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Vethathiri Maharishi was bom in the year 1911 at Guduvancheri, near

Chennai in South India. Since his parents were very poor, he started educating

himself. His pursuit of knowledge slowly became a pilgrimage towards Truth.

He never renowned the world; he lived in this world fully sharing his wealth

with his fellowmen. He was a practitioner of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and

he was a Government servant for some years. He was a master-weaver owning

more than a thousand looms for many years.

But throughout his long journey, his vision never wavered and his steps

never faltered. With rare single mindedness, he marched towards his goal,

unmindful of the riches that came his way or the poverty that sought to

overpower him often. The twin issues that have engaged his serious attention

and research, since childhood were to find ways and means to realize Truth and

God and to eradicate the material, moral, and spiritual, inadequacies of


He founded the World Community Service centre in 1958 with a view to

promote scientific living and to bring peace and harmony among all nations and

to enlighten mankind.

Since times immemorial, the search for the ultimate truth and the

movement towards perfection has been the persistent endeavour of many an

awakened mind. This quest to discover the immutable reality and to realize the

unity underlying the irmumerable forms has been accelerated by thinkers and

sages throughout history. In the lineage of such gifted thinkers of rare insight

one has to regard Vethathiri Maharishi a philanthropist and philosopher. His

writings epitomize a synthesis of the revelations of great philosophers and

'siddhas' of the past and the technically advanced universe of the present.

To begin with, Vethathiri is a prolific bilingual writer. He has composed

more than two thousand poems both in Tamil and English. His poems in

English do not lend themselves to any easy classification or categorization,

though they bear many of the features and dimensions of the metaphysical,

religious, and spiritual poetry. One can discern the greatness and originality of

Vethathiri Maharishi. A close analysis of Vethathiri's poems, reveal that he is

primarily a seer. For easy and convenient study of his poems, one can classify

them into four thematic groups, namely, the poems rich in scientific outlook,

poems with a social consciousness, poems on World Peace and poems that

abound in spiritual visions and which articulate themselves quite audibly the

God-man relationship. Some of them are very much reminiscent of the spiritual

writings of the masters like Sri Aurobindo and Rabindranath Tagore.

Call to Scientists is a poem which voices warning to the scientists who

have powers to annihilate the world with the atomic powers.

O my scientist-friends,

the power is in your hands

To annihilate the world

Or nurture it to prosperity

Do not be architects

Of death and destruction

But come forward to tend

The welfare of humanity.

Educate the masses

To emerge from ignorance

By explaining Evolution

from the origin of the Absolute

Philosophy you can grasp


Easier than others (Anboli Feb 85).

There is an apparent simplicity about the diction of Vethathiri which is

reminiscent of Wordsworth's poetry. But underlying the unadorned words, his

philosophy, his science, his humanitarian zeal and his visionary powers seize

themselves into crypt expressions and radiate his mind culture.

In Goal so Glorious, one can notice the poet's artistic skill while

addressing the scientist and mockingly hinting at their inability to discover the

origin of man. Its tone is one of irony:

Your findings as on date,

O! my scientist-friend

are the implements and instruments

To aid the sense-organs

you mapped out the Earth

And the sidereal Universe

but you are yet to discover

Your own origin (Anboli March 1985).

The above lines of the poet are very much reminiscent of the eminent

scientist Einstein's words recorded in his last days: "I have systematically

Studied countless stars in the universe, millions of miles away, but I have failed

to study the star closest to me, that is myself My life has become a waste" (The

World Order of Holistic Unity vi).

In the poem The Manifestation, Vethathiri describes the evolution of the

vast universe from 'Absolute Space'. According to Vethathiri, Gravity is the

unlimited, primordial state of Universe. Gravity is the single mighty power.

The essential principle of the Universe is the transformed existence of Gravity.

All the physical appearances are combinations of elements, which are

associations of energy particles in different chemistry.

The use of scientific terminology like energy tumultuous, churning of

the centrifugal whirl, volatile splendour bears evidence to the fact that most of

the images are from scientific parlance. The cosmic elements like 'massing of

constellations', 'the suns and the stars', 'awakening of consciousness' the

'commingling of spirit and flesh' are recurrent images. By his rare insight and

intuitive vision, Vethathiri reveals the innate and intrinsic qualities of space in

this poem. The formation of the Universe and the manifestations are very

poetically portrayed in imagery which is aural.


It moved

That was the beginning .

Before that, it was the silent, static infinite Truth

The shimmering was Hfe, energy tumultuous cradling the


In the rapturous churning of the centrifugal whirl

They joined and conjoined, clashed and exploded,

In one volatile splendour.

It was the unfolding

The massing of constellations, the suns and the stars.

The manifestation of all things animate and inanimate.

The awakening of consciousness

The dance of life between birth and death

It was the communion.

The commingling of spirit and flesh

The emergence of man

Conscious of justice and righteousness

Fulfilling himself in awareness

And in service selfless and pure (Prosperity of India).


In this poem the poet starts with the description of Almighty Supreme

power, Absolute Space. He proceeds to graphically represent the cradling atoms

and brings into play physical theories focussing vividly, the elements which are

formed by the joining, disjoining, clashing and explosion of atoms. The

imagery is aural and visual. He picturesquely depicts the masses of

constellation, stars and suns, manifestation of all inanimate and animate things,

and thereby he sprightly brings out the pattern of the universe. He concludes

this poem by stressing emphatically the virtue of service to mankind as the

supreme goal of human birth.

Vethathiri Maharishi in the path of Upanishads and Gita had set goals

and devised rules of conduct for a life of 'dharma' that would lead man to the

"Eternal Truth". This poem also presents a dramatic description of the entire

panorama of the evolution of universe. The last two lines of this poem:

Fulfilling himself in awareness

And in service selfless and pure

are very much reminiscent of the following lines of Swami Vivekananda:

They alone live who live for others

the rest are mere dead than alive


Roughly after one hundred years of Einstein's scientific revelation,

Vethathiri Maharishi's revealed inner vision that 'space' itself is Gravity

provides a progressive base for science to progress further. His book The

Gravitv of Gravity, suggests how "Gravity-the unlimitted primordial state of

universe" has all the potential of supplying the missing links in cosmology and

thereby remove the gaps in human understanding regarding the origin and

functioning of the Universe.

Maharishi was a prolific writer. Apart from composing poems on various

subjects both in English and Tamil, Vethathiri Maharishi has written profusely

prose works on a variety of topics.

He has authored more than eighteen books on topics like Bio-magnetism,

Universal Magnetism, Gravity of Gravity, Unified Force, Highlights of

Vethathiri Model of Unified Force, History of the Universe and Living Beings,

Karma Yoga, Vethathirian Principles of Life, Logical Solutions for the

Problems of Humanity, Mind, The World Order of Holistic Unity, Yoga for

Modem Age, Life Before Birth and After Death, Genetic Centre, World Peace,

Atomic Poison (a drama translated from Tamil), Blue print for World Peace and

Prosperity of India.

