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"polished in every aspect — from the humorous
storyline to the end of the 1 1P
The Carnes Machine Top Score
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fabbPous'3Vhoutls alis'origng — you
¡lame it, Voyager's got it. And that's nottaill:
Ocean throw in a cassette soundtrack vvIach
has to o n e of the most mi-blowing
pieces of music I've ever heard".
%IVA'S Sokkett 1 1 1 ) • ) 4 IP
"Special F44 programmed the gtime and
have done a great job, recreating the ",.. scrollingf D graphicsethe most
character of tqq, originals with a impressive I've seen on the ST a great
tiintiot humour". arcade formilla,and clever graphics Al an
iAtnigosUbvt o t ocexcRileing4rpe ttlat y o t y l a y i n f A
41pitbikoMe flihe"'! '
"The sharacters and ST Acticpth A
backgrounds are slriking —
each are superlatIve t h e
ilnitplqatterasla sotigdtra0 in
glorious remixed stereo".
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KICK OFF.. .34
—54 SKWEEK 5 3

loNEWS 6
D I S K E X T R A • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 8 5 O
a -
THE NEW ZEALAND STORY: playable demo of the superbly
addictive coin-op hit • ART GALLERY: classy examples of artwork
• DOTIL: DOS made easy for beginners S W I N G IN' FROG 3t2 (AQUA
DEMO: delightful animation W O R K B E N C H HACKS: two fun
hacks to play with T R A C K M O N : keeping track of your disk drive
'3 • VILBM: viewing pictures with no fuss. Ocean's The New Zealand Story

o mi ses ut o
e tof
h ea
new magazine that
already has 1 3
issues behind it. We
will b e building on
w h a t ST/Amiga
Format did t o pro-
vide t h e b e s t cover-
age of graphics,
music, g a m e s , D T P,
h a r d w a r e , video
and all o t h e r areas
of the A m i g a s c e n e .
We've got 8 8 0 K of
Amiga p r o g r a m s
every m o n t h on t h e
disk and a m a g a -
zine p a c k e d w i t h
Amiga-only enter-
t a i n m e n t a n d infor-
T h e r e has
never b e e n a b e t t e r
time to own an
Amiga or read
Amiga F o r m a t .


P U B L I S H E D B Y F U T U R E P U B L I S H I N G L T D 4 Owen Stnoet. Bat, 11A1 1EJ. r D225 446034
X-CAD DESIGNER 6 3 © F U T U R E P U B L I S H I N G 1 9 8 9 Plc pia ol Ohomagazine may be reprocluced*1191044 Ourixermtssm

MAC EMULATOR 6 4 EDITOR Bob Wade P R O D U C T I O N E D I TO R Damien ,Voonan R E V I E W S E D I TO R Andy Smith

T E C H N I C A L E D I T O R Jason Holborn A R T E D I T O R Trevor Gillum D E S I G N A S S I S TA N T
Sally Meddings C O N T R I B U T I N G E D I T O R S Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics)
FUTURESOUND 5 0 0 31 C O N T R I B U TO R S Steve Jarratt,Graeme Kidd, Rachel Dec timan AD M A N A G E R Jennie Evans
AD P R O D U C T I O N Louise Cocktail PUBLISHER Greg Ingham.
S U B S C R I P T I O N S i M A I L O R D E R The Old Barn, Somerton. Somerset LAI 71'Y Tel: 0458 74011
COMPETITION: P H O TO G R A P H Y Ashton James. Bathamoton C O L O U R O R I G I N AT O R S Swift 6raphic% Ltd,
Southampton; Carer by Bath Graphic%P R I N T E R S Chase Web Offset, Gillingham D I S T R I B U TO R S
Win a Gauntlet II coin-op...60 SM Distribution, 6 Leigham C•ourt Road, Streatham, London SW16

FORMAT i h r h a mind
was too! If you don't
t a being
glorious show in
trapped it
The first demo version, which was
pretty spectacular, was shown by
Actrvision who claimed to have an

an enclosed space with several exclusive deal with Microillusions.
thousand Commodore owners. Confusion has arisen now since
that is_ The Amiga dominated dealers and the press alike have
totally, there was hardly a C64 in been informed that The Software
sight. and consequently this year's Business now has -the exclusive
Commodore S h o w w a s a l s o UK and European rights to Music
buzzing with a lot more interest X', and was exhibiting a t the
than some previous ones. Commodore show a n d taking
We h a v e finally achieved t h e -Ta l-C•a r -PPPPP
- PA C I 1 0 1 VS a l l , 1 1 Walla
orders with one ex-Activision staff
There was no single outstand-
thing t h a t A m i g a owners h a v e
been clamouring for: and here it ing event but the feeling of excite- member doing the demo work,
Is, y o u r v e r y o w n magazine, ment was tangible and there was although at the time of going to
Amiga F o r m a t , 1 1 5 p a g e s a host of new products on show press they "hadn't got the final
packed w i t h n e w s , r e v i e w s , and being announced. Serious version yet (not bad for a pro-
features and entertainment. AN
software and hardware were very gram that has been advertised for
The b r a n d - n e w A m i g a DR much the order of the day, with nearly eighteen months!) Activision
Format a l r e a d y h a s a g r e a t CONE
only a couple of games houses claim the matter is "under negotia-
history behind i t , a n d n o w w e
are branching o u t o n o u r o w n represented, so the vibrant atmo- tion" with mutterings about con-
• sphere was all the more gratifying. tractual obligations. Time to stand
things a r e going t o g e l e v e n
better. You can see from the first „Walla Attendance was 10% up on back and watch the litigation!
issue that the balance of content tAl the previous show at the 12,000
will be the same broad mixture P H O T O N P H A N TA S Y
o .anaPir, mark for the three days and the
of everything from graphics t o 0 - After a few quiet months on the
organisers, Database, are pleased
games, music to DTP. I t l l l l l S I T a t l l l l l •01111-1111 a l l t i l l
Amiga painting front, things are
01 course, one of the most
with the way things went. As yet
• Amiga Format finally arrives. there is no date set for the next hotting u p again. First i t was
important things is that we now
have the whole cover disk just superb artwork. O n t h e music show, but we'll keep you posted. Deluxe Paint III, soon i t will be
for Amiga programs. N o t o n l y side we've also called in the best DigiPaint 3 but now w e have
will we be bringing you the best In t h e f o r m o f J o n Bates. H e MICROILLUSIONS Photon Paint 2!
In playable g a m e d e m o s a n d starts t h i s m o n t h w i t h a n WRANGLE The original Photon Paint has
utilities, but there will b e much overview o f t h e A m i g a m u s i c Visitors to the Commodore show remained t h e favourite o f the
more interaction b e t w e e n t h e scene a n d w i l l b e providing three HAM painting packages for
may h a v e n o t i c e d t h a t
disk and features inside A m i g a definitive reviews a n d tutorials
MicroIllusions had their own stand most artists because it is the easi-
Format. T h e opportunities f o r In future issues.
where Music X was on display. est t o use and most 'painterly',
using t h e d i s k i n conjunction There a r e m a n y o l d
favourites t h a t a r e b e i n g and that copies of Photon Paint 2 Many traditional effects are easy
with t h e graphics s e c t i o n i n
expanded t o m e e t d e m a n d were on sale at other stands. At to achieve, including t h e b e s t
particular are immense.
There are also plenty of new including W o r k b e n c h , P D first glance this isn't curious, until watercolour effect s o far on the
features that make this not just Update a n d Gamebusters. W e you realise that ACINISPOn are still Amiga with Blend. The new ver-
the biggest but the best Amiga are a l s o b u s y sifting through claiming the UK rights t o these
magazine. Brian Larkman joins your questionnaire r e p l i e s t o MicroIllusions products.
us f r o m n e x t i s s u e a s make sure w e give you exactly
At present the situation i s
Contributing Editor for graphics. what you want.
unclear b u t i t appears t h a t III
His well-proven expertise a s a It's a very exciting lime for
all of us: the Amiga is taking off
Activision are involved in a legal
lecturer i n computer a r t a n d
long-time Amiga user will pro- like n e v e r b e f o r e a n d w e a t tussle with both MicroIllusions in 11111:11
duce t h e m o s t authoritative Amiga Format are here t o help the US and the new group which
reviews, helpful tutorials a n d you make the most of claims to represent them in the M A L 1111;r:LZAII*1111
UK. Which means that neither
SUBSCRIBE! SEE DETAILS ON PAGE 28 program will be widely available sion provides lots of new features
until the dispute is settled. and greater speed without sacn-
Let's hope that's not too long 'icing the effortless operation.
VIRUS X VIRUS ARTS CONTEST away, because this is what Jon The most dramatic additions
Bates and Brian Larkman had to are contour mapping and multi-
T h e m o s t p o p u l a r PD virus. As part o f t h e Edinburgh A r t s say about Music X and Photon page, 'pageflipper type animation,
Festival, Amiga Centre Scotland Paint 2 respectively... but also included are stencils, air-
killer, V i r u s X , h a s i t s e l f
become t h e victim o f a n is running its animation competi- brush, rub-through, pantograph.
Infection. A m e r i c a n a u t h o r tion again this year Winners will MUSIC XTRA auto-shadowing, cycle draw and
Steve T i b b e t ' s t h o u g h t f u l have their work displayed a t a Music X for the Amiga is coming. many more minor enhancements.
special exhibition at the Festival_ But from where? The American In line with our new policy for
provision o f t h e s o u r c e
code with the program has Entries should b e sent on PA L software house MicroIllusions has graphics reviews, a really lull
let n e f a r i o u s h a c k e r s p r o - VHS videotape o r o n disk, t o been promoting t h i s stunning description o f Photon Paint 2
duce a version t h a t i t s e l f arrive b y A u g u s t 2 4 . F u r t h e r sequencing, voicing and sampling including DIY tips and tutorials,
acts a s a virus. F e a r not, information a b o u t t h i s u n i q u e package heavily in the American written by people who are using
though! T h e d o d g y v e r s i o n event c a n b e o b t a i n e d f r o m press for well over a year now. the program every day, plus origi-
Martin L o w e a t t h e A m i g a Surprising, therefore, that the only nal artwork that will be included
can b e i d e n t i f i e d b y t h e
version n u m b e r 3 . 3 : S t e v e Centre Scotland, 4 Hart Street versions seen this side o f the on the cover disk, is being pre-
Is s k i p p i n g s t r a i g h t f r o m Lane, Edinburgh EH1 3 R N , o r pond were demo versions that pared. It takes time, but you will
Version 3 . 2 to 3 . 4 . by phone on 031 557 4242. had yet to be de-bugged. see it soon! Photon Paint 2 by



Computers can be of great use to the
disabled in all manner of ways, one of which
Is demonstrated by Arnor's new speaking
version of their word processor Protext. It's
:hwas designed for use by the blind and is current-
using high-powered Cray super-
weby ly still undergoing development and testing.
computers. Now, in another first
wean All Protexrs functions are available from
for the Amiga, a 3D computer
SIOnS. model has been recorded halo- the keyboard, which is essential because
since gr aphic ally. pull-down menus and a mouse are no use to
have The physics is quite difficult, blind users. The WP will be able to speak
Woe but if I understand it correctly, the each key as Ills pressed, speak every word
tve process works something like as it is typed, read back the current line.
'Susie this: conventional holography cap- read back from the start of the paragraph.
the tures the image of a complete 3D speak characters as the cursor is moved
alulg object in such a way that the
staff and speak useful status information. Price
parts of it that can be seen vary
and release details have not been decided
work, according to your viewpoint, just
to as would happen with a 'real' yet but Amor promise discounts for the
final object. In effect the hologram has visually handicapped. More on 0733 68909
pro- superimposed an almost infinite
d for series o f 'views' o f the object ROMBO MACHO VIDEO
1151011 Microillusions i s available o n from the front, slight movements which are revealed as your view- Rombo are well known for their digitisers
gob& import from Digipro. Southampton of the head reveal hidden parts of point is changed. Stereoscopic and other add-ons on other machines, but
con. (te! 0703-703030) at 09.95. the object that would normally holography has the same effect now they are bursting onto the Amiga scene
stand only be seen if it was real and but in this case the 'views' are
for the first time with the Video Image Digital
HOLOGRAPHIC A M I G A solid. This is normal for a holo- captured separately l i k e t h e
Interface, VIDI-Amiga.
One of the more unusual sights at gram as anyone with a bank card frames of a stereovision film, one
Although it's their first attempt it could
the Commodore Show was the for each eye, in the form of pairs
the of vertical strips on the plate. make a big impact because it is attractively
first hologram generated from a
are microcomputer i m a g e . U s i n g The advantage of this method priced at £99.95 and has an impressive list
was equipment d e v e l o p e d a t is that the content of each 'frame' of features. These Include grabbing frames
l be Loughborough University and an is much more controllable so that from a moving video In a 50th of a second in
have Amiga 500, Rob Munday and his any object capable of being mod both mono and colour, load and save in IFF
team, with advice from the Amiga elled on a computer can be cap- format, overlaying an incoming frame any-
has Centre Scotland, have produced a tured in 3D and even animated. where on an existing one, a user-definable
the 3D holographic view of a partially- The use o f Amigas, o r other
; for palette. analogue contrast and brightness
animated wireframe bird rendered cheap micros, also means that
control, eight-level brightness control and
using Sculpt 3D. knows. Usually though, the object the commercial potential of such
rty from which a conventional holo- drop-down menus.
To produce i t , over 1 0 0 'animated' holograms i s much
easy more likely to be realised. I t is The package includes a video cable, so
frames were generated a n d gram is taken is a 3D model; here
Ast recorded onto a holographic plate it is a series of flat, 2D images. only a matter of time before full- all you need is a VCR or camera. At time of
the in stereo pairs as a series of verti- This is much more difficult and colour, fully-animated sequences going to press Rombo were still working to
Ver- cal strips. Viewing the image has previously only been achieved and even whole films appear. make the unit produce colour pictures and
the latest details can be obtained from them

on 0506 414631 or at 6 Fairbairn Road,
Livingston, Scotland EH54 6TS.


Equinox have enhanced their Small
ti you are looking f o r t h e was openly talked about.
promised r e v i e w o f t h e We will have t o wait f o r Business Accounts program to create SBA
new A m i g a 2 5 0 0 i n t h i s further d e t a i l s b e f o r e Xtra. Its new features add to an already com-
ires issue, t h e n d o n ' t b o t h e r, getting our hopes up, prehensive list of capabilities.
because t h e A 2 5 0 0 h a s The A500 i s also mak-
Money moguls will be interested to
been shelved. Planned t o ing n e w s b e c a u s e o f
have a 14 Mhz 32-bit 68020
know that It provides profit and loss state-
suggestions t h a t i t i s
being ' g r e y i m p o r t e d ' ments, trial balance, lull audit trail. VAT
CPU a n d u p t o 4 M b o f
RAM, the A2500 would be a from Holland. T h i s h a s reports, balance sheets, budgets. day
straight u p g r a d e o f t h e prompted c o m p l a i n t s books, account group reports, transaction
A2000 t h r o u g h e x i s t i n g from r e t a i l e r s a n d a n
announcement o v e r t h e listing by batch or account heading and a
add-ons, w h i c h i s thought
to explain the strange non- PA a t t h e C o m m o d o r e constant update of cash position and profit.
appearance. C o m m o d o r e show t h a t s u c h The new features are debtors and credi-
prefer to wait for the A3000 machines being sold o ff tors information, enhanced puma' entries, a
which w i l l contain t h e 2 5 cheap might cause prob- chart of accounts and relaxed security
Mhz 58030 CPU_ lems f o r t h e b u y e r. S o
However, it remains l o • The A2500: no longer a machine in its o w n right. w a t c h o u t f o r a n y
allowing copying of the chart of accounts
be seen whether or not the machine t h a t c o m e s and access to DOS commands.
appearance o f t h e A 2 5 0 0 U X , there are such machines i n exis- with a foreign manual at a knock- SBA Xtra costs £115 and existing users
which w i l l r u n t h e U n i x O S , i s tence, b u t whether t h e y b e c o m e down p r i c e , b e c a u s e y o u c o u l d can upgrade for £34.50 + £2.50 P&P. Equinox
imminent_ A n o l h e r r u m o u r t h a t available i n t h e s h o p s i s a s y e t have p r o b l e m s w i t h d i f f e r e n t
Business Systems can be contacted for
has resurfaced i s t h a t w e w i l l unclear. C o m m o d o r e h a v e m a d e voltage powerpacks and t h e lack
no a n n o u n c e m e n t o f t h e of a v a l i d w a r r a n t y i f a n y t h i n g details on 01 729 0990 or at 16 Arming
shortly see A500s fitted with 1Mb
of RAM a s standard. A p p a r e n t l y machine: unlike the A2500, which should happen to go wrong. Street, New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3H13.

Good news for financial folk. A new FOFT ARRIVES: THE
version of Best UK's Plan IT spreadsheet
has arrived. Version 3.0 has been reduced
in price to E126.50 and offers new features,
including lull import export of Lotus 123
worksheets. AreXX support, Dataview mode
Gre lin's massive space trading tan replied -It's not an Elite beater
from the database and an outline mode for
shooternaip, Federation Of Free we're after so much - we just
viewing different levels of data on screen, wanted to produce a realty good
Traders, is set to arrive on the
Owners of Mario/an can upgrade to game that would appeal to fans of
Amiga in the near future. Billed by
Plan IT for E57.50. Best will also accept this genre". Let's hope Gremlin
Gremlin as an 'Elite beater', FOFT
'trade-ins' on other existing similar was some two years in develop- really have got it right this time:
software. Further info from Best UK, ment and was advertised heavily and watch the reviews pages next
Block 3 Unit 1, Baird Avenue, Strutherhill in the press prior to Its release on month for the definitive Amiga
Industrial Estate. Larkhall, Strathclyde ML9 the ST. When it finally arrived the Format in-depth review.
2P.I. Tel:0698 887770. game proved to have a few major The next game i n what's
ga eplay flaws which, when com- planned to be a Federation series
bined with the appalling manual, game before releasing the Amiga is well under way. I t won't be
COLOURFUL CARDS version. Ian Stewart, Gremlin's another space trading cum shoot-
reduced t h e game almost t o
Heads-up artistic geniuses with a few pen- MD, is now 'Very, very happy with ern-up, but it promises to be just
nies to sparel Hi Tension are working on Gremlin listened to all the criti- the product - we've really done as large and have just as much
Ami-graphex, a graphics expansion card in ci s• read the reviews, took the business and got it just right." playability. It's not due tor release
two versions. Zooming in at E899 will be no e of what people had to say When asked if he thought Amiga until sometime next year, so we'll
Ami-graphex 1, which raises the screen an set about correcting t h e FOFT really was an 'Elite beater' bring more news as it comes in.
resolution to 1024x768 pixels and provides
a palette of 256 colours on screen from a
choice of 16 million. The card comes fitted
with 2Mb of high-speed RAM.
The Ami-graphex 2 will cost the prince-
ly sum of E1599 and for your cash you get
A really useful piece of software
must have two qualities if it is to
two areas: ANIM editing a n d
enhancement, and Digrtal Video
1280x1024 pixel resolution and the same be marketed successfully a s a Effects (OVEs). Among the editing Over recent months, Antic seem
palette options. Double the amount of high professional product. It must do features are: full cut and paste to be breaking the habit of a life-
speed RAM in this one. 4Mb. allowing it to its job well, obviously, but also it between ANIMs, plus merge and time and converting their excel-
handle two full screens at the same time. ought to look good, operating intu- crop, 'A-B Rolls' type transitions, lent Atari graphics programs for
Further details from Hi Tension, Alexander itively and ergonomically so that layering of several ANIMs on top the Amiga. This is quite a revolu-
its power is not hidden by a com- of each other, adjustment o f tionary d e v e l o p m e n t f o r t h e
House, Station Road. Aldershot,
plex interface. In short, it should colours (for one frame or globally) Amiga. Already Cyber Paint has
Hampshire. Tel:0252 344454. and optimise palettes. and use of warped a c r o s s i n t h e f o r m o f
be fun to use. AN1Magic (Aegis.
l o e trape ( a v a i l a b l e i n P A L
£69.95 from Digiriro, Tel 0703 any resolution o r screen mode. format from ISM: 0983 864674):
CENTRAL TELEVISION 703030) is a powerful and almost OVEs include all the usual transi- now t h e w h o l e s e t o l D e s i g n
The Amiga is taking off as the most unique piece of software for edit- tions, wipes, turns, rolls and spins Disks has arrived, along with an
important tool in video work with new ing ANIM files, but like many Aegis plus a library of special effects entirely new one.
products like G2*s Videocenter bursting products it suffers from an ugly such as shatters, fountains etc A number of other develop-
onto the scene. The Videocenter combines d clumsy interface that takes that can be 'enhanced' with other ers are starling t o otter -ready-

in one neat box the facilities of a video ti me to get to grips with. customised effects by the user. made' o b j e c t s f o r u s e i n 3 0
The layers of effects possible can modelling systems, b u t this set
This is a great pity because,
mixer, genlock and PAL encoder. be so complex that the dialogue from Antic i s the most compre-
Nike most other animation edit-
The Center mixes an incoming video hensive a n d u s e f u l available.
g and sequencing programs, it box provides space for a four-line Disks on offer are:
signal with computer output using sliding ilows direct editing and rearrang- description that can be saved with • Architectural D e s i g n : e v e r y -
faders or software to control fade to black the OVE. A lot of people are really
ng o f individual frames o f the thing f r o m a d o o r s t e p t o a
and the mix level. It also has a filtered and actual compressed ANIM files. going to need this versatile and complete c i t y. I n s t a n t F r a n k
buffered RGB output for connecting an What it does can be divided into powerful package. Lloyd Wright.
RGB monitor. YC inputs and outputs take • Future Design: space stations,
advantage of the new Super-VHS systems.
G2 are no novices to the video game hav- KLASSIX GOING CHEAP space craft, robot vehicles and
androids, D I Y Star Wars.
• Human Design: skeletal m a l e
ing produced the 02 MasterPieCe 900 that. and f e m a l e h u m a n f i g u r e s .
among other things. mixes the graphics The first three titles on US Golds new budget label Klassix are O u t Detailed s t r u c t u r e s t h a t a r e
and live action for the BBC's quiz show anatomically c o r r e c t . T h e S T
Run. Foundations Waste and World Class Leaderboard each one
demo did backward somersaults!
Going for Gold. The fact that they produce for the amazing sum of just E9.99. As yet no other hill-price software • Microbol Design: DIY robot kit.
everything from genlocks to broadcast- house has followed suit in the move to cut-price bestsellers.
Almost all possible components
standard graphics and captioning systems Among US Gold's major competitors are Microprose, who have for detailed, advanced robots.
really makes this one to watch out for. The no plans to introduce a budget 16-bit label according to Managing • Interiors: latest addition to the
Videocenter costs E595 from G2 Systems Director Stewart Bell. "You get what you pay for If you can't compete set, with room plans, objects for
on quality or gameplay, you could try to compete on price. If l had the inside of a house, 3D clip-art.
on 0252 737151.
bought a game at E25 l would be very annoyed to see it being sold
If talk of PAL encoders, genlocks and All t h e 3 D D e s i g n series a r e
for E10.- Activision's Amanda Barry said they too had "no plans for a
buffered ROB outputs is just so much available f r o m P r e c i s i o n
budget label, we're a full-price only company.'
wibble to you. then check out the video Distribution (01 3 3 0 7166). Now
Mastertronic already produce budget A m i g a games l i k e we c a n look forward t o C y b e r
feature on Page 17. Also keep your eyes Sidewinder and Chase for E9.95. Spokesman Andy Wright was Tenure with eager anticipation.
peeled for a review of the Videocenter unconcerned by US Golds move and promised "a new range of 16-
coming to Amiga Format s pages soon. bit titles at a new price point.- Watch these pages for more details.

ve lust
fans of

n't be
)e )ust
) well
; In.



di• As the people of the Bloodwych awatze to a
30 newdawn, they find a stranger in their midst
—from one of manyraces he hascome. His
)1e. task; to halt the demon that lies dormant
within the Castle of the Bloodwych.
LIE THROUGH Unification of the Crystals of Sanguis will

OUR TEPTI!! secure the Behemoth in his lair for all
eternity. Should they remain separate, then
heshall rise to bring dartness into the
This unique role-playing fantasy game allows
3t• greater interactiou with the environment
its than has ever beenseen before. Argue,
Atari .-211 S I LA-11 Sit"te barter, negotiate—even lie through your
Amiga teeth! The fully implemented personalities of
Atari ST all the characters in Bloodwych allows a rich
Spectrum (tape) style of role-playing that has only been
Spectrum (disc) 0 4 . 9 9 dreamt of.
Amstrad CPC (tape) E 9 . 9 9
Amstrad CPC (disc) E 1 4 . 9 9 With one or two player simultaneous mode,
Commodore 64 (tape) E 9 . 9 9 this is the game that you've been waiting for.
Commodore 64 (disc) i 1 2 . 9 9 Bloodwych for those that dare!
-!cos..) miRRotzsorr rm Irwin I Inii. I 18 iittiv.irLt Strvel, Loutinn I OSVCTvI:111-4281454


LONE WOLF AND XYBOTS op. A s w e l l a s b l a s t i n g a l l t h e

aliens, y o u h a v e k e y s t o f i n d
THE MIRROR OF Tengen/Domark that a l l o w a c c e s s t o l o c k e d
areas a l t h e m a z e . L i k e
DEATH Major R o c k H a r d y a n d C a p t a i n Vindicators, t h i s garret i n v o l v e s Delphine/Palace
Ace G u n n s t a r i n t h i s o n e o r a lot m o r e thought than your
The c o m p u t e r g a m e s a r m a l l
Audiogenic two-player strategic blast.em-up
converted f r o m t h e A t a r i coin-
average a r c a d e s h o o t - s m - u p
a n d is b e s t p l a y e d w i t h a f r i e n d . French r e c o r d p u b l i s h e r s
S o m e w h e r e in the sinister t o w e r Delphine is gearing up t o launch
fortress o f K a z a n - G o r l i e s t h e a second game, full o f arcade-
Kai g e m o f p o w e r, t h e f a m o u s style a c t i o n a n d s p l i t i n t o s i x
L o r e s t o n e . A s t h e L o n e Wo l f , t h e levels. A s E d r e d t h e Brave, o n a
mission t o f i n d t h e a n t i d o t e t o
l a s t K a i M a s t e r, It's d o w n t o y o u
to r e c o v e r i t . T h i s a r c a d e a c t i o n the poison that your father w a s
forced to s w a l l o w, you'll h a v e t o
g a m e is b a s e d o n t h e L o n e Wo l f
battle t h r o u g h s u b t e r r
role-playing b o o k s o f J o e D e v e r :
caverns, t a k e o n d r a g o n s ,
so g e t y o u r s w o r d s h a r p e n e d
and p r e p a r e f o r s o m e f r a n t i c o n - dodge s p e l l s l o b b e d a t y o u b y
screen c o m b a t very soon. evil m a g i c i a n s a n d still m a k e it
h o m e s a f e l y. R e c k o n y o u c a n
h a n d l e all o f that?

• Assault with a deadly w e a p o n .

. 1 1 1 1 . Tv ! A l i 4 7 L . ]

zkna9e Works are not sitting still for a moment. A

• Ma/or Rock and Captain Ace take throe out to dualism a tow robots.


string o f r e l e a s e s i s u p a n d c o m i n g , i n c l u d i n g
Crime To w n D e p t h s , i n w h i c h y o u p l a y a m e r c e -
nary s u m m o n e d t o r e t u r n h o m e a n d h e l p d e f e n d
the planet from alien a t t a c k . Sophisticated a r c a d e
action a n d superlative graphics a r e p r o m i s e d i n
k i t h ' s o n e , s o w a t c h t h e S c r e e n P l a y p a g e s c l o s e l y.
T h e r e ' s a l s o a o n e o r t w o p l a y e r h o r i z o n t a l l y.
scrolling shoot-em-up in t h e offing. C a l l e d P h o b i a ,
it h a s b e e n d e s i g n e d b y D a v i d B i s h o p a n d
programmed b y To n y C r o w t h e r a n d b o a s t s f a s t
a n d f u r i o u s g a m e p l a y, s t r a t e g y e l e m e n t s a n d m o r e
of t h o s e s u p e r b g r a p h i c s .
Arcade adventure fans a r e also w e l l catered
for w i t h t h e r e l e a s e o f Te r r a r i u m . I n t h e s e t t i n g o f
a miniature world inside a large glass bottle, t h e
• player assumes t h e role a t Captain Frontier and SPExploration kg. •a n d w e n d e r t u l m i n i a t u r i s e d w o r l d o f t h e Te r r a r i u m .
, must r e s c u e a s c i e n t i s t w h o h a s b e e n m i n i a -
'turised a n d imprisoned w i t h i n t h e t e r r a r i u m b y a
nasty b u n c h o f louts f r o m a neighbouring planet.
There are jungles, s w a m p s , deserts a n d forests to
be c r o s s e d , c l u e s t o b e f o u n d a n d p u z z l e s t o b e
solved in a g a m e that's bigger t h a n its setting.
Getting b e c k t o arcade-style g a m e s , there's
DOT coming up. U s i n g Hold a n d Modify m o d e , this ollif i- l l
horizontally-scrolling p l a t f o r m g a m e c o m b i n e s ••
shoot.em-up a n d a r c a d e a d v e n t u r e a n d i s s e t o n N: • E g o
the cartoon-style w o r l d o f S h o g g i e Wa g g l e w h e r e toRN
the p l a y e r t a k e s t h e p a r t o f a n a p p r e n t i c e I ci$ 4
Y i 't t,...?
) i
y- Dynamic Debugger. W i t h o v e r 4 , 0 0 0 colours o n
screen, DDT promises to be something of a Wakes
O a s Making a
SOL i s a real-time, viewed-
through-your-eyes action wheeli.
GODS LIE tune that has a huge game area
and a l a r g e g a m e t a s k . T h e r e
Empire are n u m e r o u s e n e m i e s t o fight, Swiss s o f t w a r e h o u s e L i n e l i s
if you c a n find s o m e weapons, another b u n c h t h a t h a s n ' t b e e n
The o n c e - p e a c e f u l w o r l d o f and friends t o interact w i t h (be idle. T h e c u r i o u s l y. t i l l e d O o z e i s
Tessera is u n d e r t h r e a t f r o m t h e prepared to go on sub-quests for due f o r r e l e a s e s o o n . F r o m
Archmage. C r o p s h a v e t u r n e d additional h e l p f r o m s o m e o f German programmers Dragonware,
bad, a n d t h e p e o p l e ' s o n l y h o p e these) so it looks as if you'll b e this a d v e n t u r e g a m e s e e s t h e
is t o f i n d s o m e o n e w h o c a n engrossed i n t h i s f o r a w h i l e . player i n t h e r o l e o f o n e M a i n
w a k e t h e s l e e p i n g g o d O ' N n i r. Wa t c h f o r t h e d e f i n i t i v e r e v i e w Burger t r y i n g t o r i d h i s u n c l e ' s
That person, m y f r i e n d , is y o u . in n e s t m o n t h ' s A m i g a F o r m a t . house o f ghosts. O o z e I s p a c k e d
with puzzles and more than its fair
share of humourous touches.
Strategists s h o u l d k e e p t h e i r
eyes o p e n f o r K a i s e r, a g a m e i n
which you s t a r t a t a lowly f a r m e r
and h a v e t o increase your w e a l t h
and p o w e r t h r o u g h c a r e f u l l a n d
management a n d shrewd business
deals. B e c o m e p o w e r f u l e n o u g h
and you'll h a v e t h e p o w e r t o s e t
test r a t e s , b u i l d c i t i e s a n d s t a r t
armies. U p t o e i g h t p e o p l e c a n
play, s o it's going t o be gloves off
and back-stabbing all the way.
Last b u t n o t l e a s t i s Lords o f
Doom, a n i c o n - d r i v e n a c t i o n
alla. A M .
adventure o n t h e n e w T h r i l l e r
label, f o r m e d b y L i n e , a n d
Carti Eit17 SOW PELLETS. 1 7 f1PfBk1.5- CAD Dragonware. L e a d a party o f four
SAL 5341P1oBs. 1 7 ItAGIC 1101.751i• adventurers i n a fight t e find a n d
Palsoti ogAt ) m44Tmpo5,—,
KATE FLAMBOL7 9 . . . . •S destroy t h e f o u r L o r d s o f D o o m
TDIDEF071( rtit Sinew& 9 StriDeLATICII
who h a v e s t a r t e d t h e i r p l a n t o
dominate t h e w o r l d b y infiltrating
• Letting Sleeping Gods Lie is the name of the game, but not the aim. and t a k i n g o v e r a s m a l l v i l l a g e .
We'll b e r e v i e w i n g t h e s e a s soon
as they corn* in, so keep reading.
Amiga D T P i s hitting t h e h i g h
spots lately, a n d this imminent HAGESTREAM 1
release f r o m S i l i c a S o f t w a r e
seems likely to b e another step
forward. I t will include many o f 1 !11.1, M D M O M D

the most sophisticated aspects

of p r o f e s s i o n a l p u b l i s h i n g
mm. e l t
amongst a v a s t r a n g e o f f e a -
tures, b u t a l l a t a c u t - d o w n II , : t n r ? S t e P / 11
price. W h e n t h e f i n i s h e d , b u g .
• Mier k o m m e n D e u t s c h e Zombies.
f i t . version i s r e a d y ( n o t y e t ,
contrary t o opinion e l s e w h e r e ) • P l I W W • i i i 0 1 , 1 W to be
we'll bring you the full review. a big step forwards for DTP.
Ai& 411-

INDIANA JONES packed e s c a p a d e s b a s e d o n

scenes from t h e film. T h e r e a r e

AND THE LAST four l e v e l s t o this platform

game; in t h e first level you play
CRUSADE the boy indy and have to rescue
the Cross o f Coronado. For t h e
US Gold rest o f t h e g a m e y o u p l a y t h e
fully-grown-up l i n t y a n d c o r n .
The man w i t h t h e h a t a n d t h e piets s i m i l a r missions. G e t i n
whip a n d t h e stubble a n d t h e practice n o w , b e c a u s e t h e
dusty clothes i s i n d e e d b a c k . whip-cracking action is starting
Guide i n d y t h r o u g h a c t i o n on a screen near you shortly.

Ooze: the kitchen knives could be potential lethal weapon*.

• He raided the Lost A r t , he found the Ternple of Doom: i n d y l back!


Tack Includes:
A500 CPU, Mouse, P_S.U., T. V. Modulator, Very
First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basic, Extras and
W O R T H O V E R £ 2 5 0 which includes 10 Blank
Disks. Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent Games, Mouse Mat.
Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.

E 3 9 9 . 0 0 1 3 . 1 0 post and packing


Instruction Manuals, Extra Disk, Workbench 1-3,
The Very First Tutorial, T. V. Modulator, Photon STEREO/
Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible
Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks. COLOURMONITOR
E 4 4 9 . 0 0 +ancti5PTcking
MPS 15 O
Amiga 500the
deal)f 6 4 9
+ m o o post and packing
0 0
10454 O N

Compatible with PC,
I 1 0 8
A m i g a , O W , C128 + L5.00 post and packing



MPS1200P £229.99
+ L.50 post and packing
TheCommodore MPSI200P printer presents the state of the art in dox matrix printers, with all the features oía printer that
would costmuchmore. The MN1200P is designed lobe like three printers in one. It canact just like anEpsonFX printer, or
with the nip oía switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group II•1 character set (DanishiNonsegian i\ •-
character set) support It canalso print all the characiers avaitabk with theAmiga mike Amiga configuration,Tbe MPSINOP
iscapable of all the printing functions you would expect. as well assome additional features you may not expect.
MPS1500CCOLOURPRINTER £ 1 9 9 . 9 9 Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K CO
PRINTING TECHNIQUE I m p a c t dot mains (.9-ricalk print head).
+ L5.00 post and packing
STORAGE BOX & E149.99 du
. . . . . – matrix: 9venical dots x (5 + 4) horizontal dots: – print speed:120 duds. at Itlichar
/ c h a r k
10 B L A N K D I S K S + L5:00 post and packing or
PRINTING DIRECTION b i - d i r e c t i o n a l , with optimised beadmovement A501RAM fo
t o 24khadin programmabk from line, and in SET-UPmode
1kint4.23 mm). 118(3.17mm)and7Min(2.4mmt; –nr216inanda/72in.
CHARACTERSET : A S C I I characters andspecial characters.
PACK E149.99 A
MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH — 4 0 lop l92 characters, accordingly print pitch selected. 512K f o r the A m i g a + L5.0) post and packing
PackL.-mires ChicComputer1530 Packincludes: CM/Computer1530DataCassetteGins-bk.*11 lontri
Datasene.Quksm loyitick. Malchp,ant Personal Commodore JukeBoxAudio1ape110 tits'. 'imam
(Tennis!.Snooker.WorldChampions* SHSit /II Digital kritiand with M , ihouhtmer.Rollaroupt. TaaCcr
Boning.DahlThompsorsSop-nest, Agent Al ISurpriseGame
1-blimp-ink.Basketball.Matehday Plus:POSTRONIX BONUS PACK OF £100 OF
Makin...trackardField FREE SOFTWARE
+ Wapiti =apical
Pack¡Delude, Cbde I531) Data l'assorre, Ourcishot 11 braid_ Tk (Mat
1541 II DISK DRIVE PACK EscapeMiami Vice. Mum. Rambo_TopGum.EverySecondCounts,
Padincludes: Bkettbusters,Bullicyc. Trra Punnet,KryptonFactor.
N I II Desk Nike. 10Excellent Dig (lames. Ni Blank Ptus:POSTRONLXBONUSPACK O N L Y £ 1 4 9 . 9 9
Disk 5ku-DukketteStorageBox AND l• FOS* OFE100OEEREESOFTWARE + EkontostladMaw(
• LSdape+tandpattrag

trommilef serno permanently Serly caul! it Imo the ratturrion tiT1 .m +our MA 13 ad S Braes or Compatiblewith oura
mountedOnyourcomputerconsole addluctulRamarc asallahk makesofCommodore
*moot* leasesModsonthe B)1351COMMODOREMOUSE computersFeatures
keyboardwhik executing lain lbc ('orrunodre13S1 %am otawdler &grid for ma ma the ('IBlit vanetk of fontsindudimg - -
cornmaimbwith sim fingertips.

Hondo yol mr a iota' or M t Ramon tout at, past pail mtbe1764Module• graphic andand
tumorfeed neat letter
paper quality,Comes
setts-ram. reversecomplete
Mar.serial , 5 9.00
A/149.99 H19.99 cf99.99 cable. • £ i . a amdpning

Ai meet + LSas p , ard peeling


ComNublewith Sinclair CompatiblewithSpectrum.
CommodoreAtan 2liO0Video Compatiblewith Man Compulen.
Ssrein. Alan. Amstrad Pt AtariGamesSystem.Commedore
GamesSystems. Amstrad.
CompatiblemittAtan ampirenand
COMPETITION PR() 5000 Video (laws Michimes.Amstrad i r *

(:ompatilik withCommodoretvland (withadaptor'.Spectrum
Vic20 Sifidlif 13(Spectrum Mtedace
Commodore. £9.9
ComNtiblewithSpectrum l with
optionalimerfacel,Commodore. JOYSTICK E14.95
Man2h00VideoSystem.Atari CompatiNewithAtari_
(imputers_Amstradcomputers, Commolore
;ing £4.99 £13.99 JOYSTICK
CompatiblewithCommodore64 MICROHANDLER MULTI
£10.99 (16+4 ;Klapp required).
Atan E24.9!
-postronix. . •oos•
, mum
Emounnemislion dO1PIONNIMO a f f M
m e s . 0 0 • • • = 0 11 .

1111111111111111111MMOOMM AA N Y M A N M N S t e u e w l
- 11 0 111 W E E M M I I I I I M M E M I • at to Au m o m = m o m
; U M W Mg I M A M 111101,0
CREPT O d . 0 1 . M O M 0 1 , 1
u . .

Awholenewrange of innovative C64 OLD STYLE £ 6 . 9 9

computercovers,madefrom CMC NEW RILE £ 7 . 9 9
durableclearplastic.Designed to AMIGA500 £ 9 . 9 9
fit yourcomputerperfectly n o t
onlysafefromdustbut also all ATARI520ST £ 9 . 9 9
11,P41..1111011WEE C A T A n I a l E PT_ FAS
fora, ofaccidentaldamage. ATARI1040KT £ 9 . 9 9 maismNIFINIEWNIE


N a k 0.11M

4, M A Aryl 1t_s TI) t .K. (Jrge.) t•I . Lk • • • A C M A I M .

