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 Difficulty in level reading

 Glass becomes white in steam area

Who should attend What you will learn
This course has been designed for junior  How to select a GLG for your
mechanical technicians, who want to particular requirement factors
enhance their knowledge about their affecting the durability and long
knowledge about the working of GLG’s and service life of GLG components
their trouble-shooting techniques.  Efficient and renowned techniques
employed for maintenance of GLG’s
Course duration  What precautions to be taken while
This is a two-day comprehensive program. assembling and disassembling
Course description
This two day course covers the How you will benefit
fundamentals of GLG’s. In a process  Maintenance of GLG requires skilled
industry, it is required to measure the level manpower, especially if it is used on
of fluid in different equipments. For this high pressure and temperature
purpose a variety of GLG’s are used, service. This course will help you lot
depending upon the working pressure, the effective methods, theoretical as
temperature and nature of the fluid. well as practical methods to repair
Therefore selection of proper GLG is of GLG’s, which will ultimately result
prime importance in such industry. This in increasing mean time between
covers the salient features of GLG’s, their failures to a considerable amount
working principles and troubleshooting.  Learn skills that will increase your
ability to maintain and trouble shoot
Course outline the GLG’s.

Types of GLG’s
 Reflex
 Transparent
 Bi-color GLG
 Magnetic GLG
 Remote GLG

Main parts of GLG’s

 Gauge body
 Gauge Glass
 Illuminator
 Safety ball device

Failure analysis of GLG’

 Poor installation
 Improper commissioning
 Formation of condensate
 Weatherability
 Improper selection of GLG
Maintenance procedure
 Leakage thru glass

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