His books are written in a very simple and lucid style so that his message

could reach the common man. One could classify his works into four

categories for convenience: viz. Books on philosophy and outlook on man;

Books on spiritual domain and books on World Peace.

The present era needs material progress but with a spiritual outlook. To

echo Bertrand Russel said: "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by

knowledge which means a healthy compatibility between science and Religion

has to be arrived at." The notable educationalist, Acharya Vinoba Bhave said:

"The era of religion and politics should be over and the era of Science and

spirituality must begin."

The need to merge science and religion was advocated by another reputed

Indian Scientist, Dr.Raja Ramanna in his autobiography. He states: "Reality has

two faces, viz. Science and Religion; they must be united and when they unite,

they unite in Brahman." What makes one take notice of Vethathiri is that in all

his works there is an admirable fusion of science and the spirit: Vethathiri

Maharishi's treatise Gravitv of Gravitv, provides logical, elegant and conclusive

answers to questions like 'What makes the Universe tick?' 'What is Gravity?'

'Where, of what and how does consciousness originate?' These metaphysical

and philosophical speculations are rooted in scientific analysis. Vethathri's

concept of wave particles and gravity are good illustrations. So far neither

Science nor Philosophy has fully realized the true nature of space and hence this

treatise has far reaching implications.

By his deep insight and intuitive vision, Vethathiri Maharishi reveals the

irmate and intrinsic qualities of space in his book The Gravity of Gravity.

According to his doctrine of Evolution of Universe, the entire universe should

have evolved only from the Absolute Space. He presents a comprehensive

description of the Absolute space in his book Gravity of Gravity:

Nature, Absolute Space, everlasting, singular, almighty, all

penetrative, thoroughly permeable, highly transparent,

imperceptible dark fluid matter, characterised by quivering

kinematic self-compressive, inexhaustible, surrounding pressure,

which results in automatic repulsion in its intensification and

emerges as the quantized formative dust (7)

In this book Gravity of Gravity, Vethathiri Maharishi maintains:


Gravity is the mighty force that is the primordial state of universe.

Consciousness is the property of Gravity, the Nature.

Consciousness is an innate potential of Gravity. Gravity has four

such intrinsic qualities: Plenum (inexhaustible source), Force (self-

compression), Consciousness (Order of function in everything and

everywhere) and Time (16).

Vethathiri Maharishi also reviews in this treatise that realisation of

nature of Gravity is vitally important to spiritual seekers and all other

intellectuals. In this book, Vethathiri Maharishi affirms: "As the truth is hidden

the philosophers say God is unknown and scientists say that the space is

vacuum. So far, they have not realized that space itself is 'Almighty' and

transforms into 'Universe'" (4).

In his Unified Force, Vethathiri states that space is a supreme position

and of paramount importance. This book is about Vethathiri's model of

Unified Force. This enables one to visualise the secrets of Nature more

explicitly. Vethathri states:

From Eternal space- the Unified Force-energy particles evolved:

one is the primary particle, which by association makes all kinds


of physical forms; its offspring is the shadow-wave-particle which

becomes magnetism, transforming into pressure, sound, light, taste

smell and mind. Thus 'Mind' is the culmination of evolution and

the last frontier of science, and philosophy (97).

In his article "God Consciousness and Mind" in "Anboli" July, 1993,

Vethathiri indicates how:

Vedas state that from the Absolute space the energy has come,

from the energy the magnetic force has come. Like this

panchabootas (Five elements) and panchatanmantras (pressure,

sound, light, taste, smell) are all indicated in the Vedas ( 4).

Vethathri Maharishi argues in his book Unified Force: "for a faster

approach towards the Truth, science must have philosophical foundations and

philosophy must have a scientific approach. We need a blend of both Science

and Philosophy" (100).

These views of Vethathiri remind one of the oft-quoted words of Einstein:

"Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind."


In Vethathiri Maharishi's model two axioms play a major role and they

Between any two material particles there exist simultaneously

attractive and repulsive gravitational forces. 2. The repulsive force

between the two particles goes on gradually decreasing and

consequently the attractive force manifests more and more in

strength (Unified Force 107).

Highlights of Vethathiri Model of Unified Force contains his scientific

theories. His two books Philosophy of Universal Magnetism and Bio-

magnetism are a major breakthrough in the scientific realm because these books

provide deep new insights into the unmanifested and the manifested existence

of God. On one hand his philosophy has provided a simplified understanding

of the ancient teachings and has made them practical and amenable to scientific

interpretations. In his book Bio-magnetism, he postulates:

Magnetism is a subjective phenomenon linking the unseen

Primordial State of the universe with all its perceptible

appearances and it can be classified into three categories

viz.Universal Magnetism, Bio-magnetism and Electro-magnetism.

Bio-magnetism maintains the functions of all living things;


thinking, sensing, moving autonomic and central nervous system

functions including reproduction. Bio-magnetism is a part of

Universal Magnetism (1).

To Vethathiri, all perceptions and experiences of pressure, sound light,

taste and smell are the results of magnetism. Besides this all functions of mind,

pain and pleasure are the results of the same magnetism. Knowledge of

magnetism is a total perspective knowledge: "by understanding the Universal

Magnetism and Bio-magnetism one can explore all the secrets of life and

universe enabling one to discover the spiritual knowledge which is the depth of

the human mind" (Biomagnetism 32).

The distinction between Bio-magnetism and Universal Magnetism is also

stated in his work The world order of Holistic Unity: "Throughout the cosmos

the magnetism is called Universal Magnetism and within the physical body of

an organism, from one sense to six sense man, the same phenomenon is called

bio-magnetism"(54). He further states how the sixth sense, the super

consciousness in human beings and the Unified Force in the Universe are one

and the same. This is imperceptible to the senses and incalculable by force,

volume time or distance. Only by inner travel of mind reducing its wave

frequencies and becoming static, can the mind veritably identify its sixth level

of consciousness and the Unified Force of the Universe. The entire Universe is

but the interactions of extremely minute fundamental energy particles known as

Akash. According to Vethathiri Maharishi the static state is the infinite

primordial state. It is the Totality, the Almighty, the Omniscient, the


The basic state of mind is life force; and the origin of the life-force is the

Absolute. The Absolute is static. The functional or action state is the particle

or life force. In an Article "What is Nature?" Vethathiri Maharishi posits:

Any object in the Universe is the state of motion or force. The

basic state prior to this motion is Static or Infinite. When one

practices to transcend his consciousness to realize the subjective

state in any object, the realization of Truth is achieved. The static

state is the Truth-Absolute Space (Anboli Apr 95:14).