EXACTLY WHAT rent release dates a n d equal
prices of Amiga and ST games as
"a major breakthrough", indicative
that software houses now recog

ARE COMMODORE nise t h e s i z e a n d continuing

expansion o f the Amiga market.
Even so, the Commodore people
would j o i n w i t h many Amiga

UP TO NOW? owners in lamenting the tendency

to port over I6-bit games from
poorer machines without a n y
adaptation: "We're asking f o r
Amiga-specific development". The
full potential is a long way from
If therewasonepersoninthecountrywhokneweverythingthat being fulfilled. "I have not seen a
real Amiga g a m e yet", s a y s
Rahman. A challenge?
washappeningtotheAmiga,whoknewexactlywhathardwareand Meanwhile, a n y h o m e
machine nowadays must be able
softwarewouldbeavailable,you'dwanttotalktohim...sowedid. to support a couple o f serious
applications - Commodore would
like to be able to bundle in some
role themselves, with the A500 one million mark, and o f these word-processing software with the
on a typical hi-tech industri- daring to be more than just a win- some 6-700,000 are in Europe. In computer - but wp and home
A s u n n y , blue-skied morning accounts are not seen as neces-
al park near the edge o f ning games machine, a n d the roughly a year, s o Commodore
Maidenhead, beside t h e green A2000, expensive for home use, reckon, the A500 will have out- sarily t h e machine's greatest
fields of the Berkshire country- moving into powerful 'business' stripped t h e A t a n S T. T h i s strength. They particularly wish to
side. Within the friendly red-brick roles. But in fact, just a few min- comparison reflects the popular encourage t h e 'hobbyist' user,
walls of Commodore UK's head- utes' chat with Rahman Haleem who needs the machine a s a
quarters, in a light and airy office, reveals a dedicated and impas- "I have not seen leisure tool.
sits Dr Rahman Haleem. He is sioned commitment to a very defi- The pattern for the Amigas
future i s revealed by the great
head of Technical Support and a
guiding l i g h t o f t h e A m i g a
nite future for the Amiga range.
Not one single use, of course: but
a real Amiga emphasis Commodore place on
Developers' Advisory Board in this certainly a distinct direction its graphics capabilities, which is
country: and as such, he knows dictated by the Amiga's architec- game yet" not entirely unreasonable consid-
everything there is to know about ture and capabilities. ering the power available in this
developments in Amiga hardware use of both as games machines, a field as a result of the machine's
and software_ He's also uniquely HOME USE role in which the Amiga is bound design. Dr Haleem hopes to be
placed to give an insight into how The A500, Dr Haleem believes, to become stronger and stronger able t o bundle in graphics and
Commodore s e e t h e Amiga's has now "broken through the barn- as programmers' awareness of its animation demos, perhaps even a
strengths and weaknesses, both er of 'would it make if ". A touch capabilities grows. tutorial along the lines of The Very
now and in the future. wary of revealing sales figures, he Rahman sees the increasing First covering t h i s area, a n d
Commodore h a v e b e e n prefers to look at the total number domination o f the 16-bit games to continue to supply users with
accused in the past of blurring the of machines that have been sold charts by Amiga games (19 as information about hardware and
public perception of the Amiga, to date and now form the user against 11 ST in the latest top software for use in the graphics
and even being confused about its base: the A500 has passed the thirty, he notes) and the concur- and animation field. I n a similar

• The Amiga 500: soon to have 1 Meg? • The Amiga 2000: top of the range?

equal vein, the Amiga is finding a niche machine a s having specific design is another growing held. AMIGADEVELOPERS'
with some mention being made of
ries as
for itself with the video enthusiast.
Commodore were proud o f the
strengths suited t o particular
uses. The visual aspect is very use by architects and of a five-fold
recog- fact that What Video magazine important," he stresses, noting speed gain over the standard
talking voted it the most important video that the audio-visual power the Autoc ad system.
The Amiga Developers Advisory Board
iarket, peripheral o f the year: and it's machine delivers for the price is Networking, with Ethernet and
Arcnet already available, will also grew out of a meeting at the Commodore
mople been described as the most sig- its unique selling point. However,
come in for some serious atten- Show in June 1988. Its purpose is to act as
Amiga nificant development since t h e the perceived cheapness and flexi-
tion, and a cut-price network for a forum for ideas and to help sort out tech-
dency video camera. With a simple gen- bility of the Amiga may actually
from lock tool, the humble A500 can discourage some specialist users: schools is currently under test. nical problems. New software and hardware
anY provide a range of professional This latter example reflects the is made available by Commodore to be
: for
quality post-production facilities, "The Amiga: Amiga's attempt to move in on the
educational market (left somewhat
"beta tested" in actual use, and to be updat-
ed as a result of the experience: for
particularly useful f o r dropping
een a
captions, logos o r animation
sequences into any video picture.
voted most open by the gradual fading of the
BBC micro) and the BBC Emulator
instance. Workbench 1.3 underwent five
changes alter developers' testing. The
says Commodore see the Amiga for the Amiga has already sold
Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and Workbench

as having great potential benefits important video more than a thousand copies,
which speaks for itself.
1.4 are now under test with 12 developers.
for the musician, too, denying
Perhaps the most glamorous A two-monthly mailshot gives details of
vehemently that the ST has any
inherent superiority in this area
peripheral by professional use of the Amiga is in new prbjects. and also supplies technical
the heady media world of video notes to advise developers on problems:
except for an in-buift MIDI inter-
face, which can be bought quite
What Video" and television: it's even been spot- recent Kickstart 1.3 loading problems with
h cheaply anyway. The possibilities ted by Rahman's son in use on certain games on certain drives, for exam-
one of the Amiga's internal soundchip in a certain European country, we Rolf Harris's programme! And we ple. were traced to a loader that exceeded
ces- have barely, as yet, been touched. were told, every time the price are told t o expect some "very the specs laid down by Commodore.
test All these areas for home use of was increased sales went up. interesting developments" in the Developers are also asked to register
ih to the Amiga will b e even more Interactive video programs, near future...
their projects to avoid duplication of effort
ser, enhanced, we are assured, by a particularly for training purposes,
H A R D WA R E N E W S and unnecessary competition, whilst being
is a strong push from Commodore on represent one area 'Where the
A2000 needs t o g o " , s a y s The big news, of course, is of the guaranteed confidentiality in sensitive
the use of the computer's unique
Rahman. Desk-top presentation is imminent non-appearance in this areas. This comes across as a benevolent
igas multi-tasking capabilities. K e e p
Teat another "very strong area", partic- country o f the 68020-equipped version of Apple's coordination of Mac soft-
watching this space...
on ularly considering the high-quality A2500 workstation as an upgrade ware developments, intended to encourage
h is SERIOUS U S E S graphics the machine offers, arid development of the Amiga 2000, unique developments and seed ideas.
Meanwhile, the expandable A500 even using the computer as a of which there are more details Marketing opportunities are also opened up
this with its big brothers the B2000, delivery system for slides and the elsewhere in these pages. The and passed around within a European
ne's the possibly-to-be-released A2500 like. Desk (op publishing would not importance of development with forum. A test lab has been set up al
be and the pipeline A3000, shift the seem to be such a high priority, an upgrade capability i s highly
Maidenhead to make the very latest hard-
and Amiga up into the business user the niche having been amply filled stressed by Rahman, intended to
ware available in all the possible combina-
!ri a bracket. Once again, though, the already - "it's what you can offer protect Amiga owners from the
that's different that counts' - "technology trap that catches so tions, to which developers can bring their
lery impression Rahman Haleem gives
many machines that were once at software and test it themselves:
and is not of an ordinary computer although developments a r e
with expected o n a Commodore- the forefront of progress. Commodore don't touch pre-release
trying to compete in the serious
and world of accounts spreadsheets approved laser printer and other Next step up, currently i n product. although they will test it all post-
iics and word-processing. Instead, it is DIP peripherals shortly, following development, i s t h e A 3 0 0 0 , release. The new AGNUS chip is currently
iilar apparent t h a t h e s e e s t h e proper evaluation. Computer-aided employing a Motorola 68030 CPU available for development testing. •
to give a 600% speed increase So why do Commodore bother with all
running with a 25Mhz MMU and a
these expensive and time-consuming facili-
68882 processor. R u m o u r s
ties? Basically. Rahman Haleem sees devel-
abound of a development machine
under test by McDonnell Douglas opment support as an obligation for such a
in the States being glimpsed by a -young' machine: "The Amiga has been
local user group, but Commodore around for three years now. and three years
are playing their cards close to is not a long time." Support ensures the
their corporate chest... quality of Amiga software. which
This coyness, prompted by a naturally benefits sales of the machine.
laudable wish n o t t o harp o n helping -to break the chicken and egg situa-
about products that simply aren't tion" of no decent software, so no point
available, also delays news of the
buying' that has had such a detrimental
A2024 hi-res monochrome moni-
effect on other innovative machines. It
tor, which will feature 1K by I K
further serves to curtail harmful rumours
resolution and is clearly intended
for use with DIP or similar high- about Amiga technical problems. and gives
quality presentation functions. a picture ot development which puts
More excitingly, we can bring you Commodore in a good position to ascertain
the news that Workbench 1.4 is what they should undertake themselves, as
currently with 1 2 developers in they did with the BBC Emulator.
the UK for beta-testing in conjunc- Although Commodore UK do provide a
tion with the Enhanced Chip Set. technical support hotline for users, much
ECS, I t will feature a new non-
of their effort goes into dealer support, so
interlace high resolution graphics
your dealer should always be able to help if
mode and fast filing for floppies.
Again, watch this space... • you ever encounter any problems...
O The Amiga 2500: does it even exist?

1 : 0 A W L , P, 7 1 1

And i came 10 Petersilelti Avenue. Slough.

B e r k s h i r e S 1 , 2 5131%1
Te l 0 7 5 3 3 5 5 5 7
A M I G A H A R D WA R E Epson2 4 9 . 0 0
A.500 complete . 3 1 2 . 0 0 Epson trts54:13 5 4 2 . 0 0

+o pase t h a t
A500 T V Modulator 3 2 4 . 0 0 Epson 1.0850 4 0 4 . 0 0
M O O £ 2 0 0 worth games - 3 3 5 . 0 0 a z y n . s r r PA C I L A R D
A500 1 0 8 4 S I I / Res col 5 2 0 . 0 0 Thirittlei 2 6 5 . 0 0
A 5 0 0 , Philips Modulator col 4 8 9 . 0 0 Utikilci 3 4 3 . 0 0
Q u i t t e r. 4 1 2 . 0 0
AMIGA ACCESSORIES Deskjet 4 4 3 . 0 0
A5411 5 1 2 5 Ram 1 1 3 0 0 Deskiet • 5 3 5 . 0 0

probably the best

TV Modulator 2 2 . 0 0 Painnet 0 6 5 00
Molise Mai 4 . 0 0 Rugged Writer 8 8 5 . 0 0
D ATA P L E X D E / V E S AU Hewlett Inseksed prinders some with
MB 3.5' external drive 8 8 . 0 0 12 months en site warranty
I MB 3.5- internal d e l ' , 8 3 . 0 0 Star LC 1 0 mono 1 5 3 . 0 0
IMEI 5 . 2 5 ' floppy drive 1 0 5 . 0 0 Star 1.C113 Cokarr 1 9 5 . 0 0
Star 1...C24 -10 2 5 2 , 0 0

spreadsheet in
D ATA P L E X H A R D D R I V E S Setkosha S P 1 8 0 1 0 6 . 0 0
20MB drive A.500/ I W O 4 7 8 . 0 0 9 pin 8 0 enimn. 1 0 0 e p w r i r T
30MB drive A500/1000 5 2 9 . 0 0 Set iroar ha SP1200 1 1 9 . 0 0
80MB drhl. A500/1003 9 1 0 . 0 0 9 pin 8 0 cubit'', 1 2 0 c p w PVT
20MB drive A2000 . . . . 470.00 Seikceha 51,80 Al 2 2 4 , 0 0
30MB drive A2000 _ 5 2 9 . 0 0 80 cotton 24 pin
NEC P 2 2 0 0 2 8 5 . 0 0

the world
(0MB drive A2000
Please ring for Other capacity delves. NEC P 5 5 5 X L 8 1 4 , 9 9
NEC 1'6 • 8 0 character 4 1 4 . 0 0
PHILIPS MONITORS NEC P7 1 3 8 character 5 3 4 . 0 0
MH833 1 4 RE111./CVItS mon 1 8 9 . 0 0 Colour upgrade kit 8 0 . 0 0
0M7723 14- Amber Monitor 8 9 . 0 0 Panasonic KXP 1081 1 2 8 . 0 0
c M 8 8 5 2 hi res col mon . . . . . . . . 2 4 9 . 0 0 Panasonic KXP1 124 2 4 9 . 0 0
5heedeeder 8 9 . 0 0
PRINTERS Panawmic KXP I 180 1 8 6 . 0 0

vas en It( d...

Amstrad 1.Q3500 244.00 Panasonic 1 0 0 ' 1592 2 5 3 00
DMP40013 227.00 Panasonic K X P 1 5 9 5 3 4 4 . 0 0
Amstrad 1.45. 000 01 329.00 Panasonic K X P 1 5 4 0 4 2 8 . 0 0
Brother Hrt20 Daisywheel 318.00
Brother B 8 4 0 Dalsimheel 688.00 NEW MAN(EAMA701 TALLY LAUNCH OFFER
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Canim EJ IOAD Inlort colour 120.00 SI ircilceder 6 2 00
DOT MATRIX RANDS Serial 1/1- 6 2 . 0 0
citizen 1204) 110.00 NEW COLOUR n a n o M k OLIVETTI
Citiren 1 8 0 E 127.00 The visible benefits
New 24pin swill 2 4 255.00 Loi m a t r i s 1 D M 1 0 5 5 1 8 9 00
COIOW nograde for e w e PDA NEW MA F U M A S TALL! I N Z J I T C R A M
Citizen M 5 P 1 5 E 188.00 The M-11.10 at only 3 7 5 . 0 0
Citizen M S P 40 228.00 Opitonal Sheet feeder 9 9 . 0 0
CLtzen NISP 4 5 252.00 RIBBONS
4.0111 ltdomf,drour, • Citizen M S P 50
Citizen M S P 55
12200 KXP1081/1090/1 /2 4 , 0 0
Citizen Premier 3 5 364.00 LIMP 2 0 0 0 / 3 0 0 0 / 3 1 6 0 .............
DMP 4000 4 , 4 0
V 1 111 Citizen ' V P 4 0 Oast k w )
Citizen 11QP 4 5 Oast lewd
296.00 pcw 8256/1.03500 4 . 5 0
• • • MI Miser printer. come with 2 pear warranty
Panasonic 3131 /MP213
FX800/ RX / MX / FX80
4 .
3 , 1

pson 1...X800 1 ( 1 3 . 0 0 rxi000/F7(/sx100 4 . 4 0

Epson EX850 2 8 3 . 0 0 N I 10 4 . 4 0
• Epson EX1050 3 7 7 . 0 0 LQ500/800/550 4 . 4 0
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Hardware & Peripherals (Offers while stocks last) A RP W A V E
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...providing spreadsheet, database and business graphics in one AMIGA 1 0 0 0 , A 1 8 5 0 256K R A M Expansion • A 1 8 8 4 H R Colour
monitor Oimiled s i o c k s . 1 1 5 5 75
supremely easy to use package. Commodore A1084S HR Coiour Stereo Monhor • Arnaja/PC . 2 9 9 00 2 6 9 . 1 0 4
Featuring: COmmodore A i 010 3 . 5 ' External Drive - A.500tPC 1 2 8 6 35 8 8 . 9 9 A
Vortex System 2000 40MB ext Bard Dtsc Inc PSLL FAN. MIL 5 7 3 8 5
512 columns x 32,760 rows Permer Micros Control Centre - A500 49 95 4 8 2_38 96
83 A
PL - 1 Lead. Printer, Centronics Parallel - Amiga 1 4 95 ......... ...... 748 F
11 basic graph types (inc. 3d) & presentation features Star LC 10 Parallel FAT NLO printer . 2 9 7 . 8 5 1 8 4 . 3 5 A
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2 5 1 75 . . - ....... 162.00 A
18.29 1 3 1 59 A
»- 65 calculation functions (business, statistical, calculus, etc.) 2228RN Ribbon Reinkimg nylon - PanasOniC KXP1081 P K T 2
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»- Intuitive mouse interface 2781IF N HbOon tanne. ' S t a r N L I O 1 1 . PKT2
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0 3 . 5 8. 3 2 6 F
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¡Lotus1•2•3 is a trade mart ofLotusDevelopmentCorporation)
To: BEST UK Ltd. (Dept AF) Please send me:
State for w h i c h p r o d u c t s a n d e n d o w 3 19p s t a m p s
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Address Eng Marorand omt 4 ,r13.. (A) (5.75 (B) r t e . ° (C) E3.45 (0) E2 30 (E) r I 15 (F) 584,
(ANC) 3 Day Et° 35 Nett Day £13.00. COO. ( 2 30 Max UK post chg. E8.90 per 201;0500
All Prices Onchttle VAT AZ sates stibOa ro OW Trad. rem). 01 Teed%
W.A.V.E. (Trade Dept. AF 889)
Walney Audio Visual & Electrical Distribution
I Buccleuch Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 1513
Tel: 0229-870000 (6 lines) Hours: Mon - Fri 10.00-5.00
\Nxicester toobtainanAlleStiveImage.

% A I

• The
addition of
graphics to
a rock video
le lost a
sample of
to the
based video
V S .


• The shots on this p a g e h a v e keyed into a central frame that had t o b e p l a y e d b a c k o n a n d generators i n this way. However,
been t a k e f r o m t h e ' R a g s T o looks like a photograph. re•shot from a monitor tilted at similar effects could be produced by
Riches' r o c k v i d e o , f e a t u r i n g The * p h o t o ' i s a m a t t e the right a n g l e t o b e m a t c h e d quite simply using sequences o f
Leicester group Crazybead. drawn over the still newspaper into the angled 'photo' key box. static, digitised images t o replace
A background o f newspa- image, a n d t h e l i v e a c t i o n i s the pre-edited video footage, with
per clippings b u i l d s u p w h i l e keyed i n a s a s e c o n d v i d e o Mote that Only the more expensive only a comparatively minor less of
the l i v e a c t i o n c o n t i n u e s , source. T h e live action footage genlock units can be used as matte quality in the finished product.)

• Another shot f r o c k video features a static h e a d w i t h

pre.edited picture k stars within the lenses of the shades.
With the free d head running through t h e Amiga t w o
lens shapes were u s i n g a particular colour. This colour was
then used a s t h e 'key' on which t h e second video source would
appear. I n this case, t h r e e VCRs would b e needed: o n e f o r t h e
head, one for the stills in the lenses and one t o record the com-
posite image. The photos must be filmed t o video separately and
positioned in the frame so as to completely cover the key.

16 A U K
The hardware a t the heart o f RGB monitor output, the genlock minimum of equipment might De
power of I6-bit machines aug- Amiga video production i s the effectively acts a s a real-time advised to follow a different cre-
I n much the same way that the 'matte' generator: anyone familiar ative path. Realistically, would be
mented by MIDI compatibility genlock. This ingenious device
has opened a world of opportunity enables pictures from the Amiga with the blue-screen 'chromakey' Allan Temples need an Amiga with
to electronic musicians, t h e to he composited with a video system used in TV broadcasting one meg of memory; two video
Amigas superior graphics capabill- source from VCR. Camcorder or will see immediate comparisons, recorders; a genlock device; and
ties combined with genlocking even another Amiga. There's a variety of genlocks specific software packages,
promise similar opportunities for Any output T V o r monitor on the market, starting at just depending on the image required.
the amateur video producer. picture is built up with hundreds of under i100 for use with domestic A catalogue o f additional
However, t h e often-misleading scan lines, all of which are drawn standard videos. After that, the equipment might fill the rest of the
hype that surrounds the topic and redrawn around 50 times a limiting factor is cash: investment magazine, but to make the whole
belies the true nature of the beast: second. To enable the separate is reflected in increasing picture process a little less painful, inter-
anyAmiga owner who buys a gen- images t o b e combined, their quality and system flexibility. ested parties should take a look at
lock with the intention of creating signals must be synchronised by a video camera of some sort (a
'Roger Rabbit II' is going to be locking together the line and frame T H E R E C I P E FOR second-hand Camcorder is fine,
sadly disappointed. But with the sync generators of each source, SUCCESS although shoestring budgets can
right equipment, plenty of time hence the name 'genlock'. B y Video production i s hardware always stretch to short-term rental
and some patience, impressive keying the video signal onto a intensive, so anyone who doesn't or even to filming in Super 8mm
results can quickly be obtained. specified colour within the Amiga's have or can't afford access to the with subsequent transfer to video).
rd by
is of


Gradually, still photos of this training
company's w e l l - k n o w n c r e a t i v e
directors a r e covered w i t h artwork
to build up their logo.
For reasons o f clarity, footage o f
photos w a s s h o t i n p r e f e r e n c e t o
using d i g i t i s e d i m a g e s . T h e s e w e r e
gentocked i n t o a 0 P a i n t t i a n d
Videoscape 30 sequence which gradu-
ally draws i n frames o f 2 0 and 3 D
animation, O n c e t h e faces a r e com-
pletely c o v e r e d , t h e g e n l o c k i s
switched out in order to prevent any
break-up o f t h e a r t w o r k w h i c h u s e s
white, t h e s a m e colour a s t h e key.
The animation continues until the final
logo is displayed in its entirety.

Memory space i s always a t a IF files and then re-touch o r

premium, but never more so than animate them as necessary using
when fiddling around with graphic a suitable art package,
images, Extra RAM, second drives An imposing shopping list, but
and hard drives become increas- not totally outside the realms of
ingly important as more and more possibility, especially for a group
computer-generated artwork i s of friends, or for members of a
employed in the video production. video workshop (a visd to local
A digitiser provides a rapid information bureaux should yield
route for the creation of graphics, the location of any facilities in the
• To i n t r o d u c e a B a s s D i s t r i b u t i o n c o n f e r e n c e , A l t e r n a t i v e I m a g e and can be used as a base for area). And although the right hard-
designed a 3 D r o b o t , u s i n g V i d e o s c a p e w h o s e l i p a n d b o d y m o v e - hand-drawn artwork or to provide ware is a vital necessity, it's not
ments a r e s y n c h r o n i s e d t o d u b b e d n a r r a t i v e . a source o f static photograph- really how much you've got but
Live-action f o o t a g e o f a n a p p r o a c h i n g B a s s t r u c k i s r u n a n d
then f r e e z e - f r a m e d . T h e g e n l o c k e d l o g o z o o m s i n a n d t h e r o b o t quality material f o r inclusion in what you do with it; the important
slides u p i n t o f u l l v i e w . T h e t r u c k i m a g e t h e n f a d e s t o b l a c k , l e a v - composite sequences. Similarly, a thing is to have at least a clear
ing t h e r o b o t t o b e g i n h i s i n t r o s p e e c h . real-time frame grabber can be idea of what the final image is to
All 3 D a n i m a t i o n s e q u e n c e s p r o d u c e d b y A l a r e e x e c u t e d i n t h e be. Storyboarding is a good habit
employed to great effect_ It allows
same w a y, u s i n g c o m p r e s s e d f i l e s p l a y e d b a c k a t 2 0 - 3 0 f r a m e s p e r
second o n t o v i d e o t a p e . R e c o r d e d s e c t i o n s c a n t h e n b e e d i t e d you to take images from already- to get into, allowing precise pre-
t o g e t h e r to f o r m l o n g e r s e q u e n c e s . prepared videos, store them as planning, choreography and timing

1.2 99.95



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A whole sequence f r o m a backdrop. another digitised photo.
Walkers C r i s p s t r a i n i n g v i d e o The o b j e c t f a l l s t o w a r d E a r t h Live footage of t h e production
shows h o w i m a g e s f r o m more O Paint a r t w o r k - and pass- lirwi forms a background for the
different s o u r c e s c a n d o v e t a i l es b y a s p i n n i n g s a t e l l i t e t o object tailing among crisps.
together. approach images of Earth grabbed A piece of paper is lifted o •
To r e p r e s e n t s o m e a l i e n sub, from photos using Dagi•View. the c o n v e y o r b e l t . a n d w e c u t t o
stance a p p e a r i n g i n t h e p r o d u c - As w e e n t e r t h e a t m o s p h e r e . the n a r r a t o r w h o stands a g a i n s t a
tion l i n e , a 3 0 o b j e c t c r e a t e d a pair of 3 0 O t s fly past a digi- Walkers l o g o ; a c t u a l l y a s u b t l e
In Vide-escape w a s a n i m a t e d t u m - tised cloudscape, while the object shot incorporating O Paint art gen-
bling t h r o u g h ' s p a c e ' . a 0 P a i n t continues toward the factory: pet locked over live action.

to be outlined before and during shows, handling graphic design, flexible and viable alternative t o run a bureau service for the cost-
production of the sequence. The photography a n d even looking any specific hardware, also dou- effective production of slides for
careful planning o f palettes can after some of the sound work. bling as an entry-level computer presentations, promotions etc.
also avoid arty problems which Their links with M e Amiga generated graphics system. A n
might occur when dealing with started from the need for a cheap A2000 was purchased at the end IMAGE PROCESSING
keys of different colours. caption generator. For little extra of 1987, which currently boasts Alternative Image are fortunate
outlay. 1.)(2 Amiga was seen as a 4.5 megs RAM, a 20-meg hard enough t o h a v e professional-
SEEING IS B E L I E V I N G drive and two floppies. I t also quality equipment placed at their
Ablemstive beige
The images reproduced on these includes a turbo board composed disposal. However, most o f the
pages are all taken from videos of a 68020 processor with 68881 effects described here could, with
produced b y Alternative Image. maths co-processor, 68851 mem- some effort, be reproduced using
an amateur set-up, with only a

This Leicester-based company ory management chip and 2 megs
first appeared on 1984 as a small of 32-bit dynamic RAM! generally, minor reduction in quality.
production unit with the intention one mean mother of an Amiga. Alongside an impressive array
of creating visual media for small The most recent addition t o of equipment, the Al crew employs
businesses as well as industrial the studio is a Polaroid Palette a large library of art packages to
and community protects. Their which outputs IFF files directly onto create specific effects. Of these,
• T h e n k s t o Atternative I m a g e w h o there are a few which get used
work encompasses all manner of 35mm colour transparency film,
are: S t u a r t ! l i c k i n g , C l i v e Wa r d e n ,
presentations, including v i d e o Kathy Borg D'Anastast, Dave litorcom, producing very-high-quality screen more than most: used prima* in
productions and audio-visual slide shots. This now enables them to creating hi-res k e y areas for the

Sheen Canadale and Kenri Bujito.

CLUB 68000 Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road,
Hampton Wick, Kingston-on-Thames
Surrey KT1 4DP Tel: 01-977-9596
For everyone who owns one of these computers, CLUI368000 offers members software,
hardware and accessories at huge savings off recommended retail prices! Each item has been
carefully chosen to offer the best value and quality.
When you join you will receive a free games compendium and a free catalogue every 3 months
" VAVA , WAVA I K A " . 4 " WAVAY ' AVAVAYA K WA K AYA K A PA K AVA , A K A " , * W. WA P W 4 e A K AVAV
A M I G A TO P 100 G A M E S
,47,47,47,47.47.47 A W A W A W 4 7 , 6 , 4 7 , 4 7 A V A V A V A V A V A V
Member A R P Member RRP Member RRP M e m b e r RRP
Afterburner 1 5 . 9 5 . 2 4 . 9 5 F l i t Simulator II 2 7 . 9 5 . 3 9 . 9 5 Lombard RAC Rally 1 5 . 9 5 . 2 4 9 5 S D I 1 5 , 9 5 .24,95
Alien Legion _ 1 5 . 9 5 . 2 4 9 5 Falcon F16 1 9 . 9 5 _29.95 Last Ninja II ........... 1 5 . 9 5 . . . . . 2 4 . 9 5
Archipelagos 1 5 . 9 5 ......24.95 Feo. Free Traders . . . 1 9 9 5 . 2 9 . 9 5 Lords al me Rising Sun 19.95 2 9 . 9 5 Sword ofilSodan. 19 95 2 9 , 9
Batman _ 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 95 Forgotten World 1 5 . 9 5 .....24.95 Manhunter _ . . . . . _15,95 2 4 95 15 95 2 4 . 9 5
Super Hang On
Battle Chess 1 5 . 9 5 _24.95 F16 Combat Fighter _ 1 5 . 9 5 _ 2 4 . 9 5 19.95 19.95_24.96
Mayday Squad Space Quest II
Gunship 1 5 . 9 5 .24.95 Microprose Soccer 1 5 . 9 5 _ 24,95 lime Scanner 15,95 _24.96
Billiard 1 2 9 5 1995 Games Winter Editein _15.95 .....24.95
Navy Moves 15.95 2 4 . 9 5 limes DI Lore 15.95...24.9
Bo Challenge 1 5 . 9 5 . . 2 4 9 5 Games Summer Edition 15 95 . 2 4 9 5
Battlehaveks 1942 1 5 . 9 5 _ 2 4 . 9 5 Gauntlet II 1 5 . 9 5 .24.95 Operation Wolf.... 1 5 . 9 5 24.95 Tiger Road 15.95 .24.95
Biastemals 1 2 9 5 1995 Operation Neptune 1 5 . 9 5 24.95 Thunderblocle 15.95..24.96
Galdregons Domain 1 2 9 5 . „ 1 9 95 19.95..29.9
Blood Money . . . . . . . 1 5 , 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 Grand Monster Slam 12.95 _....19.95 Personal Nightmare 1 2 . 9 9 1 9 . 9 9 Triad (3 games)
Bicodwych 1 5 . 9 5 ......24.95 Hawkeye . . . . . . . . . 1 2 . 9 $ ....19.95 Pools al Radiance 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 1 9 . 9 5 .29.95
Carbonan II 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 _ 9 5 Heroes ot the Lance . 1 5 9 5 ,, .24,95 P,O.W 12.99 2 9 . 9 9 TTomak's&PiJnerry . 15.95 .24_95
Calitornia 2 4 . 9 5 Hollywood Poke( Pro 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 Prison 12.95 1 9 . 9 5 Typhoon Thompson .... 12.95...19.95
Capons 1 8 . 9 9 29.99 Hostages 2 4 . 9 5 Precious Metal 15.95 2 4 . 9 5 UMS 15.95 .24.95
Cosmic Pirate . 1 2 . 9 5 1 9 . 9 5 Hybris 1 5 . 9 5 .24.95 Police Guest II 19.96 2 9 . 9 5 Ultimo V 15.95 ...24.95
Collossus Cheee.,......15.98 - 2 4 . 9 5 Interceptor 9 5 .2495 Popuius 1 5 . 9 5 24.95 Victory Road 15.95 _24.9 5
Crazy Cars II 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 International Karate.. 15.95 . 2 4 . 9 5 R-Type 15,95 2 4 . 9 5 Vigilanteian
let 9.99 _14 99
Danger Freak .... .-......12.96 _ 1 9 . 9 5 Joan ol Arc 1 2 . 9 5 . .19.95 Rambo Ill 15.95 2 4 . 9 5 Vindicator 12.99 ...19.99
Dartcsia 1 5 . 9 5 Knstal 1 9 . 9 5 -29.95 Rob000p 15.95 2 4 . 9 5 Voyager
Demons Winter 1 5 _ 9 9 2 4 . 9 9 Kings Quest IV ....... 19.95.....29.95 Run of Me Gauntlet 1 5 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 Wec Le Mains 1155.9595.i.2424i995
Dragons Lae ....... ........29 95 4 4 . 9 5 Kennnedy Approach 1 5 . 9 5 , .24.95 Running Man . . . . 15.95 - 2 4 , 9 5
Dungeon Master 1 5 . 9 5 . 2 4 . 9 5 Kutt 1 5 . 9 5 24.95 Steve Davis Snooker ....12.95 _ 1 9 . 9 5 wWhailowFrarnedFIcge Rabbit . 115
9 995
5 ..29.955
2 4 95
Denaris . . . . . , 1 5 95 2 4 , 9 5 1 2 . 9 5 _19.95
Shoot em up con set 1 5 . 9 5 .....24.95 War in Middle Earth 1 5 . 9 5 _24.95
Dragon Ninja 1 5 . 9 5 . . 2 4 4 5 Leisure Suit Larry II 1 9 . 9 6 2 9 . 9 5 15.95_24.9
1 5 . 9 5 24.95 L.E.D Storm.. 1 5 . 9 5 . . . 2 4 . 9 5 Star Glider II 1 5 . 9 5 _24.95 Z a n y Golf

dre-ie)01P/P. e O- re ' s' / e, e4 e i / e e e e e

1 5 9 5 _ 2 4 . 9 1

tiliTtber RRP M e m b e r RRP
SS Member R R P

64 Emulator 2,0 5 4 Emulator 4 4 . 9 5 . . . 6 9 95 P Deluxe

r iPrint n t Lhildy 9 5 . . 49.95 Movie Setter Desktop Video 4 9 . 9 5 6 9 . 9 5
Aegis Anenakelmages 3 0 Animation,. 6 9 . 9 5 . 1 0 9 95 P Drumr Studio o t Drum Track 6 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5 Ornegatile Database ...............6.95 2 4 . 9 5
Aegis Draw 2000 Cad Cam 1 4 ..., 9 . 944.95.
5..22 9 95 S p rDigicalc
e a d s h e e t 2 7 . 4 5 39.95 Publ(sners Choice DIP 7 9 . 9 5 11 9 . 9 5
Aegis Modeoer 3D Cad Modeller .5995 DIP 5 4 . 9 5 79.95
Music _ . 5 9 9 5 Devpac II Prog. Language 4 1 _ 9 5 5 9 . 9 5 Pageseeer
Aegis Son,. Digipaint DraveGtaphos.._ ..... 27.45.._ 59.95 DTP _ 1 9 9 . 2 4 9 95
Aegis Audomester II Musicimidi sample.39.95.-59.95 Professional Page
Dos to Dos Transfer Utility . . . . . . 2 7 . 4 5 3 9 . 9 5 Photon Paint 2 0 Draw.Graptitcs 4 9 . 9 5 8 9 . 9 5
Aegis Videoscape 3D Cad Animation 8 9 . 9 5 . 1 4 9 . 9 5
Director Desktop Video . 4 1 . 9 5 - 5 9 . 9 5 Pixmate Utiltty . . . . . . . . 3 4 95. 4 9 . 9 5
Aegis Videohtler Desktop Video 5 9 . 9 5 .119.95 Director Toolkit Photon Video Desk Top Video 6 9 . 9 5 9 9 . 9 5
Aztec C Prof Prog language ,,.,188.95, 249.95 Utility . _21.95 29.95
Cad Elecrlecrinic....47.95 6 9 . 9 5 Professional Draw CacbGraphics 9 7 . 9 5 1 3 9 . 9 5
A Talk Ill Communications _59.95...79.95 Design 3D
Prof .Ortirn Track 89.95 99.95 Power Windows 2.5
BBS PC Communications _89.95 .119.95 Dynamic Drums Pro Video Video Animation .11815 1 6 9 . 9 5
Bondman Modulo 2 Dynamic Studio Music 8 9 . 9 5 . . 99.95
Prog Language 9 7 . 9 5 . 139,95 Promise Spelling Checker _ 6 . 9 5 2 4 . 9 5
Butcher Fareansion Animation 2 9 . 9 5 . . . . 49 95
Utility 2 1 , 9 5 . .29.95
GFA Basic
Civanertack Harcklish Utility . 3 4 9 5 . 4 9 . 9 5
Comic Setter DTP Comic 4 7 . 9 5 . .69.95 Prog Longuage..,_ 49.95., 8 9 . 9 5 Syrehla 7 9 . 9 5
Comic Setter Art 1 Super Heroes 1 2 . 9 5 . . . 1 9 . 9 5 Qom, 3.0 Guro Busier 2 7 . 9 5 . . . 1 9 . 9 5
SupertsasePersonal D a t a b a s e . . . . 5 9 . 9 5 - . 7 9 95
Comic Setter Art 2 Funny Figures 1 2 . 9 5 . 1 9 9 5 Hercules Copy Copy Program ........8.95 ......24.95 Superbase Personal II D a t a b a s e ......... .69.95 9 9 . 9 5
Comic Setter Art 3 Science Fiction 1 2 . 9 5 - 19.95 Home Account Home Finances 2 7 . 9 5 .....39.96 &verbose Pro4ess•onai Database ..... - 1 79.95 2 4 9 95
Cambridge Lisp ProgLanguage.... Introcad Cad Elecilechnic 41.95 5 9 . 9 5 Sculpt 3D 3 D Animation 6 2 . 9 5 8 9 . 9 5
Caegrapher 1.05 Font Editor . 6 2 . 9 5 . .89.95 K Comm 2.0 Communications 2 1 . 9 5 2 9 . 9 5 Stuck, Magic S a m p l e : M i c k . ...,48,95, , 69 95
Critics Choice TentSpreadiDBase104 95 .149.95 Kind Words Worciproarssor 3 4 . 9 5 ......4995 Superback Harddiali. Utility. 3 4 . 9 5 4 1 . 9 5
DOS Toolbox Utility . 3 4 . 9 5 _ 4 9 . 9 5 Lattice 5.0 Dev P r o g Language 1 7 9 . 9 5 . 2 4 9 . 9 5 Turbo Silver 30 3D Animation . 9 7 . 9 5 1 3 9 95
Digroew Gold Video Digitiser 9 5 . 0 0 . . 1 2 9 . 9 5 Lights. Camera. Action Desktop Video 3 9 . 9 5 5 9 . 9 5 Ten Ed Plus
Deluxe Paint II Draw.'Graphics 5 5 . 0 0 . .79.95 MCC Pascal P r o g Language _ 6 2 . 9 5 . . . I n 95 Video Generic Desktop Video 5 9 . 9 5 7 9 . 9 5
Deluxe Music Music . . . . . . . ..... Magnum Turbo D i s c Turbo . . . . . .6.95 , . 2 4 9 5 Wipe Master Desktop Video ...SS 95 7 9 9 5
Deluxe Video SD 'Moo Anenab:m69 95. . 9 9 95 Word Perfect 4.2 Wordprocessot _169.95 2 2 5 0 0
Macro Assemble( P r o g language_ _49.95 , . 6 9 95
Deluxe Photomb Animation Ham 4 7 . 9 5 . . . 6 9 . 9 5 Workbench 1 3 1 3 . Manual . 1 2 9 5 , , , .19 95
Ma•lshot Plus M a i l m e l g e 3 4 . 9 5 . 4 9 95
X Copy
NOI Copy Program 19.95 . 2 9 95_44

"F 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , g r 1 , V


Fill out this coupon and return it to CLUB 68000 Ltd. Your only commitment is to pay £10.00 for one year's membership
of CLUB 68000. Mail this coupon to CLUB 68000 Ltd, Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick,
Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT1 4013.

