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Renowned futurist is predicting the world will change dramatically in 2045.

The average person could

live more than 100 years. Computers may be smarter than humans telling us how to succeed in our
studies work and even love. Superhumans might emerge and people may live another life in a virtual

I really miss you

Technology will keep advancing as we move into the future the future the result could be a society
beyond our wildest dreams. On this five-part series next world will take you on a journey into the
amazing world of the future.

I was wondering if you are felling well today everything is going extremely well

 I use science to predict the future in fact in medicine, entertainment and our way of life.
Everything is going to change explosively in the next thirty years. The future will be an exciting
fascinating new world completing different. But what it is now computer power doubles every
18 monts this tremendous rise in computer power means that eventually we will lead something
called the singularity.
 The foundation of the singularity is Al, Artificial Intelligence. In 30 years the ability of computers
might possibly match that the human brain. This revolution might be comparable the invention
of the alphabet, agriculture or machines which are the great turning points in human history.
Now writing was invented about 50000 years ago which led to an explosion in knowledge. Then
agriculture was invented probably ten thousand years ago. The Machine Age began about 300
years ago. Now a similar revolution of this magnitude is on the horizon. The singularity may
happened around 2045, it means that computers may approach our ability to think. This may
not be easy to understand or even believe but such a future might lie ahead of us . Now the first
episode is about future predictions. Thanks to the explosive evolution of computers. It’s
posibble to make reasonably accurate and realistic predictions about the future. This wil vastly
improve the quality of our live. Tedious, drudgery will be eliminated sensors will anticipate
where problems will arise or when machines brea down so that everything runs smoothly and
efficiently. These predictions will affect every aspect of our lives. They might predict when you
will get sick where your next vacation will be. What the next hit song might be and what the
crime rates might be in