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This research is a based on the relationship between fast food habit and students’

awareness on high risk factors involved. Therefore, we need to clearly defined the definition

of fast food habit. Habit can be defined as routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and

tends to occur subconsciously, while fast food can be defined as a type of mass-produced

food designed for commercial resale and with strong priority placed on “speed of service”. Fast

food refers to food that can be served ready to eat fast. Fast food and junk food are often used

interchangeably. Moreover, energy dense food with high sugar, fat, salt content and low

nutrient value in terms of protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral content can be called as junk food.

Furthermore, many of our children are fond of such readymade food. Sponsorship of sports

or cultural competitions with attractive gifts is the main way of promotion of first food sale.

Nuclear families, working mother, socioeconomic status, close proximity of fast food shop,

food test and quick service in the shop are important contributing factors of fast food

consumption. To be sum up, this kind of food is responsible factors for obesity, hypertension,

dyslipidemia, heart disease and diabetes. Easy availability of healthy food with reasonable

prices along with its campaign, school midday-food program and health education can improve

dietary habits of students. Moreover, implementation of laws for regulation of marketing and

selling of fast food may be another step in controlling consumption of such food by our

students. Therefore, there is a needed to carry out an investigation that affect the factor of fast

food habit among student.

2.0. Problem Statement

The fast food habit among student is not a normal thing among our society

today. Fast food, a global international business industry, has rapidly grown for decade of

years. Usually the first images that people think about fast food are quick service, convenient

to purchase, unhealthy food with low nutrition level and affordable purchase price. As

generation Y become more and more important to fast food future business trend, their

consumption behaviour become extremely important to analyze and study for most of the

company researchers especially for those fast food industry future strategy formulations. For

example, refer to The Star Online, quote that most of the Malaysia citizen nowadays was

having their meal outside rather than home cooked food. Besides, the purpose of this study is

to test whether there have relationship between variables- personal lifestyle, price-quality

inference, health issue and promotion attractiveness that influences on students toward their

fast food consumption habit.

The relational factors mention above lead to several fields of this research is the

difference individual personal lifestyle will affect the fast food consumption habit. Moreover,

the prices and quality of fast food product will affecting our students fast food consumption

behaviour too. Besides, regarding our students’ way of think about the input of fast food on

health issues point of view and this will affect their fast food consumption behaviour too. Lastly

is regarding about the promotion attractiveness.

3.0. Objectives of the study

The main objective of this report is to determine the fast food habit among UiTM Perlis students

and the risk factors.


The specific objective of this report are:

1. To identify the type of food that always students eat in fast food restaurant.

2. To determine the factors that cause students to consume or eats fast food


3. To determine students’ awareness on risk factors involved.

4.0. Significance of Study

The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between fast food habit and the

health risk factors among UiTM Perlis students. This study is conducted among the UiTM

Perlis students to determined their tendency on habit of eating fast food and their knowledge

of side effect of consumption of high quantity of fast food. This study potray such an important

information such as type of fast food usually eats, fast food restaurant that usually stop by and

attractive promotion or price of fast food. Student should able to control, or avoid from

consuming fast food that essentially unhealthy food that contain high usage of salt and oil. In

addition, student should be able to know the related disease that happened due to consuming

a lot of fast food product. Moreover, students should find an alternative way to consume or eat

a healthy food that based on balanced diet.

5.0. Scope and Limitation of Study

The present study was conducted to investigate the knowledge and awareness of

UiTM Perlis students between fast food habit and the risk factor. We only focusing the UiTM

Perlis students as our scope. We limit our focus on this in order to easier for us to reach them

so that we can collect the data even all of them are busy with their daily life as student.

Besides, we also include limitations into our study. We distribute randomly 50 sets of

questionnaire. The questionnaire contains a groups of frequently asked question that are

related to our main objectives mainly fast food habit. Students are allocated the durations of

only 5-10 minutes to answers the questionnaire. This proposal study is limited on creating the

awareness students the campus. Our limit only covers a few small groups of students around

café and general gathering places.