Please send me Name


Type of computer M e m b e r s h i p E10.00


T o t a l * * /
E Visa/Access/Master. No Telephone No

Cheque enclosed Postal Order Dale

Software tree al post 8 packaging within the UK, EEC Et, Non EEC £3 Signature
t 4 /
, H a r d w a r e and Courier Service £6

- Kickstart 1.3 N E W ! ! !
- Anti Virus £ 9 9 . 9 5
'3%•. H E AMIGA st
- Floppy Speeder
- Boot Drive Selector
- Mouse Driven
- Error Messages
SPECIALIST - Copy Program
- Functions under
- Shortened Reset
- Extra Utilities
v rg F-Keys

v,‘ GENLOCK A 5 0 0 M I N I G E N
% E99.95
95 N 0,
95 4 1 j t

.95 g4r N4 20 MBYTE HARD DISK £ 3 6 9 . 0 0 - Low cost, enabling you to merge
.95 a
computer graphics with live video &
40 MBYTE HARD DISK £ 4 9 9 . 0 0 record the results on a VCR.
91 4 4 t
95 111110; o p
60 MBYTE HARD DISK £ 6 4 9 . 0 0 RENDALE
95 4 ‘ 4 t
(state model, supplied with software) GENLOCK A 5 0 0 C199-95
95 4 t GENLOCK A 2 0 0 0 £199.95
99 i l l , 4 fr

)5 e
' il /

05 b i . „ -For A500/A1000/A2000 (state model) - Hardware and software
-Midi in, midi out, midi thru Place hardware between external drive
de -Cables and software inc E 2 4 . 9 5 and computer
de - Protects internal and external drives
X COPY £ 1 9 . 9 5 - Always present after warm reboot
:5 Nd/t/ No.1 copy program - parameter copy - Gives alarm signal if a virus is found.
Backup commercial software - update - Protects against 16 viruses £ 2 4 . 9 5
• kk

5 • • • •
5 • A• / N N N N N N N N N N N ' S N N N N TRAM E X PA N S I O N S
HARD PLASTIC D U S T COVERS A500512K E 8 9 . 9 5
5 A500/A1000/A2000 E 7 . 9 9 While stocks last
Mousepads (top quality) E 4 . 9 9 •

5 Diskbox 3.5" (80) with lock E 7 . 9 9
5 -upgrade to 1 mbyte, fitted in seconds
• , -with
Diskbox 5.25" (100) with lock E 7 . 9 9
White Label 3.5" DSDD (10) d i s k s E 7 . 9 9 • retainclock, battery operated to
; Printer Cable (top quality) E 4 . 9 9 • ,A5001.8MByte(512KRam) E149.95
Scart Cable (top quality) E 9 . 9 9 • 1 -Board to add 1.8Mb internal
memory to your A500
-with R a m 1.8 M B y t e £399.00
. N N N N N N N N N N N N N N
A500/A1000 2MByte £ 4 2 5 . 0 0
-2Mb ram expansion A500/A1000
3.5" EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE £ 7 5 . 0 0
-simply plugs into expansion port
A20002 MByte £ 4 4 9 . 0 0
- 8 Mb board, 2Mb Ram
COMPATIBLE E 8 9 . 9 5
g‘ 'qt) l b l b ' ‘ ‘ 0 ' N O •Nk l b l b I *

WITH TRACK DISPLAY E l 04.95 Digiview Gold Video Digitiser £ 9 5 . 0 0 \ O

3.5" INTERNAL DISK DRIVE A1000 Kickstart 1.3 + Clock £ 1 4 9 . 9 5

A2000 E 6 9 . 9 5
ALL DRIVES ON/OFF SWITCH Eprom Programmer E 9 9 . 9 5
AND THROUGH PORT Boot Selector (Boot from D R ) E 9 . 9 9

' ' S N N N N - S N N S N N N N N N N N
N l b " P g i p p W r y % y l ‘ N

• 4oeN/
A r .

genlocking process, and also for

THEALTERNATIVEHARDWARE io - producing background pictures or
re touching digitised images, i s
D e l u x e P a i n t I I . The arrival of
LO BAND U•MATICS P r o f e s s i o n a l video D e l u x e P a i n t I l l ( i 9 0 ) now
recording and playback equipment, w h i c h facilitates the inclusion of simple
provides the n e s t step-up in quality from
and rapidly-produced animation.
Replaced in an a m a t e u r system by
domestic quality VCRs. T h e r e is • venally
TV S h o w (E61) does wipe
of different video to/mats, from broadcast transitions easily using an editable
quality 1" t a p e to 3)4" H i and tolltionet script file to create synchronised
U- M a l l e , and down through Super VHS
sequences. (Anyone wanting t o
(semi-professional quality V H S ) to
domestic V H S and Eletamas tapes.
include Amiga-generated sounds
should look at Aegis' Lights, Cam-
CAMERA - Sony M A analogue. A digital 'chip* c a m e r a to era, Action). TV Show can also
another future purchase, but t h e Sony still m a n a g e s to move single bit-mapped images
produce the goods. The current range of h o m e video around, although this function has
cameras is vast: no doubt there are s o m e prime
maw now been superceded t o some
second-hand bargains to be p i c k e d up as w e l l
degree by Deluxe Paint in,
Aegis V i d e o t i t l e r ( 1 9 6 )
VISION MIXER - uses Amiga fonts in any resolution
A l l o w. a number and comes with four stretchable
of video sources
fonts, which can be scaled, com-
to be combined
with wipes,
pressed o r condensed and still
dissolves, retain their true outline. It also fea-
name suggests. Ilies
lades etc. tures a variety of wipe transitions
bos of tricks allows A nevi p i e c e of and captioning effects, and can
video sources to be hardware cMled
the VideoC e n t e r animate t i t l e s easily, creating
mixed and composited
(G2 Systems; .anim files like Videoscape does.
using variable hard and
soft-edged mattes. £595) allows Version 2,0 of Videoscape
Both the SEG a n d TBC video and Amiga 3D (,f125) is used in preference
are pretty high-tech signals to be
mixed in a to Sculpt 3D due to the speed of
beasts and are difficult
to imitate on similar fashion rendering. However, w i t h t h e
a domestic and features slide controls for lades and advent o f S c u l p t 4 D (L368)
level. But adjustable mis levels. including a 68020-compatible
version o f the program, A i now
such as
DUAL C H A N N E L TIME BASED CORRECTOR intend t o produce lull ray-traced
Aegis Vi d e o
ITEICI - Primarily a digital f r e e t e - f r a m e and animations w i t h shadows a n d
effects box- Dual inputs e n a b l e single
Tiff.,. Vi d e o
frames to be stored, re-touched and manip-
reflections. (Sculpt 4 0 Junior is
Studio (C92(,
ulated, or t w o sources to be combined in a about t o be released at around
TV Show and
variety of complex w a y s , using picture-in- M O as a cut-down version with-
Video Wipe
picture. mosaics. lades, w i p e s , reveals e t c , out the ray-tracing facilibesl_
Master (C7.)
National Panasonic h a v e produced a budget
go some w a y
Dual-Channel TBC tor
Finally, the P i n n a t e I m a g e
towards appeosiimating
around 111,000 (well, Processor (i.43) i s used t u
these effects w h e n
budget c o m p a r e d to a analyse pictures a n d re-format
used in conjunction
with IFF graphics.
professional Single them to suit. FOf instance, a HAM
Channel TBC!) There
image can b e reduced t o 3 2
are also a couple of
real-time trame colours and imported to O Paint,
grabbers available tor while retaining the overall integrity
EDITING CONTROL U N I T A the Amiga, such as the of the image. PIP is also used to
Sony R M 4 4 0 tor anyone who's high quality Superpic
interested. Provides fine which comes in at CSIO
clean up pictures, de-focus them,
control of the to-band and features a 6414 produce edge effects, and even
U-Nlatics. Onfortuntotely, the frame store and compress o r stretch the image.

domestic equivalent is a built-on gentock. ti Palettes can also be customised,
stopwatch and tildes linger
in a fashion analogous to a graphic
equaliser for colours. •

For anyone wa nt ing more
information on the desktop
video s c e n e - hardware
TH THE and software - the following
contacts should yield some
D AW N D AW N useful information:
031 557 4242
01 520 9753
• Another introductory appears and disappears ends, b u t t h e e n t i r e against p l a n e t footage. DIGIPRO
Sequence p r o d u c e d f o r using a v a r i e t y o f title s e q u e n c e c o u l d n ' t neatly c h o r e o g r a p h e d 0703 703030
brewing c o m p a n y S a s s wipes, d i s s o l v e s a n d be p l a y e d b a c k r e a l - to a v o i d g l i t c h e s w h e n
features a s p i n n i n g other v i s u a l l i g g e r y . time d u e t o m e m o r y s p l i c e d t o g e t h e r. A s u b -
Earth o v e r w h i c h a restrictions. To r e s o l v e tle f a d e b e t w e e n c u t s
0895 444433
number o f t i t l e s a r e The b a c k g r o u n d this, e a c h l o g o w a s completes t h e illusion CAVENDISH COMMODORE
gentocked. E a c h o n e footage l a s t s 3 0 s e c - nveorded i n d i v i d u a l l y of a s i n g l e s h o t . 0533 550993

2 4 4 M I G A FORMA/ •

also for £29.95
tures or
ges, i s
trival of
0) now
!.s wipe
)rig t o
n also WHAT IS TI?
mages Talespin is a package which allows the collecting together of drawings, texts and
onhas sounds onto a series of pages together to form an interactive story, guide or textbook,
some which is read purely by clicking the mouse on the drawings or texts. Variables may be
used to control the flow of narrative or record progress made. Talespin itself is entirely
li96) mouse-driven and very user-friendly, requiring no programming skills for its use. It
olubon includes an art package as well as importing Neochrome, Degas or IFF picture files
chable and also imports ST-Replay or Amiga A.M. A.S. created Digitised Sound. The use of
corn- sound is optional_ Its facilities include giving full details of disk space usage, location
of all pages referring to any particular page, drawing, sound or variable, completely
interactive development allowing changes to any part of a title at any time, the copying
io lea- of drawings and sounds from other titles, the 'chaining' to other titles allowing the
stons spreading of a story or textbook across several disks, and the provision of Demo
I can mode, which allows a title to run on its own for demonstration purposes.
eating WHAT IS IT FOR?
ies It can be used to create interactive adventure games, for profit, pleasure or instruction.
:ape Or in business to create a sales demonstration, or product servicing manual. Or in
rence education: either using Talespin itself to teach the design and logic of computer
ed of systems in a non-technical way, or using Talespin as a vehicle for the teaching of any
the other subject. Or create an expert system with it. Or a school magazine, Or
able Once you've finished developing your program whether it's an adventure, an
now educational program or other you can lock your program so no one can enter the
development mode.
TA LESPIN comes with a public domain display program called "Telltale" with this
and you can distribute your own programs or offer them to publishers.
cund ONCE DRAWN A PICTURE The manual comes as a complete Tutorial with a scaled down version of "The Grail"
with- HEIGHT. WIDTH & COLOUR adventure and also a comprehensive reference guide,
age 'choose,, create title *Save position *load position *Select driver/ folder *auto start
to *demo program •help *drawing define *page define *sound define *variable define
rmat *turn to another page *add drawing to page *modify palette *select background
HAM colour *Page entry options *List conditions 'list/set variables *move drawing *swap
32 colour *shrink reverse drawing *change drawing order 'add/edit/delete text 'add/
delete/chain sounds *locate item *show disk space *show drawing/ sound/page size.
d to ST USER: 'Microdeal is putting its money where its mouth is and exhibiting
justifiable faith in a very good product.'
SIMPLY CLICKING D R A G - MICRO CO M PUTER MART: •Talespin in my opinion, is a highly commendable
ST/AMIGA FORMAT: 'Graphics cleverly used for variety — Talespin offers the
sect, opportunity to create an R PG type of adventure game
Dhic which STAC and STOS certainly wont'
COMPUTER GAMES WEEK: 'Talespin gives the programmer all the scope he
could possibly need'
ST ACTION: 'Takspin has brought the task of adventure creation within the reach
of everyone!'
It you have a modem, phone our BBS ( 0 7 2 6 ) 65422 - & download Talespon
demos written by users. * 30 day money back guarantee
PO BOX 68 St Austell
Cornwall PL25 4YEI
Allow 28 days for delivery
TELE (0726) 68020
1'29.95 (inci P&P)
Please send me Talespin al f29_95 (incl P&P)
Cheque enclosed made payable to MICRODEAL
0 Please debit my credit card account Expiry date



• 4 0 k is allocated to samples in II A little lateral thinking allows
a SMACK game, w h i c h allows a you t o c r e a t e e x t r a e f f e c t s b y
lair o l d b i t o f r a c k e t t o b e doing m o r e t h a n assign noises
appended t o t h e a c t i o n . T h e to obvious e v e n t s , l i k e bullets
Sound E d i t o r c o n t r o l s c r e e n , being f i n e d , o b j e c t s b e i n g
however, a l l o w s y o u t o m e d d l e picked u p a n d s o o n . T i n y o r
with the rate a t which a sample even i n v i s i b l e o b j e c t s c a n b e
_ 4 11 , 1 0 , t o r .

will be played back, so the same si 1 I • assigned a sound and triggered

• •
effect c a n b e u s e d a t different • • for additional effects. I n B l o o d
places w i t h i n a g a m e a n d y e t W' Bullets, f o r instance, a t i n y
sound c o m p l e t e l y d i f f e r e n t . object that travels with a line of
Examine S l a p ' p i ' T i c k l e i n soldiers shoots off bullets which
SEUCK, t o r instance, a n d you'll have the effect "Fire!" tagged to
find t h a t o n e s o u n d i s u s e d f i v e them. S o a s t h i s r o w o f enemy
times: b u t y o u ' d n e v e r r e a l i s e troops m a r c h e s d o w n t h e
this w a s the case by just playing screen, their commander simply
the g a m e . For continuous noise, appears to be shouting "Firer' at
effects c a n b e looped: t h e t a n k regular intervals.
in Blood 'a' Bullets drives across
the screen accompanied b y t w o
looped samples.
The S o u n d E d i t o r c o n t r o l 9-1-9
screen a l l o w s a d e s i g n e r t o
fiddle around with a sample that ;
has b e e n a s s i g n e d a s o u n d
effect number, adjusting the vol-
ume and sample rate a t which it
will b e p l a y e d , a n d previewing
the e f f e c t o f a d j u s t m e n t s b y
clicking on t h e EFFECT button.

n 3 E l ek, _ V A E O
-no% to
toNo44 i n

*el m u m .
FlOW-1 1 7 : Z r E i r
I 600 I

• Push scroll, s t a t i c o r continu-

ous scroll c a n b e applied t o t h e
background of a game created in
SEIM'S, o r you c a n combine a l l
three together in different levels
of t h e s a m e production. A p p l y
some o f t h a t g o o d o f ' l a t e r a l
thinking, a n d i t ' s p o s s i b l e t o
come u p w i t h a g a m e l i k e
Psycho B l a s t , w h i c h i s q u i t e
different f r o m y e r t r a d i t i o n a l
shoot-em .up. squire.
A f e w words o f explanation.
The player - t h e pink daisy-like
creature - is confined to the cen-
tral square i n t h e playzerie a n d
41_1tAerareph -
can shoots a single missile with
a prod o f t h e fire button. Geo-
metric s hapes t u m b l e o n t o t h e
screen and hang around firing a t
•-N,41 4 . at
the play er until they are all shot
or t h e l e v e l t i m e r h a s c o u n t e d
down t o zero, w h e n t h e a c t i o n
moves to the next level.

111 / F

to t h e original number of sprite and background

Palac masterplan, Amiga utilities that Chris had written. They
A cc
Shoot 'Em Up Construction were talking over a few game.
Kit should have been released plans with Palace when the idea of

about six months ago, but its only producing a construction kit based
t appearing in the shops now: on the utilities came up, and a lew •
why the delay? SEUCK has months later SELICK was launched
effectively been re-written, explains to an appreciative audience.
Palace supremo Pete Stone_ l o t s Last year, work began on an
of little changes have been made, Amiga conversion with Richard
but they are all important ones. Leinfellner in charge of the project.
GRAEMEKIDDfindsthattheeasywayto We're releasing a product which
has been revamped.*
Six or seven months' work followed
which resulted in the early version
SELICK originally appeared on seen by magazines around Christ-
beaGamesDesigneristodoityourselfwith the Commodore 64 a couple of
years ago. The Sensible Software
mastime. Then Sensibles Jon Hare
was called i n t o u s e Amiga

Palace'sShoot'ErnUpConstructionKit... guys, Chris Yates and Jon Hare,

were working on Wizbalt using a
SEUCK to write a trio of games
that would accompany the final
allows • Building t h e N u m b e r 4 s p r i t e • Enemy objects, or aliens as far
Cis b y in t h e e d i t o r. T h e t h r e e . d i g i t as t h e player is concerned, c a n
noises counter a t t h e t o p l e f t o f t h e be linked t o g e t h e r by assigning
bullets gamescreen w a s c u n n i n g l y the s a m e f l i g h t p a t h t o t h e m ,
being assembled f r o m a s e q u e n c e o f thus creating a w a v e o f follow-
iroy or ten different sprites - t h e digits me aliens like these t a k e n from
an b e '0' t o ' 9 ' - grouped t o g e t h e r a s Slap ' n ' T i c k l e . S h u t t l e t h e
oered an e n e m y o b j e c t a n d c o p i e d objects c l o s e r together a n d
Blood twice t o g i v e t h r e e t e n - d i g i t composite sprites l i k e t h e e n d .
a tiny objects. T h e three enemy object of-level d r a g o n s i n S p a c e
line of counters w e r e then animated a t Harrier may easily be created.
which appropriate d i f f e r e n t s p e e d s
ed to and p l a c e d i n p o s i t i o n o n t h e
nemy background a s s t a t i c e n e m y
DESTINATION objects t o give a digital readout
imply el 0 I S that gives all t h e appearance o f
r• at SPRITE No_ decrementing in real time.
241 E 1

15I 9 1 5

n 0 15

LE X I T 15 1 7 15 0 15 FINIrovol

• During play, a w h i t e highlight

cycles round t h e 'petals' o f t h e
player's d a i s y. C l o s e e x a m i n a -
tion o f t h e Psycho Blast Player
One O b j e c t i n S E U C K r e v e a l s Collision
that the animation sequence for
the c y c l i n g w h i t e p e t a l u s e s Fire drection Enesonj to shop
eighteen a n i m a t i o n f r a m e s ( O - Fire rate
M only eight o f which cycle
Enetrezi Die I I Yes e l
the w h i t e p e t a l : i n t e r m e d i a t e likdat speed Ship Die E l Yes
frames move a highlight o n the
dome of the daisy, adding to the Expkosion SD( &MON to bullet
effect. An impressive and appar-
ently c o m p l i c a t e d a n i m a t i o n
Enewej Die S Yes
has b e e n b u i l t u p f r o m simple Bullet Die E l Yes i s
building b l o c k s i n t h e s p r i t e Explosion Object I I 1 6 e l
editor: the basic daisy has been
drawn, copied lots of times and
aukt object n 6 o "—maw'
then the copies titivated slightly
to p r o d u c e t h e f i n a l e i g h t e e n • On this MOW% OW attributes of the enemy objects can b e edited,
frames of animation. ensuring that characteristics like speed and sound are appropriate.

ii Ackage, and suddenly things the n a i S w i r l come with and start knocking up a game, to bullet and had b o x as an
Degan to evolve. "I needed some- three sound directones, each con- get the most Out of the package enemy with a r e f . s e as the
:Jibe to write a game in it to find all taining 25 files, and you can now you'll need to give the manual a explosion when the enemy takes a
the pitfalls. I began to get the feed- load i n any I F sound sample. close read and plan your game hit. The best way to start, accord-
nack I needed when Jon started on Richard created a l l t h e vocal before starting w o r k . Lateral ing to Jon Hare, is to load in one
2 the project," Richard explains. Jon effects himself, and everything thinking is the key to producing of the example games, play for a

as on the phone t o Richard else was collected from a tape good SEUCK software. while, then start taking it to pieces
almost daily, with suggestions for library at Pinewood. "I hope that SEtiC( is a versatile utility, in R U C K , meddling with t h e
tweaks to make the software more people mil organise themselves,- capable of producing games that parameters. Experiment t o your
competent and more user•friendly. he explains, a n d start collecting are much more than vertically. heart's content. You'll soon get a
At the same time, musician their o w n sounds, swapping scrolling shootem-ups t a s t h e feel for the possibilities...
Richard Joseph was working on sample disks and so on." example game Psycho B l a s t SEUCK will cost around £29 95
rl sounds for the three games Jon Three example games accom- reveals) providing you understand and contain three disks: the Master
•.vas writing as well as building a pany the kit: Brood B u l l e t s , fully how the package works and Editor, which is the keydisk; the
library of samples to accompany Slap Ti c k l e , and Psycho Blast. can think laterally. I t would b e Sound Disk which contains the
3 the finished package. Leinfellner SEUCK is completely mouse and quite possible to do a Paperboy- sample libraries; and a copyable
happily took musical suggestions ioystick driven, and while the temp- style game, s o long a s y o u disk containing all the files needed
on hoard as well, and as a result tation may be to dive straight in remembered to make the paper a to run a stand-alone game design.



Only E29.95 f o r 1 2 action-packed issues, a
saving of E5.00 from the cover price (and w e
even pay the postage for you!) THE POWER
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Thel6 Blitz at the same time!

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refund the cost of all unmailed issues, i f you
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subscription service. ISOK OF PROGRAMS
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Includes AMIGA A500 Computer, DISKS DOUBLE Discount Chart
Mouse, Power pack, Leads, TV 3 1/2 DENSITY 135TPI RRP O U R PRICE
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Modulator. P l u s 10 Great games. Price E14.99 E 1 0 . 5 0
AMEGAS 10 E 9 . 5 0 e15.95 E 1 1 . 0 0
THE ART OF CHESS 25 E 2 2 . 5 0 £16.95 E 1 2 _ 0 0
BARBARIAN 50 E 4 3 . 0 0 E17.95 £ 1 2 . 5 0
BUGGY BOY ONLY 100 £ 8 4 . 0 0 £19.99 £ 1 4 . 0 0
IKARI WARRIORS Please add £1.50 P&P 22.95 E 1 6 • 0 0
INSANITY FIGHT E389.00 E24.95 E 1 7 , 5 0
SHOP HOURS E29.99 E 2 1 . 0 0
MON TO F R I . 1 0 to 6pm
Including VAT and Delivery S AT 9 to 6pm AMIGA 501 EXPANSION £ 1 3 9 . 0 0
MOUSE MATS E 4 . 9 9
AMIGA A500 PACK E 3 6 9 . 0 0
AMIGA 2nd Disk Drive E 8 9 . 0 0
STAR LC10 COLOUR PRINTER E 2 4 5 . 0 0 100 CAP DISK BOX E l 0_50
CITIZEN 120D PRINTER Parallel interface E 1 3 8 _ 0 0 50 CAP DISK BOX £ 8 . 5 0

• Access •
• Diners Our
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 01-692 870 • Visa •
• American Express •
Please add £1.50 to all orders under M . N . All prices include VAT.
-AsamARd- _ •2aEamew..,_ A m i s s i s

' , a t s y t
rac W k l e r a p s , o w l a r
it's1Obtieltses:e EaACCOUNTS
reP°rtjr'S ftgaktjes. Good _ ,
At,te, gram., ,3 , Z A P E C
O n S ' n A t a o ST tise

et yP
• DR& • • MAILSHOT • •D
Acornprehensne lary eAsnoc
At last, an inexpensive and Apowerful menu-driven mailing
ldeal for troth latent users and Small y41KY1rs equally arable No the
genuinely easy to use businesses Filayara based unite to business or i t home Inciudes
program using a uniout system use, this complete home accoultmg hum • in e n t e r g e r i t calenda,.
spreadsheet program. or on screen scrolang of Woes- Packagewill cater to' upto 13income
ThisWYSIWYG (what you see is starch) sort, printing, weekte,'
Command and menu-dri- accounts (e g, bails credit cad, Pf) trOPOIty DIADISetS, etc
versa you get) system Meart5 that and 60 cate9orws of household open-
ven, 512 rows, 52 columns, any label format You define on dame m O r t g a 9 r rates, Meet
programmable function
keys, text overflow and
screen will be lded.
ntical when

As well as powerful sorting and

etc !, with ophonta budgeting the pro
gramvall autocratically hardie 100
StandingOrders, etc, andMowKmto
best lad
plans E29•95
produce your own statements to 1
much, much more. Simple searching (search for anything,
anywhere!), Special Routines
check bank account(s)i charges,
creddcads, etc Process up to 303
• E•TYPE •
enough for the beginner, include detection of duplicate transactions per account Per year TransformyOutoustingconeuter nto
powerful and fast enough labels, surname sorting and many, COMegetIttYseot tepa1109 fixarbes a hay Redgedhpessciter, &WON
SEND FOR FREE for the professional. many more. For business users, dude detailed stmernents, budget and rembn9 ted c a w * idea tor
MAILSHOTPWS is also available licrecash, nie and bar &am, etc lorm-riiiing, addressing envelopes,
BROCHURE PACK You'll wonder
memos etc °wader by character or
Mryset line try line pmOrs3 iwrtir Aced-swap

A calculated p l i e l A r
best Ivy 1 ) J Y •YJ lYwow
tE24.95 how you

without it! 415

9,569CatsIe, etc

17teemulated t ó t
evermanaged E2 typewriter k i J 7 .7 fi
((ORDER 270273
2 4 HR

E:31 DIGITA rPELASt ett5H mf BY ern e n t e , quentftp)

06CAK E . 3
M A I L S H O T E 2 4
9 9

PiedSe debit my ACCISSA9SA CARD


Dewy Date


E 4 9


Post to DICiTA wryteiAncogn. LID


Al software wriden ii th U K Prices ncurie VAT & P&P (add 1:9 l o r export> LAddrCIG
and the keenest prices

Ping us now! 0 6 3 6 - 7 9 0 9 7 we're programmed to help

1 6 . 9 0 Paladin 1 6 . 9 0 * ALL COMPUTERS INCLUDE AB Zoo . . 9 . 5 0
African Raider
After Burner 1 6 . 9 0 1 6 . 9 0 Mouse, Manuals, Modulator Tutorial. Fun School 2 (-6/6-8/8+) 1 3 . 9 0
Pioneer Plague
Alien Syndrome 16.90 Police Quest 1 6 . 9 0 1MB Disk Drive, (NEW) KICKSTART 1.3 Decimal Dungeon 2 9 . 9 0
Kid Talk 2 9 90
Alternate Reality 13.90 R-Type 1 6 90
16.90 AMIGA A500 computer 3 6 9 . 0 0 ConSOUNDtration 2 7 50
Annals of Rome
13.90 Match-it 2 7 50
BAAL 1Populus 1 6 . 9 0 I AMIGA A500 Games Pack 3 9 9 . 0 0
Balance ot Power 1990 16.90 Reach tor the Stars 1 6 . 9 0
Ballistix 13.90 Real Gnostbusters 1 6 . 9 0 1084 S Monitor 2 8 9 . 0 0 I R o b o t Readers- with Speech! I
Barbarian 2 16.90 Aesops Fables 1 9 . 9 0
Robocop 1 7 . 9 0 A501 RAMiClock expansion 1 2 9 . 0 0 Chicken Lintel 1 9 , 9 0
Bards Tale 16.90 Rocket Ranger 1 8 . 9 0
Bards Tale 2 16.90 Minigen 9 9 . 9 0 Little Red Hen 1 9 . 9 0
Romantic Encounters (18+) 1 3 . 9 0
Batman the Caped Crusader 16.90 Running Man 1 6 . 9 0 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono) 1 9 9 00 Three Little Pigs. 1 9 . 9 0
Battle Chess 16.90 Savage 1 6 . 9 0 STAR LC10 Printer (Colour) 2 2 9 00 Ugly Duckling 1 9 . 9 0
Scrabble Deluxe 1 3 . 9 0 (All printers include lead')
S.L11 1 6 . 9 0 ACCESSORIES O N L Y !
IBelliehawks 1942 1 6 . 9 0 Cumana 3 5- 1MB Disk Drive 9 9 00
13.90 Shadowgale 1 6 . 9 0 Locking Disk Box (30+) 5 . 9 0
Billiards Skweek 1 6 . 9 0 Locking Disk Box (50+) 7 . 9 0
Blasterceds 16.90 SPECIAL PACKS O N LY !
Space Harrier 1 3 . 9 0 Locking Disk Box (100+) 9 9 0
Blood Money 16.90 PACK A B H P 299 90 2 2 9 . 9 0 Media Box (holds 150) 1 9 90
13,90 Space Quesi II 1 6 . 9 0
Bombouzal Speedball 1 6 . 9 0 • 1010 Disk Drive 3.5" Disks DSIDD (x10) 9 . 9 0
Breech 16.90 Steve Davis World Snooker 1 3 90 • A501 RAM/Clock 3.5" Disks DS1DD (x50) 4 5 00
Buggy Boy 16.90
16.90 Super Hang on 1 9 . 9 0
Captain Blood PACK B R A P 348.90 2 6 9 . 9 0 'Furry Mouse Cover 6 . 9 0 '
Carrier Command 16.90 'M P S 1230 Printer Box of 10 SONY Disks 1 4 90
Chessmasier 2000 1 6 . 9 0 • Data Disk 6 1 0 • A501 RAM/Clock Mouse Bracket 2 90
Chrono Quest 18 90 'Strip Poker 2+ 9 . 9 0 I
Sword of Sodan 1 6 . 9 0 ART & MUSIC O N L Y ! Mouse Mal 5 90
Chuckie Egg 13.90 Tales of Lore 1 6 . 9 0 Keyboard Covet 5 90
Chuckle Egg 2 13.90 TV Show 5 2 . 5 0
Colossus Chess X 1 6 . 9 0 Teenage Queen
1 3 . 9
1 9 . 9
0 Aegis Animator/Images 4 9 90
Corruption 16.90 WORKBENCH 1.3 (NEW) 1 4 . 9 0
Time Scanner 1 3 . 9 0
Cosmic Pirate 13,90
Movie Setter 5 9 90 AmigaDos Toolbox 3 9 . 9 5
Dark Fusion 16.90 BBC Emulator 3 9 . 9 0
16.90 Test Drive II 1 9 . 9 0 ' C o m i c Setter
Dark Side Deluxe Paint 2 4 9 . 9 0 Virus Killer 9 . 9 0
Demons Winter 19.90 ' Test Drive II Cars 1 1 . 9 0
• Test Doril Scenery 1 1 . 9 0 Deluxe Print 2 3 4 . 9 0 RAM Manager 3 00
Denans 14.90
Emmanuelle 13.90 TV Sports Football 1 9 . 9 0 X-copy 2 9 . 9 0
[Deluxe Paint 3 5 9 , 9 0 I
Ultima IV 1 6 . 9 0 Deluxe PhotoLab 4 9 . 9 0 (Superb Disk Copier)
'Dragon Ninla 1 6 . 9 0 I Virus 1 3 . 9 0 Deluxe Video 7 9 . 9 0
War in Middle Earth 1 6 . 9 0 City Desk 7 9 . 9 C
Federation of Free Traders 1 9 . 9 0 Deluxe Music Con.Set 4 9 90 Descartes 2 4 . 9 C
Ferrari Formula One 1 6 . 9 0 WEC l e Mans 1 6 . 9 0
Willow 1 6 . 9 0 DigiCaic 2 9 . 9 c
Flight Simulator 2 2 9 . 9 0 1Fantavision - 3 4 . 9 0 I GOMF - The Button 3 9 . 9 0
Jet 2 9 . 9 0 World Tour Golf 1 6 . 9 0 Home Accounts 2 2 . 9 0
Zak McKfacken 1 9 . 9 0 Design 3D 5 9 . 9 0
• Scenery 7 or 11 1 6 . 9 0 Digivoew Gold (PAL) 1 1 9 . 9 0 Kind Words 3 7 . 9 0
' European Scenery 1 3 . 9 0 Zany Gott 1 6 . 9 0 Instant Music 1 7 . 9 0 Softwood Write File 6 9 . 9 0
• Japan Scenery 1 3 . 9 0 Modeler 3D 5 9 . 9 0
Football Director 2 1 3 . 9 0 Publishers Choice 6 9 . 9 0
Football Manager 2 1 3 . 9 0 BUYAMY TWO lot Morel Games and Includes Page Setter 1.2 Kind Words 2,
Forgotten Worlds 1 6 . 9 0 ash to one er the foaming FREE GIPS: [PHOTON PAINT 2 6 9 . 9 0 I Headline Fonispack.. Artists Choice Artpack
1. WIZ CARD Controller Pixmale 3 7 . 9 0
Fright Night 1 3 . 9 0
Fusion 1 4 . 9 0 2. DISK BOX Itiolcis201, Pro Sound Designer 5 9 . 9 0 Superplan 6 9 . 9 0
Galdregons Domain 1 3 . 9 0 3. PO Games Disk Sculpt 3D (PAL) 5 9 . 9 0 Superbase Personal 2 6 9 . 9 0
Gaines - Winter Edition 1 4 . 9 0 4. PO Demo Disk The Director 4 2 . 9 0 Superbase Professional 1 7 4 . 9 0
Garfield 1 6 . 9 0 5. LIS GOLD Baseball Cap Director Toolkil 2 9 . 9 0 Prolect D 2 9 . 9 0
6. 50 Disk Lables Ultimate Sound Tracker 2 7 . 5 0
Gauntlet II 1 6 . 9 0 JOYSTICKS O N L Y !
Grand Monster Slam 1 3 . 9 0
Gunship 1 6 . 9 0 BOOKS (Abacus) O N LY Joystick M o u s e Extension 4 . 9 0
COMPILATIONS O N L Y ! WIZ CARD controller 2 . 9 0
Rybns 1 6 . 9 0 Amiga for Beginners 1 2 , 9 0
Incredible Shrinking Sphere 1 6 . 9 0 Challenger 6 . 9 0
PRECIOUS METAL 1 6 . 9 0 Amiga Basic Inside arid Out 1 8 . 9 0 Ouichshot II 7 . 9 0
Interceptor 1 6 90 Xenon, Captain Blood, Crazy Cars, Machine Language 1 4 . 9 0
International Karate Pius 1 6 . 9 0 Tricks arid Tips 1 4 . 9 0 Navigator 1 2 9 0
/Nrkaoold II Cobra (NEW) 1 2 90
Journey. . 1 9 , 9 0 System Programs 3 2 , 9 0
TRIAD - 3 Game Pack 1 8 . 9 0 Cruiser (CLEAR) 1 3 9 0
Kennedy Approach 1 6 . 9 0 Amiga DOS Inside and Out 1 8 . 9 0
Kenny Daiglish Soccer 1 3 . 9 0 Barbarian, Slarglicler Defender ot the Crown Disk Drives Inside and Out 2 7 . 9 0 Competition Pro 5000 1 4 . 9 0
HIT DISKS (iro! 1) 1 6 . 9 0 Competition Pro Extra 1 5 . 9 0
Goldrunner, Karale Kid II, Jupiter Disks to accompany books 1 3 , 9 0 Arcade pystick 1 6 . 9 0
'Shoot-Ern-Up Construct Kit.19.90 I
Lancelot 1 3 90 LANGUAGES O N L Y ! 1,1E7.90, 2 . E 1 3 . 9 0 , 3 =. £19.90
Leaderboard BIRDIE 1 6 90 HIT DISKS (vol 2) 1 6 . 9 0
Lombard RAC Rally 1 6 . 9 0 Maio( Motion. Time Bandit, Knight Orc Spacebalis
Aztec C Professional _ 9 9 . 9 0
Lords of the Rising Sun 1 9 . 9 0 Leatherneck. Tanolewood 112.50 Slrange New World Ell
Manhunter New York 1 9 . 9 0 Cambridge Lisp Tetra Quest Mach 3
MEGAPACK 1 6 , 9 0
Menace 1 3 . 9 0 59 90 4 x4 Off Road Racing Wizball
Flubs. Mouse Trap, Seconds Out. Strike Force Harrier Whirligig
Millenium 2.2 1 6 . 9 0 Winter Olympiad, Suicide Mission Hisoft Basic 64.90
Monville Manor 1 3 , 9 0 IGFA Basic (V.3) Return to Genesis iridon
SUPER 6 1 6 . 9 0 Terramex. Superman
Microprose Soccer 1 6 , 9 0
Pacland 1 3 , 9 0 Thai Boxing, Karl GP, Las Vegas. Grid Hisoft Devpac Amiga 4 4 . 9 0 City Defence Ebonstar
Pacmania 1 3 , 9 0 Start, Flogh1 Path 737, XR35 Modula 2 Developers . 11 4 . 9 0 Sk o x Vixen

T h e a b o v e i s Just a s m a l l s e l e c t i o n o f o u r V A S T s t o c k o f A M I G A s o f t w a r e !
C a l l e r s W e l c o m e ; N o r m a l O f f i c e H o u r s - 2 4 H o u r Te l e p h o n e S e r v i c e !

Cheque, postal
orders or credit
card facilities
are available
500 Listenup!RACHELDECKARDgoesfor the
you need t o g e t started. For
F u t u reighty
e S o uquid
n d provides
you get aeverything
131 We all knoss Just how
it with left and right RCA phono jack brilliant the Amiga's sound
inputs, 3.5mm mic input and recording chip is. and that it's
level control slider; a disk containing the capabk or producing life-
main controller software program, pre-
like siKinds. From the latest
recorded sound sampled examples and PUN D V M R S ) ) I t C o l o u r
routines in "C• and BASIC showing you
how to use the sound samples in your N M I It t a l e I I * • =1::h= start demo soundtrack to your
favourite game explosion.
own programs; a 44-page manual cover- bto r L I w a r O E M tag
you'll come across these
ing all the package's features; and a bto Vol Oast real-life sampled sounds.
registration card. What you don't get is M CUM31
Sato Vol lisso Sohow can you get in on
the leads to connect your sound source
lomIt Mt = D e c Roo
to FutureSound, so that'll set you back the action? It's easy: all
Sala M I Ott floot M O I R E ' 51111119
approximately £3 more. you need is some hard-
ware. software and an
ordinary sound source
Getting started couldn t be simpler. You
such as a Walkman or CD
connect the hardware unit to the parallel
port on the Amiga, hook u p your player... and ),ou'll soon he
Walkman or CD player t o the phono • The Futuresound 500 software in action: this is what the sample looks like. mixing, doctoring. sam-
socket o r sockets (depending o n pling editing and splicing
whether you want mono or stereo sam- vate. With the software you can listen to executed. We've used better sampling with the best or 'en).
ples) and load up the sampler software. any incoming sounds, record and play software before, but if this bothers you
Once the software's running, you back a sample, alter the rate of play- too much you'll probably be able to use
control everything with the mouse, just back/record, select mono o r stereo your o l d sampling software w i t h
clicking on the function you want to acti- recording, switch the high-pass fitter on FutureSound's hardware: thus having the
or off, monitor the incoming sound's sig- best of both worlds.
SOUNDIT OUT nal (allows you to adjust to just the right The manual i s a n easy read,
recording level), magnify the sound sam- although it may confuse the complete
So you think y o u know your stuff, ple's graph, select one of the four possi- novice at first_ Bad marks for not includ-
eh? Well here is a run-down o f the ble Amiga sound channels, select either ing an index, but this can be forgiven in
tech-specs of Futuresound 500. chip or fast RAM (if you've got extra the light of it being only 44 pages long.
RAM you can have bigger samples), edit In conclusion, we can recommend
• FutureSound Is an 8-bit sound sam-
your sample using standard cut and FutureSound without any hesitation t o
pler, utilising the Texas Instruments
Ti 548 high-speed analogue-to-digital
paste commands, and load and save anybody wanting to experience Amiga
convertor. your samples. sampled-sound making a t first hand.
This is the best sound sampler package
• FutureSound is capable of record- SOUNDS ALL RIGHT TO US on the Amiga, and although the software
ing samples a t a maximum rate o f FutureSound i s a s o u n d sampler's is rather primitive, the hardware is first-
42,118, samples per second in mono. delight. From the sturdy hardware to the class. You'll have a great deal of fun
Unfortunately, t h e A m i g a c a n Only efficient software, everything you need (and more than a touch of frustration)
output a sampled sound at a rate of is on hand. As far as the hardware's along the way, and you'll end up with
28,000 samples per second.
concerned, we haven't seen anything results which can be used in your own
better on the market_ We tested it Out programs, in other sound creation o r
• The 3.5mm mic input is designed to
be used in-conjunction with a low- with other sound sampling software and composition packages, or saved to disk,
impedance m i c r o p h o n e ( 2 0 0 - 8 0 0 discovered i t worked better than the reserved for the next time you need to
ohms), and the phono inputs are able original hardware every time! Noise dis- manufacture a hit record!
to take a maximum of 2.5 volts peak ruption is kept to a minimum, and the
to peak. on-board recording-level control is a real FILITURESOUND 5 0 0
solid gold bonus. £79.95 E Amiga 500/2000
• FutureSound can handle two types As far as software is concerned, • Special a d a p t e r c a b l e
of file format: straight IFF (one-shot
FutureSound provides most of the facili- required for A 1 0 0 0 .
or 3 Octave) or J ukeBox style.
ties you could wish from this type of Applied Visions I U K ) , J e r s e y
package, w i t h n o frills whatsoever. Supreme Works, 5 3 8 - 5 4 6
• All disk file operations use the pop-
Although its front-end looks primitive, Whippendell R o a d , Wa t f o r d ,
ular ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement
Herts. Well
Project) file requester system. this just translates into every function
being easily accessible and instantly


C O M P I S , AT I O P I

PuT c A r T m i m RICNIND

- I I r mewl e m a r a t h e game I n v S t has yet w e n ' ,
t• vocat. g a a p h i l m • cmpled with m u s k I n t e a n a l i t h r e l A w e h a w
W i s e d lotalw Captain Blood Inc intnil catarrh awaited n e w h I t i M d
twat. trwriputer g a m e n e t " - 1.1r111, M a nine
/ U M MIMEOS. R e v e n g e ol I n t h
—tataree -The % c r e e l , am well titsagned and will h m e ,trItt banning 11w
m i d n i g h t i n fader ht reach W i l t A m a i l / W M g a m e M a t , . . I I
a p p e a l to ail l a m 01 M e eleiginal- S I ta ISnI.
11V g l a p h i a , ave superb. o r w i A l a n e w i s and ektaredons are
wrmalethath M a n n - • I t
••14. Iribie m a t t b t A n i m a . . tAill 4§1,11C- I A P L I t a

r s a n a

(CRAZY CAK r e p I a I . e s SUPER RAM OP

• - • 1 • it. - - • •• r I Street - Manchester • M2 5NS • Tele • hone: 061 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 0650
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any computer magazine. Every month
we'll keep you bang up-to-date with
the Amiga games scene.
Why is i t the definitive guide to
Amiga gaming? Well, the magazine is
staffed by one o f the most experi-
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Every game is played by at least TWO
people before a conclusion i s dis-
cussed and decided. We won't judge a
game on the strength of any number
of demos, screenshots, or other ver-
sions. 'loutl be buying the games, youll
be playing them, so we want to make
sure that you can buy in confidence.

(Jood graphics are an important part of any
game: if the power is there, it should be
used to the full. Both still and moving
graphics are under scrutiny, but graphics
alone do not a great game make

stereo capabihbes the last i!irig you
want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps,
right! Tile tunes arid effects add atmo
Sphere to a game and good sound r.ati
greatty increase enjoyment of a game.

Howmuch real thought do you have to put
in to play the g,arn& l u s t because a
garne's mindless doesn't mean it's bad, but
agame with a high Intellect rating tells you
mediately you'll have to think hard to
!' rnaXiMUM

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pi,r(nlitage mark that takes into account
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,liff One, is a 'twelve hours-a-day' gang
tan and one of life's natural gamosplayer
Heloves any type of game, be it a shy,'
ernup, strategy game, arcade adventure
Bob Wade started reviewing with Personal
Computer Games and has worked f o r
hatAil, Amstrad Action and ACE. There's
loone with a better Idea of what makes a
good game.



Clit F1F sci


• With the Reds F

on t h e a t t a c k .
the striker h a s a
chance t o t a m
for a q u i c k shot...


