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Summer Lesson Plan

Week D (Pirates I)

By: Miss Rani’s Group

Day 1

Theme Activity: Pirate Flag

History of Pirate Flag:

Pirates used flag as psychological weapon. They were meant to strike

fears into the heart of sailors without much resistances. When we
think about pirate flag, we imagine a black flag with a white skull and
bones. This flag is known as Jolly Rogers. The skulls were meant to
warn them a certain death if they didn’t surrender in time. It was
indeed the common flag used by pirates.

Jolly Rogers
Not all the pirates used the Jolly Rogers as the symbol of their flags.
Some famous pirates such as Blackbeard used a flag which depicted a
skeleton piercing a heart with a spear while raising a toast to the devil.

Some other pirates also used a National Flag to intimidate merchant

ship into surrendering without a fight. The flags that they used are
mostly the British and French flags.

Blackbeard Flag
Art and Craft: Making Pirate Flag

Junior Level


Ice cream sticks, paint, glue, skull and bones symbol, carton buffalo


1. Prepare the ice cream sticks.

2. Paint the stick with black and red paint
3. Arrange the stick by pasting one by one on carton buffalo paper
(black, red, black, red)
4. Paste the skull and bones symbol in the middle of the flag
Senior Level
Black and red construction paper, outline of skull and bones, glue,

1. Prepare the outline of skull and bones, ask children to cut it
2. Paste the outline on the black construction paper
3. Roll and paste one side of the construction paper on the
Day 2

Theme Activity: The Life of a Pirate

Pirates were also known as the Sea People. Often pirates started out
as young sailors who quickly learned that stealing was the easiest and
quickest way to make a living. It is speculated that Blackbeard began as
sailor before crossing that boundary into pirate-hood.

Role Play (prepare some scarfs, eye patch, mop, balancing beam or
small mats).

Dress the children with scarf to cover their head and use an eye patch
as they are pirates now. Tell them that pirates do some works on the
ship, such as mopping and cleaning the ship.

Use the balancing beam or arrange some mats to make a long plank. Ask
the children to walk on the plank carefully. Have fun pretending to be
the pirates.

Art and Craft

Junior Level (Pirate Hat)

Materials: black and white carton buffalo paper, glue


1. Prepare the outline for the hat. Teachers cut it already

2. Children paste the skull and bones on the hat.
3. Fit the hat on the child’s head
4. Wear the hat and pretend to be a pirate
Senior Level: Tissue Roll Pirate Puppet

Materials: tissue roll, paint, origami or construction paper, glue


1. Paint the tissue roll with brown color

2. Paste the construction or origami paper (blue and white) as the
3. Draw the eye, nose, mouth. Paste the eye patch
4. Cut and paste the hat
Day 3

Theme Activity: Launch Cannon Balls

Cannon Ball Tossing Game

Materials: some cans or plastic bottles decorated like pirates, plastic


How to play?

Tell the children that they are going to attack another pirate ship full
of bad pirates. Give each child a ball while teacher prepared the cans
or plastic bottles tower.

Ask children to throw the ball and try to knock down the can or bottle.

Art and Craft: Pirate Ship

Junior and Senior Level

Materials: paper plate, black carton buffalo paper, crepe paper, glue


1. Prepare the paper plate (half part)

2. Ask the children to draw their hand on black paper. For Junior,
teacher cut the outline, for Senior, children cut it by themselves.
3. Tear the crepe paper and paste on the paper plate.
4. Paste the pirate hand print flag
Day 4

Theme Activity: Collecting Our Own Treasures

In fact, pirates rarely buried treasure. Captain William Kidd buried his
loot, but he was one of the few known to have done so. Considering that
most of the pirate “treasure” to be had was delicate, such as food,
sugar, wood, ropes or cloth, it’s not surprising that idea is mostly a

Prepare a box and pretend that it is a treasure chest. Put many kinds
of beads, snack and cloth. Call the children one by one to pick their
favorite thing. Ask them to put in in the chest. Tell them that we will
hide the chest so no one knows where it is. Tie the chest with rope or
ribbon to be opened the next day.

Art and Craft: Jewels from Beads

Junior and Senior Level

Materials: beads, string


1. For Junior, they make a bead bracelet by putting the bead into
the string
2. For Senior, they make a necklace by doing the same thing as
3. We will use the jewels for treasure hunt on the next day
Day 5

Theme Activity: Treasure Hunting and Costume Party

Pirates also loved to hunt treasures. They were looking for gold and
jewels. Usually, they would follow the instruction from the map to find
the treasure.

Treasure Hunting Game:

Prepare the chest full of treasures (jewels, small toys, candies). Hide
it somewhere. Divide the children into some groups. Give the map as
the clue to find the treasures. Help children to read the clues. Collect
the treasures once they find it.

Costume Party

Children dress up with pirate or mermaid costumes. Do the parade or

arrange a fashion show.

PE Activity: Walk on plank/balancing beam

Story Telling:

Peter Pan

Tinker Bell

Treasure Island
New Song for Dancing:

The Pirate Song

When I was once I had some fun

The day I went to sea

I jumped aboard the pirate ship

And the captain said to me

We’re going this way that way

Forwards backwards over the deep blue sea

A bottle of rum to fill my tum

And that’s the life for me

When I was two I buckled my shoe

The day I went to sea

I jumped aboard the pirate ship

And the captain said to me

We’re going this way that way

Forwards backwards over the deep blue sea

A bottle of rum to fill my tum

And that’s the life for me

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