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The Officer In charge

Personal Hearing cell (Assessing officer)
Corporate Legal Enforcement Cell
Anderews Ganj
Near Anderews Ganj Market
N. Delhi – 110049

Sub – DAE CASE – Lab Report No BRPL/09/4307 Dated 24 Aug 2009 New K
No – 2621 J4170156


Please Ref – Inspection Report – Date 25-11-2009 – received on 3​rd​ ​ Dec 2009,
copy enclosed.
That I, Asstt Director, Intelligence Bureau (1B) N. Delhi would like to draw your
kind attention towards the facts in the above case:-
That I normally remain out of station in connections with the official duties and
only my wife remains at my residence.
That on 1​st​ June 2009, there was a blast on the electric pole from where electric
connections is given to my residence and a portion of electric wire on the pole was
burnt because of bird hit .On checking it was found that the electric meter of my
resident reflected Zero- Zero. My TV, Fridge burnt as well as all bulb and tube
lights fused. That might have happened due to the fluctuation or by back hick of
electricity. It was a great loss to me.
That the matter was reported to the office of BSES Najaf Garh on the same day in
writing vide applications No – ​E 262109060010 dated 1​st​ June 2009
That the Meter Testing fees Rs 50/- was deposited on 4​th​ June 2009
That the sanctioned load at my residence. is 5.00​ ​KW
That the remarks given by the laboratory was- ​“Display not working “
​Keeping​ ​in view of the above facts that there is no fault from
my side
at any stage. The​ ​display might have gone because of back hick or
fluctuation​ ​of electricity
​Sir, I am an honest officer of the Govt. I was warded President Police
Medal by the Govt. of India. For my honesty and bravery.
​I would have personally visited and requested you but at present I am not
able to move from the bed because I am suffering from ​Slip Disc​ problem.
​In view of above facts it is requested​ ​that the above case may please be
dropped/closed as there is no fault of mine and save me from unnecessary
​Thanking you in anticipation,
​Yours Sincerely,

​(P.C Sharma)
​Asstt. Diretor IB

Khar Khari Nahar​ ​Po

Najaf Garh
New Delhi -43