01115st f(
You can choose to take part in
Months without a footle sim several t y p e s o f tournament:
I r sandathen
game, at Brian.
once. these range from the full-blown
None o f that management non- World Cup Finals, via a league or
sense here either: lust charging a two-player Nerdy fixture to an
around a pitch tackling, dribbling, individual challenge tournament in
shooting. saving and scoring. which the player attempts to beat
Two varieties of the game are progressively h a r d e r t e a m s .
included: outdoor (British style, These competitions remain the
the more familiar kind) •••icl indoor same for both types of soccer,
six-a-side (US style, a faster game with two of more players able to
on a smaller pitch), The pitch is take part in all but the challenge.
viewed from above and scrolls in During the game you control a
all directions, with goals situated single player, a n d switching ball.
between team members can be Goatmouth
at top and bottom of the play area.

during games of between ten and
and the chances are a full ninety minutes of real time.
M e n b mental
o n the
i m name
a g e sAnco,
o f All the action i s viewed from
scantily-clad poker-playing women above and you control the player
will pop into the average games- in the best position to get at the
player's head. This stereotype is ball: the character under control is
not entirely fair — because Anco highlighted by a black line. The
have released some great titles in game has been designed so that
the past, including Karting Grand players automatically dribble the
NIX - but perhaps Kick Off will go ball whenever they come into
some w a y towards changing contact with it. Shots or passes to
Anco's image in the public eye. It's another player simply require a
the first in what promises to be a tap on the fire button, and the
strong range of products coming longer the button is held down,
upover the next few months. the higher the ball will go.
As you might guess, Kick Off Because of the dribbling it's
is a football game. One or two tough to get used to turning with
players can compete, each con-
trolling a full eleven-a-side team
the ball, so for the first match or
two you'll end up kicking the ball 0,
—and the eorneeklek is given: can the Reds pad it away this time?
GRAPHICS AND SOUND hall-way up the pitch in completely Russia are extremely fast and very
the wrong direction! You can hold skillful. A coin is tossed at the
Terrific scrolling and animation compliment the gameplay, and the the f i r e button d o w n before
sound effects (whistles, crowd reactions and ball being kicked or start of the match to determine
making contact to trap the bal; whether you play up the pitch
bouncing off the goalpost) add lots of atmosphere. Triffic, Brian!
and turn in any direction you wish, (screen) or down. Then you select
then release the button to kick the a fine-up, 4-24 for attacking play,
ball. This makes things easier, but 5-3-2 tor sweepers and so on,
by taking advantage o f t h e and dive straight into the match.
'practice' option you'll be in much Anco have really delivered the
better shape t o play against goods here. Kick Off is the best
someone who's trying to beat you. football game on the Amiga t o
Once confident w i t h t h e date and should be in any games-
controls, you can choose to play player's library, whether he or she
a single game or to compete in is a fan of real football or not.
the league (the players and the Andy Smith
computer can have their skill level
adjusted, from International class
right down to Sunday League). GRAPHICS a
There are eight teams in the
league (so up to eight people can SOUND 5
compete, if each selects a differ-
ent team) and each team has a ,INTELLECT 3
different playing style and skill
level. For example, West Germany
• —but the goalkeeper manages to push the ball past the post—
tend to tackle heavily (not always
to their own advantage) while

is gained by g into ly reduce the o e r i

ball of tackling the player with the ing area and don't improve the
ball. The ball sticks to the ends of gameplay a t all. The action i s
a player's boots until he is tackled much slower as well, losing the
or kicks it, so dribbling is easy. adrenalin rush of non-stop action.
Kicks a r e split into three This is not a bad game, but
types: volleys, chips and banana just is not as good as Kick Off. It
shots. The banana shots can be has more features though: the
quite spectacular, but they bend indoor league is of particular inter-
far more than a real ball would. est, and the different types o f
3 1 4 1 N D The computer opponents range competition add interest too.
Big cartoony graphics, but V I M -
from kickabout-in-the-park cannon Bob Wade
they move sluggishly and
fodder to the 1-cost-L3million-and,
are not very well animated.
you'rehve-nii-down superteams.
Thescrolling is not as good i l l i k
One of the annoying features GRAPHICS 6
as it should be either. In this 1
of Microprose Soccer is that you ROUND
instance 'large and stripy'
can run straight through the man
'oses out t o 'small and i
'detailed. There's a lot more r , M E in possession without actually
tackling him. To tackle, the fire INTELLECT 3
in the way of music, jingles • D"6121_ ing 1 6 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 P W
button has to be pressed. It's not
'-icl effects than in Kick a n - a . s i d e ga " " 1 " 1 " gw1"1-
a serious pain, but this and sever- ADDICTION 6
1-f,all of which are good with the exception of a dire tackling effect. al other factors make it lose out
to Kick Off in the 'best footle
vortex system 2 0 0 0 hard disks
Now available • Vortex 'System 2000' hard disks, offering versatile
high-rapadty storage, suitable for use with the Amiga 500 and Amiga
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted capacity of
over 42Mb and an average access tinte of 45Ms. The system COMiSIS of
a hard disk base unit, cables and an Amiga interface module, with utilities
software including an autaboot facility arid a hard disk backup utility.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk package E 5 2 9 . 0 0

F > F I I isi T

All p r i c e s i n c l u d e V A T d e l i v e r y & c a b l e


A l l prices include VATIdeliveryl %tom •••-.'e u s e a n d t e c o n u n e n d S t a r p u n t e r s

AMIGA ACCESSORIES o smite t h e y o i l e r a n u n b e a t a b l e C o m -

binanon e l t e a t u t e a p r i n t q u a l i t y
reitability a n d v a l u e m a k e I n c sens.,-
bits decision - a c t a m i n t with a Star
prinu, ' , p e e w i t a l l in. prices

Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the

A501 RAM/clock expansion for Amiga 500
MiniGEN Geniock adapter £ 9 5
C 1 2 9 • 0 0
. 0 0
Star LC10 provides 4 NLO fonts (with
96 print combinations) al 36cps and
Only E189.00
Pye 15- EST TV/Mondor model no1185, inc. Amiga cable £ 2 6 9 . 0 0 144cps draft_ Has a large 4K buffer Colour version also available,
rrT CP3228 16.5- FST TV/Monitor Inc, rem/control & cable £ 2 2 9 . 0 0
Philips CM8833 colour monitor suitable for Amiga 500 £ 2 2 9 . 0 0
and IBM/parallel interface built in,
includes a comprehensive front panel Only E239.00
operation and features paper parking. Prices include 2 extra
Philips CM8852 monilor as above, but higher resolution £ 2 5 9 . 0 0 allowing single sheets to b e used
Philips TV Tuner AV7300, use with any composite monitors E 7 4 . 9 5 without removing tractor paper. black ribbons free of charge.
Word Perfect £ 1 4 9 . 9 5
Star L C 2 4 - 1 0 feature-packed m u l t i o n t 24p1n printer C 3 1 9 _ 0 0
Star S F - 1 0 0 L I / O K cut s h e e t [ceder for L C - 1 0 / L C 2 4 - 1 0 - - - . . . . . . t:84,95
Superbase Professional - ..... . . . . . . . . £179.00 Star NE124-10 2 4 p i n p r i n t e r 2 1 6 1 7 2 cps,
Logistix Integrated Spreadsheel....--- - including c u t s h e e t l e a d e r and 2 extra ribbons
A500 Dust Cover E 4 . 9 5 Stan N X - 1 5 good value w i d e carriage 9 p i n printer £ 3 2 9 . 0 0
Panasonic K X P I 0 8 1 rettabte 9pin 1 0 - printer 120124 cpe E 1 0 9 . 0 0
An A M I G A COMPUTING G o l d M e d a l wanner - Panasonic K X P 1 1 8 0 super n e w 9pin multilont 11 . 7 - carriage £ 1 9 9 . 0 0

A-MAX allows A m i g a users l a arritSate a M a c Plus in

older t o run Apple M a c and Mac Plus software,
Mac d i s k s c a n b e r e a d directly i n w h e n a n
Panasonic K X P 1 1 2 4 good quality n e w multliont 24pin ........... _ . - - - - - £ 3 1 9 . 0 0
Panasonic K X P - 3 7 cut s h e e t feeder for KXP11130
Panasonic K X P - 3 0 cut s h e e t f e e d e r for K X P 1 1 2 4
9 5
0 0
Epson L X 8 0 0 popular 9 p i n 1 0 - 1 8 0 / 2 5 c p e . ..... - - - - - - - - ......... - - - - C199_00
MACINTOSH external M a c Drive Is connected to the canridge
hardware. Runs a l least a s last a s a Mac Plus! Epson L 0 5 0 0 2 4 pin I 0" 1 5 0 / 50 cps ............... - - - - - - - - - - ..... - C 3 1 9 . 0 0
Software compatible with t h e A - M a x includes Epson E P X - 2 0 0 cut sheet f e e d e r for I - x 8 0 0 / 1 0 5 0 0 C 7 4 96
MacPaini. M a c D r a w ( / 1 6 2 ) . M a c W r i l • . N E C P 2 2 0 0 budget 2 4 pin 1 6 8 / 5 6 c p e .

EMULATOR Pagernaker ( V 1 6 2 ) plus ail versions of Sysiern_

fi-libut without 2 a Iliac 128K R011s E129_00
A-Mu' WITH 2 x lilac 128K ROM, 1 2 4 8 - 0 0
Citizen 1 2 0 0 budget 9pfn 1 0 " 1 2 0 c p e
Citizen H O P - 4 5 bargain value w i d e carriage 24p1n
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3 9
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15" EXTERNAL DRIVES Now available - Our New

using Citizen drive mechanisms
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Floppy Disk Drives
We are now supplying the new, good quality
13F542C 5 2 5 - floppy drive compatiale with Only
the Amiga_ ¡Quiet in operation, the unit is
colour matched t o the Amiga, and has a
throughport connector. The drive is capable
of a number o f configurations including Including VAT
40/80 track switching and 360/720K formal, & delivery
giving full 'Transformer' compatibility.

The N E W NO.1 d i s k o a p i e r for the

1,1 N A , Amiga, with a powerful nibble mode_

Compiew with 'Cy Parameter', a set
of copier pammeters t o copy oven
more p o p u l a r soltarme M i e s G o o d
specification; L s e v e n capable o f
copying m a n y p r o t e c t e d I B M - P C .
Atari ST and Archimedes disks.

• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000 disk b a c k u p utility ONLY £27.95

• Top quality Citizen drive mechanism ,
• On 0 11 switch on rear of drive
• Tbroughport connector
Ultra low price! tnedlant noweLlon
rolxVitlitrnonitor now Avollatta

One megabyte uriformatled capacity
Sikniine design
Very quiet
PYE to I N A I l e A m e s F o a m s .
laialext h e i n f r a taKI n e w t *
control. S C A R T c o n n e c t o r,
• Long cable for location either I n c . VAT a n d TVMONITOR VicteofAudio I n p A a r l d h e a d -
phone outpul c a n n e c i a n
loner presoak M o r n " R a n a
includes VAT,
cabin and n e t
aide of computer delivery ( M O D E L 11 8 5 ) panniann a r i d a l o o p a e r i a l day dalvria,
• Full 12 months guarantee Suppled vela conneceon cube,

3_5" D i s k s How to order from Ali prima include VAT and delivery. Express Courier delivery 1:5.00 extra.

-ow Send cheasse,Pozgal Order

Evesham Micros Ltd
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with labels, fully guaranteed £ 1 1 . 9 5 1311:13HEIME3 o r ACCESSNISAcardMails 63 B R I D G E S T R E E T
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ACCESS or VISA SINEW day despots:1 whenever pagible
25 risks as above, with 40 capacity
Al reads subject to availability, FACI.L tax 0 3 8 6 - 7 6 . . 3 5 4
lockable storage unit card details on Open 10 Callen d a y s , 938-5.38 !minx 333284
Kodak DS/t)D 3.5" disks. top quafity
storage media. Box of 10 • £ 1 7 . 9 5 I r 0386-765500 A i m a t : 1752 rmobites C a l l e r i d g a , Birmingham I l i a 3 B i l T e r e l l 45a
t._ It_ L i s • s s s W i r t FINI

_ 811••

versatile v r, o - w • : • • - •
...•••••••= a ' . • Z . 0 - r, - — • o • ea t a r
d Amiga probe, launched In 1977 - O p * M E •••• • •
6%• • • • -
•• N w i r e
¡parity of T h eon Voyager I I journey
space A •.0 ••• • n •
maids of a n endless • • • • • 4 E . anno••••••• : •

autilities through the universe, is picked up .• • • • •

1 by the evil alien Roxiz fleet and the

529 00 information o n board guides a --is r a
Row invasion force to our solar ••••—
system. They prepare to invade
Earth, using the ten moons o f
Saturn as a temporary base, One
Luke Snayles, a prisoner returning
from a 50-year term o f solitary 6,••••••;
Investigative Exploration, decides
that only he can save earth, by
destroying the Roxiz forces single _ - • • •
handed, one moon at a time... thr•••••,-.1.

Senst• Starting at the moon of Janus,
the player takes on the role of
Luke and has 80 aliens per moon • The screen mists
)0 to blast in this 3D Battlezonelike as y o u t a k e a h i t
tank shootem-up. You view the This t a n k is a formidable opponent.
from a n o t h e r aleen
able, action from the cockpit and are

armed with a front-firing gun and a
couple of atomic bombs.
irge. Extra bombs and widgets,
including side-view cameras and a
)34.95 device that allows M e tank t o
L99.00 sprout wings and fly around the
129.00 landscape (handy for destroying
19.00 [SOUND 4 flying aliens) can be picked up. always more Squashers than you sound effects. Although lasting
74_95 With progress through the moons have bombs, so a quick tactical interest fades because the task
1 3 the enemy g e t tougher a n d analysis is called for.
)9,00 [INTELLECT tends to get repetitive, the subtler
smarter. for example, Squashers As a 31) shoot-ern-up it's one
19.00 challenge of working out how best
ADDICTION 7 which appear from Moon Two of the best around, The filled•3D to deal with the tougher enemies
onwards can only be destroyed by graphics are slightly jerky, but are remains, and with 800 to blast
OVERALL 7 9 % dropping an atomic bomb in their at least fast. The title music is far you won't finish in a hurry.
vicinity: unfortunately, there are more interesting than the sparse Andy Smith

shield strength. Unfortunately, the Good coin-ops d o n ' t always
Tengen label, o n which great, with the explosions worthy
tank is very fuel-hungry so you'll make good computer games but, of particular note. Sound is not so
D o m mosta r k major
launch the
Atari new
coin-op also have to collect fuel canisters. happily, Vindicators does. T h e impressive: sampled tunes are
conversions will appear for three After bombing a control centre the 'viewed f r o m almost directly reasonable but effects are weak.
years, with this space-tank shoot- player enters a bonus room above' perspective works well and Vindicators i s an outof-the-ordi-
erri-up for one or two players. littered with goodies to collect, the sprites and backgrounds are nary shoot-ern-up, very addictive
Controlling an SR 88 Strategic
Battle Tank, the player must elimi- and playable, especially when
nate each one o f 14 mutt-level played with a friend. This is a
space stations, sent to conquer good start for the Tengen label:
let's hope everything that follows
earth by the evil alien Tangent
in the future is just as good.
Empire, by finding and destroying
the control centre at the heart of Andy Smith
each station. To reach the next
level, the player must locate and GRAPHICS 8
trundle over a key. —
Each level i s defended with SOUND 4
turrets and roaming tanks, but to
make your job slightly easier a INTELLECT 3
number of star symbols lying on
the floor can be collected arid ADDICTION 7
traded f o r goodies s u c h a s •
increased shot power, speed and U W i t h t w o p l a y e r s ' t a n k s o n t h e roll, t h e r e ' s s o m e f u e l u p f o r g r a b s .
tirtus At-
he Japanese have some
wacky i d e a s w h e n i t
comes to coin-ops: take
Bubble Bobble, the tale o f two
bubble-blowing brontosauruses
that went down a storm in the
arcades a n d converted v e r y
successfulty to the computer.
-r- r IAILar o Another very wacky idea is to
have a little yellow Kiwi, complete
AA5lAtillar IAA E E with white and blue shoes, running
- AAAANIALdiAllillAllaialalalAtifA around rescuing chums that have
7.-- '
r- yy rr-r-r-r-r-r-rrrt : been captured a n d locked i n
• Dispose o f that floating t e d d y bear quickly, because i f you jump
cages by a bad al' walrus. Still, it
into that balloon on the right lye could pose you a few problems. worked in the arcades and now,
thanks t o Ocean, every Amiga
owner has the Chance to play this
enchanting game at home.
In case you hadn't guessed
already, you control the yellow
bundle of fluff in this oh-so-cutesy
platform game that's not a million
miles away from Bubble BobbIe
and Super Mario Bros. T h e
action's all viewed in two dimen-
sions, and there are five levels to
play through, each level made up
of four sub-levels with the fourth
sublevel guarded by an end-of-
• Now you have t a k e n t o the balloon and a r e airborne, follow t h e level nasty that needs destroying
green arrows which will lead you towards your caged friend. before you can progress.
Again as if you'd not guessed,
the sub-levels are guarded by a
bunch o f _ well, you can't really
call them nasties, because they
appear t o be teddy bears and
snails! But contact with them will
cause you to lose one of an initial and lasers, t o be obtained bj
three lives. For self-defence you're shooting certain baddies: most
armed with a small bow, from baddies simply turn into jucy
which to fire arrows at the baddies pieces of fruit, which are collected
(a bow and arrow? Well, you for bonus points. Some baddies
might have known, really). fire back, though, so keep on your
There a r e a l s o o t h e r toes to dodge their shots.
weapons, including bombs As well as the baddies, there
• Still airborne and following t h e arrows. You've manged to change are objects in the scenery that
your bow and arrow for bombs, which spells trouble for meshes. can kill you, such as spikes on
the floor that must be jumped
over. The levels (and sub4eve4s1
get progressively harder and
puzzles start creeping in: for
J.JJ J . J _ i example, o n sub-level three
_J _ 1 _ J _J
-J •
1 your chum i s caged on the
• 4
1. right side of the level but
4 •4 — . 4 , 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4 • . 4 L . , , , , ,
there's no obvious way
A 1 4 - 4 - L 4 - 4 - 4 4

- 4 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 4 - 4 - 4 4 4 4
0 1 7 4 11 2 1 = 1 . of getting to him. Unti
r i GI a l you realise that with cat,

r i r cal 1 1 1 = 4 0 1 WI timing you can shoot the
teddy bears that float around
• ,
without popping the balloons
▪ A L A , • a . • •1 . . . . they float on, then hop onto an
• O n c e you've d i t c h e d t h e balloon it's j u s t a c o u p l e m o r e h o p s empty balloon and guide it over
before you can rescue your friend and progress to the neat level.



1o 0 '0 10 , •1• • 1 a • 111 * a 1 0 11 a a • • a l
" I s l o e ¡ C o N O R ' -or -ro ' • l o • No.-111
)0 N I o ' o C r • "-. a . . IOW
o p.% 1 1 l, e a a l *t 110
• ' t l• a• . a"• 111
• t i p1
l i a)r a l• Ca
, loom% N e u s l o No • 4 9 . 11111,11 d o
v. " • ,Co.o - a . N O • 'rill 1111.• ! 04. • • • ' a a • a
• • 111• S i • • • .•0 SS. S . •
n o l l o o m m • ellitill 11 1111 0 1 . . •• 1' 1 • •
illEra 'a I r a -• 'a 'a $
a*a '13-ti ' S I R %
!- s r l a 'a 'a •a ••
IMO o • o ' a -• 'a '11
• - a -a -* "a la 1 • 'a, 'a a• 111
• 1 1 . 1 • a o 'e 'et 'a

Ms. • • "II '111.1111 • • • '10 4

1111. E4l i 5a la's

41 I-a
S "a
111'a. 1- 18 0

lI;tipI,i a
o n•
„• -11-11• s••
••••••••• .
,1 1 1 . 1 1 • • • -111 ' 1 1 1 .11


• Fatuilousty
cute c a r t o o n F AMIGA
al graphics a n i
only p a r t e t

Sr' —_,1111 • • • _ - -11c the * o p t s &

wait toll t h e
Ovet s t a r t * t o
-.ri : # 1 : 5 rock 'n• roll,
,ealituass•eitosnealpinitegme.a a '
*es lea 'ire ' a -a -a -* • - • - 1 9 Is I n - * ' a 'a -* 10 la -a -a a p a -it a ' a -a -* -a -a -a .to -16 a a -a 'it -it

Itained b y the top. But the bears can pop New Zealand Story is incredibly to survive to the end of each
les: most your balloon and tumble y o u cute, and at first you'll think and every level. Ocean GRAPHICS 9
into juicy towards the ground, so beware! you're far too old to have taken a great
! collected Another problem is the time be playing such a :-:oin-op and produced 1SOUND 8
e baddies lint hang around on a screen too game. B u t you're a wonderfully good 1
!p On your long and a big 'hurry upr notice not. This is an incred- conversion, which INTELLECT 3
comes on. Ignore this warning, ibly addictive game, and you will no doubt
lies, there and a small Time Devil appears the difficulty tuning has find yourself booting
!nery that and prongs you with his trident, been s e t j u s t r i g h t , up time and again.
spikes on thus removing one of your lives. increasing your determination
Andy Smith
e lumped
,.. ximmii..
r. . . . ..•
irder and
v4,1 ....;61
e . •
• 4 , 4 . . 4

1 , - , • • A o

ig in: for .
a 1 . 3 1
O V A..
• n • l e
• 4 4 4.61...1
. I • . .
S. I I

4 ••• • •
id three •1111 a

on the • O W
• • • • •
• 1 4 • wIrlo91
.LL d e • • •
lormottnt d- -• woo•••
• • • • • • • Take b i g , colourful cartoon
level but • • • • • • • A-
m‘waVe r . . •
• • • • •

.• 7• o r=o m11 W, N t
4 14
O. • 7 0 •. . •. , 7
sprites that are beautifully drawn
ous way •• •
irmv N . M . ••••".....!.•_"Li
o v r • L i
I •

and wonderfully animated, add

im. Until • • •-••••••••1•EVIRMt 4 0
1 1 1 0 1 3 i : 111 ° 6 1 1 % 7 : 0

, .• •lea
e• g
• um
.r• E M1A
I 1Z Ed
. t 1. i . • . 4.-',A4-'-,..•
. , . . . ' l a l backgrounds t h a t a r e h i g h l y ,
Ath care. •A

colourful and then jolly tunes that
hoot the •WWwlia•ii
••••••• • • •
play throughout, and you end up
t around ' 4 1 . V = C & . j . 6 4 M A A ' • * M 1 1 . 1 1 M
6 1 7 6 • W a l i k W 1 1 " : : : : : : :
, 1 . • • • • • • with a great-looking and great•
balloons • VS 1 E WE
1 . 0 1 . 1 4 . • • •
• VIM • T A T . •••• • sounding game that happens to
Onto an ItI N •
• • • A
6 • • • • • • • • •F • • • • 1 1 1 . .g . . r . " : X e
%FM • • • • 6•1111111.1611.11. 0 11 . 11 0 . • •
• A • L i
t * M r • • • • 1 1 . 0 • • • • • • • • • A l i r • WO be immensely playable too,
it over
U Mind that a n e m o n e - l i k e m o n s t e r a s y o u s n o r k e l y o u r w a y t h r o u g h .

name in the world of ice
p r i d hockey,
e of Canada, biggest
but still virtually
unknown in the UK: that's Wayne
Gretzky. In North America he has
achieved the sporting god status
reserved for Ian Botham and Daley
Thompson over here_
Like recent soccer games, its
viewed from overhead. The pitch
is about two screens wide and
scrolls horizontally as the puck
moves from end to end. While not
visually stunning, this display is
functional, because y o u c a n
always tell exactly what's going
As with most American sports
games, this one loves statistics. • A n action replay
There are whole screens full of of a f o u l i n g i n c i -
dent: t h e g u y I n
information and options, which are 9mon. bottom Cell*
useful o n t h e coaching s i d e tre, h a s j u s t f l e d .
because you can alter everything tened an opponent.
from individual players' attributes
to the lines' (best described as • melelgue Yaks s s s / I i % -
preset team line-ups for particular

situations: attacking, defending,
taking penalties and so on). You
can opt to control a player, coach,
both o r neither. T h e coach
decides which lines to play: the
strategic side of the action.
On the ice, you control one

player at a time but can switch
between any of them except for
the goalie. All the rules o f ice
hockey must be obeyed, so there
are penalties for charging, holding,
tripping, cross-checking, elbowing,
high-sticking, hooking, roughing,
slashing, spearing and anything
else ending in •-ing'. You can also BETHESDA SOFTWORKS E24•99 MOUSE OR JOYSTICK
have fights and instant replays to
add even more realism.
Options allow skill levels arid but later on there is more satisfac- be arranged into lines of your own
playing time t o b e altered: a tion to be derived from it through choosing_ A s well a s changing
match against the professionals is gaining experience o f switching lines, the players can be made to
the ultimate challenge, and n o lines and learning tactics. operate certain pre-arranged plays SOUND 3
easy proposition. Starting at the In the long term, most reward to try to gain the upper hand. All in
can be obtained from the process all, this wealth of detail adds depth INTELLECT 4
most basic level, the game's very
easy t o play, b u t has hidden of creating your own teams. Each to an already good sports simula-
depths of strategy. To begin with, of the teams has ratings for 11 tion, making it one of the better
you can hit the ice and simply different characteristics, and once ones currently available. OVERALL 70%
skate around enjoying the game, the players are defined they can Bob Wade

• 4- 7 - -7

• F
ere smasheS
ater i s ; 1 1 1 1e1 1puck
1 1 1into
1 1 1the
n gscreen,
s e accompanied
a r a by a sna
pleasant music.
er that, sound i s
ited to erowd noise
d spot effects. The
ther basic g a m e
aphics a r e w e l l
pported b y n i c e
esentation screens
r the referee's deci- •
s and for fights,
these are still not
standingly fine. • The referee i n t a u t s • a foul for holding.
• The goalie Irstezes' the puck, so two men square up foe a tact-off

micro T



EXC. VATr c - T R 0202 813176 f.= FREE DELIVERY

AMIGA A 5 0 0 AMIGA A 5 0 0
E339 AMIGA B20001
PHILIPS 8 8 3 3

PHILIPS 8 8 3 3 E 1 0 4 9 AMIGA B2000

Professional P a p E 1 7 5
Publisher Plus _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ „ . . . E 6 9
A509 + TV MOO E 3 0 5 A2000 • Itrib RAM 1 1 1 6 9 Citizen HOP40 £ 3 5 2 SCUI pt 3-D Ansmale . E l 02
MOO + E200 of GAMES £ 3 3 1 A2000 • 1084(3) ITIOnire Epson EX1000 E 5 4 3 Sculpt 3-D E S 3
A500 • 1084(S) HIGH • bridge BO + 20mb Hiclisk ....E1390 Hewlett Packard Paint -MI E M I * Su perbase li ............ .___ES9
RES COLOUR MONT E 5 2 0 A2000 + 1084(s) E 1 0 4 9 NEC P15+ E S O S Su perbase Personal E 4 4
MOO + IBM DRIVE E 3 9 9 20mb hard disk (269 NEC P7• E 6 2 4 Su perbase Professional L I 69
XT bridge BD 1 2 6 9 Stet LC10 £ 1 9 5 TV Show/Text E 7 9
Xerox 4020 E 9 4 9 Word Perfect 42 £ 1 6 9

DRIVES A500/A2000 Zumatonta E 2 5

Cumane Cax 354E E 8 7 Citizen OVertUre £ 1 1 9 9 UK TOP 19 GAMES
AFeao HP Lamle! II — _ _ _ _ . - 1 1 1 9 2 5
10134(s) High res monit _____E219
RF302C E 7 4 No. Sale E
M i c e CM8833 High tee £ 1 9 9
Skipra 20rnb Hider £ 4 9 9
* All drives imb • Wo l f swilch
1901 C64 - crolour C a l l BUSINESS MARE 1 Falcon — 19.99
1900 CS4 - Mono t 1 1 9 2 Swood of Sode—r; .19.99
Sete E 19.99
3 Dragon Master
AEGIS Sonix C 3 9 4 Gales Dragon's Domain .... 19.99
5 TV Sports Football 19.99
Animated Images 3 0 9 1 1
City Desk 6 Dragons Lair 19.99
A501-5121; RAM__ ...... _____E113
Sum LC10 (P) 130CDS E 1 6 9 Deluxe Video C a l 7 Victory RD _19_99
TV Modulator . . . . . — E 2 2
Sum LC10 Coiour £ 2 1 9 Deluxe Music . . E 4 9 8 Ira Karate • 19.99
Mouse Mat C a U
Star IC24-10 (24 din) . C M S Deluxe Paint E 4 9 9 Speedball 19.99
Amiga dust-cover C i e Citizen 1200 E 1 0 5
3 5 135TPI DSOD DigMew Gold E 9 9 10 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 19_99
Commodore 19PS 1230 E 1 1 9 Home Accounts E l 9
Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin) ..E279 Maisnot Plus — E 3 9 12 Lombard RAC Rely 19.99
COMMODOREC54 Panasonic KXP1061 _ _ _ _ _ _ E l 49 Maxiplan AS00
kluac Stuck) E 2 3
13 Elite
14 MOW% lAssoacre
Epecon LX800 £ 1 5 1
C64 Hollywood . E 1 2 9 Epson L0500 E 2 5 0 Organiser II E 4 9 15 Mckey Moues 19.99
C64 Entertainment E 1 7 3 Epson F X850 C 4 0 9 Page Setter 0 3 9 16 Captain F122 19.99
1541CII 5.25 C64 drive E l 39 Epson F XI 050 E 3 8 2 page Flipper Plus E 2 4 17 Purple Saktm Deg 19.99
1581 3.5/800K C64 drive E 1 1 2 Epson EX800 E 3 6 9 Photon Paint _ _ E 4 9 18 Technocop 19_99
Oceanic 525 C64 drive E109 Epson EX I 000 E 4 1 9 Photon Video R i n g 19 Rocket Ranger 19 99

r T O : First Moro, 6 Forest Close, Ebblake Ind. Estate, Verwood, Dorset

My computer is
CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER I enclose cheque/PO for E Inc VAT.
AND EXPORT HOTLINE Or charge my AcoessNise No. Exp dais

der0202 813176 1 1 11 1 I I ank

Name S i g n a t i m e

OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm A d * 0611

All prices and manufacturers specifications

Tel No:
sublect to change without notice.
MicroBotics means Aigligammi mar
WhicheverAmigayou own—orplan tobuy—we have the expansion you need
For the F o r the F o r the

Amiga 2000... Amiga 500._ A m i g a 1000...

Hard F rame/ 2000 M501 M e m o r y + C l o c k StarBoard2

DMA S C S I I n t e r f a c e Half a M e g a t a G r e a t P r i c e ! The E x p a n s i o n o f C h o i c e

If y o u r application calls f o r As w e a r e a l l c o m i n g t o The s u p e r b memory expansion
super-speed uninterrupted realise, a one m e g a b y t e Amiga f o r t h e A m i g a 1000, s t i l l going
access t o y o u r h a r d d i s k , (at l e a s t ) i s a n e c e s s i t y n o t an s t r o n g ! U p t o 2 m e g a b y t e s of
HardF rame/ 2000 I s y o u r option. When y o u a d d t h e a u t o c o n f i g u r i n g , z e r o wait
a n s w e r. T h i s i s a h i g h enci, n o i n b o a r d 512k memory and clock state, FastRAM i n a s l e e k , all
holds b a r r e d SCSI interface m9dule steel A m i g a coloured case plus
i t s a Mt ioc ryooBuor tA500 make Ns o u rt e
that operates a t b u s speeds. i c s M501. the c a p a b i l i t y t o a c c e p t either
One H a r d F r a m e / 2 0 0 0 c a n t h a t j u s t l i k e t h e Commodore of t h e t w o d a u g h t e r b o a r d
s u p p o r t u p t o seven devices. and u n l i k e some t h i r d p a r t y modules, t h e o r i g i n a l Multi-
Word-length d a t a t r a n s f e r, expansions, we use a long l i v e d F u n c t i o n M o d u l e o r t h e new
FIFO b u f f e r i n g , T R U E DMA, r e c h a r g e a b l e NiCad b a t t e r y - SCSI M o d u l e . S t a r B o a r d 2 is
mounted o n a metal f r a m e which y o u ' l l n e v e r h a v e t o powered b y t h e b u s ( u p t o two
suitable f o r all s t a n d a r d 3.5- replace. S e t t h e MicroBotics S t a r B o a r d 2's can be supported
SCSI d r i v e s ( o r, i f you p r e f e r, clock u s i n g t h e same by t h e A1000) and passes i t on.
connected t o a bay mounted o r WorkBench s o f t w a r e a s y o u
e x t e r n a l d i s k ) . A v a i l a b l e n o w. would u s e f o r t h e Commodore S u g g e s t e d L i s t P r i c e : E.224.95
clock. W h a t ' s t h e d i f f e r e n c e ?
S u g g e s t e d L i s t P r i c e : 2219.95 You g e t t o keep E25 compared MultiFunction Module
t o t h e Commodore v e r s i o n . The
8-UP! FastRAM M501 i s a v a i l a b l e n o w. High Te c h a t L o w C o s t
Maximum M e m o r y i n O n e S l o t ! Suggested L i s t P r i c e : E124.95 This d a u g h t e r b o a r d installson
any S t a r B o a r d 2 . I t f e a t u r e s a
The FastRAM c a r d t h a t e v e r y StarBoard2/500 s o c k e t a n d s o f t w a r e f o r the
Amiga o w n e r w i l l e v e n t u a l l y 68881 M a t h C h i p a s a n WC
come t o - w h y l i m i t y o u r s e l f to Two M e g s P L U S a C h o i c e o f device ( M i c r o B o t i c s pioneered
only t w o megabytes p e r slot? Modules. t h i s a p p r o a c h o n t h e Amiga-
8-UP! w i l l t a k e y o u all t h e way now d i r e c t l y s u p p o r t e d i n the
to t h e t o p o f t h e a u t o - The p r e m i e r memory expansion m a t h s l i b r a r i e s o f AmigaDOS
c o n f i g u r a t i o n memory space of f o r t h e A1000 i s n o w a v a i l a b l e 1.3). S t i c k y D i s k g i v e s y o u the
EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8 - U P ! i s on t h e A500. I l l i t ' s o w n c a s e most - b u l l e t - p r o o f " rebootable
available i n t w o v e r s i o n s , t h e with a n i n d e p e n d e n t p o w e r RAM d i s k - i t s h a r d w a r e
standard D I P model accepts s u p p l y s t r o n g enoug h to handle p r o t e c t i o n t u r n s i t i n t o a solid
2,4,6 o r 8 m e g a b y t e s o f 1 m e g S t a r B o a r d 2 and a second A1000 s t a t e , s u p e r f a s t d i s k . Parity
DRAMS. F o r m a x i m u m s t y l e StarBoard2, all t h e power c h e c k i n g o f S t a r B o a r d 2 RAM
f l e x i b i l i t y t h e r e i s t h e SIMM and f l e x i b i l i t y o f t h i s g r e a t can b e e n a b l e d w h e n extra
v e r s i o n w h i c h l e t s you custom expansion device i s a v a i l a b l e t o p a r i t y ram is i n s t a l l e d . Finally,
c o n f i g u r e w i t h mixed 256k and you. U p t o 2 m e g a b y t e s o f t h e M u l t i F u n c t i o n Module
1 meg SIMM modules, i n c l u d i n g autoconfi g u r i n g ; z e r o w a i t s t a t e c a r r i e s an easy t o use battery-
MicroBotics exclusive FastRAM, M u l t i F u n c t i o n o r backed c l o c k t o set t h e system
PopSIMMs. 8 - U P ! i s a p o w e r - SCSI m o d u l e c a p a b i l i t y f o r time o n s t a r t u p .
efficient, z e r o wait state, math c h i p o r f a s t S C S I h a r d
autoconfiguring desi9n. T h e disk interfacing. StarBoard2 Suggested L i s t P r i c e : E65
latest a n d g r e a t e s t ' ( A m i g a also h a s a n L E D d i a g n o s t i c / StarDrive SCSI Module
World, J a n . 1989). 8 - U P ! i s c o n f i d e n c e l i g h t to indicate the
available n o w. p o w e r - u p s t a t e o f y o u r Amiga
and e x p a n s i o n . A n A1000 s t y l e Fast, L o w C o s t S C S I Module
Suggested L i s t P r i c e : E124.95 S t a r B o a r d 2 can be connected to
t h e b u s p a s s - u p f o r a total o f When i n s t a l l e d i n a n y model
mouseTime FOUR m e g s a n d t w o modules. S t a r B o a r d 2 , S t a r D r i v e offers
The b e s t . . . ( A m i g a Wo r l d , y o u c o s t e f f e c t i v e , pseudo-
The e a s i e s t t o use, most c o s t - Jan. 8 8 ) . DMA a c c e s s t o S C S I h a r d
effective implementation o f a d r i v e s and o t h e r devices. Fast,
battery backed clock f o r t h e Suggested L i s t P r i c e : E224.95 easy to install i n c l u d i n g driver
A1000. Passes the p o r t t h r o u g h
f o r j o y s t i c k s o r o t h e r devices.
Complete w i t h WorkBench
s o f t w a r e . A v a i l a b l e n o w.
11 s o f t w a r e and d i s k diagnostics.
StarDrive also Includes a
b a t t e r y b a c k e d c l o c k t o set
system t i m e o n s t a r t u p .
Suggested L i s t P r i c e : €22.95 Suggested L i s t P r i c e : E85
MicroBotics Inc.

All prices include VAT with the exception of M501 U n i t s which are for unpopulated Boards
Tell y o u r d e a l e r h e c a n o r d e r d i r e c t - n o m i n i m u m q u a n t i t y - s h o w h i m t h i s a d !
In E u r o p e : O a s i s S e r v i c e s Ltd.., 1 7 A n d r e w s P l a c e , L o n d o n S E 9 2 S J . T E L : ( 0 1 ) 8 5 9 4936
In U . S . A . : M i c r o B o t i c s , I n c . , 8 111 A l p h a D r i v e , R i c h a r d s o n T X 75081. T E L : ( 2 1 4 ) 4 3 7 5330

languages zoo not toy specialty. But the Millet
are Dvarvish, and long ago I 1earned son* of
their yards. This f i r s t rune, 'Bern,' means a
'gate', and this second one, ' L a y, ' refers to
eed and other nasty things 'the plains'
D e a t haveh , stricken
fair lands and it seems that only The gate to the plains," I said, tutting two
and two together. B u t from where?
Asterix the wizard can save the
• • •
populace from complete despair, I-That is a simple question," Praxix replied,
Only problem is, Asterix opted -A tiOre interesting one would be 'How shall
out of the rat race some time ago. we get i t to open?"
ice He now lives alone atop a moun-
tain and he's none too keen t o -Or better still, 'What do ve do now?"
Dansion receive visitors, so the first task in snarled Esher as, to everyone's surprise a
II g o i n g this keyviord-idriven adventure is to
round gate appeared, yawning wide before us.
ytes o f guide a party of (up to five) char-
-O w a i t The Party Individual Commands
acters to Asterix and ask his help. Ester Bergen--)
eek, a l l The screen i s divided into
se plus PPIXiX — ) Cast E x a m i n e T e l l Legend
t either three main sections: the top left is EOM, — )
-board given over to small pictures of the Kahoon — ) hog I n v e n t o r y
Multi- various locations, the top right is Game
he n e w where all text messages and gen-
Lrd2 i s eral location descriptions appear • When you're on a Journey, even the most unpromising rock can open up new opportunities. • the party
to t w o and the bottom part of the screen should wish to enter the door, the option keyword must be selected in the bottom left-fiend corner.

'ported is where you select various key-
is it on. words that advance the adventure.
i•224.95 The keywords offered for selec-
tion depend on the characters in
the party, their current situation
(they might be in the middle of a
battle, or preparing to camp for
the night, for instance) and the
:alls on location. So playing the game is INFOCOM/ACTIVISION E29.99 MOUSE AND/OR KEYBOARD
ures a
or t h e very easy and consists of simply and easy to use and the puzzles
In I / 0 reading the messages and decid- are all very logical and intriguing.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND ing which actions to take. It obviously won't appeal to hard-
In t h e Once you've found your way ened shoot-em-up fans, but any-
gaDOS to Asterix's abode, the adventure one who likes games that require
The small pictures are
ou t h e adequate, b u t n o t
really starts. The quest involves thought input will be rewarded with
°table searching through the kingdoms many hours of enjoyment.
ware superb. Still, there are Andy Smith
of Dwarves, Elves, Nymphs and
El solid plenty of them and they other creatures both fair and foul
Parity help t o add t o t h e for seven sacred amulets that will
2 RAM atmosphere c r e a t e d 1GRAPHICS 7
extra enable the wizard t o fight the
mainly by the text. As
inally, Dread Lord. Progress is generally SOUND N I A
for sound: forget it (on
od u I e rapid if a little common sense is
a basic A500 anyway).
ttery- applied, but if you are completely
The lack of sound does 1INTELLECT 8
ystem little t o detract from
stuck the 'musings' option at the
end of the game hints at actions ADDICTION 5
the game however, so
that you should have taken.

