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DATE-15 MARCH-2019

Dear Mr.Devbrath

1. With reference to our mutual discussions, We are pleased to offer you the position of State Head -CCTV In our
organization in the Consumer Durable/Appliances Business provisionally.
2. The present Designation/Business/Entity is subjected to change depending upon work assignment from time to time.
3. You have agreed to join when you submit Resignation Letter from previous Employer.
4. Your primary place of posting will be at Bhopal. You are responsible for MP & CG State however, During the course of
engagement with the company; You may be transferred/deputed to any operating office or location of the Organization or
its Subsidiary; Affiliates’ or Associates or Any group of organization which may come into existence in future, in India or
5. Your compensation Total cost to Organization(TCTO) basis, As mutually agreed, is detailed In Annxure-1 to this letter.
6. You will be given detailed offer letter with specific terms & conditions of engagement at the time of your confirmation and
conditions of appointment & Job description will be explained by your representative.
7. You will be on probation for a period of 6 months effective from the date of your joining. During this period you need to
achieve at least monthly assigned business target.
8. The appointment is based on the inputs provided by you at the time of offer ,e.g. CV ,Last Drawn Salary, Qualifications,
Experience Details Etc. In case, of any irregularity found I any of the information provided by you the above Appointment
would become null and void and would be revoked by the Organization.
9. You have agreed to treat this Provisional Letter of Engagement as Confidential and shall not use the same for bargain
purpose with your Present employer or any other purpose. Violation of this condition by you shall empower ELEGENT
OGPRO GALAXY PVT LTD to cancel this letter without any reference to you.
Acceptance letter and All future correspondence should be addressed to:


ALPC Business Park,Sec63,H-49,Noida-201309, UP.

We look forward to your joining our team for a long, successful, and pleasant association.

Yours Sincerely,



I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and hereby accept the same. This Offer is based on the
information (Educational/Professional Qualifications, Work Experience details, Date of birth, References etc.)
provided by you. In case of any irregularities found in any of the information provided by you the above Offer
would become null and void and would be revoked by the organization.




You shall be paid Gross Salary of Indian Rs. 8,50,000/-(Eight Lac Fifty Thousand Rs) p.m. i.e. Rs 70,800/- per month inclusive
Basic Salary, HRA and HQ Allowance.

2. Continuation Of Service

You will be required to communicate daily report on mail day to day report and work done in the previous day and planning for
the same day and next day. In case report is not coming it would be acknowledged that you are not present and absent on the same
day. If the report remain missing for seven days it will be considered that you are not interested in working and are not present on
the job. Your communication and report on the daily basis is the concept which shows your present and absence on the work.
Absence of report indicates that you are abstaining from work and not present. Continuous missing reports will cause automatic
termination of your offices at your risk and for non compliance. Reports should be address to hr@og

3, Target

You shall give minimum business of as per the target per month for first Six months from date of joining. After Six months your
target will be fixed as per the market potential and subsequently. In the event of not achieving targets your salary will be variable
as per the sales figure you achieved for the particular month and the same will be adjusted with the next month of the target
achieved. Hence forth you will be answerable to your state business partner as well as to ELEGENT OGPRO GALAXY PVT LTD.

4. Notice of Termination

Either of the Parties to this letter may at any time upon confirmations of the engagement hearing after the probation period without
assigning any reason whatsoever terminate the engagement herein by giving notice in writing of not less than one month or
payment of salary in lieu of the said notice. Notwithstanding any other term and condition of the employment we may at our
absolute discretion and without any liability to you whatsoever terminate the engagement herein without notice and or salary in lieu
of the said notice in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions of employment and or misconduct on your part.
In the event of leaving the company, It would be your responsibility to recover all the funds from the market to which you have
supplied the merchandise and will settle all accounts.