The radical, unorthodox and revolutionary thinkers have contributed more

to the growth of science than the conformists. For many unsolved puzzles in

science like the inadequacy of the 'Wave theory' in photo-electric phenomenon,

the negative results of Michelson-Morley experiments, problems with the


atomic models that went on mounting during the close of nineteenth century,

the solution came from Einstein. Though there was a great resistance to the

findings of de Broglie, Einstein, Max Plank and Neils Bore at the beginning, at

a later stage they were acknowledged as landmarks in the field of science. Great

thoughts are revolutionary that there is always much resistance to them initially.

Dr. Alagar Ramanujam and Miss Uma in their proceedings of the

Brain Trust, World Community Service centre, (May 2001) explain Vethathiri

Maharishi's Model of the Universe and Beyond as:

the Universe has manifested from, of and by the Primordial

Totality and his everlasting Totality is referred to in this model as

the Primordial State. Kinematic quivering (potential time),

Potential energy as self-compression (Gravity), and consciousness

are the innate qualities of the Primordial State. As the Primordial

State is endowed with consciousness, every system is endowed

with the same consciousness, manifesting as the order of function

of the system. Every experience of the human being during this

and the previous generations, throughout evolution, is recorded in


the intensified center of the biomagnetic field, which is called the

Genetic Centre (6-7).

Man's mind has the capacity to understand the secrets of Nature. The

consciousness in Nature is the mind of God; the same in the living being is the

mind of the organism.

A careful analysis shows that many a scientific theory has its origin in the

philosophical thoughts of its predecessors. The statements of Galileo about

'Motion' formed the basis for Newton's Laws of Motion. The essence of

Mach's principle formed the basis for the general Theory of Relativity. In his

autobiography Einstein states that the initial reasoning required for his

discovery of special relativity was furthered by his reading of Mach's

philosophical writing; Einstein added that "the whole direction of thinking of

the theory of relativity is in accordance with that of Mach".

As such a considerable impact made by the philosophical writings in the

journey of Science cannot be lost sight of, and in this backdrop it is worth

considering the revelatory insight of Vethathiri Maharishi about space and its

evolution. Vethathiri's model of the Universe is a rational blend of Science and


Philosophy. His revelations have not only far-reaching philosophical

implications but also immediate applications in scientific theory and

technology. His thought is a culmination of various schools which have sprung

from Indian soil since time immemorial. His ideas are expressed with lucidity,

that they can be understood both by the educated elite as well as by the laymen.

Vethathiri Maharishi is of opinion that customary rituals are

purposeless as they drain away the social prosperity. His poem Purposeless

Rituals talks about this:

Purposeless rituals many

are now draining away

our social prosperity

and causing untold misery

Let's ponder and evolve

a scheme to evaluate

the rituals one by one

and do away with those

that have lost all relevance (Anboli March 1986).


The mind must be rid of ignorance. Due to ignorance, it is perpetually

gloating or grieving between the different stages of delusion. His poem 'No

Glaoting or Grieving bear the emphatic stamp of his thought. He states how

important it is to educate the mind:

Gloating and grieving

are states of delusion

between which your mind

oscillates when ignorant (Anboli Jan 86).

One could find the echoes and reminiscences from the classical Tamil

poet and saint Thiruvalluvar and the Greek philosopher Socretes in Vethathiri's

poem Hallmark of Nobility:

The really refined are those

Who see poison poured out

for their consumption

and still accept the goblet

with cheer and fortitude

so said Valluvar

and Socretes proved the maxim

I seek to walk in the footstep


of those the truly noble

and I have dedicated my talents and life

for the uplift of humanity (Anboli May 1994).

The Mind is often steeped in mundane worldly sensuous pleasures as

Vethathiri Maharishi vividly observesin his Limitation and Method:

the mind has now become

a hall of exhibits

Hence the reluctance

of world-soaked mind to accept

the vision of Excellence'

But despair not, my friends

The distracting exhibition

Would not cause you harm

if only you develop

Awareness constant (Anboli August 1984).

The reluctance of mind to accept the vision of Excellence is because of its

strong indulgence in the mundane worldly affairs is picturesquely painted in

this poem. One has to train the mind, for it is the place where all kinds of

thoughts come and go, flits and stays. In his poem Fantasy of Thoughts,

Vethathiri remarks:

Impressions of sights, clear and bright

sounds familiar and those heard straight

smells pleasant, persistent and keen

spoken word and actions base or loft

Anticipated ideas agonising thoughts pass by

One by one in a parade before our mind's eye (Anboli Dec


Through this endless stream of thoughts, the mind must be kept pure. It

must be trained and regulated. In the poem Conserve your happiness. Vithathiri

Maharishi explicates the importance of keeping one's thoughts and deeds pure

so as to conserve one's happiness. If one fails to streamline one's thoughts and

deeds by, systematic spiritual practice, the prosperity man had acquired whether

by heritage or through awareness will drain away.

If you seek to collect water

in a vessel with holes many

will not the level of stock

drop down through sheer wastage


likewise the vessel of your life here

is constantly being punched

by your thoughts, words and deeds (Anboli May 85).

What keeps the mind pure is the good thoughts brought through

Awareness. This comes to one through the introspection:

The state of Awareness

is the light of lights with which

you should rescue and steady

your untrained mind,

that's now being tossed about

in a whirlpool as it were

of likes and dislikes (AnboH sepl983).

The state of untrained mind is like a skiff launched and tossed about in a

dangerous whirlpool; the image of whirlpool is tactfully employed by

Maharishi to suggest the turbulence that prevails outside the skiff. Mind is

disturbed not only from forces without, but also from within:

Jealousy would make his mind

a slough of deadly venom

and his intellect would soon become


tattered and moth - eaten

deprived of luster in deed

and deluded of excellence

he would be buffeted

by ridicule and dishonour

I call upon you, friends

practicing introspection

Eschew jealousy,

If you value your future (Anboli Sep 84).

In this poem phrases like 'intellect would become tattered and moth -

eaten', 'deprived of luster in deed and deluded of excellence' are visual images,

very striking.

In The Renunciation, the benevolent attitude of the poet is brought out:

I go out into the wide world and

play the game of life

I gather the fruits of my labour

In gold and in silver and in all things precious.

Abundant are my riches My cup of


wealth overfloweth

I shall pour out all my riches

and empty this cup of mine (Anboli sep 2000:10).