65 don't let it put you off. • Picture a monster confrontation...
Altogether, Journey is good OVERALL 82%
fun_ The keyword system is simple

)dule International terrorists are a nasty • The

hunch, especially when they take Mayday
model control of foreign embassies and
y ff e r s wastes a
au do- threaten to blow them up. Luckily couple of
for civilisation, the Mayday Squad beret-clad
hard guerillas
Fast, is here.
river As the Squad's commander, planting
stics. you must select a team of three some high
les a (each member specialises in a explosive.
:o s e t certain area, such as explosives
or communications) who explore
the floors of the embassy, shoot-
35 ing terrorists before they score
too many hits on the team. The
aim is to rescue the ambassador's explosions, are extremely good.
All in all, with plenty of baddies to GRAPHICS 7
daughter and free the prisoners
before guiding them safely to the blast and some clever puzzles to
roof for collection by a helicopter: solve, it's enjoyable and exciting [SOUND
all within a time limit. for a while: but it is ultimately a
Each room is well drawn from simple 'search and shoot' game, liNTELLECT 3
a first-person perspective and the lacking in variety and lasting chal-
graphics are of very high quality, lenge despite the advantage o f
although repetitive. Sound effects, changeable skill levels. OVERALL 67%
6 Andy Smith
such a s machine-gun fire and
e • • • Vememg:1155.%:•:•%:•:8:8:8:40:0:ee
. mm
l.•Eme.%4••••••• • •
M e e M
•At.-.85:•;•;ex•-•-•%-e-•-•-•-•-•-•-•;•-•;•-exxs5•55,55.8 e•551.55:•55...p0:15:0010 . .• .• . • 5 : • 5 • • • 8 111 MMEMEM O M % % M E • M:MMMI
• E E E - M - M - E - E - M - M M O M O M M M E M O M M O M S M O M M M M - O M O - S M O - M - 0 - O - 8 - . 8 - 8 - 8 - 11 - 8 - 8 M O M O - M - 8 - 8 - 11 - 0 - 0 - M e e e 8 - M -11-0-11-11-0-M-M-g-O-MMOMMMEMMMEMEMM M M E M M M O M M M M I



UMW 1 *

:MO 8 : : :
•di • i n i •n • •
• M • M.D. Office Supplies would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all its competitors. : 3
We shall with immediate effect supply direct to the public, 1::;:s:

•• • • • n
Computer discs, Storage boxes, etc. AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES E:::::le

8 : 4 4 8 : 0
g e e e e
5 -4 5 . 2 5 " DISCS & BOXES 5 '4 3 1 3 . 5 " DISCS & BOXES 3 i

25 25' DS-DO 96 TPI with 50 capacity Lockable Storage Box 1 2 . 4 9 25 3.5' DS-DO 135 TPI with 40 Capacity Lockable Storage Box . . . . . 22.95
50 5.25' DS-DD 96 TPI with 100 Capacity Lockable Storage Box 1 8 . 4 9 353.5 OS-DO 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box . . . . . -31.95
M e e e . n 75 5.25' DS-DD 96 Tel with 100 capacity Lockable Storage Box 2 3 . 4 9 45 3.5" DS•DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box . . . . . . . 37.95 •
• e e e . M 100 5_25 OS-OD 96 TPI with 100 Capacity Lockable Slorage Box 2 9 . 4 9 55 3.5' DS•DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box 4 4 9 5
• S e e n
e• d i n 200 5.25' OS OD 96 TPI with 2 100 Capacily Lockable Storage Boxes 5 4 . 9 9 65 3.5' DS.DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box 4 9 . 9 5
E • • • 8 II
75 3.5" DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box 5 4 . 9 5
• •U O • • • •
• • • • 8

O • MME 25 5.25" OS HD 1.6MB plus 50 Box 2 1 . 9 9 100 O&M TPI 89.99
M e e e e 150 DSOD 100.00
• • • 8 • 50 5.25' OS HD 1.6MB pIus 100 Box 4 1 . 9 9
100 5.25' OS HD 1.6MB plus 100 Box 6 9 . 9 9 200 DSOD 129.99 All our Discs are top quality products and are Oerti
HIGH DENSITY 3.5" DISCS 500 ()SOD 3.5' 304.99 lied 100% error tree. Should you ever see a compa
250 DSOD 5.25" 54.99 rable product advertised in this magazine al a lower
10 OS HD 3.5' DISCS 19.99
500 ELSOD 5.25" 119.99 price we will not match it we will
SODS HD 35 DISCS 94 99 1000 DSDO 525" 219.99
. . : . IM' M•O M



M e . M . n e Access
W e e . 8 0
: : : : : : : : :
: • : • : • : • :
Eg a n .
E D O N Al prcno. ockele VAr d o r m e r UK orb,
TELESALES HOTLINES: 0689-61400 Supoboo subp+c .a+ailabOrly EUE

W e e e ' e e e e " M ' e e e e e e g ' M ' O . S N E N M X e V : 8 , 7 . 8 : E X O N E X M ; E m e N n X e ; O ; O K M ; M X M 7 e ; M X E X M : M : M X 0 X E X M . 7 . 8 ; O X O X O X O X E : E ; O X M ; O : M : M M M.8

o d e e e e m e e e . 0 0 6 1 0 1 . 1 . M . M e e % W e e 8 . e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e .
MM; MEEMMEMM E. M. E. M. E. M. M. E. N. E M
M E° M
° °E °M°E° N° E° S° S
° O
° °M°O° E° e° e° e° e° e° e°e°e°e°e°e °e °e °e °e °e °e e
° S
° °8 8
° 8
° e° g° g
°E° s
° g
° O
° °M°E° E° e° e° e°e°e°e°e°e °e °e °e °e °e °e e
° e
° E
° E
° °E °M°O° M
°M° °E °M° M° E° G
° °E °E °E°W° O
° M
° °E °n°e °g °a °M° e°e°M° M
° ° ° ° °


(0772) 452414
Software and Hardware


OPEN M O N - FRI: 9 AM - P M SAT 9 AM - 4PM
7 ,


1235.00 MOUSE POPULOUS 1630. 16.80
CHEETAH MACH I+ _ 8 _ 9 5 LORDS of ihe RISING SUPI 111.10_ 11110
MOUSE BRACKET wmi** FALCON 17 20, 14.30
otricKstim it PLUS........ - - , - - . - - - _ 6 _ 5 0
STOS - -- 1030
1245•00 ONLY M A O M I N 055.00 TEST DRIVE II thc duel 10.10 - -
x > , . . › . . › B U L K 1.5' D1SECS<«««< SWORD re SODAN 15 10 -

ATA RI 520S1'IFM ATARI 520STFM KAO HIGH DENSITY DISKS- I 0_______.9.50 15 10 15 10

ATARI KAO HIGH DENstry DISKS - 50________4500
M1CROPROSE SOCCER . .15.10 ..15.10
ONLY 1445.00 .99.).),›P.W.>,60C‹<<<<<<< BIO CHALLENGE, 15.10_ •.115.10
MILLENIUM 2 2 16.10 16 10
00 CAP 13" LOOCABLE BOX . . . . . --COO
Shigline 3 3 " 1 M b D n . + Books for 200 CAP 13" POSSO BOX . -14,90 11) POOL 15.10, . 15. i0
ES9.010 N590 15.10_ ..15.10
Hard Drive by Compute WEIRD DREAMS .______ ........ ..... -15.10, 15.10
Eliot+ for ST TWIN JOYSTICK EXTENSION L E A D 4 3 0 _13.90
FORGOTTEN W o n o s 1390-
or Aroroo IN STOCK hilly Stocked WICKED 13 90, 1390
&low Diable MOUSE BRACKET..
Sworn FALCON MISSION DISKS .....-.---.13.10
Commodore A 5111 ROBOCOP 16.11L. 10 10
Atari N M I 24 Hi Res.
Cornelia 354 Block & White Expansion * ALL AMC'S COME COMPLETE WITH
15" I Mh Drive £130.00
€94,00 1100.0.0 €10.00 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY NAVY MOVES 16.110 ,11

For the First and Last Word in Software Come to Homesoft. Fvery New & Old Title Always Carried in Stock. Phone tow ['Wine for more information

will-1m 12 HOURS VISA
OFFER ENDS 31st JULY 1989. TELEPHONE: (0772) 452414 (2 Lines)
• We control the cyclic,
we c o n t r o l t h e c o l l e c -
tive: y o u a r e n o w e n t e r -
ing t h e ' C o o l e r G u n s h i p
lone. TAOS has acquired
• target, but what is it?

1 You've a whole range of weapons
to choose from, including guided
anti-tank Hellfire missiles, FEAR
rockets and a 30mm chain gun.
The cockpit is equipped with all
the latest gadgetry including TADS
(Target Acquisition and Designation
System) and radar and infra-red
warnings and jammers.
ifIGA Missions usually feature both
primary and secondary objectives,
kt -4PM 11-4MMXPIO Y O U R R H - 0 ' I A
absolutely nothing, then the so i f your 'canter isn't shot to
I t chances
'cyclic and 'collective'
are you've nevermean
pit- pieces on the first, you can go for
•-Lames ted your wits against a helicopter the second. The Apache is lightly
RI ST P511 N M 0- lael IPvAC7 flight sin). In a real helicopter the
pilot uses t w o joysticks: t h e
armoured. so can take a little flak
without crashing into the bush, but
FI Iith-EllihmtI IFPAKis: cyclic, which controls the pitch
and roll of the aircraft, and the
it's still vulnerable, so it's always
advisable t o land a t base f o r
14.30 collective, which controls t h e repairs if things start to look bad.
18.50 x7
12.10 CI I F 0. x
A R M iP11-111...
e 19 ) angle o f attack o f t h e rotor Should you complete a mission
12.10 El- N I - S
12_10 blades, so governing the lift. successfully, t h e chances a r e
FE ; baExmiT 9 ( ; (
t iNp T
In Gunship - a simulation of you'll he awarded a medal and
M X IMPS iHtiT 1 ) 0 0
the American A H 64A Apache maybe promoted.
5.10 helicopter - the player uses a joy- Gunship has plenty going for
Selecting a p a y l o a d : a s m u c h w e a p o n r y a s y o u r A H 6 4 A c a n h a n d l e , stick to control the cyclic and the it: the missions are numerous and
2.10 keyboard to control the collective. varied and it's high o n lasting
There are a number of missions to interest. The politics are dodgy,
GRAPHICS AND SOUND attempt, set in various parts of
the world and with different divi-
but i f you're not worried about
zapping gooks you'll find t h e
5.10 Sound is disappointing: sions of the American air force. As game entertaining, challenging
190 and packed with action.
3.90 the attack helicopter with most games of this nature,
3.10 sounds more l i k e a diving straight into missions is not Andy Smith
5.10 diesel bus struggling up a good idea until you've put in
/I_ 10 a one-in-four than the some flight practice and can han- GRAPHICS 7
3 i0
real thing, and explo- dle the 'copter confidently despite
sions aren't outstand- the weather. Fortunately you can SOUND 3
ing. The graphics are swing things slightly in your favour
fast and smooth, though, Preparing to attack an infants, = p o d . while training: f o r example, b y INTELLECT 6
and are certainly very making crash-landings impossible
colourful. Take the plunge, set everything on 'realistic' and volunteer or minimising cross-winds. ADDICTION 5
tor some of the more hazardous missions, and you'll find that Once you're competent, it's
Ganship is action-packed enough to keep you coming back for months. time to attempt a mission with a OVERALL 87%
difficulty level equal to your ability.



Olga a t t e m p t s
to n e g o t i a t e t h e
high w i r e solely.
A% t h e y s a y i n
show b u s i n e s s ,
1-sa—' - B r e a k a tifor

- -

by moving the joystick to the left

Slam, a multi-eventer set and right. If things are going well
F i l ollowing Grand
on another Monster
world, comes it's possible to attempt tricks such
Golden Goblins latest offering, a as scissor kicks, handstands and
multieventer set in the Big Top. backwards somersaults, e a c h
There are five events in which completed trick earning points.
you and a friend can participate. Survive the high wire and it's
The first is trampolining, on which time to try your hand at juggling,
you have a couple of minutes to with up to six tennis balls plus a
bounce around performing for- balancing ball on the foot and the
ward and backward somersaults occasional Indian club. As if that's
in order to impress the crowd and not enough, a midget clown riding
so score points. I n two-player a motorbike occasionally attempts
mode, each player controls a to run you down, so it's a good
character on his own trampoline, idea t o jump in the air a t the
but when one player starts a appropriate time and so avoid him!
somersault the other follows. The penultimate trick is quite
Having had a surfeit of this likely to be the most dangerous: • A careless knife throw elicits a barrage of abuse from the victim
bouncing, you can turn a leg to knife throwing. Line the cross-
tightrope walking. The task here is hairs up on the wheel, to which is the obligatory scantily-clad assis- definitely tougher to master than
to help Olga balance during her securely fastened a nervous tant and lob them at the wheel, others. None o f the events has
diagonal walk across the screen young lady, then take knives from trying t o miss the girl i f at all outstanding gameplay, so Circus
possible. Curiously, the assistant Attractions comes across as a pot u
is none too friendly and will some- pourn o f mediocre games that
GRAPHICS AND SOUND times try to hand you a stick of
dynamite, which explodes if you
tend to frustrate more than enter-
tain. The fun improves if you play
accept it, thus ending the game. with two, but not greatly. and
aphics throughout are good The colourfulco ulfbackdrops,
r good per The final trick involves three Andy Smith Intel
spective and smooth animation all work well together making it ver clowns and two see-saws. The
active visually. Sound player must guide each clown in
not so hot: the barrel- GRAPHICS 8
turn as they jump from one see-
an tunes that accorn• saw to the other, avoiding a ghost
y each event are all
II executed and add r • 0:'-;•:•t that appears between them, and
collecting any bonus points b y 'INTELLECT2 '
osphere, but they're \-Fv-/V,1-ATMVW.e' catching various obstacles that
too repetitive and are appear above the clowns' heads_
ly to become annoying
The events all require practice
tier rather than later. to achieve a good degree of com- OVERALL 560
petence, and some events are


r than
s has
a pot
; that
u play

imith ilmiu113
To e n t e r o u r c o m p e t i t i o n p l e a s e s e n d y o u r w a r r a n t y c a r d s o f
TA R G H A N a n d c o m p l e t e t h e f o l l o w i n g :

'like the g a m e Ta r g h a n because

Send your entries to: UNIT 1 (Rear of 7), WELLINGTON ROAD, SANDHURST,
SURREY GU17 SAW ( 0 2 5 2 ) 8 7 7 4 3 1 - 8 7 9 7 1 8 • Fax: (0252) 877431
Closing date September 1, 1989.
The word is PROTEXT...
Now available - Version 4.2 of Arnor's acclaimed word processor

PROTEXT is very fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word Protext is the result of 4 years of development. Unlike the
processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the majority of competitive programs Protext is 100% British
screen in next t o no time. W e have achieved this by and is being developed further all the time in response to
developing our own screen handling routines - much faster the needs of British users. Registered users are always
than the standard ones. informed when upgrades are available.

"Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga'

PROTEXT uses the Amiga 'WIMP' interface fully and S77AM6A FORMAT Z89
supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor
•Pmtext - the real joy comes only from using I t I can say
movement and block copying and window resizing. without any f e w o f contradiction i t i s t h e best word
PRO'rEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings processor available at the price, in my view, at any price in
fact? A U ) 1 8 9
and is fully compatible with the Amiga's multi-tasking
operating system.
A brief summary of some of Protext's features
Background printin g edit/create further files while printer is busy Program mode suppresses formatting; auto-Indent; set tab stops
Box manipulation move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks Proportional text will print proportionally spaced, right justified text
Configuration set over 50 options to your own preferences using Quick dictionary dictionary held in memory is very fast
our menu driven configuration program Ruler lines a n y number of ruler lines to define document layout,
Dictionaries add/delete words to/from supplied 70000 word left/right margins and normal/decimal tab stops
English dictionary. Create your own dictionaries. Spelling checker check whole text from disc or memory, or as you type.
Disc utilities copy files, erase, rename, type, create directory, Suggests alternative spellings. Works with foreign
change directory, remove directory, catalogue files languages
Exec files store sequences of commands in files for easy use Symbols f u l l character s e t available o n screen. Character
File conversion flexible file conversion utility for other WP files symbols may be redefined
Find & replace very powerful and fast with many options. Time and date t i m e shown o n screen. Insert t i m e o r date into
Foreign languages 10 built i n keyboard languages. E a s y t o u s e document
accented letters: a asç b ü 66173A66 6 6 etc. Tutorial files h e l p you to start using Protext
Formatting auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text. Two file editing t w o documents in memory, copy text between them
Headers & footers up to 9 lines o f text, different eveniodd headers Typewriter mode direct printing for envelopes etc.
and footers, auto page numbering, footnotes. Undelete r e t r i e v e text deleted in error
Help edit and command help available on-screen Word count q u i c k count at any time, whole text or just a block
Keyboard macros string any sequence of letters together on a single Word puzzles a n a g r a m and crossword solving features
key e.g. 'Yours sincerely. Load and save macro wysiwyg on-screen bold, underline, italics
key files. Special recording mode as you type. Mail merge
Line drawing ideal for drawing lines (mr101. corners) around text The most comprehensive mail merge program available, Use it for labels,
Une spacing variable in half lines, including 0,14. 1,116 2, 21/2, 3 personalised 'standard letters", club membership lists, and much more:
Printer support works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range *read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program
of printer drivers supplied, incl, lasers and 24-pin *ask for variables from keyboard i t display message while printing
printers; or create your own drivers or edit ours. *include file for printing * r e f o r m a t whilst printing
Printing styles bold, condensed, d o u b l e strike, e l i t e , italics, *conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
enlarged, p i c a , N L O , subscript, superscript, *numeric calculations and string expressions including substrings
microspacing, proportional spacing, a n y other *commands to write information to a separate file
printer fonts *operators -1-,-.*,/,<,>,< = , > = , = < > ,IN,NOTIN

Protext is a professional word processor

If you want a fast efficient program for processing words, get PROTEXT

Latest News and Announcement Prices IBM PC Atari ST Amiga

Version 4 2 is now available. Enhancements include:- Pmtext v4.2 E99.95 E99.95 £99.95
* Revised and improved 300 page manual and index Protext Filer E24,95 £24.95 E24.95
* Current date and time are available as single key strokes Protext Office £34.95 E34.95 £34.95
* Improved memory allocation a n d smaller program makes German Dictionary E19.95 09.95 09.95
better use of your memory.
Demonstration discs available - please phone
* Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of text
Upgrade price from v4.1x E 1 5 .
"PROFILE' - the Amor Database for PC/ST/Amiga.
(People have been waiting years for this)


I Arner L to' (Ay?, 6 11 L i » c o k Roace Peterborough, P E / 0114. T o t 0780 6 8 9 0 9 / 2 4 hour)

All prices include VAT, postage arid packing. Access/Visa/cheque/postal order. Fax: 077,9 6729.9 P r o s t o t 016848009
g Ready for AMIGA
the start o f
a facet t h e
line u p t o
wait for the
green l i g h t
'Oar signal.


demanding than anything on two
been written that fully or four wheels, or any flight sim.
N o exploit
t many games
mouse have
control Not only are you required to battle
instead of the pystick: Virus and the tortuous courses but you must
Ferrari Formula One are also take on computer opponents,
two that spring to mind. or another player via a datalink,
This is another one for at the same time.
the collection, i n There a r e
seven tracks, t h e In hot pursuit of a opponent. • Selecting a new c o a t r I S C • .
which the advanced
control mechanism simplest of which is
a basic oval: all the middle o f t h e track. I t h a s retired to the pit which takes up
is matched by the
rest are much more adjustable strength that can be valuable time, so careful flying is
futuristic n a t u r e
complicated. You must gradually turned down a s you just as important as speed.
of the game.
fly around the tracks as learn t h e intricacies o f t h e After a few days' practice this
Imagine racing a jet lighter
quickly as possible, trying courses and how best to fly them. is a fantastically absorbing game.
along courses that dive under
to avoid the walls and other ships. Each track is on a planet with Initially, the aids to flying help a
ground, twist and turn wildly, and
This is made easier to start with Its own atmosphere (methane, lot, but once you are good enough
even have moving walls. You are
by using a centring mechanism oxygen, ammonia or sulphur) so to get rid of them it is a unique
now imagining this game. It's a
which attracts the ship back to the the ship must be fitted with the racing experience. Not only is it
futuristic sport that is far more
appropriate lifters. This is compli- worth spending the time on t o
cated during races b y rain o r begin with: it will remain a classic
other precipitations that require for years to come.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND particle fitters to prevent engine
Bob Wade
failure. The ship also has other
Astoundingly fast solid 3D graphics adjustable features, such as the GRAPHICS 9
give a marvellous feeling of move- fuel type, aerofoils and brakes,
ment. This is complemented b y that affect its performance. SOUND
excellent presentation and demo There are four other racers in
modes that make delightful viewing different ships and contact with INTELLECT 3
and listening. The pit graphics are them or the track walls damages
detailed and believable, Engine the ship. Too many accidents will ADDICTION
noise a n d mechanical sound affect the handling or instruments.
II The ship retired to the pits.
effects are all on the money' too. In order to undergo repairs or be OVERALL 9 2 %
refuelled, t h e ship has t o b e

sio: b e s t vies,
CAL11000 4
ol theyour
1°w Woesititt
Coosttx'clit' - - seiYrb:Puto--
wheelie A i l l e( n
i s 5e G adine. thethe
Skate ultimate
rollers. get test-stooling
So Mt, nofp
trisbere andb a t t e n s k t i l 7Alt IMKRACKEN",-
the curl os you l tise giant P
Welcome ta a new state ot uste Atotolly zany ,0/10111141top adventure awaits
AMIGA 09,99d 119A PC 09.99c1 you in the crazy world of Zak PAcitracken - a
worid hilt al lokes and surprises 'anti o ridt,
rnulti-layered mystery to solve. A tun site
copy of the 'Motional Inqutor' packed with
hints, dues and laughs comes game toinside
bee Ise_ip you.
ISM PCL.-14.99c1
MARI SI C24.99d
» O A C24.99ci

SAITLEHAWKS 194r -.TheCoral

Sea', 'PAldway', 'Santa Cruz', Ilse
Solomon isles'. With you as an AM•riC1111
or iopcinese BATTLERAWKS 1942'
lets you relive live intense excitement of
*rose bottles wisith have dsanged
history of Ow world.

Ace Composers 42 Como Snot Ihhoolor buidi Té 1772 137981 1471.9111114 131.. Spot %mo9t Té 1411 742124 Solloore
Ike Comeweors 3 No* Soot BittiT é 1272 666341 Coespotoremee 72 Stetewoh Loa( lohlooSoo, EnthuseYN 1 H T é 0424223304 M e o ate - 4? Feu CommSitAnd9k ht., Tel N M 253N1 6' 4 / k i n g Co
/login Gomm / h o l m , 51tot h o o k Tú 1072 21MrTIT Co49r1 3132 04.01 keen, holéo kW hum T é 0172776574 M o o Cleo 10 Smeo toot lewhowle Moe T é 1462 672141 ST 10,1G4 Male
B E D F O R D S H I R E A - I Coo
Compokir latimmy(mak 6 k . S e é l . . , , 4 . W . . 4 Tek 0 1 0 3 5 3 1 5 3 11 M hel,
Goolloo Complumn P o w Cook, L . G o o Kew Si 104644 T é 1734 rnooa C o w e r Wimp Comlo, 11 7 Koh Sow Otoop. Tel, OM 11 41
Se/loom Nos 1 l o M o s o m i l , p w Come Wive T é 1234 M N Cork MittOttelwitt Coin toe* Oww, Co1 Wood T é 121 m o d
Wpm Cowles1 1 Moe, Om, OAR 2 Toll NOT M T N Silk* Shop - 4 tht W e . tiams t e n t i Stts. t e k 91 m u l l Complowe
O L I C K I N I C A H A P A S 11 I R E ESSEX soit.o,o Plus 35 NO Moot Commune TA 1414 333162 Seitspot
A r i a r d m c o w e r c e l l o 31 ,=Pb.1, 541,44. Aphotaro Tel, 1 2 % m o o
Cempwlerson G M Le-4o toed Soehme o, T o t 0792 335443
5O0*S59P0J$L4.14 - 1 N o . Sim. Cowls. I * 4227 431112 PA
C A M B R I D G E S H I R E /16•106mAins 19m196 tolortem Sile4 GlopeM 11mi Tot 0634264111 The Come
WO.. Nona Soelood o E m u T é 1702 614111 L A N C A S H I R E 'Fork Coo
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C H E SHIRE Akan Norwood 174 O w. Stn. %Agog Té 1233 21157 04,113,T
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Sehoom Plus Um1 Coomum Gum, O w kW. Caws Tel, 0375 701164 11/0f1C0111111410C9/1191 57 0 . 4 4 0 6 Memo TO: 0533 r a l l N o r * Pk
1-14-1-03-101110m6le Neep 151 Ahem I . 401144boomP Té N42 219119 CILCTLOCIESTERSHIRE L O N D O N
1.11-1,03, Computer Shop Slow Coo'Shoppool Coto Shoe Moo Seam, ea hoe D.Compton, SlAwirt 9himint Two* Glowtowr0002 307101 WIlin O.
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The moo.' moo n okohro soK Ghw000r Tel, 16152 411693
O M A N , M o o l too. Some de, TM, T é 0142 614166 Bo Modal Shop 22 Pilt Ste. Sined T é 0133 I M O 11,41 Cowden 125 Mph 5641/11604,0e. bolo 141 11 5N 7763 'Co.
%pooh / M e e , W . Go lox T é OW I M O G R E AT E R M A N C H E S T E R look Seise 19 Ile krothem. Iho kuee, Mottoes. T é 11 112 092 Miloor
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C) M A I Cooselew Shop Chia Y T é 0325311111 /Welt) Somboe 9/soMeem-colw Loot howcolve hot 061 339 M I togic
M e Shop loionion Cm0 hod lode." Té I I W W I
I t e t t i t b t t e i t t i t t Cm, M a . Game h u t I W . T é 1325 W M H A PA P S H I R E SC4211
DERBYSHIRE ' SIDTT.901= TAY.. 31- 435ml1,64Egim.*,•..C..nn5hoppgCAI%14 II1111111 Cophol
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The Gomm Cupboard 5 Moo kelp Moo. bow T é 0292 214172
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H E R T F O R D S H I R E O l O R C 3 lo IC The Coo
C o o T o p e 5 Gtow Clomp Siva, Itoyero•ilk Dorm T é 1030517111 745 Faitninsble 231444 Mows, Wow' 06lomo1 Moo T é 0442 55144
The 4 0 / t e S i m p 321 Airs Rood. Promo. PooleComet Tel, 1102 717493 Coonputor Moo 40 moo Condo Sne Key I,., * m a Tel 15537111511 The taw
Whom" Ploo Lw 94. Mime lie O a k , Si Moo T é 0777 64347 viesco
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aWt, pa evetw1.1)(1t,07670%17wa'aZ '0 – E S s u
7„06,comtg,„,::•;:td-eka t t e t R
SKWEE10-- Monk action, convulsive env., sza1„:Zon,,,c4163Z,Zd_v,„.d'est
fun as hyperoctive Skweek sweeps 1307e. T h t c h p - . e t
through the 99 continents of his AtZur
mother planet decontaminating
them on his way. Skweek is fun. /9.99d•
Simon& is action. Skweek will last
forever. Skweek is o charming
action sensation.
ATARI ST & AM/GA t 19.99d
IBM PC (24.99d

,1 942'
mere of

Fero Norma 7747 Blegiolot 5464.N0000dt Mort& Id: 103 133361 131Poem Wet ktinkenzk Tel, 03/ 225 45111 W A R W I C K S H I R E
Cowen(Wen tie. i n7 Gomm t ae k Nevi, TU:116123 423204 _2 h 8 e -n32 t Siu Glow. Te47 N I 204 1466 Spa CORM* C4141,6 64 Ckmoke ftek lemerslon Soo Tek K A 337640
O44144 SPECI r a i n how44Shenk Gimp. T i 041.111 1616 WEST M I D L A N D S
P I Wei
I-1 O R TSeeks
H A Mnt
PT O PIhsi
inn 1 S%%km
I I I%mol
Et El Calm Noreonro,
r 14143 42. a S g L I T H 1.41LIMBERSIDE
1111 IS1114414331 t i n (anyhow 31cit 42 HO iota% Sookve Ti : itnt t o m s = 0 1 . 1 204
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1 7 Waite Ta n4446,4
i Submit, Ti-0746 761039
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TO, 0327 S O U T H Y O R K S H I R E Pokro aly lo (Itoioto See Neoax. kit 5253 313019
1112 km Alkow Mc Sink 1 I - 11 brio Slim Coe km( loorootel, 9.61o, Tel: DI 479 4 I 6
160111TH Y O R K S H 1R E 4 1 1 1 . 1 k Crazy Nee72 CAN*,
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W imple. hem 14 1 %lease • 54•1,4 , c i ;eh 0904 641924 • 2 Xi Ch
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ISM 2/3 Hofford Way, HolIord,
Birmingham Bo 7A)1
Tel: 021 6 2 5 3388
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FoNkrepee Imam 31 - 33 504 Simile* &alai Tel; 0734 34704 lesdy 1••• Se D i e t TU: I971 625401
AT £ 3 . 9 9 E A C H
3D Pool 11.99 Garfield • 9 . 9 9 Real Ghostbusters 16.99
4 Soccer Sim 11.99 Garfield Winter 1 2 , 9 9 Realm of Trolls 16.99 NAME P R I C E
4x4 Off Road Racing 16.99 Ghost o Goblins 1 4 . 9 9 Rebels in The Dark 11.99 Alien Strike 3 . 9 9
Advanced Rugby Simulator .11.99 Gilbert Escape Drill. 1 1 . 9 9 Red Heat 15.99 Challenger 3 . 9 9
Advanced Ski Simulator 1 1.99 Golden Path 11.99 Renegade 1 or 3 15.99 City Defence 3 . 9 9
Afterburner 16.99 Grand Prix Sim 2 11,99 Return of the Jedi 11.99
Airball Fortress Underground 3 , 9 9
11.99 Gryzor 14.99 Return to Genesis ' 11.99 Jump ..let 3 . 9 9
Airborne Ranger 14.99 Guerilla War 14.99 Rick Dangerous 15.99 Mike The Dragon 3 . 9 9
Alien Legion 16.99 Guild of Thieves 16.99 Road Blasters 13.99 Phalanx 2 3 . 9 9
Amiga Gold Hits 1 16.99 Gunship 14.99 Robocop 15.99 Quantox... . . . . . . 3,99
Archipelagos 16.99 H K Machine 99 Rocket Ranger 19.99 Trivia Trovc 3 . 9 9
Arkanoid 2 Revenge 14.99 Hawkeye 12.99 Roger Rabbit 9.99
Arnialyie 11.99 lielter Skelter 9.99 Rolling Thunder 16.99
Baal 14.99 Heroes of the Lance 16.99 Run the Gauntlet 15.99 SPECIAL O F F E R S
Ball of Power 1990 14.99 ilighway hawks 11.99 Running Man 14.99
BaIIÍsItx 11.99 16.99 RVF honda 14.99
AT E 7 . 9 9 EACH
liollywixid Poker Pro
Barbarian 2 Pal 14.99 Hostages 14.99 Sargon 3 Chess 14.99
Barbarian Pal 11.99 Hot Football 9.99 Savage 14.99 NAME P R I C E
Bards Tale 2 17.99 Hunt for Red October 14.99 Scorpion 14.99 Armagrddott M a n 7 . 9 9
Batman Caped Crusader 15.99 Hybris 19,99 Scrabble Deluxe 13.99 Alien Syndrome 7 . 9 9
Battlechess 16.99 Ikari Warriors 14,99 Sentinel 11.99 Blackjack Academy 7 . 9 9
Battlehawks 1942 16.99 Ingrids Back 11.99 Shadowgate 14.99 Bermuda Prolect 7 . 9 9
Bionic Commando 16.99 hit Karaie + 16.99 Shoot ern up Con Kit 14.99 Bornbjack 7 . 9 9
Blasterokis 14.99 Iron Lord 19,99 Silent Service 14.99 Craps Academy 7 9 9
'flaying Barrels 14.99 Nicklaus Golf 15_99 Silkworm 12.99 Crazy Cars 7 9 9
Illood Money 16.99 Jet 26_99 Skate or Die 17.99 Dark Castle i ' 99
Bombuzal 14.99 Joan of Arc 16.99 Skateball 17.99 Deja Vu I 99
California Games 16.99 Joe Blade 2 9.99 Sleeping Gods Lie 14.99 Fernandez Must Die 7 9 9
Capone 19.99 Jug 11 9 9 Space liarrier 2 16.99 Galactic Invasion 7 . 9 9
Captain Blood 14.99 14_99 Spacerarer 11-99 Gee Bee Air Rally 7 . 9 9
Carrier Command 14.99 Kick
(MI Approach 11.99 Sperdhall 11_99 Gold Runner 7 . 9 9
Cliessmasier 2000 16.99 Kind Words 2 34.99 Stag 14.99 Hacker 2 7 . 9 9
Chronoquest 18.99 Kings Quesi 4 21.99 Starfleet 1 19.99 Hellfire Attack 7 . 9 9
Chuckle Egw 2 18.99 )(Asia! 17.99 Sta r ider 2 14-99 Insanity Flight 7 . 9 9
Colossus Chess X 15.99 Leader-board Birdie 16.99 Stealth Fighter 16.99 Incredible Shrinking Sphere 7 . 9 9
Corruption 14,99 Lancelot 12.99 Steve Davis World Snooker 12,99 King of Chicago 7 , 9 9
Cosmic Pirate 14.99 Land of Legends 16.99 Storm Trooper 14.99 Mantic 7 , 9 9
Crazy Cars 2 14.99 Laser Squad 16.99 Street Fighter 16.99 Mincifighter 7 . 9 9
Cybernold 2 11.99 Last Duel 10.99 Strike Force Harrier ' 9.99 Nigel Mansell GP 7 99
Daley Thompson 8 8 14.99 Led S i a m 13_99 Sirip Poker 2+ 9.99 Nord And Bert 7 . 9 9
Daniocles 11.99 Legend of Djel 16_99 Super Hangon 16.99 Romantic Encounters 7 . 9 9
liaritis 89 14.99 Legend of Sword 14.99 Superba,se Personal 59.95 Skychase 7 . 9 9
I iarkside 15.99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 19.99 Superman 14.99 Sra Stalker 7 . 9 9
Denaris 16.99 Lombard RAC Rally 14.99 Sword of Sodan 14.99 Seconds Out 7 9 9
DNA Warrior 11.99 Lords of Rising Sun 19.99 Talc-spin 17_99 Soldier of Light 7 . 9 9
Dominator 13.99 Manhattan Dealer 14.99 Tang,tecl Tales 14.99 Spellbreaker 7 . 9 9
Double Dragon 11.99 Maria Whittaker 9.99 Tech 13.99 Stock Markel 7 _ 9 9
Dragon Ninja 15.99 Mayday Squad 12.99 Trehnocop 13.99 Strike Force Harrier 7 _ 9 9
Dragonscape 15.99 Menaci. 12.99 Teenage Queen 11.99 Strip Poker Data Bev & Dawn - 7 . 9 9
Dragonslair I meg 29.99 Microprose Soccer 14.99 Test Drive 2 The Duel 21.99 Strip Poker Data Lee & Roy 7 . 9 9
Driller 14,99 Milk-Mum 2.2 16.99 Theatre Europe 14.99 Strip Poker Data Rachel & Kim -7.99
Dungeon Master 15.99 Mortville Manor 15.99 Thunderbirds 16.99 Strip Poker Data Sure & Bianca .7.99
Eliminator 13.99 Motor Massacre 13.99 Thutulerblade 16,99 Tetra Quest 7 . 9 9
Elite 14.99 Navrom 16.99 Tiger Road 17.99 Tetris 7 . 9 9
Emmanuelle 11.99 Navy Moves 16.99 Time and Magik 12.99 Thexder 7 . 9 9
Empire 19.99 Nebirlus 17.99 Times of Lore 14.99 Three Stooges 7 . 9 9
Empire Strikes Back 1 1.99 Net herworld 17_99 Titan 14.99 Tracers 7 . 9 9
Espionage 1 1.99 Operation Hormuz 12.99 Tracers 16.99 'typhoon 7 , 9 9
Euro Space Shuttle 16,99 Operation Neptune 14.99 Tracksuit Manager 11.99 Vixen 7 . 9 9
Exolon 16,99 Operation Wolf 14.99 Triad 18.99 Winter Olympiad 88 7 . 9 9
F16 Combat Pilot 16.99 Outrun 8.99 Triv Pursuit New Begin 12.99 Zynaps 7 . 9 9
Falcon F I 6 19.99 Outrun Europa 9.99 TV Spoils Football 17.99
F a l c o n M iSSiOn D i s c 1 13.99 POW 19.99 Typhoon Thompson 11 9 9
Fantavision 29.99 Par-land 11.99 Ultima 4 14.99 E L E C T R O N I C ARTS
Fed of Free Traders 19.99 Par-mania 11.99 Ultimate Golf 13.99 SPECIAL OFFERS
Final Command 19.99 Paperboy 14.99 OMS Scenario 1 8.99
Fish 14.99 Peter Beardsley 12.99 VMS Scenario 2 8.99
Flight Sim 2 26.99 Phantom Fighter 13,99 Univ Military Sim 14.99 NAME A M I G A
Fit Disc 7 or I 1 13.99 Phobia 14.99 Verrninator 14.99 Archon Collection 8 . 9 9
Fit Disc European 13,99 Pioneer Plague 14.99 Victory Road 14.99 Arctic Fox 8 . 9 9
Fit Disc Japan 13.99 Platoon 14.99 Vigilante 10_99 Bards Tale 1 8 . 9 9
Flying Shark 14.99 Police Quest 16.99 Vindicators (Domark) 12.99 Deluxe Music Con Kit 4 9 , 9 9
Foot Man 2 Exp Kit 8.99 Police Quest 2 16.99 Virus 12.99 Deluxe Paint 3 4 9 . 9 9
Football Director 2 1 1.99 Pool of Radiance 16.99 Virus Killer 18.99 Deluxe Photolab 4 9 . 9 9
Football Manager 2 11.99 Precious Metal 15.99 Voyager 15.99 Deluxe Print 2 4 9 . 9 9
Foundations Waste 8,99 Premier Collection 18,99 W C Leaderboard 8.99 Deluxe Production 8 9 99
Freedom 11.99 Prison 11.99 W Gretzky Hockey 24.99 Deluxe Video 4 9 . 9 9
Frightnight 11.99 14.99 Wanderer 3D 11 9 9 Ferrari Formula 1 1 6 . 9 9
Purple Saturn Day
Frontier (EPTI 14.99 16.99 War in Middle Earth 14.99 Fusion 1 6 . 9 9
Fun School 2 (6-8) 15.99 Ra e s 14.99 Waterloo 14,99 Interceptor 1 6 . 9 9
Fun School 2 (over 81 15.99 Raider 11.99 Wec Le Mans 14.99 Marble Madness 8 . 9 9
Fun School 2 (under 6) 1 5 . 9 9 Rambo 3 14.99 Weird Dreams 14_99 Populous 1 6 . 9 9
Galactic Conqueror 14,99 Xenon 14.99 Powerdrorne 1 6 . 9 9
Ramrod 16.99
Galdregons Domain 12.99 Zak MeKracken 16.99 Skyfox 2 8 . 9 9
Game Over 2 16.99 Reach For The Stars 16.99
Zany Golf 16,99 Test Drive 1 9 . 9 9
Word Tour Golf 8 . 9 9

Please send cheque/PO/Access/Visa no and expiry date to:-

D e p t AP'S, T r y b r i d g e L t d . 8 B u c k w i n s S q u a r e ,
B u r n t M i l l s , B a s i l d o n . E s s e x S S 1 3 113t7
Please state make and model of computer when ordering. Postage and packing included in UK on
orders over £5.00. Orders less than £5.00 and Europe add .E1.00 per item.
Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmall.These offers are available mail order only.
New releases sent on day of release. Tel orders: 0 2 6 8 590766

..... 3.99
Obviously the citizens wish t o
defend themselves, so the army
has been called in and doesn't
mind shooting or lobbing sticks of
dynamite a t you one little bit.
Every hit you take reduces your
stamina - pictured in the form of a
horizontal bar at the top of the
3.99 screen - and once it reaches zero
3.99 the game's over. To prevent this
they're determined to smash their players - each controlling a mon- happening simply reach out and
aren't the sort of names way through as many of America's ster - and when you're not lighting chomp as many people as you
G e o r you'd
g e , imagine
Lizzie and
Ralph finest cities as they possibly can. amongst yourselves the idea is to can, which revitalises you no end.
bearing a remarkable resem- Converted f r o m t h e Bally destroy a set number of buildings Rampage is a fun game t o
blance to King Kong, Godzilla and Midway coin-op, the game can by climbing u p and punching play. The animation is fine and so
the Wolfman would have, b u t handle up to three simultaneous whacking great holes in them. are the backgrounds, i f a little
basic, and the sound effects are
PRICE reasonably good. The game itself
is simple, addictive and, when
three of you are playing at once,
-7,99 quite pleasingly manic: but don't
...,7.99 expect it to keep you playing for
-7.99 months on end. 'cos it won't.
-7.99 Andy Smith
_7.99 rGRAPHICS 6
_7.99 rSOUND

.7.99 • George t h e Gorilla is OVERALL 7 2 %
.7.99 • Framed a g a i n s t t h e s k y l i n e , o u r m o n s t r o u s h e r o e s p r e p a r e f o r d e m o l i t i o n . looking for trouble...

TInfirm11 phenomenon of the year,
7.99 following other wacky favourites
7.99 like Gribbly, Thing, Pogo and
7.99 Bubble and Bobble. His (for it is a
7.99 he and not a Skweezette) whole
7.99 motivation in life is to turn blue LORICIELS E19.99 JOYSTICK OR KEYS
7.99 tiles pink by running over them.
7_99 From this simplest o f concepts include increased firepower, more variety in the levels, As you would of a repetitive, wibbly tune played
are constructed 99 fun levels. speed, and extra lives and shields. expect from a cutesy game the throughout and cheery in-game
The tiles are laid out across On the whole, the game i s graphics are very colourful, leatuv effects, The fun might not last for
vertically-scrolling levels packed thoroughly enjoyable because it's ing sprites that are detailed and long, but it's great while it does
with other features, t h e most so easy to play and yet has lots of nicely animated. Sound consists Bob Wade
A bothersome among which are the
)9 creatures that appear from portal
tiles and are fatal when run into.
P9 Tiles that are covered in ice, Liiilitma- L-la 1111- 2 111:::1:
9 let Skweek travel only one way,
explode o r dissolve c a n also
r 110 -'all tiil ,,,I-m
il pzik ,
cause problems for the unwary.
Fortunately, you can shoot the
creatures and pick u p useful , a m 7SWill I M I N "
bonuses along the way which


OVERALL 78% • This is Sitsrseh himself, rising
• S k w e e k , t h e c u t e s y f u r b a l l centime-etas*, r u n e I m o a d e a d l y s p i d e r. star of the c o m p u t e r world.
AFRICAN you smash your car up too mucn,
and it's terribly difficult to navigate
with no instruments: s o careful
driving is a prime requisite.
On the approach to the finrrt.

ing post, only i f you loin
follow the track t o the line
your position be logged. Then the
car is repaired and you can set
Out on the next stage.
The perspective used is good,
the game overall is very fast arid rl
boasts good gameplay: but it's
not the most exciting o f race
games and offers little new apart
TOMAHAWIQCOKTEL VISION £19.99 JOYSTICK from the map-reading aspect and
a couple of new hazards. Still, its
well worth a look.
will be slow. To be in with anything To help you navigate while you're Andy Smith
part in the African stages like a chance of winning you have off the track there's a digital corn-
S t r aofpthe yourself in andrally,
Paris-Dakar take to venture cross-country, which is pass on the dashboard, There's
courtesy o f Parisian software where the problems start. also a fuel gauge and an indicator :GRAPHICS 8
house Tomahawk. The desert is full of hazards: (updated by transmissions from a
There are five stages to the barrels from last year's race, SOUND 7
pursuit helicopter) giving you a
game, the idea being to make it herds of resting camels and soft grid reference, which enables you
from Point A to Point B in the sand. Sand multiplies problems by to follow and plot the course on 'INTELLECT 3
shortest possible time, any which slowing y o u r i g h t down, b u t the map supplied with the game.
way you can. There's a roadway to fortunately you can simply switch All the instruments are vital t o 1ADDICTION 6
follow, should y o u s o wish, from two- to four-wheel drive and successful completion o f t h e
marked out with old barrels, but crossing the sand becomes much stage, but they can get broken if
its twisting and the other racers easier, though still slower than
tend to stick to it so your times two-wheel drive on firm ground.

