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parents friends
Give motivation and Encourage themselves and
encouragement for children to friends by practicing English
keep on struggles. language in their communication.
Be the first person to talk in Make a study group to improve
English whenever having a their knowledge.
conversation. Discuss the answer together and
Sacrifice in terms of money in encourage their friends to speak
order to fulfil the needs for up in the class when it comes to
immersion programme. argument session.

Grand yourself with high level of school
speaking skills/knowledge.
Sacrifice in terms of time to
teach the students with full- Do make an analysis regarding
hearted. students’ performance in
Do initiative regarding teaching immersion programme and lead
skills/session to make it more the teacher.
interesting. Give a reward for those students
who are doing well in their
immersion programme.
school cleaner Always check up the Teaching
Ensure the surrounding is compatible and and Learning session in the
comfortable for students to study. classroom.
Make a special region for English language
in the school surrounding such as ‘English
Garden’ which is everyone have to talk in
English when they   cross that particular