Vethathiri Maharishi insists three virtues for leading a virtuous life in the

world. They are morality, duty, and charity. Whilst these three are to be

cultivated, the mind should also be trained not to indulge in any kind of


Vethathiri Maharishi regrets that there are many kinds of discriminations

in this Universe. Cultures are diverse and there are various factors responsible

for the differences among men such as education, of living, kinds of food, kinds

of Art, nature of friendship the opportunities, the custom and morality, the

government but these do not matter. To Vethathiri, there is one important and

significant factor responsible for the differences among men, that is imprinted

naturally in cells of the seed. This is the significance of the genetic centre in

human beings. Like the mind, the genetic centre is of great importance in Man,

for this decides the differences in Man. The mysterious and marvelous

phenomenon consciousness extends its function as mind with its base or

working centre in the Genetic Centre of the living being. Vethathiri


Maharishi's concept of 'Mind' and his deep revelations about the intrinsic

features of human mind are artistically described in this poem.

Vethathiri Maharishi's prose writings are voluminous and the matrix of

his ideas are well embodied in his books and articles. His Books Mind,

Karamavoga, Vethathirian Principles of life. Logical Solutions for problems of

Humanity are worth literary merit. Vethathiri Maharishi observes how "The

mind is the feeler of all transformation of biomagnetism into sensations, the

realizer of all experiences and that which reacts accordingly" (Mind 16).

Among all the secret phenomena of the universe the mind is intrinsically

marvelous only second to God. God is the supreme principle. But only mind

brings the principle of God into the human fold. Such an incomparable and

divine mystery is the mind. Maharishi logically integrates the mind of man

with the mind of God which is Gravity or Nature. The order of function of the

Universe is the Mind of God and that order of function in man is his Mind. In

his Book Mind Maharishi avers:

the order of function of the universe is the Mind of God and the

order of function in man is his mind. Man is a part of Nature and as

such, the Mind of man is a part of Mind of the God. If we consider


the main principle of universe as God, its divine quality is Mind;

we understand the fact that the mind is the attribute of God Nature.

In man as well as throughout the entire Universe, it is the

consciousness - the Gravity that manifests as the order of function

and hence mind is intrinsically a shadow of Gravity (V).

Unfortunately, the greatness of the wonderful phenomenon mind is left

out from the purview of scientists.

The mind is a magnetic wave; it comprises a network in its functions

involving several important parts of the body. The network of the mind includes

eight integrated phenomena viz physical body, life force biomagnetism. Genetic

centre Brain, sense organs, mind and the soul.

In his book Mind Vethethiri Maharishi says:

In a living being the mental wave is the physical transformation of

biomagnetism, resulting in feelings of pain, pleasure, peace and

ecstasy. Man is a unit of biomagnetism. The physical body is an

association of cells, which are the combination of chemically

evolved elements. Every cell has two poles one for receiving

magnetism and the other for sending out the surplus magnetism

after consuming the quantity needed for its fimction; whatever

one's thought, deed or sensory experience may be, it affects the

overall magnetism of the whole body (22-24).

When he speaks of the Genetic Centre which according to Vethathiri

Maharish is the treasure of mankind, he says:

The genetic centre of a living being is a concentric magnetic

domain containing all the compressed waves of experiences of

numerous generations. Genetic Centre is the divine treasure of

mankind. It is the seat of all. As much as one understands its value

and sincerely maintains and respectftiUy uses it, that much is the

happiness and success in one's life (24).

The physical cells of the body are always affected by one's mental

activities. The body is induced and activated to fimction on every level

according to one's thoughts. For all physical and psychic fimction, the

biomagnetism is the fuel. The functioning system of mind is working only by

the biomagnetic wave. Knowledge of the mind is the beginning of the spiritual

life. Knowledge of the mind will enable one to fulfill the purpose of life and

live happily and successfully. Vethathiri Maharishi scientifically describes the


the function of human mind in his book Mind. The vibrations of the mind must

be calmed so as to get in touch with the Universal Mind.

It has been noted that the human mental frequency works from 14 to 40

cycles per second, when one perceives with senses engaged in the deeds and

enjoying or suffering from their results. When the mental wave functions from

14 to 40 cycles per second it is called beta state. When the mental wave is

focused inwardly in meditation feeling the force of biomagnetism, its frequency

reduces to one of the three subtler states of mind viz. alpha (8-13 cycles per

second), theta (4-7 cycles), and delta (1-3 cycles). When one understands the

vastness, might and accuracy of nature and the fact that he himself being the

part and parcel of it, a light of insight will blossom and he will maintain the


Only in the reduced state of frequency, man realizes himself. Mental

conflict is caused by the disturbance in the function of biomagnetism due to

physical illness or a reaction to events that are contrary to expectation. Any

conflict in the mind will deteriorate the normal working order of mind. Thereby

one's entire personality is affected. Also when one's mind is diverted with

illusive thoughts, the ego develops possessiveness and aggression takes hold

leading one into further misery and pain.

Pleasure, pain likes, dislikes

greatness and lowliness

are but the drama staged

by thought and thought alone

and thought is the casket that holds

the secrets of the universe

If thought were to be absent

There would be nothingness here

And again there is nothing beyond

The compass of Thought Supreme (Anboli 1983).

Through this poem Vefhathiri tries to bring home the fact that if one is

able to streamline one's thoughts one could lead a contented and happy life.

Therefore understanding the existence, functions and nature of mind is

necessary for healthy, purposefiil and successful living. The mind is the

utilizing principle of all the treasures of knowledge and helps to achieve a


beneficial and harmonious life. Vethathiri Maharishi in his book Mind

maintains: "Knowledge of God is religion and knowledge of the 'Mind' is

science; one without the other can never be complete" (54).

When one thinks of this vast universe the mind expands and takes the

shape of the universe and becomes bigger than the universe. The Mind can

become bigger than the biggest and subtler than the subtlest. It is a mystery and

wonder. The greatness of man lies in the fact that he is the master of this

magnificent instrument.

The sum total of the experiences undergone by the mind decides the

character of the person. Observation of this is possible only when the mind

turns inward and proceeds towards its source. The process through which the

mind traces its own source is called a perceptive meditation. By this method of

inner travel, one comes to realize that the mind is only a projection of the life

energy. One can also understand the functioning of the mind by constantly

observing the thoughts that arise in the mental plane and trying to trace its

source. Vethathiri's Karma Yoga is a philosophical treatise; here he says:

In the universe from the smallest energy particle upto all its largest

associated stages such as the greatest of suns, everything is

working with a natural rhythm. This rhythm comprises three


principles: Pattern, Precision and Regularity. If one disturbs the

Natural rhythm unnecessarily or violently, the reaction of natural

forces will result in miseries and pains to man (11-12).

In this same book Vethathiri Maharishi says:

According to the principles of karma yoga there is no sinner or

criminal. Sin and crime is the result of hereditary imprints carried

over for a long time spanning several generations and also due to

the environmental conditions of society. We have to think,

understand and bring a new method of living by erasing out

previous wrongs through the process of super imposition and lead

a better life in future (74).