As you might expect from the French, the graphics a o f a high

standard. Collision detection seems a little iffy, but not disastrously
so, and the undu-
lating desert, the
hazards and the
backgrounds are
all good. Sound
is o f a similarly
high q u a l i t y ,
helping to make
this an extremely

standing, car
ing game. E F l y i n g o v e r r o u g h g r o u n d p a s t t h e camels.
g o y a b l e , i f not
E Wa i t i n g w i t h o t h e r s f o r t h e c h e q u e r e d f l a g a t t h e s t a r t o f a s t a g e .

There's nothing new we could tell only leaves the conclusion. The has, and always will have, a place ST/Amiga Format Issue 5. or from
you about Space Invaders so, Invaders i n this version move in the hearts of most computer Fish Disk Number 120.
unfortunately for Supernova, that excrutiatingly slowly, even when owners. But to produce a version Andy Smith
there's only o n e l e f t o n like this and expect people to buy
screen, the collision detec- it is shameful. If you really want to
hon is dodgy (shoot through play Space Invaders, there are
your barrier and you take out many better PD versions which will
either a whole bullet's width, entertain you rather than make
or absolutely nothing no mat- you k i c k yourself a n d reach
ter how many times you fire) straight for the rubbish bin.
n n n and the sound is best left
turned off. Bringing a classic
Instead o f buying this, you
could grab yourself a copy of the
• , I J I v t - r o t t r retro-1.0
like this to the Amiga is not
In L o o k s l i k e a c l a s s i c I n v a d e r s _ such a dumb idea: after all it
PD game Amoeba Invaders, given
away f r e e o n t h e cover o f
too much,
the finish-
join and
!Iun w i l l
Then the
can set

Its good,
fast and it
: but i t s
of race
le* apart
Still, it's

ty Smith


r from


: S O F T W A It E:
NAVY MOVES The first part is also sub-divided
into smaller sections. At the start
of the game you're on the surface
of a very choppy ocean in an
inflatable dinghy, trying to jump a
line of mines that are little more
DINAMIC/ELECTRONIC ARTS E24_95 JOYSTICK than a boars length apart. Then
you confront enemy commandos
on j e t skis: here's where the
harpoon gun comes in, because it
• T h e tirst part. these guys shoot or crash into
skimming a c r o s s you, one of six lives is lost.
the o c e a n M a n
inhalants dinghy.
Get past them and it's time to
dive in and take on some deadly
sharks a n d enemy frogmen.
These are all small fry compared
to the third stage, though, where
you clamber inside a bathyscaphe
to take on first an octopus and
then a large eel-like monster.
The second part is a side-on
viewed platform game set inside
the sub, during which you must
place a bomb in the reactor and
escape. Unfortunately, i t ' s not
easy to move around the sub with-
out the passes that officers carry,
so you must shoot and rob them.
This game differs from Army
Moves in the scenario only. Navy
Moves too has extremely difficult
gameplay, t o the point where it
spoils your enjoyment rather than
increasing it. Its incredibly tough
•M•htF and for the first part at least, the
game is simple, uninspired stuff.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND snorkel and make ready Andy Smith
p uwith
t onthe
your flippers and
flamethrower and
harpoon gun: because it's aquatic
and the • , death and destruction time.
The U5544 nuclear submarine
too. Sound effects must be destroyed and it appears SOUND 5
e nothing special, how- you're just the person lot the job:
r. What i t gains in if y o u c a n g e t there. L i k e INTELLECT 2
I- t grriacp hbackgrounds are
i c s and sound Dinamic's earlier game A r m y
departments does n o t Moves, it's a two-parter, access to ADDICTION 5
compensate for the lack the second part being denied until
of good gameplay, • Part Two: inside the submarin•., you complete the first part and OVERALL 53%
receive an access code.

roll once it starts or whether it will uphill to the exit again (unless you
fall down the wrong holes. The are lucky enough t o discover
laws of gravity are obeyed here, a gravitation switch, which will
so if the ball lands on the floor simply reverse the gravity).
RAINBOW ARTS E19.99 JOYSTICK there's no way of making it roll The control is awkward, but
the game's f u n t o play and
Remember Solomon's Key? if you although it's unoriginal ifs quite a
do, this is a lot like it: if you don't, mental exercise. W i t h 2 0 0
well, the aim o f this 'influenced' screens to complete rrs liable to
game is to ensure that a ball runs keep you busy for some while
down t o a certain part o f the Andy Smith
screen b y building blocks over
holes in another set of blocks that
already cover the screen.
There are ghosts t o avoid. SOUND
magic potions t o collect ano
some 200 different levels to corn • • ; INTELLECT 7
plete. There's even a simultaneoir,
l r M A I T: 11 7 % 1 F A r t t r ' r 3 " -
two-player mode which you may 1ADDICTION 6
find useful because on a lot of the ' S W Ai P r , M a r N S W I T: A t • "
screens you have very little time M O W N ,7 4 3 1 0 0= 1 1 r t r i lMt - M r S Wa w
to think about where the ball will MI • s a o i ” m m i l , m,••••••••••mome • • 16-.EL • • • • • • • • • • • • • • = * Eftm. um,. • b a n i a e a m g r a - l i a m h e 1 í 4 &comma,"

he start


m an
jump a
le more
!re t h e
:ause if
sh into
Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3. Mouse, Manuals + Leads
time to
deadly A M I G A S P E C I A L G I F T PA C K
Dgmen. As above Plus Return of the Jed( Eliminator, Custodian, Powerplay, Mercenary, Zynaps, Hellbent, Warlock
Tipa red Quest, 24 Public Domain Titles, Fanta Joystick, 80 Capacity Disk Box, 10 x 31/2 DS/DEI Disks. Mouse Mat.
where £399.99
scaphe AMIGA l MEG
r. Inc Modulator, Workbench 1 3 Mouse. Manuals + A501 RAM Expansion •i• Dragon's Lair Game

inside A M I G A 5 0 0 + 1 0 8 4 S M e d Res Colour Monitor
must £589.99
or and
's n o t
lb with- Inc, B2000, XT Bridgeboard, A2090 20 nib Hard Drive. + 1084S Monitor
Balance of Power 1990 E16,50 El 499.00
carry, Battlehawks E16.50
hem Butcher Hill £13.99 A501 1 / 2 M E G R A M E X PA N S I O N
Army Falcon C19.50 El 29.99
Navy FORT £20,99
lithcolt Kick Off £13.50
The Kristal £20.99
liere i t
Running Man £13.50 C47,95
ir than Aegis Sonix V.2 E 4 4 . 9 5 L i g h t s , Camera, Action
Lords of the Rising Sun £20.99 Aegis AudiOmeSter II E 5 9 . 9 5 Zoetrope £79.95
tough American Ice Hockey £16.50 AMAS E 7 7 . 9 5 D e l u x e Paint II While Stocks LaSt) £29.95
st the £17.50 Future Sound E 7 4 . 9 5 D e l u x e Paint Ill E67.99
Personal Nightmare Perfect Sound E 7 4 . 9 5 A e g i s Videoscape 3D
tuft Populous £17.50 EE14409:9999
E13.99 Pro Sound Designer Gold E 7 4 . 9 9 C o m i c Setter
Smith Hawkeye DR T's KCS E 1 5 9 . 9 5 M o v i e Setter £59.99
Voyager E16.50 Edersoft Midi Interface E 2 4 . 9 5 M i n i g e n (Geolock) £104.99
Microprose Soccer E16.50 Date! Midi Interface E 3 4 . 9 5 D e l u x e Photo Lab £59.99
Battlechess £16.50 Dynamic Drums E 4 6 . 9 9 D e l u x e Video £59.99
Dynamic Studio E 5 9 . 9 9 P h o t o n Paint II £79.99
Melinium 2.2 £16.50 £109.99
Studio Magic E 5 9 . 9 9 V i d e o Eflects 3D
Airborne Ranger £17.99 Adrum E 3 6 . 9 5 V i d e o Wipe Master E59.99
Grand Monster Slam £16.50 Delu xemusic E 5 9 . 9 5 A e g i s Animator E79.99
RVF 750 Honda £17.50 Music X P h o n e A e g i s Video Titter E84.99
Blood Money £16.50 Dr Ts Midi Recording Studio E 5 2 . 9 5 C o m i c Setter Clip Art Disks
Casio 230s Midi Keyboard E 1 9 9 , 9 9 Fantavision 36
Archipelagos £16.50 C13.95
Casio M1240 Midi Keyboard E 1 2 9 , 9 9 i c o n Paint
Bio Challenge £17.99
3D Pool E17.99
A501 RAM Upgrade E 1 2 9 . 9 9 B O Capacity Disk Box E8.95
Weird Dreams £17,99 Workbench 1.3 Enhancer E 1 3 , 5 0 M o n i t o r Covers From E6.95
Tech C13 50 Disk Drive Cleaner E 4 . 9 5 A 5 0 0 Power Supply E62.50
Sorcerer Lord E16_50 Mouse Mal (Soft) E 4 . 5 0 Modulator E24.99
E20_99 A500 Oust Cover £ 6 . 5 0 1 3 / W Handy Scanner £209.99
T.V. Sports Football £69.99
May Day Squad £13.50 Amiga to Scan l Lead £ 9 . 9 5 P h i l i p s AV7300 Tuner for monitors
Ouickshot II Joystick E 8 , 5 0 M o d e m s from £89.99
Flobocop £17.50 50 x 31/2- Disk Labels E 1 . 5 0
s you
STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable E214.99
but C o mmo d o re 1 0 8 4 5 E 2 5 9 . 9 9 E u m e r w 1 Meg 3.5' with oniall £94.99
STAR LCIO colour inc. Cable E249.99
and CITIZEN 120D inc. Cable E139.99
EPSON LX800 £244.99 Philips 0 8 3 3 E 229.99 T r i a n g l e 1 Meg 3.5- Drive Ea4.99
Ate a STAR LC24110 inc. Cable E324.99
pie t o All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques/P.O. Made payable to TOP Q U A L I T Y
11 1 ill ri ( d [ P 3 112" DS/DD

G 15
0 E8.25
ICARDHOTLN I E:0438361738* 2 E19.9 5
50 FA X : 0 4 3 8 7 4 0 7 9 4
It you do send Cash please send it Registered
All Goods are sent First Class/Registered.
Please add £3.00 for outside U.K.
200 E134.00
Large orders ie. Amigas. ST, Monitors etc. are always sent by courier. PRICES INCLUDE LABELS
lease add E6.00 it you require next day courier delivery on other items. Add E6.95 for 80 Cap. Disk Box
00 m o m are correct al hem al going ID N o e , a n d 2ro s o t i o c l to El-an9a writaltil p o w r o t e only when ordering Disks

POWER 1990

The current zenith o f strategy

games and probably t h e only
game ever to be reviewed in the
New York Times_ Its more than
just a game, it's a thorough simu-
lation of global politics between
the USA and USSR. The attention
to detail i s extraordinary. After
playing this, you will probably
know more about world politics
O ,b i•E L A L A .111:;12: U P 111)9 W.:_:..:11 1 -.:r-,)r) than most politicians do_

WeproudlypresentourTopTen of thebest r
Striking a balance between survival
and scoring points is the whole art evergames:sogoodthatthere'seleven...
of the game. Factors to bear in
mind are spheres o f influence, the ST and is, sadly, only available hacking screen, and then alte the
precedence and relative impor- in a one Meg version. Lead a following bytes:
tance level. The advisors are a party o f adventurers through Byte V a l u e R e s u l t
good general guide, but the hard fourteen levels o f Lord Chaos's 18 F F A b s o l u t ely
decisions are all yours. dungeons, fighting all manner of 19 F F Loadsa
vicious nasties and solving some lA F F Luwerh
CHALLENGE very tricky puzzles in an attempt
The Multi-Polar Level is immensely to rescue your master's Firestalf.
1B F F
9F 1 0
D o s h
Mission 1
compex and a match for anyone. Superb graphics a n d s o u n d 9F 2 0 Mission
effects bring heaps of atmosphere
to a thoroughly addictive game
DENARIS that'll have you on the edge of
Play the game without the hel Pet
your seat the whole time. Worth the above cheats or a doc king
buying a memory expansion for... computer,
Horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-ups
don't come any better than this TIPS
piece of Germanic genius, which
features some of the best blasting
Lure some o f the more vicious IF-18
graphics ever seen and gameplay
monsters into doorways and keep
the door bashing down on them
to suit the most demanding o f while you fight. £24.95
players. Scores over its rivals in
the variety and deviousness of the CHALLENGE
alien attack patterns. Satisfyingly, A solid-3D combat flight simulator
f i n N A t7A1.11 Play the game from the start with- with the emphasis firmly on com-
a death and the loss of all addition- out mapping it as you go_ bat. There's a host of views, both
al weapons does not necessarily
herald the end of the game: it is within and outside the cockpit,
and heaps of missions to com-
still possible t o battle through,
although much tougher. The end-of-
ELITE plete, some o f which are very
FIREBIRD E24.95 devious indeed_ The overall game
level guardians are varied and
tricky, the hardest being Me enor- structure is great and the at en-
mous spaceship. There are enough This classic space trading com- tion to detail superb. The graphics
levels, too, to keep even the most bat game is still the best of its arid sound effects a r e both
kind. Starting o u t w i t h little tremendous and the frame rate is
hardened blaster happy.
money in a simple ship, you have impressive. Everyone should own
TIPS eight galaxies t o explore. at least one combat flight sim
Dogfight with pirates and aliens this is still the best.
Static attack patterns mean most
waves can be wiped out easily by as you shuttle goods from planet
to planet trying to earn money to TIPS
correct positioning. Beware the
weapons capsule with the yellow equip your ship. Whether you Be careful not to always trust
block in: i t removes the nose. choose to operate within the law mission briefings!
cone, leaving the ship vulnerable. or outside it is entirely up to you,
but whichever path you choose, a CHALLENGE
CHALLENGE dogfight i s j u s t around t h e Experts should be able to compiete
corner: and the enemy ships take a mission without using rnissile
Survive through three levels with-
no prisoners! A believable game
out collecting additional weapons.
world, terrific gameplay and as
big a task as you'll find anywhere. HYBRIS
An absolute must. DISCOVERY/GAINSTAI
DUNGEON £24.95
MIRRORSOFT £ 2 9 9 9 Type 'SARA' when first prompted Some of the hottest, fastest and
for the start-up password, then most frantic arcade action yc
Amasterpiece of adventuring and enter the correct code. During the find outside the arcades. Yoti
Ii 1.111;1(JiiPlUil role-playing that first appeared on game press t o bring up the fly a heavily-armoured spacecraft

through an alien fortress, blasting to ensure instant classic status. SUPER
ground emplacements and any
alien attack ships that are foolish
You play the part of a divine being
overseeing a race of people living
enough to appear on Me wrong on a small world. Unfortunately, £24.99
side of your laser cannons. As you there's also another divine being
progress, you can pick up extra (either the computer or a friend)
The best racing game on two
weaponry to help the alien wasting trying to look after a rival race: wheels, more than a match for
move into top gear, because the world is too small for
any of its four-wheeled rivals. The
both races, one has to go. And
TIPS rolling road looks fantastic, every
that's where you come in. By help-
stage is accompanied by delight-
Memorise the flight patterns of the ing your tribe t o settle, build a
different alien attack waves s o ful scenery, the roaring engines
civilisation a n d conquer n e w
sound good and the music i s
that you can waste them as soon ground, you gain the power t o
excellent_ Pacing is perfect: tight- j-.1 I ISMS
as they appear. Ground emplace- invoke a whole gamut of natural
ening time limits make winning a
ments can have you cornered in disasters upon t h e opponent's
very difficult proposition. T h e
no time: if possible, knock them people, thus helping your tribe
best out without the slightest delay. and increasing your power still fur-
ther. With a thousand worlds t o
mouse control is delightful too.

CHALLENGE conquer, Populous is destined to
Survive for three levels without Keep your finger on the accelera-
keep you playing for months: and
tor and go! Well, OK, you do need
destroying the ground installations. you're sure to enjoy every minute.
to slow down occasionally: but
liter the TIPS steering into corners early helps.

uft NEBULUS Volcanoing the opposing popula- CHALLENGE

NEWSOM E 1 9 . 9 9 tion i n the same spot several
Autely Complete t h e f i r s t five-stage
times is very effective. Keep build-
isa course without crashing once.
ing new settlements for your peo-
Somuch more than just a plat-
erly ple throughout the game: power,
form game! It's a unique concept •i_;---'1J1
that tests both the mind and the the key to the game, is derived
ion 1
reflexes. The crucial feature is the from settling, If they are too com- VIRUS
ion 2
setting, in the middle of a sea on
anumber of towers that revolve
fortable and have lost the inclina-
tion to explore, reduce the size of
a settlement until it's too large to

State-of-the-art 3D graphics and a

as your character moves round
help of them. There are all manner o f hold the population: the settle- superb control system are hall-
locking ment will then kick someone out marks of this classic from Elite
nasty surprises throughout t h e
to explore and settle new territory. author, David Braben. Although
game, as you struggle to reach
the top of the towers within a criticised for being too hard t o
CHALLENGE play, with a little practice it's one
tine-limit and without tumbling into
Play three consecutive worlds of the most addictive, challenging

the water. It's a magnificent con-
OR cept, superbly executed, instantly without using any of your divine and enjoyable shoot-ern-ups ever
•s powers: n o earthquakes, volca- created. Stop the aliens from
addictive and with enough difficult
towers to stretch the best. noes, knights, floods, swamps, or
any of the other acts of god...
infecting t h e beautiful, rolling
patchwork landscape by reducing
nulator TIPS every one of the many types of "ILL*, 7 1 ' 1 - . r. 1 . 11 . 5 1 .

corn- The most important thing to learn enemy craft to glittering clouds of
,both is the timing of the appearance of
THE SENTINEL debris_ The graphics are stunning,
ockpit, FIREBIRD £ 1 9 . 9 5 the sound effects are superb and
the spinning alien: get in rhythm to
corn- savean awful lot of sudden drops. the gameplay is unrivalled.
?very Watch out for areas where being Bizarre and compelling strategy
game game played over the chequered TIPS
knocked down by the alien is vital
affen- to progress. surface of a planet dominated by Missiles are precious - use them
aphics the Sentinel. Essentially, you must only t o take out attractors and
both • •
absorb energy while trying t o mystery craft. B y hovering low
rate is zz.T.
d0117,17:77 r r a T

over the water you can see the

pimr .1=.•.••Fr, 2-177;td.A prevent the Sentinel from absorb-
d own =rem ing yours. A clear brain and a fast shadows o f incoming attackers
137r2••••=: r -
m and r4-2.1"2•7 .M-17 1 trigger finger are both vital in this and their vapour trails. Along with
• r . i • » 1El1 M
M G7 IN; the sound cues, this allows you to
original and huge - ten thousand
• 1••p2'712127Z7 landscapes - game. manoeuvre and thrust at the right
rx-xp-a-mol • - • time to gain a height advantage 1.1.A J D J ]
. • 1.774777p—r
1st the TIPS and attack. Take out bombers and
• r:r• 4 7 Z . : • 0...
Remove all the sentries and posi- seeders first because the land-
tion yourself right next t o the scape bonus can earn valuable
CHALLENGE extra lives. On later levels, try to
Sentinel (so you can absorb him
hplete Complete the first three towers whenever you wish) then, while refuel just before the pests start
iles, without being knocked down once he's turning slowly toward you, warping in: you will not be able to
to earn a 100% technique bonus. while they are around.
survey the land and absorb any
extra trees and the like. As soon
as he starts scanning you, simply CHALLENGE
AR POPULOUS absorb him and take his place. Destroy all the scanners on Wave
ELECTRONIC A R T S One and then get to Wave Five
£2495 CHALLENGE (the new landscape) flying blind.
t and Aconsiderable achievement would High-score fans should have a
you'll A relative newcomer, but with all be t o win a landscape without crack at getting to the third land
You the essential ingredients needed taking Out any sentries. scape and scoring 250,000. JAUS

WinUSGold'sGauntlet II
coin-opworth over 12,000,
plusheaps of US Gold

A dream come true for all whack the answers on
arcade fans: your very own the back of a postcard
coin-op. I t s n o ordinary or stuck-down envelope
coin•op either: i t ' s t h e and s e n d i t t o : 1. Which of these is one of the four
smash hit Gauntlet H. Gauntlet I I C o m p , characters in Gauntlet If?
That's not lust one or two Amiga F o r m a t , 4 a) Bimbo the Bandit
player action. b u t f o u r Queen Street, Bath b) Darren the Dull
players blasting and chas- EU%1 l E J . The entries cl Merlin the Wizard
ing around together. Your should reach u s b y
friends will love you for it. August 21st and don't 2. What should you do when touched
As i f a two-grand forget to include your by the 'IT monster?
arcade machine wasn't name, address a n d a) See a doctor immediately.
enough, US Gold are also phone number on the b) Touch another player and pass it on.
giving away 20 sweatshirts and 2 0 games as postcard and add the name of the US Gold game c) Touch a THAT monster to get rid of it.
runner-up prizes. Each of the 20 runners-up will get you'd like to receive if you win a runner-up prize.
a sweatshirt and a US Gold game of their choice 3. What nasty tactic do sorcerers
Gauntlet II is a classic game that combines use when attacking you?
hectic blasting action with lots of level exploration MOP a) Shoot magic that freezes you to the spot
and player co-operation. It's a marvellous arcade RULES b) Reverse the controls
experience, not to be missed. c) Go invisible for short periods of time.
To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic Employees of Future Publishing and US Gold are
machine or one of the 20 other prizes, all you have not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final; REMEMBER to include your name,
to do is answer the following three questions, no correspondence will be entered into. address and phone number on your entry.
e t V-
H i S o f t . 1111
B A SL O I lCk i
Compiler •
Now BASIC has come of age
HiSoft BASIC is a fully-integrated compiler and editor that makes it beautifully easy to convert
all your AmigaBASIC programs into fast-running machine code.

In fact, HiSoft BASIC is so simple and quick to use that you will soon find that you no longer
Bed the AmigaBASIC interpreter at all, you can do everything you want with HiSott BASIC_

HisSoft BASIC includes lull support of the Amiga, • Compatible with Microsoft OuickBASIC 3, Atari
as standard, with extensive window, screen and ST BASIC, AmigaBASIC and most other BASICs
graphics commands. In the same way as the inter-
preter, Amiga libraries can also be accessed as if • Full structured programming with long IFs, multi-
they were built-in statements allowing complete line functions, sub-programs, CASE, WHILE,
machine access. REPEAT, DO etc.

HiSoft BASIC includes full MENU support, with • Optional line numbers, lots of compiler and run-
event trapping and powerful sprite routines, using time options allowing tremendous flexibility both
the OBJECT keywords. at compile & execution time

Compiled programs can execute i n their own • Full recursion in sub-programs and functions plus
window(s) or use the GU window for minimum local and global variables, arrays as parameters
size. CLI-type programs may be easily written and
made resident since they are fully re-entrant. • 5 types of variable, integers, long integers, single-
& double-precision floats and strings of any size
For larger programs and for those programmers
with strong editor preferences we also supply an • N o limits; no program size limit and no variable
editor-less compiler f o r traditional disk-to-disk size limits, memory permitting
compilation methods. • Interactive environment: invoke the compiler from
the easy-to-use Intuition editor and all errors will
HIS& BASIC is a no-limits language: string vari-
ables may be up to 16Mbytes in length and there be reported, in English, giving you the option to
are no limits on array sizes either (subject to avail- go straight back to the editor for correction or to
able memory). Code generated is fully 68010/020/ carry on compiling. You can run your program
030 compatible. from the editor so it's just like using an interpreter
- but much, much faster!
Compiled programs have no run-time overhead;
all compiled programs share an Amiga library. which • Power features like include symbolic debug, ex-
ploit maths co-processors and much more
may be distributed with programs without charge.
Compiled programs multi-task, of course, but as • Complete with free AmigaBASIC Inside & Out tu-
they all share the same library, memory usage and torial book plus examples disk, for a limited time
disk space is kept to a minimum. There is also an
option to produce completely stand-alone programs "... the manual is clearly written and informative and
which include only as much of the library as they an example of how a computer manual should really
need. be written. HiSoft BASIC has got a great deal going
for it. It's fast, portable, compiled and i s quite
Anew feature of the latest version of HiSoft BASIC
simply the best implementation of BASIC yet seen
ts he ability to link BASIC with C and assembler! on the Amiga" New Computer Express 28/1/89

Yes, please rush me a copy of the HiSoft
BASIC Compiler for my Amiga at E79.95 inc.

dress I would like to pay by:

Cheque/Postal Order

Card N9


orphone your ordeito: HiSoft, The Old tchool, Greenfield, Bedford, MK45 5DE_ Tel: (0525) 718181
7 i r 4 A n


m i




tot- E



DESIGN 3D fully exploits all of the A m i g a s capabilities

(Graphics in 16 colour out of 4096, resolution of 640/512,
• Simple User Interface.
rapidly, multitasking) in order to allow the creation of objects
in real 3D. You visualize these in either tour views (front,
• Quick to get impressive
side, f r o m a b o v e , p e r s p e c t i v e ) o r f u l l s c r e e n . T h e results.
perspective mode allows a representation with some sides
hidden, according to seven different modes, one of which • Includes Animation.
uses shading from 4 light sources. Furthermore, due to the
fact that DESIGN 3D works in points, facettes and volumes,
each of these entities can be manipulated independently
• Easy to rotate object in
from the others (moving, distortion, rotation...). Thanks to
the output possibility on graphic printer or plotter (HPGL)
any dimension.
you can see your designs on paper. Further, a parametric
grid, a reticle, a font editor and the display of numerous
• Videoscape compatible.
parameters make DESIGN 3D an incredible user-friendly
product for every person wanting to work in 3 dimensions.
Instructions and program in English.
E79.95 inc VAT ••
Contact your nearest dealer or e o
11 : 1 4 l i b I ,0
MIDDX. UB7 71141 I N F 0 66G
. R 11 i\4E S GoLDDISK
TEL: 0895 444433

three primary components: the X-CAD

Commodore have stepped u p program itself, a set of run-time libraries
O v etheir r the past couple
advertising of months,
into the vertical and a set of command overlays. The
markets. The latest market to receive advantage o f this system is twofold.
the Amiga treatment is that of the low- Firstly, system memory usage is kept to
endCAD workstation. Commodore have a minimum by loading commands only
pulled together a range o f 'official' when they are required. Secondly, this
Amiga CAD 'solutions', as the PR people modular form allows new commands to
like to call them. The basic system be added to the system comparatively
consists of an Amiga 2000 with 3 Mb of easily by just adding extra command
memory, 14-inch multi-sync c o l o u r overlays and run-time libraries.
monitor, 68020 accelerator card and
Me professional version of X-CAD, the LAYER OF T H E A M I G A
suitably named X-CAD Professionaf. All professional CAD systems allow the
Prices for these lovely bundles of kit use of layers, which means a diagram
range from about three grand right up to can be split up into several overlaying
awhacking eight grand (although pricing sections. X-CAD certainly isn't let down
is still to be confirmed). For the home in this area, since it allows the definition
market, however, there i s a distinct of up to 256 different layers, which can
possibility that Commodore may bundle be displayed in any combination.
X-CAD Designer features a l l the
standard drawing tools that you'd expect
to find in a high-end package, such as
splines. cross-hatching, grouping, line
laJ2Juorts breaking and trimming. All are executed
N U M at a phenomenal speed. This speed is
probably X-CAD's greatest a s s e t .
because i t uses the Amiga's custom
hardware to offer redraw rates over five
times quicker than those of the most • While X-CAD Designer is Ideal for most semi-professional
applications. f o r some users X-CAD Professional is t h e only
popular PC package, AutoCAD, running choice. X - C A D Protossiona0 1t3991 r e q u i r e s a t l e a s t t w o
• This i s X - C A D Designer i n action: on a 80386-based PC-compatible. megabytes of memory, but boasts a whole range of enhance-
experimentation with text entry. Once you've 'designed' your master ments OVIW X-CAD Designer. X - C A D Pro features full online
piece, you'll want to output it to paper. help, a n i n t e l l i g e n t d a t a b a s e , a c o m p l e t e pr ogr a m m ing
environment and •xtensive batch processing facilities.
both the A2000 and A500 with the low Luckily for those of us who can't afford We haven't yet had a chance to take a look at X-CAD Pro,
cost version of X-CAD, X-CAD Designer_ pen plotters, X-CAD has extensive sup- but from initial impressions it looks like beirog a heavyweight,
Modular Times' X-CAD Designer is a port for dot-matrix printers. Even with a powerful p a c k a g e a i m e d a t t h e b i g - l e a g u e professional
fully-featured, two-dimensional design bog-standard nine-pin dot-matrix, some market. A set-up like the one shown hale costs a tidy penny.
and draughting tool which will be o f very professional results can quickly be
interest to draughtsrnen, designers and produced. When i t is printing, X-CAD Amiga with t h e n e w super-high-res
engineers alike. The package arrives in automatically builds u p a smoothed A2024 monitor could quite simply clean
one of those very nice box folders that representaban of whatever is on-screen, up t h e low-end C A D market. I f
seem to be standard issue for serious producing the highest resolution printout Commodore's advertising department
PCsoftware, but tend rarely to be used that is possible on your printer. gets it right, I can see the Amiga and
for Amiga products. Lurking inside the It is very unusual to find an Amiga X-CAD becoming a formidable force. •
box you'll find a manual, a single package that not only destroys the
program disk and a dangle, which must competition on the host machine, but
beplugged into the second joystick port also on all other comparable machines. CADENCES
for the program to function fully. This system's greatest assets a r e CAD is our particular
Both versions o f X-CAD a r e undoubtedly its high level of adaptability
designed in a modular form, which area of computing that
and sheer operating speed. X-CAD
has been revolutiontsed

means the software is built up from Professional running on a 68020-based
by the arrival of
machines such as the
Amiga. Previously, the
image that surrounded
t i i s U All Amigos 1 M e required.
Codvision International Ltd, M a s a n any CAD system was of a
Mows, London M 1 4 OJZ. powerful graphics

Tot; 01 6 0 3 3 3 1 3
workstation costing
many tens of thousands
if pounds, linked to a
super-high-res vector
screen that required a
fork lift truck to shill it.
With the arrival of pow-
erful personal
computers such as the
PowerfulgraphicschipsmaketheAmigaideal for abudgetCADworkstation. Amiga. CAD has finally
been brought within the
JASONHOLBORNlooksatthe 'official'AmigaCADpackage. reach of the masses.


outA-MAX,anewhardwareadd-onthat will

completely captured t h e D I P
Amiga certainly has taken a market with its excellent range of
A M a c emulator f o r t h e
long time t o arrive: ST professional DIP packages.
owners have been happily running
Mac software on their machines SETTING UP YOUR
for over a year now. What has PAcAPAIGA
finally arrived is a hardware-based As is the case with nearly every
emulator that has a very simple emulator known t o man, A•Max
objective: t o turn your Amiga into isn't a ' p l u g in and go add-on.
a perfect imitation of a Macintosh After you've found a source for the
Plus computer. Mac ROMs (no easy task), the next
The first thing you'll probably job is t o actually get the Mac's
ask yourself before considering WIMP operating system, Finder,
forking out for any emulator is over t o an A-Max format disk_
'What can this machine do that I Because o f obvious copyright
can't already do on my Amiga?' restrictions. A-Max isn't supplied
Well, the answer to that question with the Mac OS. You'll have to
isn't as straightforward as it would obtain a copy of that yourself.
first seem. It would be correct to Once you've found a friendly
say that there probably isn't a Mac user who is willing to let you
great deal that you can do on a borrow a system disk, the next
Mac that you couldn't already do problem i s h o w t o g e t t h e
on your Amiga. So w h y even contents of a Mac disk across to
consider a Mac emulator? Well the an A-Max disk. The Mac uses a
reason, put simply, is that Mac special mufti-speed drive with a
versions o f software are often disk format that cannot be read by
considerably more powerful than any machine other than a Mac, so
similar packages on the Amiga. lust inserting the Mac system disk
One area that the Mac excels into your P o l o drive isn't the
in particularly is that of Desk Top answer (that would b e far too
Publishing. Compare Professional easy!) I f , however, y o u have
Page on the Amiga to even the access to a Mac second drive,
simplest o f Mac DTP packages getting Finder across is childsplay,
and you'll soon realise why nine because A-Max will allow you to
Out of ten electronic publishers plug any standard Apple drive into
prefer the Mac. The Mac WIMP the A-Max cartridge and use it as
system, Finder, lends itself very you would with a 'real' Mac.
well t o heavily graphics-based Thankfully, unlike with similar
applications such a s DTP and units on the ST, this initial setting
although the machine lacks the up i s fairly straightforward and
advanced graphics hardware o f can be achieved in no time at all.
the Amiga, graphics-based appli- Although Amiga drives cannot
cations still manage t o steam handle the multi-speed nature of
along at an astonishing rate. For Mac drives, they are highly adapt-
an example, try comparing the able and can be forced to read
redraw speed o f Professional just about any format with the
Page t o that o f a similar Mac right software W05-2-DOS is a
package. The Mac has almost fine example: it allows the Amiga


E All Amason
E n t o r t a o n n i International

Ilse Stambstis, Laindon N o r t h Tr a d e

C e n t r e , B a s i l d o n , l E s s a s B S I 5 50s1
To l : 0 2 6 0 S a l 1215
FutureSound 500
Possibly the best Sound Digitizer around ?
Chris Cain in the April 89 issue of
Personal Computer World said
"The first thing to be said about
FutureSound 500 is that its far easier Only
to say than Pro Sound Designer
Gold. It also looks a lot better. This
£89.95 Inc
merit won't sell too many units, but
the exceptionally good hardware
Rik Haynes in the 17 June 89 issue of New Computer Express said "The hardware is first rate
constantly producing the crispest samples we've heard."
The April 89 issue of AUI said "The manual contains tips on accessing the samples from C, and a
full set of routines for using the samples from Amiga BASIC are supplied on the disk.
Full marks for this!"
The June 89 issue of TGM magazine said "FutureSound is one of the best sound sampling
packages available for the Amiga, and owners of IFF music packages will certainly find it very
useful and at E89.95 its definitely worth buying."

.Records two tracks simultaneously .Works with all Amiga operating

.Separate microphone input with systems including 1.3 and the new
built in amp FastFileSystem
S amples up to 42,000 samples per Monitor input through your Amiga
second, 20,000 samples per second from the Digitizer
per channel in stereo • Uses expanded memory where
S liding volume input control available, up to 8MB
.Ribbon cable attaches to parallel Save your sounds in IFF format or a
port, and can be used with a Data Raw Data
switch unit S ample direct from your Hin, CD
.Easy to use software editor with player or Walkman
many features S ampling rates of up to 56,000
.Full support for all hard disks samples per second are possible, if
.Supports RAM disks St VDO used with a 68020 processor and
devices Aegis AudioMaster II software
Distributed By Available From
HIS. Marketing Ltd SDL (UK) Ltd
Applied Visions (UK) Brooklyn House, Unit 10, Maley
22 The Green, Corner Ind Est,
Jersey Supreme Works, West Drayton, Sidcup-By-pass,
538-546 Whippendell Road, Middx UB7 7P0. Sidcup, Kent,
Te1:0895 444433 0A14 5SS Tel:
Watford, Herts,WD1 10N.
Tel:0923 818078
And all good Amiga Dealers

This ad created by Advanced Technologys DTP System Call 0923 817548

fion••• • • • . . . W O * 04 Commtratim• A m . , . Inc C o g . * b S . M a l a m o r t f i A a . j i . Ilmmm.ramrace hve , , u , r. 5 . 5 k A m t 5 0 0 1 0 • icaraimtalk 04 A m m o . Makrace

to read IBM and Atari format

disks). Special formatting soft-
ware is provided for the Mac that
allows the creation of a mini trans-
fer-disk that can be read by both
the Amiga and the Mac. This disk
Only has a 272K capacity and so
once you've got the Mac desktop
on-screen, you're strongly advised
to transfer a comms package
across so that larger applications
can be brought across into A-Max.
To get A•Max up and running,
there are two files that must exist
on your A-Max boot disk, namely
the Apple Finder and System files.
These two files between them
contain the Mac operating system
and desktop environment. O n
some versions o f the Mac OS,
you'll probably have to remove as
many fonts and desktop acces-
sories as you possibly can so that
both files fit on the limited capaci-
ty of the transfer disk.
Once both the System and
Finder files are on your transfer • This is the A - M a x u n i t itself: a n Innocoott400king g m , box t h a t plugs in the Amiga's e x t e r n a l drive port.
disk, A-Max will boot up and your
hybrid Mac will spring to fife. The software that will definitely not run res, you'll probably end up using 64Ks in that they run faster and
next step is to format a Mac disk under A-Max includes the vast A-Max in medium-resolution mode. are able to handle a higher propor-
from within A-Max and copy both majority of Mac midi software, and When using [CS with a multi- tion of the newer Mac software. If
files to this disk so that the mini quite a few Mac games software. sync monitor, A-Max will provide a you have an accelerator card in
transfer-disk can be used again. The good news (in the view of the very attractive working environ• your Amiga, you must have 128K
Amiga Format team) i s t h a t ment With the A2024, the A-Max ROMs because the smaller ROMs
SOFTWARE Spectrum Holobyte's excellent screen resolution rises t o a n are not compatible with these
C O M PAT I B I L I T Y Mac version of Tetris works fine! impressive 1008 by 800: virtually more advanced processors.
ReadySoft, t h e producers • o f the same as that offered by a Installing the ROMs into the
A-Max, claim that A-Max will run SCREEN S C E N E /5000 Macintosh 2. A-Max cartridge i s chddsplay
most productivity software without On a standard Amiga using the (although removing them from a
problems. We've managed to test current release o f Agnus. Mac H A R D WA R E C O R N E R Mac is a nightmare!). With them
several major Mac packages such emulation can operate i n both The A-Max hardware consists of a installed, your Mac is ready to roll.
asMac Write, MacPaint, MacDraw, high-res interlaced and medium- long, grey box that plugs into the Obtaining Mac ROMs can be a
PageMaker 2 and t h e public resolution screen modes. A-Max external drive port. As well as pro- difficult task: most Apple dealers
domain comms package R e d also provides full support for the viding a pass through connector are not to keen to hand them out.
Ryder, all of which worked without new enhanced chip set (if we ever for external Amiga drives, the A- Unfortunately, this means that UK-
any problems_ A-Max will also see di) and the new high-res mono Max hardware provides a connec- based suppliers who are willing to
support HyperCard and the new monitor. the A2024. tor for an Apple external drive. admit the fact that they supply
Multifinder, although you'll need at For those o f you without Unfortunately, A p p l e external Apple ROMs are very hard to find.
least a megabyte t o take full either ECS o r the A2024 (le, drives (in fact. Apple hardware Entertainment International a r e
advantage of these. 99.9% o f Amiga owners), t h e items in general) are not particu- currently looking at the possibility
WhatA-Max won't run is any rather annoying flicker o f t h e larly cheap, but if you intend using of supplying ROMs as well as the
software which bypasses the Mac Amiga's display i n hi-res mode A-Max seriously the investment will A-Max unit itself_
operating system routines and hits makes i t almost unusable, s o be worthwhile because it will allow
the hardware directly. The kind of after the initial attraction of high- you to read Mac disks directly. CONCLUSION
Unfortunately, t h e current A-Max certainly is an impressive
release of A-Max doesn't support piece o f hardware. I t i s highly
hard drives, although plans are compatible, and the inclusion of
41,1110001 afoot to include this in future ver- [CS and A2024 graphic modes is
- sions. For some applications, hard bound to earn A•Max more than a
.17 • Kr •••:
drives are a vital necessity, so the few friends. The only negative
,row •:.
lack of support could prove to be aspect o f A-Max is .the lack o f
something of a problem. hard disk support, which makes
MOM a 1.11 tit
All Macintosh emulators professional use o f the system
7 'tied .2% T C."E• 4 • 1 i Lot
require access to Mac ROMs, and questionable. Many users will also
A-Max i s n o s o l e exception. complain about the inability t o
Unfortunately, A-Max does n o t autoboot A-Max from hard disk:
•••,7-4 come as standard with the neces- with the new 1 . 3 autobooting
A-'1XX• sary slithers of silicon, so you'll ROMs, h a r d d r i v e s u p p o r t
have to purchase them separately. shouldn't be hard to implement.
A-Max will accept both the old 64K Hopefully, future releases of A-Max
ROMs from the original Mac and will address this: but this is one of
the newer 128K ROMs from the the best emulators available on
Mac Plus. The larger ROMs have any machine, and is not only great
O Ewen the d e s k - t o p a c c e s s o r i e s , l i k e t h e M a c C l o c k , a r e s u p p o r t e d . several advantages over the older fun to own, but also very useful. •



• - ,.
—4"111111111th.... is a journey into
sound: a guide to what
the Amiga can do musically.
You don't have to lash out on •

lots o f expensive goodies,

and it doesn't matter ii you're
about as musical as doorpost
and can't read a note. One of
the main points of computers 4
and music is to make things
easier, not baffling. With Only ,•;
a modicum of effort, you can ••10..
knock u p very respectable
musical works. Honest


Your Amiga, i n i t s - naked,
straight-from-the-box s t a t e ,
will perform three musical
roles. Firstly, it will CREATE
sound entirely of its own by
tweaking the internal sound
chip. This effectively means
the c o m p u t e r i n s t a n t l y
becomes a n instrument, a
synthesiser, in its Own right.
Secondly, it RECREATES
sound' f o r instance, i t can
take samples of noises from
1 the real world, so that genuine
drum or violin notes or even
•vs, .11S•0.11
human voices can be built into
a piece of music. Similarly, it • i • • • • • "
can store, change and recre- 1.
ate all manner o f artificial
synthesised sounds
Thirdly, it can ORGANISE
these sounds, building up inch-
vidual notes to create a piece
of music i n a role that i s • •••
known as sequencing. And all
this without a bolt•on in sight.
Many Amiga music packages
offer all three of these options
under one roof, whereas more
specialised programs w i l l S
make extensive forays into
list one area.
• -

e a •


his is a journey into sound; a plug-in boards which will give you of adherents to the 'Oddly acidly
guide to what the Amiga can do permanent MIDI ports. M I D I School of Guitar Torture'
musically. You don't have to lash travels at 31.25K baud, which is
out on lots of expensive goodies, quite fast enough f o r most MUSIC STUDIO
and it doesn't matter of you're processes. And the beauty of If you can live with the fact that
about as musical as doorpost MIDI and the Amiga is that the your sound files will not be com-
"WA and can't read a note. One of the interfaces are all one standard. patible with any other program, a
main points of computers and decent sequencing and sound
music is to make things easier, INTERNAL EXPLORATION creating package is the Amiga
not baffling. With only a modicum First off, the internal sound chip. Music Studio, which has a very
of effort, you can knock up very Aquick flick to the back of your good instrument design page.
respectable musical w o r k s . Amiga book produces a picture The program comes with fifteen
Honest of the sound chip "Paula". Not preset sounds which can b e
terribly enlightening, but it gives subjected t o a whole host of
ALL THIS A N D MORE you a rough idea of the chip's alterations: harmonics, envelope
Your Amiga, in its naked, straight- capabilities. It can produce four shape, sustain, vibrato a n d
Iromthe-box state, will perform sounds simultaneously a n d tremolo, and stereo position_ Not
three musical roles. Firstly, it will spread them between the stereo a bad introduction to the world of
CREATE sound entirely of its own left and right ports. It has a range sound (or voice) creating.
by tweaking the internal sound of nine octaves o n e more than It offers you a choice o f
chip. This effectively means the a piano a n d the claim about either graphic or traditional music
computer instantly becomes an using amplitude and frequency notation to sequence the notes.
instrument, a synthesiser, in its modulation means it can create Graphic is an alternative to tradi-
own right. sound from both simple and more tional musical notation that uses
Secondly, i t RECREATES complex waveforms. Obviously a set of shapes to represent
sound: for instance, it can take the way forward is to seek some notes. The usual way this is done
samples of noises from the real reasonable software to control it, is to have the pitch of the note
world, so that genuine drum or so a selection of the most com- running Irom the bottom of the
•violin notes or even human voices monly available packages follows. screen t o t h e t o p and t h e
can be built into a piece of music. time/length of the note running
Similarly, it can store, change and INSTANT MUSIC on the other axis from left to
recreate all manner of artificial Perhaps the most 'entry level' right. With Music Studio each
synthesised sounds. program i s Instant Music. For instrument is given a separate
Thirdly, i t can ORGANISE 'entry level', read 'absolute bozo colour. You can even add lyrics to
these sounds, building up individ- beginner'. Instant MUSIC is rather your efforts and it supports the
ual notes to create a piece of a neat composition program that full 16 MIDI channels in and out.
I q music in a role that is known as doesn't really require a n y
sequencing. And all this without a musicality on behalf of the user. It PAULA IN PUBLIC
t• There are several Public Domain
• bolt-on i n sight. Many Amiga uses a graphic score, a series of

music packages offer all three of coloured oblongs relative to the programs that give you access to
* t h e s e options under one roof, length of the note which scroll the Paula chip in varying degrees.
whereas more specialised pro- past on screen: a different colour There will be an article in the not
l e " g r a m s will make extensive forays represents each instrument, and too distant future covering the
into just one area it comes with a full compliment of music aspect of PD software. But
AND MIDI MAKES SIX sampled instruments. Actual for now, you could check out Fish
MIDI, t h e Musical Instrument composition i s performed b y Disk 9 4 which has an 'Audio
Digital Interface, is a common dragging a n d placing blobs Tools' utility
language that enables the Amiga around the screen: the higher up
to perform all three functions with the screen , the higher the note. SAMPLING

• electronic instruments. With a
synth, for instance, it can create
If you drag the note out from left
to right it becomes longer. Notes
Avoiding the technical details for
the moment, sampling is the way
o sounds to be replayed from the
keyboard a s well a s storing.
occurring at the same time form
a chord, and every movement of
in which sound is encapsulated
digitally. The most critical part of
recreating a n d editing those the note on screen lets youl hear this, as far as your ears go, is the
sounds; the sounds are called the pitch and sound of that note. actual conversion from messy
voices, so this function is known If you are familiar with traditional electrical impulses to digital data,
as voicing. Particularly important notation this is a really slow way and vice versa, known in the busi-
Jar' with MIDI is the organising of
sound: sequencing. A s a
of working, but as a heuristic
(such big words!) approach t o
ness as A X (analogue to digital
conversion) and DAC (you can
sequencer, the Amiga can, i n music it works very well. work that one out).
effect, record music played on The favourite feature i s Most other micros require
electronic instruments, and edit 'Mouse Jam' which everybody hardware to convert sound to dig-
the music s o bad notes are who has had a go with this pro- ital and back again, but the Paula
chopped out, play the piece back gram becomes addicted to. You chip is very efficient at converting
via the instrument. Moreover. select the backing and style that digital data back to the stuff that
MIDI allows for 16 channels, so you want to play with and away makes your speakers work. I t
16 separate instruments can go you go. By clicking the mouse would be not far short of the truth
into one song, and the sequencer and moving it around the screen to say that the sonic capabilities
allows sections of a piece to be it manages to play only those of the Amiga rival all but the most
looped, repeated and generally notes that sound in tune and in expensive a s in coming up to
10- messed about with. stylistic keeping with the backing; £1000 o f professional sam-
The usual MIDI interface uses a form of 'artificial intelligence plers. Plus with sound editing
the serial port o f the Amiga that should b e a compulsory 'software you can actually see the
although there are in existence implant in the brains and fingers sound and play around with i t

- M . 11 • • • • • • • • • - • • • • • , • , • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • , .

