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Joshua P.

Rodriguez; Paul Cedric Bernardo; Lyka Natividad; Alexa Octaviano



A Regular day at the office

Cultural awareness is essential in developing interlocal and international relations. With the

changes and improvements in media, it comes no surprise that interrelation deepens, knowledge about one’s

culture, habit and environment are accessible from one person to the next and it allowed the rectification of

stereotypic views and portrayal of nations that are virtually of lesser knowledge to the ones attempting a

sardonic interpretation. This oral-writing presentation examines the portrayal of the importance of today’s

media in establishing cultural awareness and pushing solidarity through inclusiveness in the form of a

newsroom. It also plays on caricature and how it’s blatantly plaguing the viewers with the real pressing

worldwide concerns.

The news room aspect of the presentation represents the openness to glimmer variety of cultures

and the respective status quo of the nation they represent. From the anchor which is essentially, a typical

American stereotype with a virile stature, booming voice, dry wit and an added sleazy and obnoxious

attitude to top it off (Saltzman, 2015), that most movies from the 90’s and early 2000’s projects on the big

screen to the illustration of the American lifestyle in terms of food and beverage (Fries, shake and burgers)

which according to Swartz (2018) represents abundance, accessibility, and dominance and altogether. The

prevalence of “The arts” (which refers to the American love for theatre, music video and films) and

Superbowl (annual football event) further defines the American culture.

*Flash card, title logo appears: “This is Media Break, give us 5 minutes and we’ll give you the

world” *

Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
Anchorman: Hi I’m Sandy Rivers, our top story for tonight, more and more Americans are taking

Goat Cheese as a substitute for their fixation on anything that has fat on it including burgers and

shakes. Chips and fries are expected to increase price as potato prices continues to rise (Ruggless,

2019). Particularly concerned are Governors in Tampa and Michigan which decreed this day as the

legen…wait for it… dairy day of goat dairies and this had boded well to American homes.

*briefly shows family eating burgers

Anchorman: Now, what do you say for a slice of that Goat Cheese in this year’s Superbowl?

The second segment introduces a Mexican actor and a Japanese director. This is the prime instance

of diversity in the age of blockbuster films and web streaming shows, the Academy (a well-known award-

giving body from the states) shows much inclusion particularly with the once maligned sectors – this year,

Roma, a film entirely shot in Mexico and Green book about the unlikely friendship of a negro and an Italian

is in the lead with 10 and 5 respective Oscar nominations according to Chitwood, Adam (2019) – including

“colored folks” or “LGBTQA + folks” and this is touched on this segment with the influence of the chosen


Anchor: Other news, the docuseries of the life of the legendary actor Brunch Howdy is officially in greenlit

to be shot at the Toronto Film Production Studio with the new, state of the art, lens-over-lens camera. A

broadway adaptation is also expected to come out this year. Joining us on the line is the internationally

acclaimed director, Fujiwata Yuyzuki to talk about his take on that infamous nude bull fight in Mexico City

and this revolutionary silver screen outing.

Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
*Fujiwata speaks Japanese words*

Fujiwata: Times are changing and so must we and this includes incorporating the traditional Japanese

culture with the current trends of the western to which we've created a harmony with the help of talented

actors and actresses and the state-of-the-art technology camera which helped shoot the bull in the most

important places *sleazily raises eyebrows*, we've created a masterpiece worth seeing and the late

Howdy would surely be proud.

Traditional yet modern; Experimental yet powerful and revolutionizing.

*Fujiwata speaks Japanese words*

On the third segment and fourth segment, countries other than America are in the spotlight, and we

started it off with Philippines, the selection of Philippines is made to coincide with Catriona Gray’s win in

the Miss Universe pageant hence, the thematic interview of a pageant winner in the next segment. Although

we added a twist, since the issue of LGBTQ+, either marriage or contesting, is hot in the Philippines, instead

of Miss Universe, we chose a different pageant, Miss International Queen, a transgender pageant in

Vietnam. The fourth segment introduce a relevant news in Thailand and the lifestyle and type of governing

power is briefly tackled.

Anchor: Now, that was something, on world news Biko “Becca” Cayabyab, winner of Miss International

Queen 2018, an international pageant for transgender folks is prepping for a hero (heroine?). Our own

reporter is with him (her?) to talk about her legen… wait for it… dary win:

Reporter: Catriona, how are you?