'Kundalini Yoga' is one such method; it is a systematic and integrated

practice for body and mind and its thrust is to make a man creative. He speaks

about Self-Realization also in this same book, along with other discussions on

topics like 'Greatness of woman', economic equality', 'Life body and mind',

and 'Duty consciousness'.


His book, Logical Solutions for the Problems of Humanity contains a

universal and philosophical approach to mundane human problems. The author

has extensively and exhaustively dealt with the nature of the human problems

and their logical solutions in this book.

Questions such as ignorance of Nature, confusion about God, the

Almighty, ignorance of human physical and psychic functions and values,

economic disparity, political disturbances, religious intolerance, lack of holistic

education to understand and maintain the greatness and progress of human

values are lucidly analysed and answered in this work.

Five Steps for Realization of Truth, a translated work of vethathiri

Maharishi, was rendered by professor S.Sadasivan and could serve as an

introduction to Maharishi's Philosophy and concepts. Vethathiri says: "This

book carries to humanity my analytical views, arrived at after pondering for

years, over the ways and means of transforming the life of pain and misery into

a peaceful and blissful life."

Journey of Consciousness, a compilation by Thomas FitzGerald is a

complete, unique and powerful synthesis of revealed yogic Truth explicating


Vethathiri's simplified Kundaliny Yoga and Karmayoga as simple systematic

and scientific path for modem man to achieve a harmonious life leading to self

realization which is the ultimate goal of Humanity.

In his article on'Conserve Biomagnetism' published in Anboli,

Vethathiri. Maharishi observes:

When a man surrenders his 'Ego' to the 'Total Consciousness, the

cosmic waves reveal the facts of Nature which are mysteries and

secrets only to the conventional human mind. Many such

revelations are not susceptible of verification by scientific or

mathematical calculations but will always remain as an esoteric

inner empiricism beyond all conventional sciences (May 86: 60).

In his article "The Benefits of Pancha Booda" published in Anboli

Vethathiri Maintains:

The whole Universe is a magnetic field in which most

sophisticated mechanism is man; when a man gets mental

connection with any phenomenon in the universe, he becomes one

with it even though it may be inanimate. When he focuses his


attention or will on any aspect, all the secrets of that phenomenon

can come to his mind (Jan 81: 1).

Vethathiri says that only through meditation and introspection, one can

acquire the subtle perceptive ability and perspicacity necessary to probe the

mysteries of the universe. It is through this process that he himself was able to

ascertain the 'Truth." In an inaugural speech delivered at a Spiritual Retreat at

New Delhi Vethathiri Maharishi says:

I have not studied any Vedas or Puranas but I learnt from within

what is called revelation. For achieving wisdom there are two

ways; one is enlightenment and the other is revelation; first

enlightenment has to come, then automatically that will lead to

revelation (Anboli Jan 93: 3).

He also assertains, when the mind is brought to subtler level one is able

to get into the static state with awareness. Here, all the secrets of Nature will be

transmitted through the mind of that person. This is the vision or the revelation.

Vethathiri Maharishi was blessed with such a power. If one removes impurities

from his own mind what remains, is the pure and perfect. This is the self in


According to Vethathiri Maharishi, the origin of man is God. The Divinity

is latent in man. When through knowledge, the consciousness develops fully to

realise itself, reality comes as 'intuition' and man realizes it as 'I am That'


In his article "Mind training through Meditation", Vethathiri Maharishi


When the mode of living is in consonance with the purpose of life,

there will be peace, satisfaction and happiness. Whenever there is

conflict between the purpose of birth and the method of living,

there are pains and miseries. So one should find the natural rhythm

in every action and in everything (Anboli March 95:15).

Vethathiri Maharishi contends that human existence is only the journey

of consciousness towards the goal of self-realization. Every soul is potentially

divine and the goal is to manifest the divinity within.

Vethathiri Maharishi outlines his principles to make the human life

virtuous, peaceful and delightful and gives practical suggestions to contain


anger, to eliminate greed, to analyse thoughts and to moralise desires. When

such values are followed scrupulously, these would transform the individual

into a new man. Such a man will be indebted to society, committed to a virtuous

life, free from fears and superstitions, and create happiness and harmony all


Vethathiri describes the significance of magnetism as:

In reality man and God are one and inseparable as the ocean and its

wave. Between man and god, there is the mystic, subjective

phenomenon 'Magnetism'. Magnetism is a joint force comprising

Static State (Truth) and its dynamic force, the spreading wave

generated by the self-rotative action of energy particles.

Magnetism is the mystic, powerful force which fills the universe,

between the energy particles and masses. Knowledge of Static

State is wisdom, and knowledge of the dynamic wave and its

results comprises all sciences. When one is able to understand all

the secrets of magnefism, which is a divine phenomenon,

everything in the universe can be understood (World Order of

Holistic Unity 5).


In these days of advancement of sciences, man's life is precarious.

Contemporary man is far from being a real man in thought and deed. His life is

in confusion with multifarious problems which could be understood or faced or

solved by his own knowledge and skills.

Both the scientists and spiritual masters are of the opinion that man has

evolved from the hereditary link of animals. Vethathiri Maharishi also has

agreed with this view, and on the basis of this concept, Vethathiri Maharishi

argues that the very same aggressive character and imprints of killing and

eating other living beings are continued in man's character as he is evolved

from animals. Most of man's imprints are derived from the animal kingdom.

They are: Torturing other living beings; killing other living beings for food;

stealing the flesh of other living beings. All these actions are concentrated in the

wave form and characterize the genetic centre with such qualities and

temperaments. From the primitive man up to this civilized age, man has always

had the above four qualities of animals as his inherent character and by the

instinctive force of this character, man still continues violent actions. Since man

is entirely different from other animals in his efficiency and ability, he should

not continue to cause pain and miseries by his system of eating as the animals

do. These violent actions cause unnecessary harm to society, and therefore are

labeled as crimes. The learned and enlightened should teach man the method of

living in harmony and peace without violence. They advocated two methods to

reform mankind to live happily. They are 1. The realization of god. 2. The

virtuous way of life.

An individual's life is conditioned by his thoughts and deeds. A man's

thoughts stem from six sources viz. Needs, Habits, Environmental conditions.

Others Imposition, Heredity and the Evolutionary process of Nature. Depending

on age, need, experience and style of living, there arise differences between

persons. As a consequence, conflicts in views arise. So by developing qualities

such as receptivity, flexibility and adaptability, one can avoid conflict within

self, between self and family members, and between self and society.

As general principles of life three attitudes are to be nurtured and three to

be avoided. The three noble qualities such as Tolerance, Adjustments, and

Sacrifice should be advocated suitably for the well being of self and society.

