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Namkung and Jang (2007), is a technique to plate food, decorate

attractively to achieve appealing attention of the consumer to satisfy client’s perception of


Shaharudin (2011) perseveres

between customer satisfaction and food quality.has

become one important element of customer purchasing intentions. It is because the trend is set

these days that consumers look for fresh foods or foods served in a fresh manner which they

find hygienic. Therefore, to ensure freshness, food should be served in a timely method. If

consumers get satisfaction and achieve good experience, they will continuously spread the

positive and good word of mouth to other potential users to stimulate their intent to retry the fast-

food service providers.

The definition of good quality may be different to different consumers. Thus, it is not possible to

satisfy customer perception of quality because their views are inconsistent.


The degree to which clients can be accommodated by providers includes responsiveness and

timely service. The desire to offer quick service and to assist clients is what is called

responsiveness and good quality service (Armstrong 2012). The degree to which individualized
consideration and care are offered symbolizes empathy.

Care and individualized consideration, according to Armstrong (2012), is called empathy.