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The purpose of the Math Club is to organize people who like Math, allow for its members to
interact, promote mathematics as a tool for learning, and encourage new ideas and ways of
attaining personal goals. Through its “hands-on” activities, meetings, and other events, the Math
Club can provide members with the knowledge of increasing opportunities in the field of Math.

The Mathematics Club aims to work for the interests of our fellow students. We develop
students’ mathematical curiosity and interpersonal relationship skills by conducting member
meetings with various topics related to Mathematics. The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to
arouse students’ interests in Mathematics so that they can become confident in using
mathematics to analyse and solve problems both in school and in real-life situations.
Mathematics is a tool to train one’s logical thinking skills. It is also a sword which can solve
thousands of problems in various fields in our daily life.

 To create peer teaching and coaching sessions for students with lesser abilities in Math.
 To brainstorm, plan, implement atleast two (2) projects in order to compete in the
national STEAM Fair of Guyana.
 To plan and implement fundraising activities, in conjunction with the teachers of the
Math Department in order to fund the STEAM Fair Project.
 To participate and assist in competitions organized by the Mathematics Department and
by extension the Math Club.
 To explore, share and experience real life experiences in and out of the classroom,
opportunities of applying Mathematics to the world of work/profession.


1. I will abide by the 3R's Rule:
a. Respect for myself
b. Respect for my teacher
c. Respect for my classmate.
2. I will always raise my hand before I speak
3. I will not interrupt anybody speaking without permission.
4. I will stay on task without distracting or disturbing.
5. I will positively participate in all classroom activities, even if I'm not sure of my answer.
6. I will enjoy math and I will provide the right atmosphere for my classmates and my
teacher to make math class one of my favorite classes.
7. I will not touch any of the educational materials and equipment in the club except the
materials assigned by the teacher.
8. I will be present at 85% of Club meetings and be punctual always.

Member Regular Gathering Activities
♦ Sudoku training
♦ Nonogram training
♦ Tangram
♦ Rubik's Cube training
♦ Rummikub training
♦ Mathematics Magic Chair
♦ Mathematics Critical thinking questions
♦ Running Maths
♦ The Greatest Brain
♦ Mathscape
♦ Interesting Mathematics apps