The three qualities such as critical comments, commands and demands should

be avoided, unless they become useful and necessary for the benefit of self or


Man should follow a virtuous path of life for harmonious living. To

develop such a life man requires either god consciousness or faith in God. The

man devoid of one of the two will become a victim to sensual activities and lose

his inner peace. He cannot find satisfaction in the worldly enjoyments and

perfection in his knowledge. In the intoxicated state of sensual pleasures man

forgets his responsibilities and duties and often acts under emotions and

impulses. Pain, misery and problems will be the result. This state of knowledge

is called Maya. Ego veils and obstructs all the developments in the spiritual life.

As much as one reduces or surrenders his Ego, that much he has mastered

himself and acquired his state of equilibrium. It is a divine boon for a man to

enjoy blissful and peaceful life. For enjoying the values of life, individual's

moral behaviour, material prosperity in the society, and realization of the law of

nature and its unfailing cause and effect are very essential and important

requirements. Vethathiri Maharishi gives great importance, to women. He says

in his book, Journey of consciousness:

The almighty has entrusted the production and maintenance of all

human beings to woman. If only men would keep in mind the fact

that the entire human race has been given birth to by women alone,

it will help them realize the greatness of women (137).


He observes with great sorrow that due respect is not given to women

throughout the world. In his book Unified Force he traces how:

in the primitive ages mankind had to hve in caves or on hills

hunting animals and eating their flesh. That was the mode of life of

human beings. At that time, with love and compassion man kept

women within the dwelling for safety and comfort. The same habit

continued in the forest life, agriculture life and fishing life. In turn

women showed obedience and provided comfort. As a result man

acquired a certain degree of superiority over woman. This led to

the development of Ego within him. Today due to the advancement

of social and scientific education women are equally capable of

performing all the duties that men perform. Equal respect should

be bestowed upon women in all walks of life. In addition to that,

women should be given special comforts appropriate to the

nobility of their sex (82).

At one stage religious heads and political leaders framed laws and codes

of conduct for the society. Unfortunately women did not find place in the

committee of members who were responsible for framing these various laws.

There started the male domination in the society argues Vethathiri Maharishi.

This condition prevails in many countries of the world. But Vethathiri

maintains that everyman has to show due respect to woman. He strongly

believes that among mankind women deserve great respect from the society. He

further argues that although the almighty Universal Being is divinely managing

the evolution and maintaining the whole universe, the creation and maintenance

of all living beings including man has been entrusted only to womanhood.

All people are given birth to and brought up only by women. So as

divine gratitude everyone in human society should show due respect for

women. It is intolerable to bear the sight of this divine section of humanity

suffering with many burdens and difficulties. Does not the woman stand as

medium between Supreme Being - Nature - and Mankind? Such is the

greatness and value of motherhood.

The industrial laws, the laws of inheritance have been weighed down on

women for centuries, because the laws were framed by men. In this scientific

and computer era each man has the responsibility to rectify these injustices.

Vethathiri Maharishi has announced August 30* as the 'wife's day' to be

celebrated by every husband as a mark of showing gratitude to his wife. This


day is celebrated by all the Simplified Kundalini Yoga members throughout

India and also in foreign countries.

Vethathiri Maharishi presents one novel idea for reducing the burden of

women in child rearing. He suggests in his book World Peace: "Let men and

women after the age of fifty should jointly rear all the children of the society

with equal responsibilities" (153). As this is a new idea, Maharishi says:

initially all may resist it. After some time, when they sit calmly and

ponder over the nature and the purpose of life, the light of insight

will dawn upon them and they will cognize the multifarious

benefits to be derived from this plan" (154).

His contention is that, in the project of making children as common

property, love, respect and helping tendencies will develop increasingly in all

people. Consequently this will lead one to a spiritual life as they will not be

bound by narrow domestic walls.

Vethathiri Maharishi is very firm in his ideas about greatness of women

and he observes that religious, political and industrial leaders should lead the

way in changing the age-worn habits and concepts to provide proper treatment

of women. He maintains that the society must take care that respect for

womanhood be not politicized, as this issue is divine and special.

Vethathiri Maharishi is of opinion that yogic practices such as meditation

and self -realization need not be denied to women since they are also the

creation of the Almighty God. Women also have equal rights to experience the

same peace, happiness and ecstasy through inner travel like men.

Sometimes Vethathiri's ideas are very much reminiscent of Swami

Vivekananda, as for instance, "Religion is the manifestation of the divinity

already in man" (C.W.IV 358) is echoed in many of his poems.

The transcendent and the immanent attributes of Divine Bliss are part of

man and this is acknowledged in this poem Message of Vedas:

purity of action yields

pleasure to one and all

and purity of the expanded Mind

leads to wisdom Supreme

the two together generate

love of a lofty nature


dedication to service

and charity unbounded

The Vedas and the Upanishads

have but this as their objective (AnboH Jan 1983).

Sky-Your Guide is a poem where the poet, hke all other spiritual masters

upholds the supremacy of human birth and the immense intrinsic potentiality of

human being.

Birth as a human being

is the noblest in evolution

for man alone can probe

the secrets of creation

immense indeed are

the potentialities of man

it is the imprints of sins

that have reduced man from godhead

and he alone should work

his way back to the origin (Anboli Nov 83).


If the innate divinity is not reckoned, then any worship offered in the

name of rituals is vain. The following lines in his poem Evaluate Thoughts is a

whiplash against ritualistic religion:

As for worship of

idols and icons

and the uttering of


they are only intended

for juveniles in our midst! (Anboli Sep 86).

These lines are reminiscent of Tagore's:

Leave this chanting and singing

and telling of beads!

Whom doest thou workship in this lovely

dark comer of a temple

with doors all shut

open thy eyes and see thy god is

not before thee! (Gitanjali).


In his poem Fanciful image of God, Vethathiri is ironical about such a

worship; here he says:

The formless God was counterfeited

in anthropomorphic burlesque

and fitted with eyes and ears and nose

was made the hero of

fanciful takes that have

only helped to aggravate the

agony of the illusion suffered by

lacerated hearts (Anboli Oct 87).

The idea of formlessness is in contrast with the views of Sri Aurobindo.

In his poem Form, Aurobindo has not denied the outward form, for him

worship is both the unmanifest and the manifest Brahman. Addressing a

worshipper of the formless infinite, Aurobindo in his poem says:

O worshipper of the formless infinitive

reject not form, what lives in form is 'He'.

In his poem Royal Road to Liberation, Vethathiri Maharishi says:

If consciousness is held to be

separate from the God- State


knowledge gets disoriented

and flounders in illusion

God is the static state

which in the functioning state

as objects and appearances

is the consciousness

seers with vision clear

unravelled the mystery

and described the phenomenon

as the 'grand play' of the divine (Anboi sep 85).

Maharishi's picturesque portrayal of the Evolution of Universe from

static state to the functioning state manifestation as a 'Grand play' of the divine

is very much reminiscent of Tagore's lines: "The grand orchestra of the

universe has filled my heart."

