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In this proposed using Apriori methods based ultosonic kidney image vessel
segmentation technique. The diagnosing of diseases as well as to enhance the health
care of patients, the increasing use of image exams has greatly improved. As the
volume of images has grown at a fast pace, the radiologists have more and more
images to manually analyze. Thus the process of diagnosing becomes tedious and
therefore more susceptible to errors. In order to avoid such bottleneck go for computer
aided diagnosing.

In this research presented a method which is based on association rules and it

can be integrated into a C#.NET. In this approach is divided into four major steps:
pre-processing, feature extraction and selection, association rule generation, and
generation of diagnosis suggestions from classifier. The results are applied to real
databases and the proposed system achieves high sensitivity and accuracy for
diagnosing. This brings more confidence to the diagnosing process.

The feature extraction step can be improved to obtain more representative

features for the future works. Since feature extraction is the first step for diagnosing
the kidney images. It will also be interesting to investigate the applicability of our
proposed method for other medical images.


In the future work planning to enhance this methodology more effective. The
proposed approach does not involve exact and effective preprocessing algorithm for
kidney image improvement. In the future works involves basic noise and blur removal