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UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI, MUMBAI ‘Masters in Management Studies - SEMESTER IV (CBGS) With effect from Academic year 2016-17, sunuerIs rs Tanga — Nea neat aon & ct) scm semeser & sue sti SSIS | coms) SG | tut | ly | est mimes | A550 | nineton | MAM | paper | =H met fen Pronger WA) [a7 [2 | OR | wR paw | s| Ful rot Ss en Sino Gera Manan TET: [ae =a nal pean SESE: Het Soul aan = Pee negra Maraing » | 2 | om | om [ao] 3 | « 2 [Bsns w Basins Waking | 27 [2 | “aia [ia 306 3a 3° [neaional Mating a [2 [atk [0k [300 fsa [en Mating oe Tiana ces 2 Learning Objectives To inte steno Management to cones of Projet 2 [Toagly and evaluat sucess perme of cost sine and quali is pois management 3_| semen “To apply various echniques scpvperUeartedValus analjis and projected Liban Tenable den conceive ea vat 1 easily al make wR Finace Managemen Capital Baeting, on capa sources oF finance), Business Sasi, HRM. Operations Research Learning outcomes Oversew of Projet Management: Concepts nd aubuts of Project Pojt Iieycle and stake holes. Project Oraanization, WBS, 1. | Scope snd prints, Project enutcaton Make esiity sth Moving Average and Exponceil smothng etbods, Techaocconome feasiy. Government pole olan, legal aspects. Preparation of DPR Niel examples Project Panning Tine ind cos sates wth AON ad AOA. 2 | conventions, Budget eximats, | Nomerial examples ‘one Unertand network diagram, cra pth, ences Network analysis Flot ans. tic pth cons crashing coca aie Projet scheduling and Risk ‘Defies in project 4 | Management: Gant har Numerical examples | managemeal make resource spliting ad maltiasking Risks hats id probably of in ine estimates, PERT analysis compton of pce. Te & ‘Content Activity “Learning outcomes Teac Orgniaion ean Te sponsbiliis of Proect tnfertand oganiztion 4) Manager, Team development | Lectures structure. flow of authority and conflict resolution esponsibility ‘Earned value analysis :*S* curve, cana carne «¢ | Gestand schdule pcformance | Numerical examples _ | Unrtnd concer o Indies using network Revised | andecres abe rere rv mates cent and tive of costa nals Using NPV. RR, one ig. |Paybock and dscouiedPishack | Numerical examples | Evaluate project, Pesiod PL Preparation of | an eres Finacial ake projected Projected statements of Icome- ements of propos expendiue and lancet [Compute appheatons ant po raion hr 7 | Sottwares for Projet Pema ingowuce stud o ifort Mananeent softwares. Fhe 8 | Project Management Cases [cases presentation | apply ail above principles To ces, sndent Presentations [1 [Projet Management Managedal Emphasis by Mewedith and Manel Asessnent Thera oe