You've got your Amiga, sorted
out various bits of software and
maybe a synth into the bargain.
Now all you need to do is to hear
t r a c k yourself in true perspective and
sequencers of the real-time then commit it to tape. First thing
variety. These will let you play is to get some decent amplifica- N
your tunes in sections, and check ton. The Amiga stereo outputs
them for errors via either graphic are of the phono type, which by a
notation, traditional notation or at happy coincidence happens to be
something that is a real pain to worst a data stream. Having the same as most hEfi amplifiers,
achieve on a piece of dedicated sorted out the major calamities so a s long a s the amp can
sampler hardware. you can then call some smart accept an external source in,
Since there is also a common software routines t o help you usually called Aux, you're away
standard for stortg data (IFF), it correct bad notes and timing The part of the sound chair
follows that many sound sequenc- blunders, which i s known a s that is most suspect is the speak-
ing and creation programs come Quantizing. Once all is' to your ers themselves. A decent set of
with sampled sounds all ready to satisfaction, you can organise the speakers will improve a hi-fi no 3-
play. Any sample can usually be sections that you have recorded end whereas a decent amp
loaded into another piece of suit- into a full-blown arrangement. shoved through a rubbish pair of
able software. There are also pro- The list of dedicated MIDI speakers still sounds pretty naff.
grams about that will let you sequencers for the Amiga gets If you have neighbours who S.
arrange these sounds into pieces longer each month and so I won't not appreciate a few hundred
that can subsequently be stored bore y o u with t h e details. watts of bottom end bass line
as a module t o b e used i n However there are two programs rattling the headboard of thee
games, or wherever. soon to be available which will bed at 4 am then maybe a good
Although you can easily enjoy open up the field for the Amiga. pair of headphones is in order.
the benefits of playing back pre- The first is a version of one of the Money spent in these areas win
recorded samples, making your most successful o f a l l MIDI save a lot of frustration later on
own will require some outlay. The sequencers, the Steinberg Pro What you should try to get is a
three main contenders are the 24, only available up until now for true picture of the sound in all its
Pro Sound Designer, AMAS, and the ST. I think this is a measure glory. If you don't, then when ycti Or
the D a t e l A m i g a Sampler. of how Steinberg, who are a transfer it to tape and take it
Compatible with these are MIDI German software house, view somewhere with a decent sy
players that allow the samples to things. Although they are starting tern, your prized efforts will start
be played from a MIDI keyboard. to m a k e inroads i n t o t h e to sound like a crossed telephone
However, ST/Amiga Format mar- American market which is awash line to Greece with all sorts of
keted sampling hardware in kit with PCs, they see the way unheard-of bangs and whistles.
form in Issue 11, May 1989. This forward on the Amiga, and not There are various other items
is available from Magenta who the PC with its problems of no —no, lots and lots of other items -
will also sell you the sampling standard interface (unless you that can be thrown into the chain
hardware, Perfect Sound, for a count the ultra-expensive 'industry of sound recording. In fact there
ridiculously low sum. How's that standard interface' of the Roland is scope for a complete feature
for a low-cost entry into sam- MPU401 at £250 a throw!) The on just that in some future issue
pling? There will be a sampling Steinberg Pro 24 will cost exactly The bottom line for anything like
special in a corning issue, but for that, £250. Watch this space for a mixer, tape deck or effectsund
now check Pages 31 and 73. an in-depth review of what i s is to ensure that it doesn't add
promised t o be not merely a any significant amount of noise
MIDI STEP BY STEP cross-over but also an update. into the system. If you insist on
Two good MIDI programs are More promising still is the modu- using cassettes obtained free at
Aegis Sonix, which contains lar program from t h e S a n the local garage along with a
sections on all the subjects men- Francisco based Microklusions dirty old cassette player that
t i o n e d (creatingsound,altering who are launching MUSIC X. This used t o double a s a data
sound, creating songs and han- modular program does all sorts recorder you'll get no sympathy
dling MIDI data) and Dekore of sequencing with several differ- from me when the result sounds
Music Construction Set, which is ent types of editing features, all like it was reCorded on the wing
a step-time sequencer. You insert very professional, as well as full of a 747 at 30,000 ft. •
the notes individually defining MIDI features. While all this is run-
length and pitch for up to eight ning you can also call up other Now, the facts: the prices of all
parts, using a combination of up modules w h i c h a r e the packages mentioned in this
to four of the internal voices and resident in the machine at the article, and names, addresses
four o f t h e external M I D I same time. These will do voice- and phone numbers of suppliers.
channels, although you can if you editing for various synthesizers
wish u s e u p t o eight MIDI and store them in libraries, which A M I G A M U S I C STUDIO
channels as well as the internal can be called in at any given £24,99, Activision, Blake HU,
voices. It has a full palette of moment into the sequencer,., and Manor Farm Rd, Reading, Berks.
notes and signs and the graphics will also handle voice creation RG2OJN. (0734 3116661
are well-observed. Sound editing and sample editing. The demo
features are absent, however. versions seen so far are tremen- I N S TA N T M U S I C
dous. A full review should be £24.95, Electronic Arts, Langley
MIDI ON THE ROLL possible soon, b u t meanwhile Business Centre. 11/49 Station
The ball really starts to roll when take a peek at the News pages. Rd, Langley, Nr Slough, Berks
we start t o consider multiple- (0753 49442)



are and
16 Stoke Road, Gosport,
CF37 1TG.
0443 485432 until Opm.
to hear
we and
st thing
Hants, P012 1J6 (Dept AF)
Tel: 0705 511439


Visits,demos by appointment.
Please make chcques,Pas
payable to Tonic Audio

Outputs heetah are one al the leadtm. 43-

ich by a SPECIAL STARTER PACK manufacturers of MIDI
keyboards and synth mr4,1,-
s to be If you're looking lar a
4 LATEST DEMOS DISKS only £6.50 Inc. master keyboard or a
¡Idlers, MIDI w i t h module. wr
• can Prices From E2,50 offer the complete Cheetah 1.-1S6 multitinthral synth morink C . 2 6 5
rce Please Send SAE For Latest Catalogue Of Our Ever range.
Cheetah MS800 sltmth module. E i f e l
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d chain SPECIAL OFFER STAR LC10 (U.K. Model) Cheetah MK7VA 7 octave master MIDI keyboard C 3 5S
set of VISA r AfíJj .1A ( J D I G O D D 113;r-:_:;
M11)1 leads 2.5m length E 2 . 9 5
hi•fi no .079.00

.5" DS/DD 1 3 5 TPI 5.25" DS/DD 48TPI MiAnk X - t h e professional choice
A M A 5. s a m p l e r with built In MIDI interface £74 95
13atel MIDI Interlace • 1 IN. I TURD and 3 o u r
pair of Un-Branded Maxell/KAO Unbranded c o m i is Track 24 £75.00
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naff. ONLY .97p Each Inc. Only .37p Each Inc. C)CL.1 1 - - ;
Strongly Recommended Minimum Quantity 25 Date! MIDI i n i r t f a t V plus Comus Track 24 sequencer and two MIDI leads t o t a l IMP
unfired Lifetime Warranty • L I 15.85. package K i n ' L 9 4 95

ss line For Amiga Users Other Brands Stocked

Prices Too Low To Print r} U P Ultiq D A B f.)A2D - C DIVPLICI'AL
f their Lifetime Warranty
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order. Quantity Discounts Please Call NEED ADVICE ON MIDI?
as will Only .86p Each Inc.
ter on. ony Bulk Disk 97p each inc THE MEDIA CENTRE GIVE US A RING OR WRITE
1 is a Minimum Quantity 10 16 Stoke Road There's mulch more talks - write or phone for our rompreta-minv i i page catalogue.
All prices Inclusive VAT/P&P. All goods sublect to avagabild v. Overnight delivery on
•I,,et,th hardware and other heavy items - please add 17.50 •Aoress and Visa welcome.
all its Please Add E1.00 To All Gosport, Hants, P012 1JB Dr, I C O M U S • S'IrINHERG • INTELLIGENT MUSIC S O L I N D Q U E T
en you rders. Or Free For Orders Tel 0705 511439 or 0705 511648 AMIGA r k i r s r r i b i s - DISKS. - MONITORS
ake Fax 0705 511646 M N =
Over 30 Disks.
t sys-
II start
rts of

ems -
issue. nil I D I S O F T W A R E ?
g like 5 1 2 K E X PA N S I O N W E SPECIALISE!
ts unit
't add
BOARDS W I T H C L O C K Over the past year we have helped hundreds of people to start
making music with their Amiga. So whether you're alter an entry
noise_ level sequencer or a professional score printing programme
ISt o n we will have the right software for you.
ee at

data TRACK 24
pathy Our best selling sequencer with real:step time recording
ounds plus notation editing. A great piece of software for Only
wing £ 7 5 o r £ 1 0 5 with Datel interlace.

of all
Practical Midi Handbook.
160 pages on everything you need to know about Midi.

i. 01 7 6 0 0 2 7 4
this O N LY £ 5 . 9 5 P L U S 5 0 P E N C E P & P
- sses Ao

iers. MUSIC X
Please call for availability Worth the wait? Call us to find out
Hangs GI I-tardware and Software lot all popular machines al discount phces
No.5 The Parade. Mead Place. Croydon_ CRO 3S0 AND AMIGA HARDWARE
Roage •101 0 P&P MeaStif &Tow 7 ddys do.vety
Pease wed Me A m i g a 5I2K expansion boards
tation Address:
0532 446520
erks. Access & Visa We l c o m e
FROM TRILOGIC V E . : 7 / /:'
AMIGA,-,-._,- T R I L O G I C
A U D I O •.----
, s lt v .:7
4 - •1• • . " ;•••••
Both Amiga audio digitisers give superb performance_ unsurpassed at the price No
software is supplied, since they are I t " compatible with Perfect Sound, Prosound
Designer, Auchomaster. and Dalet's Prosampter Sampling rates up lo ISOK Hz are possible
depending upon the software. Ari audio lead is supplied lor connecting to the headphone
socket or (he output of a radio. personal stetea keyboard etc Full instructions are
included, and the mono version also has an L.E D. overlOad indicator A public domain
-Sound WorkshOP • disk is available which has demo versions ad AudioinaSter & Perfect
Sound etc Commodore A590 20MEG HARD DRIVE E 3 9 9
MONO DIGITISER .... . E 2 7 99 POST FREE S T E R E O DIGITISER ..... ... C.37.99 A590 Drive Fitted with 1 meg memory P h o n e
ADAPTOR FOR A1000 C 2 C 1 0 A590 Drive Fitted with 2 meg memory P h o n e
EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVES 1Meg of Memory for A590 P h o n e
• 880K FORMATTED CAPACITY 2 Meg of Memory for A590 P h o n e
AMIGA MONITOR & PRINTER LEADS Next Day Courier Delivery to UK Mainland Only E5
'We have & MONITOR
leads LEADS-
to connect all AMIGAS to yuc,r r v or CO,OOF rron.tor -.,•
orovided it has an RGB input socket. All leads give a much clearer A590 MEMORY FITTING SERVICE
picture than using the AMIGA MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours ' t
to be displayed and include the audio lead (to give stereo with stereo tv'sk
Memory fitted to your A590 in your own home £ 3 0
ORDER Al. 1 FOR TVs WITH 21 PIN EURO (SCART) SOCKET by a qualified Computer engineer (Midlands Area)
MODELS MC01 & MCO5, ETC O N L Y £9.99
Fitted with 1/2 Meg of memory P h o n e
p u g LE ADS ARE GUARANTEED TO WORK WHERE OTHERS DON'T. Fitted with 1 meg of memory P h o n e by
Fully populated with 1.8 meg of memory P h o n e
Commodore A501 Ram Expansion (With Clock) E 1 2 9 . 9 5 bri
connect the scarf
the switch leadstoselect
instantly from
the any
tv orIwo computers
either scarfeg
computer AMIGA
Msocket. &I ST.
S , WJust and
- ' ", . .1 .4 ..s1 s1 , ., ,
£15.99 Ro
1/2 meg Ram expansion (Without Clock) £ 6 9 . 9 5
AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Parallel Type 1.5M long
1 ONLY ES 99
1 ONLY E6,99 A500 Second Drive - Quiet NEC Mechanism ce
3.0M long A M P 3 ONLY £9.99
AMIGA A5034313C EMULATOR LEAD B E I ONLY E7.99 Able/Disable Switch - Through Port E 7 9 . 9 5
AMIGA A500 TO SERIAL (R5232) PRINTER 1_5m R S I ONLY E9.99 Amiga 2000 Internal Drive E 6 9 . 9 5
AMIGA A500 TO MODEM (25W 'V) 1 5m R 5 6 ONLY £10.99 en
3 1/2" DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (each) E 0 0 . 8 0 Un
LXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH FOR DFI A D E 3 ONLY £8.99 3 1/2" DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (50) E 3 8 . 0 0
PLEASE STAIE WHICH AMIGA YOU HAVE WHEN ORDERING 3 1/2" DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (100) £ 7 5 . 0 0
MOUSE/JOYSTICK SWITCHER 1=111•P'" 3 1/2" DSDD Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10) £ 1 2 , 9 9 Th

EXTENDS THE PORT FOR EASIER oCCESS 41. 3 1/2" 2 Meg Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10) E24.99 ta

Single Disc Cases (20) E 4 . 0 0 (s
A VERY USEFUL GADGET O N L Y t 1099 order as DJA1 % Disc Box Holds 30 3 1/2" Discs E 4 • 9 9 Hi•
AMIGA MINI STEREO AMPLIFIERS Disc Box Holds 60 3 1/2" Discs E 7 . 9 9 as
MINIAMP 2 combines a mini stereo power la!
amp with two neat speaker units which conned directly to your Ar
AMIGA They are ideal for use with mono TV's& monitors & simply
olug in for instant stereo sound •lrbu'll be amazed at the difference
Printer Lead 1_8m long (PC/ST/Amiga) E 6 . 9 9 a(
MINIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROt & ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99 23 Way D Socket (make your own monitor lead) E 3 . 9 5 ac
MINIAMP 4 comprises separate 4 wafts per channel high duality mini stereo amplifier
with loudspeakerheaciphone socket, separate speaker units with 4 t w i n cone drivers Cc
mains power pack & connecting lead tor AMIGA CAN BE USED AS WALKMAN'
MPP I C 5 99 i Re-Ink your Fabric Printer Ribbon. 160m1 Can E 7 . 9 5
L I G H E I G4 H
P 41 E349
C 5 99 ; ; 1 1
This will Re-Ink around 30 Ribbons Save Pounds! 1
MIDI INTERFACE 1 FOR A500.2003 OR A1000 • • MIF I £29.99
This has MIDI IN.OUT & THRU sockets Seli powered.
MIDI INTERFACE F O R A5130.2000 OR A.1000 . . . . . . M I F 2 f_34.99 Amiga Hardware Ref Manual ( N e w Edition) ...E21.95
this has MIDI IN MIDI OUT. 1.1101 THRU plus 2 UNIQUE switchable MIDI OUTÍTHRUI
SOCKETS to save you having to swap MIDI leads when using more than one MIDI Amiga ROM Kernal Ref Includes ( N e w Edition) _J28.95
instrument Sell powered
Amiga ROM Kemal Ref Libs & Devs (New Edition) .12995
SONY 3 . 5 " D I S K S 1133% Gua-anieed DSDLI disss
Lowest Prices P e r 10 £12.99 & Postage Lowest Proms P e r 25 E28 49 Post Free
Lowes1 Prices P e r 50 £55.99 Post Free Lowest Prices P e r 100 £99.99 Post Free
The Computer Store
Y £4.99
CALLERS U n i t 8 2 I n Shops, •POST
TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Please add 75p part postage + packing to orders under C15013

V.P17/-7/ FREE CATALOGUE WITH ALL ORDERS ExPRESS OF I,V1- RV f i 991- era Chelmsley Wood Shopping
TRILOGIC. Unit 1. Dept AF
253 New Works Roao, Bradford BD12 OCIP

Tel 0 2 7 4 - 6 9 111 5 F a y 0274 600150
! A L F ; %f 4-1- O U A A H S I L P i LAU WU-1,AI PUS iO Dm H O C
Birmingham B37 5TL
O C R Acas5 Ce VTIA. ADO t 5 1 D M toe E M U O I N K PAYHENr I I m u m 0011.1ALAS1.
REAUTIME messages that are used to change the
sound to be played on a MIDI synth.
This could be very useful when used in
conjunction with a sequencer as it would

SOUND allow your sequencer to control not only

the operations of your synths, but also
the sound processor.

For the Amiga user who also enjoys tin-
kering around with their home keyboard,
the Sound Processor provides a useful
addition to a music-making arsenal. The
unit is undoubtedly flexible and costs
Amg i asoundsamplerscome in a multitude of considerably less than even the cheap-
est o f professional effects units, but
unfortunately it fails to deliver the kind of
differentshapes and sizes.JASONHOLBORN sound quality that serious musicians
demand. This isn't really a fault in the
checksoutasoundsamplerwithadifference. sound processor itself, but merely a limi-
tation of the Amiga's hardware.
'the Amiga has always
For serious use. sound processors hero a great machine for
also functions as a conventional sound need a t least a twelve-bit resolution, the creation or musical
takes the Amigas sound sam- sampler if you've a software package which is four bits more than even the masterpieces, using eithrr
T h epling Real-Time Sound
capabilities that Processor
bit further such as Aegis AudioMaster) which plugs Amiga can handle. Without these extra the Amiga's powerful
by using it not for straight sampling, into the parallel port, a spiral-bound bits, the sound produced can become
sound chip or. if you haYe
i•ifich until recently had been the sole manual, a single disk containing the muffled and hollow, which really isn't
application, but as a powerful sound sound processing software and a rather acceptable for serious music making. If Ilk' iimessary equipment.
manipulation tool. l f you've ever used large dongle which must be plugged into the unit featured a sixteen-bit sampling through SI MI sequencing.
professional synthesizers such as the the second joystick port for the software resolution, then it would not only be a Another area of sound
Roland D-50 supersynth o r Yamaha's to work at all. I've never been a great corker of an Amiga product, but would creation in which the
V50 Keyboard Workstation, then you're tan of dongles and on a multi-tasking also leave quite a few professional units
Amiga is particoiar4
probably already familiar with the con- machine such a s the Amiga: where out in the cold. If you want to use a
cept of sound processing. several packages c a n b e running sound processor seriously, you're proba- capable is that of sound
When a-sound is produced, feeding simultaneously, they can be a real pain. bly best advised to fork out the extra sampling, or. ir you like.
it through a sound processor c a n cash and buy a dedicated effects unit. sound digitising.
enhance the sound by adding new char- N-N-N-NINETEEN!
acteristics to it. For example, a reverb The package provides nineteen preset
unit adds a 'roomy' feel to a sound, so it sound manipulation tools such as Echo,
sounds as if it was played in a large hall. Reverb, Delay, Flange and both AM and
FM modulation. As well as these pre-
M A N I P U L AT I N G T I M E sets, you can also configure your own
This Amiga-based sound processor effects using the extensive software
takes an external mono sound signal controls and then store them in any one
isuch as that outputted by a CD player, of 127 preset slots. Playing around with
Hifi or synthesizer), samples it at an the supplied presets can be a lot of fun
astonishing 50 KHz and then manipu- in itself, particularly i f you've g o t a
lates it before it is emitted through the microphone that you can link up to the
Amiga's stereo sound outputs. All this sampling hardware.
activity takes place in real time, which One unique and potentially very REAL-TIME SOUND PROCESSOR
actually allows the unit to manipulate a useful feature of the Sound Processor is ( 8 4 . 9 5 E All A m i g a . .
continuous sound signal. the ability to change the current preset HE Marketing, Brooklyn Mouse,
What you get for your money is the through MIDI control. This is achieved 22 The Green, West Drayton, M i d d l e s e x
actual sampling hardware itself (which using the same MIDI 'program change' 0095 444433

• . . i i P I I •
1•...1. I I. . - , . •

I i r m s t i • g • sountirl
' I I I • i

• I 1 r f t i A,. , •

Rever 1

The s a m p l i n g h a r d w a r e p l u g s i n t o t h e s e r i a l s o d . • T h e Real-Time Sound Processor offers twenty preset

accompanied b y a l a r g e d o n g l e i n J o y s t i c k P o r t Tw o . e f f e c t s i n c l u d i n g e c h o , r e v e r b , f l a n g e a n d d e l a y.

n An A n A n A it A It A it A it
AMDRIVE 30Mb External Disk Drive for
Amiga 132000 only . . . . . . . . _ E1029 00 A500 . C 3 9 9 00
Amiga 82000 • Philips Amiga 2092 20Mb PC
A 8833 Colour Monitor E 1 2 5 9 . 0 0
Amiga 2058 PC,Off
Disk Drive A
Etridgeboard • 5 25 Drive E 4 8 1 85 Amiga 2094 20Mb Amiga C 3 1 9 00
Dsk Drive . . E 3 5 9 . 0 0
it Amiga 2286 PCAT Bridge-
board • 5,25" Drive.... E 7 6 9 . 3 5 Amiga 2010 Internal 3.5' It
Disk Drive .......... ....... . . . E 1 3 6 . 8 5
Amiga 500 inc TV Modulator C 3 5 9 . 0 0 Microloofics A2000 Autoboot
A Amiga 500 • Mod. •
Software Pack E 3 9 9 . 0 0 32100 Drive , . 1 4 9 9 4 5
• p , • • • •,
Microbotics A2000 Autobool
Amiga 500 • Commodore
413Mb Dsive . . . E619 95
it 10845 Colour Mon C 6 1 9 00
Stereo Colour Mon. E 5 8 9 00 tor A500 E 9 5 00 GRAPHIC A chotte tram l o 1096 coteurs
* A gyary ot WipeiFetle effects and Horde- .ousel patterns for use wen
genlocked v e i n
AnNga 501 512K RAM.Clock
TIME * Customisable Pagan Clock ono 0,dadrasi style VTR fitardOcat
It Xerox 4020 Colour Inkjet ...._,..„E949.00 Expansion C 1 3 9 00
it FUNCTIONS • A sharstatol• with options such as Clay a r d data K a m a dodley ate
Citizen 1200 Parallel E 1 2 9 . 9 5 Microboecs M501 RAM,Clock
Slat LC-10 Parallel . . . . . . ..., C1 89.00 Exp tor A500 . . . . . . . . . . C 1 1 9 95 TEST * A s e t a 01 standardised test O a k u m mill as100 rest t a r e s
Star LC-10 Colour Parallel.. . E 2 4 5 . 0 0
Star LC24-10 24 pin Multi-
Unbranded 3.5.• Disks (101 1 1 2 . 9 5
Surge Protector 13A Plug,
E g Crossnalch Testcard Greyscwe eiat
A m a r l S o w n Idler wilri M a n corour font operation
toril 170,57 cps.. 3-Way Adaptor C i 2 95-119.95 A well titer *Oh smooth vellical and hontortai scrolling
It All Oki 20 consumables normally Amiga D O S RelefeinCe it • A sobSuersiFf, COOur Logo and led Cut. Fade and Prim eptionS
* 20 Oroh-qualily harts wen 1931d !laic A Undedne styles and Oulineicirop-shadaw
miNGEN iow cost Genlock E 113 85, randarog w h a m
A MONITORS Addison Wesley Arnga Ref Manuals Phone A Overray over twe video or cover background pature him O M generate(' Ov a ileml

Commodore 10845 Colour SOFTWARE *PAc'calrinporringto•E'4,go'd"ni;d319ro•re7luarnetTorni"bb'ollys; packages

it Monitor inc lead C 2 7 9 00 Deluxe Paint Ill C79 95 it VIDEOSTLIDO onaluces wi inierlacal output oirectly oompaltele wen all VCR rorloarla S r v s arid say be
Philips 8833 Stereo Colour Monitor inc Superbase Personal 2 .169.95 used wei or usOICSit a tempo.. a !Mullin a l Arnioa A500.i000 o 2E00 oompuie, w11t. 2 gto,
Mbtete al memory
A lead . E 2 3
Philips 7502 Green Screen
9 00 Aegis Video Tiller
Pro Video Plus .
C86 51)
E189.00 A
Monitor . . . . . ...E85 00 Dogiview Gold E119.95 V IDEOSTUDIO is available now los E99
It Kinctwords 2 .. E45 00 AMIGA GENLOCK DEVICES
Pagestream DTP. ...Phone Minigen f o r the home uteri , C115
MODEMS X CAD Designer .179 95 Renclal A8802 (For the pro,samt-prO1
A Pace MOdern • & W a r e tor A m i g a
Workbench,'Extras VI 3
incl Manual C14 95
A G2 VideoCenter professional Genlock . . .
V21•23 Prestel. B8S etc..... E 2 3 9 00 Lattice C V5 El 85.00 GENLOCKS + SOFTWARE
* All prices are Inclusive of VAT at 15% Miregen
G2 •iseVideostudio
h compatible
T software
¡ • has manual Faders•rnixers Csa'l.'10(Ta7v:a-i:lab...1•f(iitsaV:•'1:,,:::.::El:22.:!685219837
* Carriage E5 (Express E10)_ Software and small items FREE Wager) • Video Generic Pitaste Tilling software
(Video Master Software win run on an unexpanded A500)
* Prices subject to chango without notice. E N. 0 - Rendale A8802 • Videosludio
Rendale A8806 Professonal Studio Quality Genlock • VIdeostudlio .... I s a v e C47) E339

71(Delia Pi Software Ltd A

Arndrive A500 30Mb
A500 20Mb hard disk lAutoboot) • 2Mb ram
A590 20Mb hard disk rOK ram tined/
Other Amiga products are available. Send large SAE tor details
. C399
(save E51cEA1L8LO


It nT e 8 Ruswarp
l : Lane,
0947WHITBY, N. Yorks.
600065 (9am Y021
- 7pm) IND
20 Woodlands Road. Walthamstow E l 73LE
A It A it A n A it A It A . n A n
..._kfad order only 0 1 - 5 2 0 - 9 7 5 3 )

Track Computer Systems R.R.P •Track

Track Specialise in Hard Drives, Serious Software (arrestor E 5 9 99 E 4 7 71 mu Pius L I S I l O (30 97 Cugicado 2 3 9 9 9 E3117
And The Highest Degree Of Customer Care. Director 160 Kit 1 2 9 99 C 2 2 57 Pro So-ind Omani* Dtgilfani £ 3 9 9 9 E N V
DOS 2 DOS, ( 3 9 99 C 3 0 , 9 7
Call Us For Service Beyond The Sale. Draw 2000 ( 2 2 4 2 5 ( 1 9 4 2 5
Salteare only: E 3 9 (3097 Digs-ins- Gow ( 1 4 9 9 9 0 3 1 ZS
Pro SOund Designer Dostroid 0 9 3 99 C9392
Escelenc• C 1 9 9 99 D e l 75 :Sonar* ase kivelsgric E 79 99 C63 52 P r o N s m o r a i Parka (74999 09425
Amiga 500 Hard Drives Atari Hard Drives
Amdnve 30 Mb • : 3 9 9 00 EllVeSS t t e 99 E 5 3 02 Pm Video CG1 E l 59 99 E141 22 P u b l s h e r s Clime E 9 9 99 E 7 9
Supra 30 Mb E 4 9 9 . 9 5 Facc i I C 2 9 • 9 9 E 2 3 00
Amdnve 50 PAb... .... L 475 00 Third Coast 32 Mb , aTO Valea CGI Fonts C 6 9 99 (5302 Publsher Prat 299 93 E 7 6
E 4 3 9 00
C Ltd 33 Mb . ..... ..., , '494 00 Third Coast 65 Mb .. Fantavison C 3 9 99 E N 97 Pm Video Plus [ 2 4 9 9 9 E194 25' Flock and Roll
E549.00 C9 99
C Ltd 44 Mb L 9 9 4 . 0 0 Third Coast 100 MI) 099.00 corms in Fight 2 ( 1 1 9 9 9 C 9 5 50 Pro Volvo Pus Fore (9999 E76 .2 Ruby vow t o , E99 99 E 7 e
C Ltd 50 Mb E 1 1 7 4 80 Third Coast 130 Mt . . • , E 9 6 3 . 0 0 Galileo 2 [ 5 9 9 9 £47.7? FT045610•010r4vo E139 99 Cl213 t Sculpt 3D (8300 E f e 77
Commodore A590 20•Ae,,1 E399. 99 Third Coast 150 Mb .E1263.00 GoOspell 2 6 ; 2 9 99 E 2 2 57 Bad ( 4 2 9 5 E36 07 E129 93 I I•7
Supra 20 Mb . . . . C 5 6 5 . 1 7 Third Coast 240 Mb ...C21 79.00 Gone 3.0., r n 99 E 2 2 57 Scalped Ann 40 Pm c m 00 C340 03
S a t i o l 311 M e d i a ,
Su** aD £173 99 E372
Supra 30 Mb E 6 9 9 , 9 5 150 Mt Tape Backup E 8 4 9 00 Gone Buteen 2 5 9 99 C 4 7 17 53olPed Am 40 •AnC109 00 N I 56 Shall
Supra 60 Mb £ 1 1 9 9 9 5 C19 99 E 3 1 22
Tempest All Sizes POA Otabbil K z s 99 (2257 My Paint ( 3 9 . 9 5 E 3 5 64
Impact 20 Mb t . 6 9 9 20 Snsp Ltitaty f79 95 36332
Impact 30 Mb 1 7 4 5 . 2 0 Amiga Controllers I FE L i t t e r, E 7 9 99 0 9 3 S2 C shl ( 4 9 9 6 (4383 Sono (5750 ( 4 1 94
Impact 45 Mb E 9 1 6 . 2 0 Amdrive Controller (Inc case) .... E 1 6 9 . 9 5 Un-pact £ 5 3 . 9 9 C 4 6 72 Auto Boot I 3 [porn t z s 130 E 2 6 25 Sludo Font (2999 ( 2 2 5 7
Quantum 80 Mb E 1 1 2 7 . 7 6 Prospect Text Internal- instant IlauSC,. C 2 9 99 C 2 2 57 Cordes/. Mouse E 1 4 9 00E147 00 Superbwe Eli9 94 t
Tempest All Sizes P O A overdrive Controller P O A Interchange ( 1 9 9 9 (4147 Print 5crpi E P 0A Skicerbase Pro E249 sti
Trackdrive 80Mb., E 7 9 0 . 0 0 SCSI Host Controller . E 1 7 9 . 9 5 intro Cal C 5 9 90 C 4 4 62 ACiBasK, ( 1 9 5 9 9 11 3 9 12 Tv Snow 0 9 9 99 E t
Trackdrive 100Mb £ 9 9 7 . 0 0 Twin Drive extra E 1 2 5 , 0 0 K Screed 2 ( 7 9 9 9 . 1 6 3 52 AMAS C 9 9 99 m a 47 TV l e f t £6999 ( 5 1 r(
Trurnpcard All Sizes . P 0 A for use with above
K Seka Asset-tiler E 4 9 99 £ 3 4 12 Adrian E 3 9 99 E 3 4 12 Tram I A * Sd,otql E/999 0 7 3 2
Vault 20 PAb , E 7 0 8 . 0 0 Kara Fonts C 5 9 99 , E 4 7 77
Vault 30 Mb . . C 8 3 8 . 3 0 Atari controllers Anirnatoranages E 1 0 3 SO ( 8 5 5 1 Tod Kr E39 99 E3C 97
Vortex 40 Meg E 5 7 3 85 SCSI Controller E 2 4 0 . 0 0 Kind Words 2 ( 4 9 9 9 . (3727 Actoption 1 3 E 2 4 9 99 C1S7 50 turbe Slyer C139 99 ti21157
C Vass», 5. E249 00 C I 94 25 M a l t a bulo C 5 9 99 (47 77 Video Tiller 1 1 rilaaD (8925
Amiga 2000 Hard Drives Bare Drives lariS Fonts ( 5 9 9 9 E47.77 AucaoMasle( II E 6 9 99 t53 02 v i d e o * * * 3D 0 4 3 75 Ett593
Amdnve 40 Mb E 3 9 9 00 (tor use with controllers) MC.CPatcaIVe'2 0 5 9 9 9 ( 7 2 9 7 Award Maker Pus ( 3 9 9 9 , (30.91 Vitas Vi P E39 99 E3-• N
C Ltd 33 liAti Internal £ 9 5 4 . 0 0 ST 506 130 Mb . . . , C 8 9 1 . 2 5
Macre Assernmer E 6 9 991 ( 5 2 4 5 Aftec C De-mixer C 1 7 9 99 EIS7 50 Wo e s - l e cf 4 • C77996 E1912S
C Ltd 44 M t E 9 5 4 . 0 0 SCSI 100 Mb £ 8 3 3 . 7 5
C Ltd 50 Mb E 1 1 2 6 130 SCSI 200 Mb P O A Ma.pdan A500 • E 9 9 95 ( 7 6 1 2 Ages C Piolessional ( 1 2 9 9 9 111707 X Cad COS 90 236793
SCSI 350 Mb . . . . POA lolamplan Plus C 1 4 9 99 E m i t 97 a C EmulaIN E 4 9 99 £41 47
Supra 20 Mb . . £ 5 4 7 . 7 8 X-CO41, E29 59
Supra 30 Mb E 6 0 8 . 6 5 SCSI 500 Mb P O A tincrabase E 1 9 99, E i s o r Butcher II , C 2 9 99 E22 57 E Type E39 99
Supra 60 IMb E 8 6 9 . 5 2 SCSI 930 Mb A l 2 , 9 0 3 , 0 0 Microfiche Filet
( 7 9 9 9 . . (6.562 C Library E79 99 053 6.2 Day By Day .12999
SO44 Removable E 9 9 9 . 0 0 SCSI 1024 Mb P O A kficrotekl.......
( 1 9 9 9 E 1 5 17 Cailigragner 1 05 E N 99 CAS 12 Prowg C99 99
5 0 4 4 Cartridge 44 Mb E 1 0 9 . 2 5 'Larger Drives Available) Moodier 30 0 3 9 99 £ 5 3 0 2 C I I Maw. £39.99 C30 97 OFA Basic C64 99
Tempest All Sizes P O A module 11 • £13999 C114 97 •Coinic Straw C4999 Eel 97 (3999
Proawr it
Trumocard Drives All Sizes P O A Any SCSI Drives Converted to Amiga Music Slaarri E 3 4 99 C 2 5 72 Data Retrieve . E 5 7 C44 62 Move Seger ES%99
Newsletter Fonts E 2 9 99 ( 2 2 5 7 Dellge Muss Con Set 0 9 9 9 C53 02 Comic Setter Op A l
VVe Also Otter The Release Schedule The Laiest inlorroabOn On Software RoleaSe Dales For Every Make Of On Law E 1 1 0 , 0 0 C104 47 DeLise Nonni 0 5 9 9 9 (5302 Funny Motels, Sueememes
Computer Updated Weekly Remember. Track Put The Customer Fast Whatever You Requee For The Arnga Or Organise it • Ce9 99 C 5 3 02 Eiesamiiivipae E 6 9 99 093 02 Scierwe Ficton £ 2 4 9 9 0 9 4 2
k e n We Ate Only A Phone Call Away. W e Ever Hold Our Lines ODA, Unit 9 Pm Photon Paint il . . 1 8 9 96 t 75 55 D a u m Prim C 2 4 99 (1942 tg*ts CaneM Acker 15790 E C 47
Daring The Week s e (ewe Penmen/ ( 1 9 9 9 E 4 1 47
PalWAT Main' Deline Prim 11 E 4 9 99 t 4 1 47 DEISFC ComPace M t 32
i f t sYouoaris
weet tialitill_ORIMILTBACILPA001JCTS ussoocts Power Windows 2 5 ( 5 0 999
9E ( 5 3 02 Delute oroduillons ( 1 3 9 9 9 C120 10 lawishol Plus 0 1 9 99 ( 4 1 4 7
Maka! Cheques P o s t s Ordets, Bankers dralts payable lo Pack Computer Sysienits Prism . 1 6 9 9 9 C a t Delute Vole* C 6 9 9 9 C 5 3 0 2 Quarterback C 4 9 9 9 C4147
II you repute to pay by Bank Giro Transfer al your own bark, please prime For details Pro Board . C 1 3 9 99 ( 11 4 9 7 Descartes [ 2 9 9 9 C 2 2 57 Sualertiatis C 1 9 2 SO L u l l ?
All prices fully inclusive 01 p e d l a r and packing. W e alao offer Credit Please phone for details
Pra Nat E 1 3 1 9 99 E114 97 Assermier ter 2 ES9 [ 4 7 7 7 % d i e Magic t e e w E53 02
All out produCtS are coveted by a 12 Month Warranty and are Italy tested ptor to despatch
free Deliver, to l i f n i t i r d d e , p a l E t , I m t vri i-uoranee et omig,es s e i s i v e rou £7.50 per rogy,, item
PHONE T R A C K O N e 7 7 3 5 3 1 9 0 1 . 0 0 9 0 1130001 2 4 H O U R S
MANNED UNTIL I PM DURINO THE W R A C F A X ' M A C K ON 0773 701721 The UK's Largest Hard Drive Specialists.
Traci, A-e HeLorintended Compunet Distramors We sell more hard drives than any one else.
Track CompOler Sy-stems, Systems Hoose Weenier Avenue. EaSte/000 Nottingham 6 4 1 6 &iv
We can not list everything, so please call for a quote.

