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Rainman – Part 1

a) Who said that and in what scene? m) Guy says no, I take the keys, I sneak it
b) I’m into him for 20 000 bucks out
c) I know delivery is way overdue n) We get pulled over
d) I’m knocking off 5 grand on that deal o) The other guys’ dads bailed them out
e) I don’t want to be demanding but could p) I bequeath to my son the Buick
you possibly say a couple of words? convertible
Consider it foreplay q) He’s looking at me right now and laughing
f) I don’t know why I put up with all this his ass off
g) I got a long distance call from your r) That’s a terrific suit!
father’s lawyer, he’s been trying to reach s) Who the hell are you?
you t) English here. You’re talking over my head.
h) I told you we had a falling out a long time u) So what? What would you have done
ago about this?
i) We just didn’t get along v) He has just inherited 3 million dollars and
j) It’s really sweet but there is no point he doesn’t understand the concept of
k) I just have to go over the details of the money.
will with him and then we can leave w) Do you take any prescription medication?
l) I bring home a report card and it’s almost x) 26 minutes to Jeopardy
all As


1. What’s Charlie’s job? What is it like? Do you think that job shaped his personality?
2. What is Suzanna taken aback by at the end of the working day?
3. Why is she upset while on a ride to Palm Springs?
4. How long have Charlie and Suzanna been together? What do you think is their problem?
5. How does Charlie react to the grave news?
6. Why does Charlie seem not to feel sorry for what happened?
7. What is Suzanna’s opinion about Charlie’s father and the way he raised his son? Does he defend
him or does she disapprove of how he raised Charlie?
8. What story from Charlie’s adolescence does he tell Suzanne? Who do you think is right?
9. Why does Suzanne have queries about some words while Charlie is telling his story?
10. Whose parents did the right thing in the story with the “stolen” car? What would you do if it was
your child who did the same thing that Charlie did? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
11. What other detail of his personal life from the past did Charlie also share with Suzanne?
12. How did Charlie feel while listening to the will?
13. How did he react to the will? Why?
14. What does Charlie think of his deceased father?
15. What does Charlie want to find out?
16. Where did Charlie’s investigation bring him?
17. Why is Charlie’s meeting with the hospital director so tense?
18. What scene did Charlie face when he came back to the car?
19. At what point did he become suspicious that the hospital patient had indeed driven that car?
20. What does Charlie find out from the hospital director?
21. What difficulty does Raymond have?
22. Why is Charlie mad at the director?
23. What made Charlie laugh about the whole situation with the money?
24. Why is the assistant present while Charlie is visiting Raymond’s room?
25. How did Raymond show his attraction to Suzanna?
26. Does Raymond get attached to people?
27. Why is Ray reluctant to go on a ride with Charlie?
28. What drives Charlie crazy about Ray?
29. Does Charlie invite Ray to his home? Does Ray accept Charlie’s invitation right away?
30. Why does Ray like his hotel room in LA?
31. What did the couple have to do to calm him down?