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Arve by: 5. Gat Sat LG a ‘Name Hana Snow Age: 2 CuyrTownVillage | Lockport State | NY [Dates | 04/05/19 Charge: Speed in Zone; 50/30 ‘Time: | 10:08am Location: Leroy Steet ReleasefReturn: | Town of Potsdam Court; April 24, 2019 at 10:00 am ‘The above Tated subject was sued a Uniform Trae Ticket afer patrol obsened Narrative: the vehicle she was operating traveling South on Leroy Street ata high rat of speed. Radar confirmed the vehicle speed to be 50 mph ina 30 moh zone. ane Robert Haller ae: 8 CuyrTown/Vitlage | Dekalb Junction state: | nv [Date: | o40s/ia Char: Fait Vel ightof Way Entering Roadway Time: | 12:52pm Location: Lawrence Avenue ReleaseReturn: | Town of Potsdam Court; April 24,2019 at 10:00 am The above Tsted subject was sued a Uniform Trafic Ticket afer patrol obsewed Narrative: the vehicle he was operating fit stop before entering the roadway on Lawrence Avenue and nearly cause acoliion x ronan. Vener a cigtowsvge | Posen ae | mv [pas | ovo ren {ine tcble Phone Open Morven [Tie | 22¢0m Toons Mare Street Tein | Town of oda Cou p20 33000 he foe ted sje was eda Ul Tac Tapa sane naraive, [Openings vei whle ng scomeratonon el pore. Furber Investigation revealed his NYS Drivers License tobe suspended leading the RUD 3 charge. Page 1013 ‘Name: ty Flanigan Ane 2 Chy/Town/Village | Saratoga Springs sate: | NY [Dawes | 04/05/18 Charge Unsafe Backing Time: | 4:49pm Location Depot Street ReteasefRetura: | Town of Potsdam Court; May 01, 2019 at 10:00 am The above listed subject was ssued a Uniform Trafic Teket afer pavol ies completed an investigation ofa two car property damage accident. Name: Giovanni Gomez hee 20 CtyrtownViage | Brooklyn sate: | NY [Date | 04/05/19 Failed to Yield Right of Way: eft Turn ‘Time: | 7450M Market Street Relear/Retur “Town of Potsdam Court May 08, 2019 at 10.00 am Narrative: ‘The above Tsted subject was iesued a Uniform Traffic Ticket aftr patrols Investigated a two car coliion on Market Street. oss ons osio sis ows 3s2 1909 839 1008 ot 1112 1132 ic Stop Clarkaon Avenue Burglar Alarm SH 56 Wettre Check Garden Set Record Check Disabled Motor Vehicle Elm Sst Ast Citizen Main Stet Teale Stop Fast rive ‘Teafic Stop Lawrence Avenve Assit Citizen on Main Stet “Teale sop on Leroy Stost Assist Citizen on Main Stest Fingerprinting completed for citizen Handicap parking placard issued Page 20f3 1136 1226 1282 1308 1304 i310 120 139 1 ato wai as 14s Aso 1519 Iss 169 1806 917 vos 194s 2051 a Handicap parking placard issued Property damage acident t Price Chopper ‘Trafic top on Lawrence Avenue Schoo! check completed Schoo! check completed Potsdam Rescue dispatched oa call Harassment complet recived Assist citizen on Main Stost ‘Traffic stop on Maple Steet Potsdam Rescue dispatched tall “Traffc sop on Market Strost Domestic Dispute reported Reportf subjects onthe ice ‘Noise complaint on Leroy Street Potsdam Rescue dispatched 0a call Property damage acideton Depot Sst Potsdam Rescue dispatched oa call “Traffic sop on Marke Strost Personal injury acident on Market Stroxt Potsdam Rescue dispatched 0 call Assist tzen on Leroy Steet Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa cal Page 3013