It'ssobig!Workbenchreturns with thebiggestandbestcollection

of hints, tips and tricks for yourAmiga,andJASONHOLBORN
MONEY writing i s t o help other Amiga
users obtain ridiculously cheap
GRABBERS public domain software. l get all
my PD disks from Ray Burt-Frost,
Please, please, please, can you help? I've lust spent the last six months a disabled Amiga fan who runs his
saving £250 to splash out on a colour digitiser. There are several avail- own PD library. His PD disks often
able that all seem to offer similar facilities: which one would you choose? retail as low as 50p—quite an eye
Michael Nash, Chelmsford, Essex opener when you realise t h a t
other companies a r e charging
The choice of the right video digitiser really around i3! Could you please print
depends on what you intend to use it for. Ray's phone number so that other
From your letter, i t seems obvious that Amiga owners are able t o take
S99 your decision will be guided by the extent advantage o f Ray's generosity.
of colour support offered by digitisers. Ray Burt-Frost can be contacted
,E287 you aren't particularly worried about the on 0703 785680.
E686 digitiser being able to grab images at any DF Way
great speed, then NewTek's Digi-View 3.0 Harpenden, Herts
C180 unit is still one of the best (and cheapest!)
colour digitisers available. As far as Amiga word processors
ALL If you d o want t o digitise colour go, Protext is without doubt one
images, you'll also need to fork out for a of the best available. The pro-
ALL black•and-white video camera. Surprisingly, these cameras can be gram is powerful, fast and fairly
picked up quite cheaply from most Amiga dealers (try the Amiga Centre stable. Where colour DTP is con-
Scotland on 031 557 4242 for both Digi-View and the video camera). cerned, Comic Setter isn't really
the ideal choice as it is rather hrn-
LOST W I T H O U T A just go back to the CLI and type ited for serious DTP applications.
53 KEYMAP 'Setmap g b ' . Thanks t o Phil You would probably be much bet-
After purchasing Issue 11 of your Wares a n d Chris Morris o f ter off forking out the extra dosh

parent magazine S T / A m i g a Cran brook in Kent for sorting that for Professional Page.
Format, l tried using the SetKey one out! Can we print Ray Burt-Frost's
utility that was included on the phone number? Well, consider it
C30 97
free coverdisk. After a few sec- ARE Y O U P R O P R O T E X T ? already done!
oaf 25 onds of disk access, the SetKey My reason for writing is twofold.
E53 02
window appeared, but apart from Firstly, l am soon to purchase a H A R D FA C T S
.0 94 25
C76 12 the menu bar nothing else was memory upgrade and a Star LC- l am thinking of buying a hard
E76 12 displayed. When I tried to quit out 10 colour printer for my Amiga, l drive for the Amiga 5041 I have
E7 07
of SetKey by double-clicking on am also hoping t o purchase a looked through various magazines
£ 8 77 the 'window close' gadget, the word processor and a colour DIP and they all seem t o sell f o r
E117.07 machine lust locked up and l was package, aiming to spend about around £400 for a 20 Mb drive.
E-372 75
£36.22 forced to reset my Amiga. What £150 a t the most. I've been Which is the cheapest?
ten&7 amI doing wrong? advised t o b u y Protext a n d l have already seen Macintosh
, £41 90 SF Lawrence Comic Setter: a r e these g o o emulators for the ST: do you know
..,C76 12 Gosport, Hants choices? My second reason for of any similar units for the Amiga?
• (5302 • Professional Page: currently t h e only prolessional-standard D T P
There does indeed seem to be a
E53 02 package on the Amiga to date, but watch out for Pagestrearri.
(1732 problem with the Setkey utility,
E30 97 18 G o l d i e D o c u m e n t N e t a i L e t tee. e a 1
which had us stumped for quite a Poore," i e n • i P p y V I 1
.E120 97
C89 25 time. The problems toes in the
.01550 fact that the program was written
for the American market and
..EISM 2 5
met imicam I L ot ti emu
(367.50 therefore expects t h e default Inter um a ytuf Amsgt a
E22,57 keyboard setting (set using the bum...2mm
dimly p m / 4 w h ,
£30 97
....C22.57 CU command SetMap) t o b e halemi•e ti•kight go A m t .
ft, tiny d r t
(8347 usa0. If you boot your Amiga with . g d i n i k t y pOilniturg
• C 5 0 92
the British version of Workbench, moan., Fionamonal Page
• I rounding mama e
E53 ,n2 the keymap i s automatically voe the A n a / e b e n teak

changed to the UK configuration Features: 7-0

E19 42
*Ifich confuses SetKey. INIWerttil p a g e Iiiyood c a p a t i l l o s a m . up • i r J-t•
tup.trt % m . o . ;aim n m d 9 . 0 •..MOM
£41 47 To get around this, you will a t o e ntl l o • I oa M l o a t e a m d a n d l i g a M a t t l • ¡oft. two
mourti o v a p b . EPao.d
£101 32 have t o change t h e current
keymap at the CO prompt by typ-
MOM' r e p • C M M O M um
gol putitomeor instate I n
• W V 5 1 ONG tweed i t oc mom • Loo dooko
•to.... . . . M . A . . • mt
£4? 47 maacv• y e t Amiga-Wend
£41.47 ing 'SetiMap usa0'. You can now pablamotris mammal tone-
mama a n t P r er. i S i • e n l y p d s o l i o g c o o . c o l t . a m , km. W a r m ,
m aOlE . . • t o E. R o o m M t
, C53 02
runSetKey without problems. mkt ¡Anneal..
bet m m n t O W
,.."..n.ton b o a t , .
r a t 0 111 . . . -
After you have finished using mmt-prittent t r •••a . amused M e m

SetKey, to change back to the pir.r•prn

rp, o r p r . r s r r m r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K - . 11..• :Glas 1 4 1 . " . Z . Z a k . " . 7 . • do• r •
• . . W A P . . "
British keyboard configuration, node typeeteine
An men rehm.s i m n n o - 1 • • . . e s e . •,


In a review of the Spectre 128 Guide to Computers' - it taught

IS YOUR Mac emulator f o r t h e S T

(ST/Amiga Format, Issue 12), i t
was stated that you need access
him everything h e knows (but
don't let that discourage you!)
Seriously though, one of the best

WORKBENCH to a real Mac to get your 'false'

Mac working. I s this real Mac
permanently needed?
introductions we have found to
the Amiga actually comes with
your machine: the 'Very First' disk

A BIT Simon Knight

Toot Baldon, Oxon
that comes with your Amiga pro-
vides a very good tutorial which
will help y o u understand t h e

PLANE? Until recently, Hard drives for the

Amiga have indeed been rather
expensive t o s a y t h e least.
Thankfully, t h e market d o e s
basic operations of your Amiga_

After buying my Amiga SOO, I've
seem to have come to its senses found it to be the most useful and
How m a n y colours d o e s y o u r Workbench screen h a v e ? and several cheap units are now comprehensive computer l have
Unless you've treated yourself to a package such as I c o n available, The best of the bunch used to date. However, l have the
Paint, you're probably limited to the standard four (though is undoubtedly ASAP's Amdrive following questions:
Workbench 1 . 4 will f i x this). T h e following AmigaBASIC which is a 40Mb unit for the 1. Do you know of any add-on
program i s designed to allow you t o add and remove a s A500 and A2000 for only i399_ boards that hold both Workbench
many b i t p l a n e s a s h a r d w a r e constraints w i l l a l l o w ( a ASAP can be contacted at their and extras in ROM so that they
minimum of one and a maximum of tour). Scunthorpe HQ on 0724 280222, are instantly accessible as soon
The t w o plane-manipulating routines a r e written a s You'll be glad t o hear that as l turn on my machine?
subprograms t h a t c a n b e called straight i n t o y o u r p r o - ReadySoft in the States are soon 2. D o you know o f any user
to release a hardware-based Mac groups in the Midlands area who
grams and are accessed in the same manner as any stan-
emulator called A-Max. A-Mak can cope with the needs o f a
dard AmigaBASIC subprogram.
plugs into the external drive port beginner in BASIC and assembler
Using t h e programs couldn't be simpler. Firstly, make
and, to all intents and purposes, programming?
sure t h a t y o u h a v e t h e t w o . b m a p files, •intuition.bmap'
transforms your Amiga into a 3. Can you please give me- details
and 'exec.bmap', i n the same directory as your program. Mac. This unit performs very well on how to obtain back issues of
To a d d a n e x t r a p l a n e , j u s t c a l l u p t h e •CreatePlane' ST/Amiga Format (your parent
indeed, a s you c a n read o n
subprogram a n d e x t r a c o l o u r s w i l l instantly b e m a d e Pages 64-7. A-Max is currently magazine).
available_ E x t r a bitplanes m e a n l e s s f r e e m e m o r y a n d being distributed in this country $ Hill
slower p r o g r a m execution a n d therefore, t o r e m o v e a by Entertainment International Monkspath, Solihull
plane. just call 'NukePlane'_ who should b e contacted o n
Fergal M o a n e 0268 541126. Numbering questions seems to
Belfast, NI The A-MAX unit allows you to be the order of the day and so,
connect an Apple disk drive to not wishing to flaunt tradition,
your Amiga and so, in theory, you do likewise with my answers,
shouldn't need access to a Mac_ / W e certainly haven't heard of
REM * * T h e f o l l o w i n g t h r e e l i n e s m u s t b e
such a device. The nearest you
REM * * a t t h e v e r y s t a r t o f y o u r p r o g .
will come to your requirements
START AT T H E are the Kickstart boards that
LIBRARY " i n t u i t i o n l i b r a r y '
BEGINNING seem t o be s o popular in the
LIBRARY " e x e c . l i b r a r y "
DECLARE FUNCTION A l l o o M e m L L I B R A RY l recently bought an Amiga 500 States. These boards allow more
for myself and m y five-year-old than one version of Kickstart to
SUB C r e a t e P l a n e S TAT I C daughter but unfortunately l d o be resident in your machine at
not know the first thing about the same time.
c omputers. 2. The UK's largest Amiga users'
The manuals that come with group, the UK AUG, is based in
the machine seem to assume that Leicester, The AUG publishes a
I F w d e p t h % > 5 THEN E X I T SUB
l have a basic understanding of regular bi-monthly newsletter
I F n e w p l a n e & w 0 T H E N ERROR 7
computers, but l don't. Can you packed with useful information on
POKEL b i t m a p & + 5 , w d e p t h a + 1 recommend any good books or all aspects of the Amiga, includ-
I F w d e p t h * < 5 THEN C A L L R e m a k e D i s p l a y
packages that will help me? ing B A S I C a n d assembler.
D James Contact Yuri Large at the UKAUG
Plaistow, London on 0533 550993,
SUB N u k e P l a n e S TAT I C
3. Back issues can be obtained
Andy Smith, our games supremo, from our mail order people in
swears by the 'Penguin Pop-up Somerton on 0458 74011,
window.basefi=WINDOW(7) HELP
a c r e e n . b a s e 6 = P E E K L ( w i n d o w. b a s e & 4 - 4 6 )
Is your Amiga causing you endless sleepless nights? Do you
planes*ecurrent.planes*-1 wake in the middle of the night, sweat pouring from your
I F c u r r e n t . p l a n e s * . 1 THEN E X I T SUB brow and the words 'Amiga DOS', 'CLI' and 'Copper' flying
POKE i s i t m a p s 4 4 . 5 . p l a n e s i , about In your head? lithe answer Is 'Yes!' then you definitely*current.planeet)
have problems! Why not let us solve your Amiga problems?
CALLFreeRaster (plane ad& , s c r e e n . w i d t b a , screen h e i g h t * )
CALL R e m a k e D i s p l a y
Send your tear-jerkers to: WORKBENCH HELPLINE,


ught One o f t h e m o s t confusing aspects o f using t h e A m i g a i s

that of workbench icons: it seems that only a privileged few
really u n d e r s t a n d t h i s a r c h a i c a r t . L u c k i l y, i f y o u h a v e
best Workbench 1.3, you will never need to get your hands dirty
1 to with all the complex ¡argon that Amiga technical people have Workbench just wouldn't be Workbench without a regular collection of
with to endure, because Commodore have seen their way clear to the very best tips and tricks for your perusal. If you have a groovy
disk provide a handy little tool which takes the pain out of icons. little tip-ette, then why not share your wondrous knowledge with your
pro- The w o n d r o u s little program i n question i s t h e I c o n X fellow Amiga user by sending it in to Workbench.
filch command t h a t y o u ' l l f i n d i n t h e ' C d i r e c t o r y o f y o u r "What's it worth?" l hear you ask. How does the prospect
the Workbench 1.3 disk. IconX allows y o u t o run a n y program of winning E30 sterling appeal to you?
a from Workbench t h a t c a n u s u a l l y o n l y b e r u n f r o m t h e We want tips on absolutely anything: getting the most from a
Command Line Interface (C1.1). particular software package, hitting the hardware from 68000,
RS An advantage o f u s i n g I c o n X i s t h a t m a n y programs AmigaBASIC tips, anything!
Eve (SetKey for example) need s o m e form o f setting u p before
Send your tips and tricks to:
and they can successfully be run. The S e t Key program is a fine
-lave example, a s it needs the current keyboard map to b e set to
the usa0 before it can be run. This is easy to do from the CLI but
is a l m o s t impossible f r o m Wo r k b e n c h . H o w e v e r, t h i s i s 1
d-on easily achieved with I c o n k
NAME t e s t .bat STATUS
rich !conk( works by reading an ASCII batch file that contains
they TYPE P r o j e c t
all the commands that you would usually enter at the com- SIZE NOTARCHIVED
;loon mand line. To use IconX, create a batch file using a standard in b y t e s 3 0 7 READABLE
text editor and then find a data file that has an icon (a DPaint in blocks l URITEABLE
iser saved picture, for example). Copy the associated . i n t o ' file STACX DELETEABLE
who across to your text file, giving it the same filename a s your
if a text file p l u s a •.into ' extension ( i f y o u r text f i l e i s called ICOMMENT E
bier 'JOHN', the icon file would have to be called 'JOHN.Info').
Next, using the Workbench menu's 'INFO' option, change I DEFAULT TOOL : 1 C 0 f l a
tails the default tool to 'C:ICONX: (if you used a DPaint icon then TOOLTYPES
; of it will probably already contain •:DPaint' i n t h e default tool
rent field) and then select 'SAVE'. Now when you double-click on
the icon, IconX will be loaded and it will proceed to execute
your batch file. Probably easier than falling off a log!
Just c h a n g e t h e ' D E FA U LT TO O L ' l i n e t o ' C : I c o n A ' a n d y o u ' r e a w a y,

Nowloading Ed....
Ed I
you lest Batch f i l e for Iced
:Allows editing of Start0p-Sequence b¡i just clicking on an ASSIGNS: LINES
the "inettui loading Ed, ..." scam M i f f
ore Addbuffers LOP I I
COPYLStartilit-Stauteice S:SS.DAK c:SelPatch MIL: ;patch sesten functions
to EDS:Startilr-Seatience cd c:
echo 4500/A2000 Workbench disk. k i p a s e 1.3 version 3
at 1010 •Ok, Job done. Reboot gout, Amiga to execute batch f i l e * Sls:Sgsteet/Tastitenlirst move M O W POMMY to last i a
SetClock load ;load sgsten tine from teal tine clock (A
;replace the Setelock load with Date
FT OHL: - 0 ;Silted UP Text
I in resident CLI L:Shell-Sec SYSTEM port add; activate Steel
;a resident c:Execute pure
mount newcol:
'First, create your batch file. H e r e , w e ' v e created a sample b a t c h • Having changed the default tool using the Workbench INFO option,
flie t h a t d e l e t e s a l l %BAK' f i l e s f r o m a u s e r • s p e c i f i e d d i r e c t o r y. our n e w l y • m o d i f i e d , l c o n i f i e d b a t c h f i l e i s r e a d y a n d i n f u l l s w i n g .


BUSY BBS 01013 1112.7 ACS 0413Z5) ItPtiitill Win

Welcome to the id2 Wildcat'

Bulletin board sestets;
Wehope you have fun while

For those o f y o u w i t h m o d e m s . h e r e ' s a s m a l l s e l e c t i o n o f vou are byre, renenlier that Speeds available O d d
this is your beard. are:- d d i d
bulletin b o a r d s t h a t c a t e r f o r t h e A m i g a u s e r i n o n e f o r m o r dddd
You are free and vetoer*
another. We ' v e been h a v i n g a g r e a t deal of fun recently, running to download everlithingi i i lit 08/38D 1200/1210 d d d d
sight. Uploads sell be \----/ 1100/75 75/1210
480/2410 6011/601d dd ddi d
up the company's p h o n e b i l l a n d discovering t h e darker gratefully received and dddd
delights of certain boards: which will remain nameless... Pon will be rewarded by / O d d
extra tine at the end off

Board Name Phone No,

the upload.
ddddl 1 1 6 0
Speeds Hours If this is your second tine 11111 Odd
MABBS 021 444 8972 v21122.,22b.'23 24 Hrs
of seeing( this screec then
press space and i t will be
imilI diddl 1 6 6 6 6
iii Odd' 1 6 0 6
TABBS 0533 550893 v21/22123 skipped, ddddl 1 6 6 0
6pm-9am 1111 dddd\ / d i l d d
ID2 0903 700771 v21/22/22b/23 24 Hrs lave fui 11111 didididdddddlidddddiddddd
01 FOR AMIGA 01 377 1358 v21122:2211'23 ere - -TtIentintio,
AMIGA BOARD 0268 510495 v21 /22122 b 6pm-8am • T h e I D 2 bulletin board i s run b y a v e r y well-known character:
STABBS 0793 855176 v21/22,23 24 H i s the p r o g r a m m e r o f H e w s o n ' s C y b e r n o t d s e r i e s , To n y C o o p e r,

M . A . S . T. G . T. S .
ENGINEERED TO WORK TOGETHER FROM THE CREATIVE PEOPLE This month JUMPOISK celebrates its Third Annlverearyt To mark this occasion
AT MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. we are giving away FREE! the promo of the first Comic on a disk.
A new innovation that we think you will enjoy, Top Programs for July include:
THE ULTIMATE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES POWERPACKER - The most effective Cruncher we have seen anywhere. OVER-
litelORIVE ' . SCROLL - Scroll text strings horn any chosen font over an IFF art screen.
BLITZ ANIMATION - Page-Flipping Animation now made easy. PAYROLL - A sys-
tem for small business. MYMENU - Create your own WII3 menus for disk access
• Super Slim Line • 1 Year Limited Warranty PLUS more programs, articles, reviews, tutorials and much, much more.
All for only CILBO Inc.
• Very Low Power
• Upgrade Policy - Buy a UnrDrive " DOSLAB" * El 4.99
• No Clicking
• May be Switch a n da TwinDrive
have it Factory Upgraded to The new interactive way of teaming how to use the CL1 and AMIGADOS. This program
takes into account the many hundreds ol questions our customers have asked us over
Disabled the years about the Amiga Operating Systems. We are sure that this two disk set will
he y o u understand and master the Amiga the easy way A JUMPOISK Publication.
TWINORIVE "1 ( T v n n O r i v e has two SWSCNOS)
• Quality Fujitsu Mechanism • Removable Cable Our best selling 7 Disk Pack includes a "Systems Exerciser disk FREE l Other pro-
rams feature a
• powered from Amiga ' • Robust Beige Metal Casing Word Processor, Spell Checker. ISatabase, Spreadsheet, Appointment Scheduler,
Home and Business Accounts and much. MoCh more.
or opt onally available • Hinged Dust Cover
e Plugpak
This seven disk set contains a selection of the best games we have found on the
latest Public Domain releases in America and Europe.
UNIDRIVE E79.95 T W I N D R I V E E149.95
Many have never bean seen in the UK before!
VAT included See last months ST,'Amiga Format for full details.
Plus E5 Carriage
This insernal 512K Card • This 9 pack disc serves as the perfect Introduction to Amiga PD. We have carefully
• ComPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER selected one of the most popular disks from the Fish. Amicus, SACO FAUG,
4 a Dirso Rapiacement le%gillot TBAG, AMUSE, and TBYB Libraries and added the latest version of our two disk
tor the A501. By Ain° e ,l'kit4 • NIGH PERFORMANCE PD Library Pack, complete with a pair of 3D glasses!
Hi-Ted 1 Meg M A I M ,
There are many hundreds of quality PD disks in our collection and efts new pack
micrewnegit a only hell i • Low PROFILE
the Sire of l e A301 ene will give you the opportunity to see why everyone is talking about PD on the Amiga.
• Low POWER (II you already own the Library Pack we will substaUle two other disks)
a fraction of the power 4/1*.iiittt,
Naturally. it includes a Battery backed clock. This 3 disk set includes the finest PD programs we could find for design work.
• Stilt only t e l l s Pita E5 Carriage If its CAD. FRACTUALS or MANDELBROT you are interested ,n.
this pack is just what you are looking tor. Highly Recommended,
• Auto Configure The amazing 'HAWK picture seen at the recent Commodore Show is joined by '30
Bayakout- and 'Orbit 3D- on an autobooting disk with the 3D Glasses.
• Low Power
• 1 Meg DRAMs
A Collection of superb stale of the art demos horn the latest Badge Killer Demo
• RAM Tachometer Contest. Seven disks illustrating how U.S.
demo writers are breaking new grounds with the Amiga Only for 1 Meg Amiga's
• Auto Configure LED
NEW..NEW.11.99..MINI DEMO PACK. .E9.99..NEW-NEW..*
• Very small size 3- x 5.25' x .625'
We receive numerous demos from all over the World and this is a collection on
• Zero Wait States three disks of the best of the latest.
PHOTO OF A500 VERSION Fast moving graphics and stereo sound arid music makes
• Compatible with A501 this a must for those that appreciate European demos.
Populated to 512K .......—............1179.95 1 Meg E 2 7 9 . 9 5 * "MY PAINT' FROM CENTAUR SOFTWARE E 2 9 . 9 9
2 Meg — — — ..... —1479.95 F a c t o r y Upgrade per 512K E 9 9 . 9 5
Plus £5 Carriage The First in a long term of Educational Programs "My Paint' is a "Pair! Program
Just For Kids'. It features Sampler) Sounds for each picture
TINY TIGER TN HIGH PERFORMANCE SCSI Animated icon Drawing Tools, Special Effects and much, much more.
HARD DISK SYSTEM FOR A500:1000:2000 No reading skills are required_ 28 pictures to colour are included or children can
draw their own. Suitable for all ages from 3 years old.
• Small Size Highly recommended for parents who would like even Me youngest
members of their family to use and enjoy their Amiga.
• Plugs Into Parallel Port
• Transparent Printer Pass Thru.
A precision fli i . y disk alignment and periormarice monitoring system tor the Amiga
FA N , ,
- - , _ • Fast A500/1 000,20o o E a s y to operate it will at last give Amiga owners the opportunity ol
A U .
• Drive Transfer rates up to 2.5 Meg./Sec checking the performance and it need be correct the alignment at their disk drives.
i --- Includes 2 disks and a comprehensive manual.
- • Free Software
• Pass Thru for 7 other SCSI Devices The First three releases feature:
VIDEO AND ANIMATION BACKGROUND 1" (PAL) - Two disks packea with lull Scents
SCSI INTERFACE & SCSI DRIVE IN A SINGLE SMALL PACKAGE Tedbacks. Structures and High Tec backgrounds for Animation packages sad, as Aegis
TINY TIGER 30 MEG E 4 4 9 . 9 5 T I N Y TIGER 42 MEG E 5 7 9 . 9 5 Video Titles Lights, Camera, Action, Turbo Silver, Sculpt 3D and many more
NEW TINY TIGER 50 MEG E 5 8 9 . 9 5 ! T I N Y TIGER 84 MEG 9 . 8 9 9 _ 9 5 Only E24.99
Plus E5 Carriage V A T included "CLIPART DISK 1- - A broad selection of high quality Clip art for use with Desktop
SPECIAL NOTE; Ae oh the above are now regular stack Items Sirlai MA S T. iLIK) Lid., started Publishing programs such as Professional Page, Publisher Plus and Word
lrading, over 00% ol all orders recerved ware deseaiciyed within 24 hoses It i5 still, however. Processors that are able to import IFF Graphics.
advisable to telephone log inlormation on availability and to allow up to 21 days for delivery. This Only E19.99
applies particularly to Postal Orders when cheques have to be cleared. Access. Visa and "AMIGA FONT DISK 1" - A collection of 9 different Bernal) Fonts for Video.
Overseas OillOYS Welcome. BFPO Customers please deduct 12% from all prices.
Graphics, Animation and Desktop Publishing.
FREE! With every ottlef lot any MAST Product, a selection of FIVE PD. DISKS IYOUR Only E19_99
CHOICE I. valuded at E15, from the AMIGA FORMAT P.O Top 'ten. Please note that some cit these
NEW-NEW..E19.99...XCOPY 11.119.99..NEW.NEW
programs may require 1 Meg to run This otter replaces all previous otters. These no longer Apply
Just released, the latest version of the Master Copier. Packed with many feature'
M E M O R Y A N D S T O R A G E T E C H N O L O G Y. I N C . and taster than ever. Now includes an Editor and makes full use of the MAST.
M_A.S_T: (UK) LTD M . M.A.S.T,
A . U.S.A.
S _ T _ AUSTRALIA Memory Expansion Units for copying from RAM. Recommended for matung bade*
UNIT 1 DIPPEN, 1 7 8 PACIFIC Hwy, copies of PD and your own programs.
SCOTLAND_ KA27 8RN C H I C O . CA 95928 N S W 2065 DIPPEN, BRODICK, ARRAN, SCOTLAND. KA27 8RN. (077082) 234.
(0r7 082) 234 ( 9 1 6 ) 342 6278 ( 0 2 ) 436 2600
FAX: (02) 437 4919 Please send a cheque (min 'our Rank Card No "Expiry Date on reverse) A P.O.or luSI Wooer*
yourAccess or Vail Gard details to us before tem. and we eilI cesium& yaw wee
the same fascinating gameplay, that lets you peek a t the inner
fantastic graphics and sound, but workings o f your Amiga, a n d
better still it was PD. BlitzFonts, t h e highly-regarded
The Amiga P D version o f text speedup utility. Gameplayers
Star Trek was written b y a n aren't left out either, as the Chet
American PD enthusiast using the Solace disk also includes a couple
animation scripting language 'The of high-quality games: such a s
Director'. The game gives you Egyptian Run, a very satisfying

control of the Starship Enterprise motor racing game.
as you journey through space (the
final frontier etc). You communi- TBAG 16
cate with the game by issuing
commands to the crew of the The Tampa Bay collection of disks
Enterprise, namely Kirk, Spoch, are renowned not only for con.
Chekov, Sulu, Uhura and Scotty. tent, but also for beautiful presen-
The game comes on three tation: among the best t o b e
disks and requires a t least a found in any collection.
QualityAmigasoftwareneedn'tcostanarm megabyte t o run. Although not LFLPAINT - Li7Paint is a mini paint
absolutely necessary, a second package designed f o r young
andaleg.Takea tripdowntothePDlibraries disk drive is also a definite must if
you don't want t o suffer from
children. While rt lacks the com-
plexity of DPaint, it's a lot of fun.
'Macintosh elbow'. Star Trek is INTRODUCER - Introducer is a
andyou'll discoverawholebravenewworld available o n l y f r o m George
Thompson Services for E8.99.
nifty little program that allows you
to produce your own demos, com-

of exciting software.JASONHOLBORN Workbench release. 686144 free memory 11001

takesalookatthePD'best-sellers'. AM% Nth/ ve

Disk of the Month MDrivelhot
Choosing the right software J0

TOP 10 PD among the vast number of PD
disks available c a n b e a avip a
difficult task. To help you, A tux gy a
G r. o up
GTS TITLE Amiga Format, in conjunction
with G E O R G E T H O M S O N
I S t a r Tr e k (1 M b ) SERVICES, will be bringing you
a regular list of the month's
2 C h e t Solace Disk of the Muth 116
Shareware Top Ten best-selling disks.
Disk numbers are all very
nice, but what do they have to • P r e M i n t a t i o n is as important as the disk's contents with TBAG.
3 T B A G No 16 offer? To help you choose the
disks that will be of greatest
4 F i s h No 163
interest to you, this month's CHET SOLACE plete w i t h graphics, digitised
S S A C C No 23 PD Update is devoted entirely SHAREWARE music and even the over-used
6 F i s h No 185
to our exclusive Top Ten. EXTRAVAGANZA scrolling text.
XPOPCLI - This upgrade to the
TOYS N o 1 2 STAR TREK The C h e t Solace Shareware popular PopCLi utility allows a CLI
Extravaganza is a disk jam-packed window to be opened not just on
8 1111 ( 1 3 No 2 Ever since Firebird released an with t h e very best i n public the Workbench screen, but on any
Atari ST version o f their S t a r domain software. If you only ever screen presently open.
9 T B Y I 3 N o 11
Trek game, Arniga owners have intend buying one PO disk, then CLI WIZARD 1.2 - CLI Wizard is
10 F o n t Wo r k S h o p been crying our for a version for this should be the one to go for. the number one Workbench CLI
their machine (and rightly so). All the programs on the disk utility. CLI Wizard allows you to
When it finally arrived, it offered are crunched using MASH*, t o perform a l operations from a
allow as many programs to fit on friendly intuition-based environ-
the disk as is possible. Whether ment (like DoTif on our coverdiskl).
you're into games, serious appli- ICONISER - Iconiser allows you to
cations or just playing around with 'iconise' any mouse pointer defini-
your Amiga, then Chet Solace has tion and have the results stored
at least one program that will into a file. Just double-click on the
appeal to your tastes. icon and your mouse pointer will
Programs include t h e infa- take o n a n e w guise. With
mous Pointer Animator, that gives lconiser, you can build up a library
you mouse pointer a new lease of of all your extra-special favourite
life. Using Pointer Animator, you mouse pointers.
can design your own animated 'X' SERIES - The 'X' series con-
pointers, or choose from a large sists of three of the most popular
collection that are included in a PD utilities from the famous PD
library on the disk. programmer, Steve Tibbett. The
For the techies among you, three X programs included on this
there's a disk accelerator, a pow- disk are ScreenX, TaskX and the
• "Ok Speck, you can driv•." "The engines won't take it. Cao'n." erful system info display program excellent disk editor, DiskX.
Hobbyte Busbyte Computer Centre
10 Mar kW Placer. SI Albans. Harts
St. Albans 10727) 41396 :561305
L i n d
L u t o n
1G, Arndale Centro, Luton. Bads
t05.82 457195411281
BBC EMIT-Al OR 139.95
lilt itTISING PACK with
Camera, Digiales, Gold 1.0, cables
NO D E P O S I T I N -
( L I M I T E D COM.
MODEM PACK, ALVA* 1lAy Es s21e23
LI 19_9i
Inc. Ruby F I T a r m Em SAS, niblen
ar-••• a• VAT
AMIGA 2000, Mouse, Wkbench, Basic, Utilities, Manuals £ 7 9 9
AMIGA 2000, 1084S MONITOR, 3.5" AND 5.25" DRIVES AND 0 0 9 9
BRIDGE BOARD (giving PC compatability)
Note that special prices are available f o r ('Btu P C s and other
Amiga c o n f i g u r a t i o n s a f r o - please ark f o r details.
2(155 g NIB RAM EXPANSION, POPILA1 Li) TO 2 SIB 1 4 4 9
Aznisa x i tild in-ALWARD w r i l l 5.25" 360 KB DRIVE 1 3 0 9 QMCKSTART M PACK...
42211.6AT BRIDGEBOARO WITI15.25* I.2MB DRIVE £ 5 5 9
• ,SPECIAL• • ASOolt9,'2V92 20 .011 P C A M I G A D O S BARD DISC r i g s .
Three d i s c s p a c k e d w i t h u t i l i t i e s , g a m e s , m u s i c a n d demos
• V O W AVA I L A B L E • - A 2090412092 20 AIR AUTO ROOT D A R ! , DISC i 4 7 9 plus issue s i x o f o u r very p o p u l a r d i s c magazine t o act a s thy
52990A.2004 40 NIP AUTO BOOT HARD DISC 1 7 5 0 ideal i n t r o d u c t i o n t o t h e P D scene, p l u s t h e b o n u s o f FREE
A2300 I NTER NA I, G EN LOCK f i l l
A2350BROADCAST ouAuTvGENLOCK•FKAMEGRABBER 1 5 4 5 membership to I7811 a n d access t o o u r massive l i b r a r y o f top-
A2032 PAL COMPOSrrE VIDEO CARD 1 6 9 notch PD software. Q u i c k s t a r t III is j u s t g..5!!
A2010 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE 1 1 0 5
A2a.2060020 CO.PROCESSOR 1 1 N 5
14" HIGH RES COLOUR MONITOR (Needs videoCard & Clad's) L 5 7 9
CABLES FOR iliteM £ 2 9
VIDEO CAM/FOR IIRCM (FLICKER FIXER) 1 2 9 9 This special P D p a c k c o m p r i s e s o f five d i s c s , t h e f i r s t i s tile
p . . . . • .1,• • • ' , A t Utility d i s c f e a t u r e d i n t h e Q u i c k s t a r t p a c k , t h e second i s a
, special a r t - d i s c f e a t u r i n g some s u p e r b r a y - t r a c e d images. an
excellent m u s i c disc. a d i s c o f S t a r - Tr e k a n i m a t i o n s p l u s our
disc-magazine and m e m b e r s h i p for just LI011
Inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arada, Adventure, Rimcd and Shoot-am-up prnes,
Joystkit. plus:
17Bit produce what i s regarded as the best value-for-money
8 additional individually packaged games from the following list: R e t u r n
ot the Jodi, Eliminator, Custodian, Power Play, Mercenary, Znapse, Hell disc-magazines available, a n d at j u s t £ 1 . 5 0 per issue you can
Bent, Warlock Ouest• Harrier Command, Demolition, G r i d Start, see why! S u b s c r i b e to 8 issues DOW a n d get free membership
Spitting Image, Art of Chess, Amegas £ 3 8 5 inc VAT for just £10. t r u l y remarkable value for money! Wa t c h out for
Also with 1084S monitor or LC10 colour Printer M O Inc VAT NEWBFLASHI the new European disc-magazine coming very
AIR MILES PACK shortly to the UK via I 7Bit o f course!
Inc. Nlodulstor, 24 games on four dhas: Arcade, Ad ,,enture, Board and Shoot-em-up garnea
lossikk. plus:
3 additional Individually boxed games, Spritz Art package
AND 500 AIR MILES (Paris or Amsterdam is 450) £ 4 0 9 inc VAT All PD packs are guaranteed free c,f inv.' viruses lkiller Included with the
Also with 1084$ monitor or LC10 colour Printer E 6 3 5 inc VAT parks) arid will work on 1.2/1.3 Anagas in 512K.
A full catalogue of ALL the 17b11 PD discs is available on request for lust E2
(On disc). T h e range of PD discs is open to members only.
Inc. Modulator, 24 games On 4 dies., r s adr, Adventure. Board and gm mes, plus. You can order by post with a cheque/postal order/credit card or over the
The Works Spreadsheet, Database, Word Processor E 4 3 5 inc VAT phone with Access/1.1Ra (24 hours - Answerphone after 5_301.
OR Publishers Choice £ 4 5 0 inc VAT
Also with 10845 monitor or ICIO colour Printer A D D £225

Inc. NI odulal or, 24 prnes on 4 discs: Al-elide, Adventure, Hoard and Shoot-ern.up games, plus:
A501 RAM Expansion and Dragons Lair 5 3 9 Inc VAT
Seventeen Bit
Also with 1084S monitor or LC10 colour Printer £ 7 6 4 inc VAT
1640 slit. Woedstar,Supercalc end Account, Niasier Sortua re. PLI.5 DM P 4000 N LO Printer
Mono, Dual Drive 1799
Mono, Single DrNe with 30318 Hard Card
ADD 1200
1st Floor 2-8 Market Street,
All a n w s • • V A T
Wakefield W I . u c x
SPECIALS To place your order, and cheque postal
wde, or official order, s l u t CM pea b e .
Telephone 0924 366982
(aattwaea Veal tor max l day cawss delivery
Photon Paint II £ 6 2 95 1:e• gone La, F and VAT to Dept A t , Hoellyie Ca•npulete
Lid, IC Markel F i x . . St Attune Herb
Das..ta Pant ill C 6 2 95 All W O , I V % DI,
SDG. w call wit?, a espy of this ad. at ota
Tronarowne ( 1 9 9 5 (1E57 PRICES ON ALL b r a w n . . in Si. Albans and luten. Y e e

I4 t h i ( 2 4 Hours)
*CAD Desgoer t 6 2 99 may • l . o pnonat your order l e Our W e e
X CAD Plaremecne £ 3 2 0 9 5 NORMALLY MATCH OR SEAT doelt o n S t A I in•n• ( 0 7 2 7 ) 5 5 0 0 5 .
ANY GENUINE ADYEnCn5110 A c c e • • • Vi • • anti official widen. I t e m
PvtaikeeleCnew. C 7 3 95 PRICE. Sortama pDeet mc VAT
a P. gov•rnrn•nl, • d u e • l i o n a l ,
Cntera Crone L I N 95 sallkoritio• and PLC. we eccepWd

Aucea , 4 f 1 • , • 1 h o e . DI m o l e . t o p l . , 1,•• • • • , o c i 0 1 0 . 0 t o u t
PLANET - Here's a great program
for all you would-be planetary
your Extras disk, to allow them to
operate with Me Amiga's three- TIX
architects. Planet takes any FE and-a-half inch drives.
picture and raps into around a 3D VIEW - The 'official' text reading
sphere to produce some startling utility. More, as provided on the
pictures, complete with full light 1.3 enhancer pack, is rather basic
source shading. to say the least. View is a fast
and flashy text-viewing utility that
FISH No 163 makes a n i d e a l replacement
for the official offering.
The Fred Fish collection of disks is

probably the most well-known and SACC 23

most popular collection of Amiga
POdisks. The collection currently The Sacramento Amiga Computer
stands at over 200 disks and their Club, like TBAG, pays a great deal
contents are highly regarded by of attention not only to a disk's
both u s e r s a n d s o f t w a r e contents, but also to its look. The • Tina, f r o m S A C C 2 3 , I s l o o s e l y b a s e d on t h e old D r a g o n 3 2 g a m e a i x .
developers alike.
BANK'N - Is your bank account in
amess? Then you need Bank'n BlueMoon - by Tim Lister - DealNumber I
lbanking, geddit!). Bank 'n i s a
powerful little personal finance
program that will allow you t o
keep track of your bank accounts.

The program is written to take full

advantage of the Amiga's window-
ing environment, Intuition, and is
very simple to use.
EMMA! Er.f.M111
FIVEINLINE - FA/Online is a fun
18 9
interpretation o f t h e 'Connect
Four board game that was so
popular a few years back. The
idea o f the game is t o get a
continuous line of five counters in
any direction.
MACHU - Machu is a powerful little
mouse accelerator program, Select card to move
complete with hot keys. If you've
never used one o f these pro-
grams, then you just don't realise
what you've been missing. * Quit * NewGame
MEMTRACE - Have problems with
• B l u e M o o n is a n i n t e l l i g e n t a n d e n j o y a b l e l i t t l e ' S o l i t a i r e ' g a m e f r o m S a c r a m e n t o A C C d i s k n u m b e r 2 3 .
your memory? (I don't know, I
can't remember!) MemTrace is a
linkable object module that, when SACC collection uses a special amounts of information with ease. chunks while avoiding the various
called, gives you a complete run utility that allows u p t o eight HERMIT - Everyone needs a nasties that are after you.
down o f a l l m e m o r y colours t o b e used o n t h e screen grabber! As you've proba- WORD SEARCH - Anyone who
allocation/deallocation performed Workbench screen, which gives bly noticed when looking through enjoys word search puzzles will
by your program. SACC disks a very impressive and Amiga Format, w e u s e them love this program, because i t
PCPATCH - If you have access to individual look. extensively ourselves. Hermit i s allows you to construct your own.
a PC compatible that uses 3.5 CARD FILE - Card File is a very one of the best and will allow you WORKBENCH DEMOS - SACC 23
inch disks, you'll probably want to simple but very useful database to snap any standard intuition also includes a directory filled to
port files across to your Amiga at program that is written entirely in screen and save it as an I F file the brim with fun demo programs
some time or another. PCPatch compiled basic. Card File's sim- that can be loaded into any of a such a s ) ( W i n d o w s ,
patches the PCLItils that carne on plicity allows you to locate large number of paint packages. HAMKaleidoScope and Toing!.
UTILIMASTER - Utildplaster is
0 PCCopy 1.1 elm
another o f t h e ' D O S FISH 185
From: PC F I S T I T I I 1
Workbench' programs.
To: Amiga 1
MORSE - Turn any text file
into dots and dashes without
You don't need to be a registered
software developer to get your
ever having t o learn t h e hands on the official FE documen•
Text-Ill IColl I ICancel
Morse code. This program tation disk. Every so often, when
PC Volume