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Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Intramuros, Manila
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Venn Justin Reyes

Jan Albert Flores
Aerold Jake Garlan
Joshua Lozano
Jhomar Real
Adrian Reyes
Randrebb Villar


1. Introduction.................................................................................................................. 3
2. Marketing Strategy....................................................................................................... 4
3. Financial Report........................................................................................................... 5
4. Sustainability and Practicality...................................................................................... 6
5. Conclusion.................................................................................................................... 7
6. Appendices......................... .......................................................................................... 8
7. Reflections................................................................... .......................................... ...... 9
1. Introduction
 Health is wealth. Everyone believes in this saying because it is absolutely true
and relevant to each and every individual in a society. Health is everything
regardless the age, the gender and anything in between. Our project of
medicine giving to the children of Camiguin is a way to help them to be strong
and motivated in achieving their goals and dreams. The project can also
benefit the marketing students if Colegio de San Juan de Letran on being
sensitive and helpful to the real situation of the youth in the said society. This
project is a step for them to be responsible for other people’s circumstances.
Due to the unfortunate condition on the medical support, it is tough and hard
for the children to get the health sustenance that led the partner students to
focus on the medicine. If all the children and youth are vigorous and complete
with the medicines that are essentials, they will be driven enough to strive hard
in attaining anything they dreamed to be in the future.

2. Marketing Strategy
 As a student our marketing strategy to gain some money in our donation is to
talk some college students and explain our propaganda about our thing that we
need to buy on our money that have gathered on students and we will buy
medicines that our propaganda we will help children of Camiguin because
they are lack of medicine that they need because not all of the doctors can
reach out them Letran community will provide basic needs such as medicine
and give them some brochures how to use our medicine kit whether what kind
of medicine that they will drink if they have some kind of ache in their body
not only the medicine and knowledge we want to see their smile by our own
eyes so that we know that our propaganda is helpful.
 Helping other children is one of the main reason why we did this product
because seeing them in pain will actually hurt our feelings so we make this
thing so we can help people even we are students so for us we need to talk all
people in Letran community so they can help us and our family to because we
don’t have enough money cause we are students and do not have work to fulfil
all their needs about on medicine thing so we can help them to fulfil their
dreams by helping them.
 So therefore, I conclude that giving them a lot of help through medicine can
fulfil our heart that we can help people that need medicines through their
health conditions and lesser the pain that they having now or can take away
the pain that their having right now.

3. Financial Report

4. Sustainability and Practicality
 We ask the people for a spare of change as a donation for the children of
Camiguin. It is more practical for other people to donate because it doesn’t
affect much of their money use for daily expenses. We can’t ask people to
give us medicine because we do not have the rights to demand such a thing
and we don’t have prescriptions from doctors, so we can only ask for money,
spare of their change and we, the students will ask the community which
medicine is more appropriate to buy to give as donations for children and then
we use the collected money to buy medicine for the children of Camiguin. It is
more sustainable because everyone has a change to spare, and every day
people rise from their beds and go to work, rides jeepney, buys lunch, food. At
the end of the day they will have extra money that doesn’t get used, so we
humbly ask for their spare money to be donated and be used to buy medicine.

5. Conclusion
 To conclude, this project aim to help and provide a good quality of life for the
good sake of the future of every child in Camiguin. Through donations
conducted by our group through the use of donation letter that we are giving to
those people who are willing to give. After the collection of the donation we
are going to some of medicine that will help the community of Camiguin
because health is one of the important to take care. A simple donation of
medicine is equivalent to a thousand smiles of Camiguin children whom we
are going to give. It is a privilege for our group to donate medicines because
we believe that donating to the causes you care about not only benefits the
charities themselves, it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Millions of
people give to charity on a regular basis to support causes they believe in, as
well as for the positive affect it has on their own lives. It is a heart-warming to
see those children seeing them having a good health to the near future. We
also pursue this project of giving medicines to children of Camiguin because
giving may improve physical health and longevity is that it helps decrease
stress, which is associated with a variety of health problems. It is their rights to
have a good health in life. We also learn that if you give something to other
people, don’t expect something in return. Not all of us have kind-hearted. We
should face the fact that most of us our lack of financial but in simple way,
you can still help without of money. If you want to help, it should come from
your heart. We also acknowledge those people who insisted to help us because
they also want to help those children of Camiguin. It is enough for us see
children achieving their goals and being successful with their lives. To sum it
all up, it is an honour for us to help those children and to also help the society
to lessen children who are lack of having a good health.

6. Appendices
 It’s been our desire to help the poor and give whatever we can do to help them
and giving them hopes to achieve their dreams. We have seen the poor and
other people suffering poverty. And us student we’ve been assigned to help
the poor by seeking donation to our fellow Letranite to help the poor to buy
enough medicine to give them to prolong their life. Other students were also
assigned to ask donation to our classmates to give school supplies to help them
pursue their dreams and others were also assigned to give food and clothes so
they’ll have something to eat and wear every day. So, the donations of the
people we got these past few days’ means to much to us because even such a
small amount you can see the eagerness of the people to help. So, these
donations that we have collected will all go to the people who needed help and
hope that they will still have a good life and living life to the fullest.

