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ABSTRACT THE INFLUENCE OF PROMOTION MIX ON CONSUMER DECISIONS TO BE TAPLUS SAVINGS CUSTOMERS OF BNI BRANCH MUSI PALEMBANG - CAPEM PALIMA By: Irham; Dr. Zakaria Wahab, MBA; Dian Eka, SE, MM The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of promotion mix elements which include personal selling, sales promotion, advertising and publicity either simultaneously or partially on consumer decision. Customers of Taplus BNI Branch of Musi Palembang - Capem Palima were the target respondents. Both primary and secondary data were obtained. Secondary data were obtained from various sources such as journals, books and other related publications. Primary data were obtained by distributing questionnaire to the target respondents. Using a convenience sampling technique, a total sample of 100 respondents were obtained. Using a multiple linear regression analysis, it was found that that personal selling, sales promotion, advertising and public relations partially and simultaneously had a significant and positive effect on cunsumer 's decision. Personal selling was found dominant. It suggested that the company should strengthen their sales forces 's skills with improving adequate training such as selling skill or communication skills training, improve the delivery of prizes in the form of gift or cashback to increase the attractiveness of Taplus savings product, optimizing the advertising media including brochure deployment in potential business area. Further research on the influence of other variables such as special events for customers or prospects (customer gathering) on consumer s' decisions to become a Taplus savings ‘Customer of BNI Capem Palima may be possible Keywords: Promotion mix, Customer 's Decision. etujui oleh, Ketua Anggo! Seay cit i MBA ian Eka, SE, MM 195707141984031005 NIP. 196101061990031002 Mengetahui, Ketua Program (Hn tee NIP. 196703141993032001