Vethathiri Maharishi has employed images and made mythological

references also in his poem, Pottage with Ambrosial sweet:

In the vast bowl of space Infinite

the myriad grains of

life are getting cooked


I have stirred it with

the ladle of knowledge

Its ever widening sweeps

have left nothing untouched

the pottage is ready and

it is ambrosial sweet (Anboli Aug 2000).

Some of his lines in this poem are also alliterative as in

Let's live a life divine with duty and love.

Even his meter has a natural rhythm and easy flow:

We realized with understanding not so narrow

The truth of god, atom, intellect happiness and sorrow

Armed with the experience up to now

Let's live a life divine with duty and love (AnboU Aug 2000:


The wav of the seers is another poem which is composed with marvelous

rhythmic pattern:

To those that realized the truth eternal

divinity is but the state primordial

in time this blossomed into compassion


for all the living beings without negation

all that they spoke and pictured

because the valuable scripture (Anboli Dec 2000).

The term "over aeons" in the line "Over aeons evolved itself into senses

six" of his poem The Way of the Seers, refers to the platonic philosophy about

the immeasurable period of activity between the evolution of stars and the

evolution of five elements in the Universe.

Vethathiri Maharishi celebrates the revelations of the ancient seers in this

poem. One could notice the strong impact of the tradition of ancient spirituality

upheld by the ancient seers and sages here.

The poet expresses his grief and gloom over the ignorance of the

mankind in his line: "Where even truth requires demonstration."

In this poem Vethathiri Maharishi urges mankind to tread on the foot

prints of the great seers who have lived a life of chastity. The following line:

Hearken my friends! Awake arise and Act

is almost an echo of Vivekananda.


In his poem Dawn of Wisdom:

The source and origin

Of objects and appearances

Is truth that is also known

as the Absolute and Almighty (Anboli Jan 2001).

Vethathiri's statements have a scientific precision. His doctrine of

Evolution of Universe and his belief, that the entire universe, and all its

appearances, are nothing but the transformed state of the Absolute Space, is

well expressed in a nutshell in his poems.

Nature is personified in his poem Wondrous Nature where the favourable

and the unfavourable features of the Nature are graphically juxtaposed:

Some times thou art like a violent tornado

Up-rooting and flinging everything in a torrential fury

Sometimes thou art gentle like the evening breeze (Anboli Nov


Vethathiri Maharishi makes adroit use of figures of speech in his poems.

Apostrophe, hyperbole are often used to depict the panoramic beauty of Nature

The world is a school is a poem where Vethathiri Maharishi compares

the world to an old school and men to the students.


In his another poem The Miracle Mongering the poet employs images

like 'melted marrow, herbs, plasm to describe the evil people, the cheats and


There are cheats and tricksters

They chant their magic spells

And with melted marrow, herbs and plasm

They brew their secret potions

They are evil men who have trained their minds

To bewitch other with their medusa's charms

In league with touts and souteneurs

They prey on men's credibility (Anboli Nov 2000).

Mythological reference about 'medusa's charms' portrays vividly the evil

tendency of the touts and cheats. Though bom from the same origins, 'Man'

everywhere is not the same. Man is differentiated by:

The education we get and the effort we make

The period we live and the food we take

The art that interests and the occupation we prefer

The friendship we have and the opportunity that occur


The customs and habits and the moraHty we cherish (Anboh Jan


One has to notice how it is not racial, or religious or national or linguistic

barriers that differentiate men. It is the individual's styling of his life.

Vethathiri Maharishi also differentiates between the scientists and philosophers

in life.

The world has seen many who have made significant contributions to

Philosophy, Science and Art. They came to be identified either as philosophers

or scientists due to their own specified area of operation, the former dealing

with the unmanifested and the latter dealing with the manifested. This division

has its own limitations; it has unfortunately prevented man from developing

philosophy with a scientific approach and science with a firm philosophical

basis. To Vethathiri Maharishi, therefore the world needs a judicious synthesis

of both science and philosophy. The journey of science cannot have an end; it is

a continuous process. Along this journey, one reaches to-day another landmark

viz. The Vethathiri Model of Universe and Beyond, where one can find the

fusion of science and philosophy. He belongs to that cadre of men of history

who by their wisdom and insight have contributed to all the three fields of

development, science, philosophy and Art.


According to Vethathiri Maharishi, one political administration will evolve

for the whole world and all the national borders will be eliminated. He is of the

opinion that mankind is advancing towards one World Government and one


One could eventually see Vethathiri Maharishi's poems have encompassed

a wide range of subjects: nature, god, man and global peace. In fact the poet-

priest becomes prophetic when he visualizes how world peace could shred

down the world to pieces if man is not cautious. Vethathiri has composed a

number of poems on world peace which spells out his commitment to this issue,

which is not individual or regional, not even national. It articulates the

imminence of a global disaster. "World Peace is my life's mission" says

Vethathiri Maharishi. Throughout his entire life he was writing, preaching and

advocating the significance and importance of this to mankind.

He strongly believes that world peace is absolutely necessary if one

desires to carry out a constructive programme, be it economical, political or

social that will bring prosperity to one's country. He has written books on

world peace, delivered lectures both in India and abroad on world peace and has

written stirring articles in the spiritual magazine 'Anboli.' Worid peace is a

valuable and significant subject covering all aspects of man and all ages of

mankind. Great men of different ages have taught millions of people all over

the world and they have been transformed into happier, healthier and more

loving individuals, radiating peace in and around. Even then world peace is not

yet fully achieved.

Vethathiri Maharishi is one among the lineage of these spiritual

luminaries who tirelessly worked to achieve this purpose. In his poem. Real

Freedom when one half of the world leads a life of luxury there is another half

lost in starvation and despair. The real freedom dawns only when there is world


And food items are in surplus

in the shops and marts of the world

yet starvation takes its tool

world peace alone

will vouchsafe real freedom

and that is our goal ideal and all (Anboli Oct 86).

The above lines distinctly voices the grief and gloom experienced by him

when he observes the plight of the people who are too poor to pay for their

rations; starvation takes their life even though the food items are in surplus in

the shops. He is remorseful that Freedom has lost its significance. He charges

the greedy and rapacious war-mongers who involve innocent soldiers in

unwanted wars.

The poet employs a poignant image 'cannon fodder' to describe the


those in battle fi-onts

whose status is that of

mere cannon-fodder.

World peace alone will vouchsafe real freedom and that should be the aim

and goal of humanity, says Maharishi. Vethathiri firmly believes in a world

government that could safeguard the birthright of all persons on this globe.