7. Reflection
 Venn Justin Reyes
 We are the students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, that is task to help the
Children of Camiguin, we as a group approach the people to help us achieve
our task to help by simply asking for spare of change, by donating so that we
can buy those Children of Camiguin some medicines in order for them to have
a healthy living and survive sickness throughout the day. We have enjoyed
helping other people because I feel that I have something accomplished good.
We inspire other people to do as what we did by simply lecturing or telling
them how we feel about to those children and it touched their hearts because
with every little change we can change their future. It hit me a lot, made me
realize that we should act well and good even though it’s little, because every
little thing we do, become big if everyone do it and unite.
 Joshua Lozano
 I always thought it was better to receive than to give, but when our school
assigned us to underwent to donate school supplies, books, and medicines to
the children of Camiguin Batanes that is located in Northern part of the
Philippines, I realized that it’s better to give than to receive. Upon the arrival
of our request letter by asking the help of others such as friends and classmates
through giving their wholeheartedly donation. There are advantages through
gift giving of providing direct support is that you can know exactly how your
money is being spent. For example, if you give money directly to people in
your local village or town, you can see where it has gone. Another benefit is
that you can see the impacts on those you are helping, which can lead not only
to great personal satisfaction but also to respect from others in the local
community who appreciate the work you do and donating those stuffs to the
children of Camiguin is really a big help for them to acquire their wishes to
have a good and quality education that we can share to them. Donating to
larger charities with an international reach means having the knowledge that
you are involved in issues of fundamental global importance, such as curing
diseases and human rights, or helping those caught up in tragic environmental
events, such as flooding, earthquakes and famines. In conclusion, given the
benefits of both, I would argue that an individual should make their own
choice based on their personal preferences and whichever provides them with
the most personal satisfaction. What is crucial is that we continue to give to
those who are more in need than ourselves.
 Jan Albert Dan Flores
 Our group created a paper and we turned it over to our fellow Letranites to ask
for a donation for our project to buy medicines for children in Camiguin. We
are happy that we have helped the children so that our fellow Letranites have
been here also to help. We are happy with the results of our donation request.
One of our group's works has almost switched the entire case just to get a
donation for our project. It's fun to be helpful to everyone. We are happy to
share to all of you that even if our donation is not enough, we will do our best
to purchase all of the medicines for children in Camiguin. We do not know
what to expect when we get help and we have helped other people. It is better
to help others that are our group motivation.
 Adrian Reyes
 Our project is to donate medicine to the Camiguin children’s. The donation
drive we implemented those children of Camiguin. We implemented this kind
of project for us to help children who are lack of financial support to go the
hospital and have at least a month of check-up. For me it is hard because some
of the people can’t afford to take good care of their help due to poverty and
other finances. But with the help of our group and others who donate i can say
that it is successful. This made my marketing skills mote enhance because this
project that we made is critically based on how we convince people to donate
money or medicine to the people that who need them. I want to thank the
people who help us because they have the heart to trust us and donate to the
children. It made me a happy person because i know that i helped the one who
is in need. This also builds by characteristic to be a more on hand person. I
learned that it is better to give than to receive because i also learn what is right
and what is wrong and what i need and want.
 Aerold Jake Garlan
 Helping who are in need are the best feeling in the world because seeing
someone happy because that someone provided all the needs that he/she need.
As a Letranite it is our duty to do whatever is right so we’re helping anyone as
long as we can. So we’ve asked a lot of students in Letran if they could help
someone who are in need. With no hesitation they’re ready to help. So all the
donations that we’ve made we will use it to buy medicines. Because the poor
obviously are not in good health because they don’t have money to spare to
buy anything they need like food, water, shelter instead they’re living in the
streets and exposed to sickness and many kinds of bacteria that could get in
their system. So we’ve decided to buy medicines to give to the poor so that
they could have hoped to live and achieve what they want in life.
 Randrebb Villar
 I always want to help people likely children because helping them make us
happy and move away the pain and our tired so for us helping children in
Camiguin gave us confidence that we can help people in other way not by
giving money by giving them some medicine so some body pains or ache on
their body can easily remove not all the children parents have a decent job to
get them in hospital because not all the people in province finish college
because lack of money, education and many more so for us students from
Letran Manila what we can do so we can help them on their medicine
problem. We send some letters to the people that are close to us so they can
give us some donation that we need in our project many people give donations
and help us to buy some medicines that able for kids because helping them is
our goal on this project and on this project this make me a matured person
because knowing enough what is the good thing to do and bad thing to do. So
therefore I conclude that helping people Is a good idea in terms of children
helping them and it’s better to give than receive and share blessings from our
lord god.
 Jhomar Real
 Doing this activity help me become a better person, because with little act I
help other people become alive, giving medicines to those in need is a good
thing because they might really need it. If they are sick we can give them a
hand or lend a hand by donating medicines to them, Letran become a bridge
for us to help the children of Camiguin.