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TJ Perry

Systematic Technical Practice:

Utilizing H.L. Clarke's Techinical Studies &
shifting rhythmic emphasis to improve dexterity.

1. When practicing finger dexterity, the player should finger through the exercises
before playing them. This will expose areas of difficulty or hesitancy. Correcting these
mistakes while only fingering through the exercise will immeasurably help correct
mistakes while playing. You can bet that mistakes made while doing fingers only will
most assuredly be mistakes while playing.

2. The metronome must be used at all times. The player should feel free to use the
subdivision on the metronome when needed.

% 32 −−
q = 80

œ ∀ œ µ œ œ ∀ œ µ œ Œ
œ ∀œ œ ∀œ œ œ α œ œ α œ œ ∀œ œ ∀œ œ œ α œ œ αœ ˙
1. Fingers only the first runthrough. Focus on the rhythm the valve movement
creates and listen for any flams or mistakes. When successfully completed, move on
to playing. Focus should still be on the accuracy and evenness of the valve stroke.

% 13 −−
q = 80

œ ∀ œ œ ∀ œ =œ œ ∀ œ µ œ œ αœ œ œ ∀ œ µ œ œ αœ
= = œ α œ =œ ∀ œ µ œ ∀ œ = = œ αœ ˙
breath accent

2. As the speed increases, focus on both the accuracy of the valve stroke and the
fluidity of the movement. The ultimate goal should be a smooth, relaxed, and easy
movement through the exercise.

q. = 80

%7 œ ∀ œ µ œ œ ∀ œ µ œ −−
œ ∀œ œ ∀œ œ œ α œ œ α œ œ ∀œ œ ∀œ œ œ α œ œ αœ œ−
3. This portion should only be added when the previous two have been mastered.
Here the focus should shift entirely to fluidity and ease of movement.

Taken from Technical Studies for the Cornet by H.L. Clarke