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Good evening

I am Himani Painuly practicising this philosophy since past 3 n half years,

During these years of my practice I have seen various inconspicuous benefits in my life ,including the
changes that I have experienced within me

Before I had came to the practice I was a very short tempered person,if I thought that sm1 was doing or
saying wrong I just blasted at them without any consideration for my words or the way I spoke

Also I would like to mention that I lost my father when I was quite young ,and in my mind I always use to
think that I will never loose him,this made a big impact in my life .

I became more serious in my life towards studies but the negative aspect was that I subconsciously got
very paranoid of loosing a loved one,I use to get anxiety attacks ,was becoming needy and clingy

Outside I use to pretend I was tough and good but inside I was not ,even inferiority,I insecurities were
filling me up

I got committed in a relationship with a very wonderful man , though we both were different in our
basic nature but we got along well,but with passing time all these negative tendencies started affecting
my relationship,I use to get worried a lot,not letting him do trips or adventure sports wen he
wanted,fighting with him thinking all the bad n insecurities in me ,n then my attitude of expression
became at times so worse that he use to mention that he feels I m not appreciative of the things he
does for me,this use to Mk me feel really bad but I was unable to control this tendency in me due to my

With all this happening I was also a person who use to hv a lot of differences with my mother and
quarrel with her a lot,this later made me feel guilty but I could never have a dialogue with her.

Later my frnd introduced me to this practice,I started enjoying the Gakkai activities and read guidances

I did regular daimoku and took part in every activity n campaigns

Participating in Gakkai n working for others happiness gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Sensei says I quote

I started understanding that one must create happiness from with in,hv faith in the workings of mystic
law,take responsibility of our own actions,respect each individual as a unique life

While reading Gakkai I came across the five eternal guidelines for ywds,I focused on my human
revolution and having dialogues

The guideline whiCh influenced me the most was that Live your youth undefeated by anything and
guidance for love

I realized that the fear that had taken space in me was making my relationships suffer
I decided to replace fear with faith and insecurities with confidence,to do my human revolution and take
full responsibility

I just focused on my behaviour and attitudes towards life

Whenever I felt anxiety or nervousness I started to chant in other times

As the practice grew I could see dynamic changes in my personality.

I believed that gohonzon will protect us wen we do the right practice.

I would like to report that

I hv over come my fear and anxiety and each insecurities of mine became my stepping stone towards
development of my personality,I had faith based dialogue with the person m committed with ,he himself
appreciated the positive changes in me, our relationship have become more beautiful and we are more
understanding towards each other ,rather he himself says that I m the soul n power of our relationship
who take care of him as well as our relationship

I m able to hv faith and trust on my practice,appreciate his unique ways of expression,let him be him
appreciating him the way he is,don’t let the issues that took birth in me affect us,n this has made him
being more understanding as well

Also after a long spell of no talk I could hv dialogue with my mother explaining her my thoughts and
feelings,i hv grown to be more understanding towards her And quarrel with her anymore ,I could
express my feelings to her

Each passing day of my practice has made me a more patient and better person ,I feel a strong life horse
in me

All my relationships have become better for me,I even shared about this practice with my beloved ,my
mum n even my brother ,