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Tho Fay Sabha a he Coe enjoys equal pawetsncarserationctbsother nan money il: b Vidhan Purshdejoysmuch eset omersesomparatnenaeSsona apa (princi Seo] ‘snow [onrsnar] seoounTs (cero) exerts (ne spe A] oreo SWORE { a (Orson ors ouS) Panmcanorouemon PROGRAM ME Assombly Assembly all 1 2 5 4 5 ‘Seating for 150 MLAS 50 addtional seats Otter eating 50 ocording room and translation booth Ugh and sound conraloam Foporters (Gouna nal Stating for 100 MLAS 25 addtional sets Otiors' seating 50 Fecarding room and translation booth Ugh and sound contra oom Poportes Gombines nal ‘Sealing capacity - 400 Sage with governor’ seat Focording eam and ranslation booth Ugh and sound conralcam Foporters Laboies Inner fby rating = 20% Inner lobby opposition ~ 12032 Combined aboy= 300 Ldesiooby — 60 Pull entrance bay ~ 260 Pressiobty ~ 150 hit ministers lobby - 180 Other ministers by alleres x3, Press 75 Public 150 Speakers 50 Sheol ~ 50, tier 50, vie25 Sounel-s0 Governor-02 sqm. i person 2eqim person ‘a.m /person sq.m. / prson Degim person 49q.m./person 2m.) person ‘q.m.Jperson 294m. person 2sq.m:! person 2eq.n.1 person 2eq.m.1 person 2eq.m:! person 2sqm.! person 2etm:! person 2s.m./ person VIP chambers 1) Speaker'sotes chairman's otice 2 dntetoom + toile 3 Phana walling 600 Meeting room 100 10 10 Deputy speakers tie’ ay chairman's of 30 2 Ameroom + tolet ‘ola-750| | Phand walling a5 00 1 Chlot minisers otis 10 2 Anteroom + tot 10 3 PAang walling 30 4 Meeting room Tolal 525 (Other chambers 200 1 Leader of opposition oti 30 2 Anteroam * tolet 10 3 Phana walling 10 4 Meeting room 30 Toial-900 | |1 Ministers ottice 2 Anteroom + tolt 420 3 Phandwalling 430 4 Meeting room 25 600 20 500 Party halls 300 1 Alling party hll~ 150 500 2. Oppostion party nall- 180 1500 5 Seeetarysottce x5 Total-4280) | 4 Committee cnaiman'sattce 5 Cabinet meeting room 12 & ViPguest room 225 75 Committee nals % 1 Lange nals~ 2510 8 2 Snallals 120 375 | 3 Teabreakroom with anteroom and pantry 15 Business advisory committe hall 10 Total-2054 80 eqn. ! person ‘sq.m. person sqm. / person Sqm. / person Total-80 “2000 250 250 ‘00 100 400 75 ‘lal 875 225 108 150, 73 Total 558 Assembly secretariat 1 Chef secretary sotie 23 2 Principal secretary softice x3 3 bin secretary office x2 4 Deputy secretary’ sotice x5 5 Unger seraarysoffice x7 § Deskotiersx20 7 Bushessadvsary commie member soabin 10, 8 Exltor of depatesattce 8 Reporters office 10. Printing and publiation see. 11 Question section 12 Legisation section 13 Atcounts section 14 Establishment section 18 Protoca section 18 Tallin section brary Peadingroom ~ 150, Carrels 10 Book stack aroa Periodical and newspaper Lraransottice ‘rehves Maintenance Otic ecordsdopartmont ‘urrentrecors Pratocol pay bls (id records (permanent) Printing press ‘asseu aies Pa fast OFFS 62293 2055 5220 Total = 22007 ‘TOTAL CARPET AREA “A 22007 SUITUPAREA “30 A0.85 «25890 IGCULATION, —C=04"B 10356 5003 5013 4x2 0x5 2x7 25x10 7512 29.m.1 person 150 150 a 150, 10 a0 250 150 120 120 is 5 15 5 5 15 Total 1540 300 50 00 450 Tota: CHHATTISGARH MUSEUM 1700sqm zon ‘asan 10am total 2180s Man eibian aes esis Aas ropion and Manger Toit 055, 1100 General actos PN Gtoteria MLA i Sait Hi, Pres) public tener Banquet nll Bank Pst ote fala bus booking te Health care centre (wih doctor, GU ab) Pe U arsotice Hi, Retiring area fi, Communtation room 9 Preseratiring room 40 Communication room 2 11 Goakraoms- 3 12. Enlrancetobbies Services 1 ACplent oom Eetrical panel oom Generator roan. Water tan 2 5 i tinge 3 Teephone henge ae 7 Ghimaintenance deperment & 80 fo. regina ope reigning deprinent 1 feat poking, 1 cars-20 a Sacurty vane: 15 2 Publis prass Le cas 80 1 Two wneeter-20 3 Sat h Nane-a iL Gas 50 Hi Tagamet 30 4 service vehile Ambulance: 1 i etighting ruck 1 200 00 00 350 500 00 30 100 200 100 180 00 150 240 0 500 oal-3320 300 150 100 150 30 100 150 130 130 100 500 tal 1800 as 250 50 50 Total 2200