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Torque Requirements Operating and sealing torque for MD and LD dampers are shown ‘on Table 3 which refers to the largest torque that is required to close or open the damper during actual operation. When select. ing the actuator for the damper, three factors must be consid- | | 300 Fed: tho face voloctly; pressure difforential across tho dampor || go | 16 | 32 | 49 | 65 | 25 | 50 | 75 ‘which determines the sealing torque of the damper. Table 3 gives, dynamic torquo valve which isappicato to ho LD damporsonly. | | 2 | 24} 48) 73 | 87 | 87 | 75 | 112 The sealing torque of the LD dampers is the torque require to. | |1200) 32] 65 | 97 | 130) 50 | 99 | 149 close against the blade adgo seal to provide completo closure. | |1500) 4.1 | a1 | 122] 162] 62 | 124 | 186 For other face velocity the torque values may be determined with | |4g99 | 49 | 97 | 146| 194] 75 | 149 | 208 ‘the multipliers gwen on Table 4 Note for fables 3 & 4. 1. Dynamic torque fs the torque due to face velocities and pressure dit- erential across the damper whichever isthe greater. 2. Sealing torque isthe torque required to close the damper against the pressure of blade and jamb seals. 3. The tabulated dynamic torque is based on a face velocity of 10m/s 18 0.5625 750 075 and maximum pressure diferential of 1000Pa 10.0 1.0 1000 10 4 For other face velocities and pressure differentials, multiply the tabu- 125 1.5625 1250 1.25 lated torque values with the appropriate multiplier shown on table 4. 150 225 1500 15 5. Sealng torque values on table 3 apply fo leakage rated dampers only 6 For multiple-module dampers, use the unit torque on table 2 to deter ‘mine the torque required for each actuator. Control Options With externally powered electric or pneumatic actuators, the damper will open and close in response to a signal from a con- troller. OnJoff actuator provide normally opened or normally closed damper operation. In @ normally opened or normally closed damper operation, the damper closes when either no control signal is applied (dampers with on/off actuators) or power to the actuator is lost (dampors with spring-roturn type on/off pneumatic actuator). On the other hand, in the normally ‘opened application, the damper will remain open when there is 1no control signal or power to the actuator. Selection of the mode of operation is based on the desitad damper blade position when power or compressed air is removed from the actuator. ‘Limit switches may be provided on the damper upon request to allow for remote indication of damper position and for the pur- pose of testing the damper position and for the purpose of test- ing the damper as part of regular maintenance. Dampers oper- atod by externally powered actuator may be equipped with posi- tion-sensing feedback controls as an option with additional cost. Hysterests which is inherent in the actuator is minimized, Modular Arrangement OLS MD and LD dampers are constructed of panels that can be easily assembled on site into large-sized dampers. Each panel may consists of one, two or multiple dampers. How- ‘ever, the maximum panel size that can be factory assembled for both MD and LD damper is limited to 2400 mm x 1200 mm. Please contact our factory or your nearest OLS repre- sentatives if smaller or larger panel sizes are required. ‘Smaller panel size may be required due to the entrance re- “sliction at the site. For MD dampers, the maximum madule ‘width will be limited to 1200 mm and LD dampers, 900 mm. For large damper assembly, jackshafts may be provided, al- lowing each actuator to drive adjacent modules with evenly distributed force. Jackshafls provide adjustability and uni- form synchronized section to section operation, T Modular Assembly with Direct Drive i | How to Order Model — Module& — Operator Type — Blade | Operator Oty | 2 Opa ice iy inkae rated sewer No.ctneddeneizoty Ne‘ctnacseversaty ne cporer 2D reerte 21 eatucand ae eestor + est perce We Horse anal rel pat Ye Vera lama gtr: apanic 2/20 Yat erie many ect ANAC 5710 moan tpn re Jam vAceeons nates -AYAC 2h aecte n f acase wt eigen = Dostesctng pum ct «Sloat puma etn [MOB-IT1-Me-H retro slemodule oreo bade, medang opased blade tar wth ov guaran mana paar nun octring cr raqwosng for quataton, lose sposityth non) wth st, {elev by he ein biht and dept a fare nn stander Fame i equ Te drier wilde made mn sala arth speiednonina Smunsore elrand topo nes bee specie the dempar tb made hte oth of 5 am "dangers be siotd win te wal plese specty#soeve is eqaied when fei : ee Modular Assembly with Jackshatt Drive | a 7 rm