when you ae brougt ito the feciy. © Connel sai ashe watches Law's ex he fait, he saw Rim Walk e-between Veni a fok ito 3 Bick colored venice, Evough the wincow, 0 Conne then repre this bohavior to Deputy Leper Ws rao cemerurieaion met win the vidim who complated a Saint Lude County Winess sateen fr, The Vim sé she did't know he cx 6oOrs were lef pen The ‘Vicim sai twas an aocidert and that she has never den this nthe past. The Vitim identifies the property that was taken from the car which was in the procession of Davis. Ont IPhone 7 valued at approximate 1000 gota, fur packs of 35 blue king claret, 1 Ugh, one Visa bank debt cai, Site of Fi isd dives conse ard Five hundred ana fry seven dlrs in cash. (3 $100, 2 $50, 7 $20, 1 $5 and 24 its) ‘Cena scene Genre Vazquez ative atthe al ard process te scene Based upon the video foctage 27d III! ne went cto the car and removed property that was. nat hs, Davis volte Floris Stato ‘Statute 810.02 (4) (B) Burglary of a Conveyance, Grand Theft 612.014 (1) {C), 322,212 (1) Possession Stolen Prop -Driver License Or Id Card. Agency Case # 1904250 Pago 2 of Lows, Casey The ponding & 1 tothe beat ef ny present knewicge cr beet * Sequenan mamess then rem tege pet cad coming hs OBTS # Bis ereek Notary! ASA sk LV TP US, ? My Commission Exp, Spake le sonc_GS: Agency Case # 1904250 Page 3013 Lewis, Casey