Becca: I’m fine.

Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
Reporter: Alright, so you won the crown and you’re about to head home do you feel any pressure right


Becca: No, I don't feel any pressure right now.

Reporter: Confident! Alright! So, tell us about how you feel going back to your hometown.

Becca: I remember when I was still a little girl and growing up with my pamily… my family…Oh my

god…I’m..Ok, im so sorry... I... I told you that I'm so confident... Eto, Ahhmm, Wait... Hahahaha,

Ahmmm… I remember when there were nights we didn’t eat because my father- who was a farmer- did

not receive his minimum wage salary. Our barrio did not smell that good too because the government was

throwing the garbage from urban places to our villages. Still, despite those bad memories, my family and

I never gave up. My parents were able to send me off to primary school to college and that’s all because

of their hard work. So, I’m very much excited to go home and see my family and I will use my position as

Miss Universe to correct the mistakes the local government made to our barrio. Hmmm, so... but I said

dot my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Anchor: Big trouble in little Thailand, as election season draws near and riots are prevalent, it sees the

revision of a constitution that withheld decades; The Governing power is expected to change from a

monarchic to a democratic system although postponements were called by the military junta. (Petersen

H.E, 2019)

Citizen: “We know how to fight for democracy, together we will do it and we will win”

The next segment plays out as a commercial, going once again global with a newsbreak introducing

the invention showcased by an Indian to showcase their relevance in the world of Science and Mathematics

Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
which had been a staple of the country since The Harappans built the sewage system in Mohenjo-Daro in

2500 B.C. and the invention of zero (Carr, 2017). The Indian art, clothing native religion of Hinduism and

Buddhism and architecture which includes Taj Mahal (Zimmerman, 2017) is also featured.

Anchor: We’ll be back shortly after this break

*Commercial plays out with an Indian showcasing a device*

Have you ever felt so down that a single brush tickles your scalp and ease your brain? Do you feel like
something is missing in the veins of a long-lost love in Taj Mahal as you walk down memory lane? Or
have you ever woken up in the middle of the night sulking and moping, because you long for that scrape
in your scalp and upper lip?
Then look no further, the new comb-moustache produce by top Indians scientist and mathematicians aims
to cultivate your growing scalp problems and to show you enlightenment like Buddha it even works for
the bald! This state-of the art, one of a kind lip tickling formula facade that bald spot down your nostrils.
It even makes Lord Brahma envy. Buy now at a discounted price for a little time only. Numbers at your

*Cellphone number flashes on screen*

And with every penny you spent, you are supporting a cause.

Per-DTI number 236481010317292 series of 2019 to the end of your lifetime.

The final segment is a play on the classic slow-burn abduction-terrorism stories and the classic

Doctor Who serials and bond films which is in the celebration of the geek culture, however, instead of

featuring the stereotypical Mid-Eastern, Bin Laden-ish overlord, a Canadian is shown as the malevolent

presence and models to bad habits ( staff, 2016), contrary to how they are stereotypically

known – being nice and polite. The final segment also solidifies the capability of media to influence the

viewer and to send a message across cultures.

Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
*Anchorman turns and spoke in Canadian accent*

Anchorman: Americans, your minutes are numbered eh?, the countries you see lesser are about to make

Dollars obsolete and make Loony and Toonie as the official currency approved by the Group of Eggheads

Entente Kinship or G.E.E.K.S, you saw the countries participated in making todays segment and we

brought you this terrible news, Y’all have exactly 2 minutes to comply and call the number you saw on

screen eh? We demanded nothing but fairness and respect, proper portrayal in your shows (How I met

your Mother? *ehem and *ehem) or a simple How’s she bootin’er?

*Times up, let’s make America great again, let it out*

*A nuclear bomb was set-off shown through a phone in class*

As a conclusion, media is one of the most credible sources of first-hand and second-hand

information worldwide hence its effectiveness in raising intra and intercultural awareness. Modernism also

expanded the definition of culture and now includes terms such as popular culture or 80's culture hence, it

rectifies stereotypes. Lastly, Cultural awareness also includes knowing the little things the subtle things

ergo learning about one’s culture is progressive.


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Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada
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Note: Yuzu in Yuzuki means grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit and Ki means hope in Japanese
: Loony and Toonie are the official currencies in Canada