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Yesid Fernando Buelvas


2) A-5, B-8, C-1, D-6, E-2, F-3, G-4, H-7.

3) One in 14 people around the world.

It can lead to depression, school drop out, suicide, it make´s harder to focus, and to
hold down a job, and it can lead to a relationship breakdown.

Because they don´t know what it is.

It help us meet our deadlines at work and deal with emergencies in life.

Restlessness, fear, find it hard to asleep at night, and they can´t concéntrate on tasks.

Because it doesn´t work in a long run, symptoms often come back, and you´re back
were you started.

By using coping resources:

A. Feeling like you´re in control of your life. By believing this, people develop better
mental health. You should engage in experiences that give you greater control.
B. Forgive yourself. This will give you greater compassion toeards yourself.
C. Having a purpose and meaning in life, by thinking in an other person. If we don´t
do something with someone else in mind, then we´re at much higher risk for poor
mental health. Doing something with someone else in mind can carry you throught
the toughest times. Share with others impruve your mental health.