In the poem One World Government, Maharishi says:

And in logic we should have

One supreme world government

To safeguard the birthright


Of all persons on this globe

That Administration must be manned

By honest and dedicated

industrial experts, scientists

and doctors and philosophers

realised personnel then

would free the world of ills (Anboli Aug 83).

the advance of science, that ought to have brought bliss and happiness to

mankind, has only brought death and destruction to mankind. Peace should

prevail upon this earth; Vethathiri Maharishi in his poem For a Brave New

World emphasises how therefore:

The task is now to train

Envoys of peace in hundreds

Who shall tour the globe

To spread the tenets of world peace

The bright and energetic

Blue print for the scheme

is already with us

practical and inspiring


with the co-operation

of peace-seekers everywhere

a Brave New World we shall create

that would stay in peace thereafter (Anboli Aug 85).

Here, the poet emphasises the need of the hour to prepare envoys of

peace to tour the world and propagate world peace. He implores the mankind to

create a Brave New World with the help of peace seekers. The untiring and

unquenchable thirst of the poet to bring in peace upon this earth is seen in this

poem Receipe for Peace:

By using his limbs and senses

Men has been able to devise

Implements and instruments

In unending succession

The result is the development

Of five-fold realms of knowledge.

Psychology and Health,

Economics and politics

And Science that spreads out to

Outer space even


The constant and continuing

Conflicts among these five

and generating problems

in permuting complications

This is the cause of

misery in mankind

and only when we resolve

the aforesaid contradictions

would peace and harmony

blossom on this earth (Anboli June 85).

Vethathiri Maharishi observes, this is the cause of misery in mankind,

and if the contradictions are resolved, world peace and Harmony would

definitely emerge.

The most important message Vethathiri Maharishi emphatically insists

is, peace among individuals, peace among family members, and peace among

the countries; He also paves way for attainment of peace. In his book Prosperity

of India Vethathiri Maharishi stresses the urgent need for a radical change in

our outlook and in every sphere of our activity. He says: "If you want

permanent and lasting solution for peace in the world, the approach has to be

intellectual, rational and spiritual. Make man himself the property of the nation

and there will be an end to all problems" (45). This book also provides an

interim plan for world peace. He says that it is his firm conviction that no

progress can be made either in the national field or spiritual field with the threat

of a nuclear war hovering in the background. He adds that peace and prosperity

always go together and no nation can embark upon any constructive programme

in an atmosphere that is vitiated by strife, suspicions and hatred.

In his book Blue print for world peace, Vethathiri Maharishi has

presented a practical and effective plan to achieve world peace. He insists on

establishing one supreme world government that can control and administer

over all the nations' Governments in the world. According to Vethathiri

Maharishi the surest and the only possible way to unify people is to bring every

one under one Religion, one Government and one Constitution.

If establishing a world government through which mankind could attain

global harmony is one way of bringing about universal peace, there is yet

another pathway to attain the same goal-which is to establish man's link with

his soul. In fact he does not consider these two ways as alternates; they are only

complementary to each other. Vethathiri Maharishi not only highlights these

convictions through his poems but also through his prose works, which form a

substantial part of his literary cum spiritual writings. His books on metaphysics

throw light on his beliefs and convictions.

His book, Life Before Birth and After Death is based on a lecture

delivered by Vethathiri Maharishi in the United States. As a reply to the

queries raised by audience on different places this book was published

answering their doubts. In this book Vethathiri Maharishi talks about soul: "The

word soul is pregnant with significance, but its interpretations are as varied as

the contexts in which it is used, with reference to Theology, Philosophy,

Mysticism and Yoga" (8).

According to Vethathiri:

The soul is a mystic force; it is a subtle and ethereal phenomenon;

it could not be perceived through the senses. The scientists have

been striving to ascertain the existence of the soul by using

instruments and implements. Both religious propagandists and

scientists have failed to find the Soul (Life Before 7).


He asserts:

All the current theories promulgated about the state of the soul

before birth and after death are the outcome of mere imagination.

The Yogi surrenders himself absolutely to Nature; he realizes the

existence of the soul by his subtle state of mental activity. With

this understanding he is able to trace the link of the soul before

birth and after death (Life Before 7).

In his work Genetic Centre. Vethathiri Maharishi observes how:

from the date of formation of the soul in the first living being upto

the time of its merging into God (the Gravity) the soul is a

continuously existing principle. The soul carries on and is

continuously modified in one physical body after another through

the chain of the hereditary link (14).

He also talks about the state of the soul after death:

After the soul leaves the body at death and upto the moment of

getting attached with another living person, there are no sensations

of pain of pleasure because all the organic functions have collapsed

and completely ceased to work (15).


As God is one, the living soul is also one. If one realizes this Truth,

there will be no enmity or conflict in the society. One could say that the work

Genetic Centre is really the essence of the philosophy of Vethathiri Maharishi.

According to Vethathiri Maharishi's Model of Universe, Gravity is the

primordial principle of the Universe. It is nothing but pure mighty space with

innate quality of self-compression. He argues that the coalescence of Gravity,

the self-compression and the wave of the energy particle produce magnetism in

the universe. As such the intensified domain of the magnetism evolves as the

"Genetic Centre" and takes its seat in the centre of the physical body of every

living being. This work not only gives the intellectual information but also

paves way for a cultural transformation. The fact that Vethathiri's model begins

with and consistently proceeds from the radical primordial state is its strength

and gives a holistic theory which can reveal the fundamental truth. It is not a

superficial modification of Newton's or Einstein's concepts but a radically

different view which has finally brought 'cosmic monism' into scientific

thinking and thereby the concept of Effect is seen as inherent and inseparable

from cause-the cause which Newton referred to when he said: ".. .until I arrive

at the ultimate cause which is certainly not mechanical" (Vethathiri Model 29).

According to him, Raja Yoga is best suited for this age and the only hope

for modem man with his awakened and questioning intellect. In his work Yoga

for Modem Age, Vethathri observes: "The purpose and inherent aim of human

birth is to develop Consciousness to its fullness so as to terminate the birth-

chain and become one with the 'Universal Being'" (11).

Vethathiri Maharishi marks a clear distinction between soul and mind

in this book:

Mind is an aspect of the process of extension and expansion of the

soul during its existence in the physical body. All perceptions,

feelings and other experiences of the soul in its state of physical

transformation constitute the mind. The soul is the basic

phenomenon in the existence of man (11).

This book deals with subject like Value of Yoga, Philosophy of Life,

Realisation of Self, Harmony in Life, Analysis of Thought, Moralisation of

Desire and the like.

The world order of Holistic Unity, is another book of Vethathiri Maharishi

on spiritual realms. In this book he outlines twelve cardinal principles which


make human life virtuous, peaceful and blissful. Talking about the world of

holistic unity, Vethathiri Maharishi avers: "The purpose of the birth of man is to

develop his knowledge to its fullness for experiencing the joys of satisfaction

and peace" (16).

He also argues:

For achieving, maintaining and enjoying all these values of life

there are three requirements: one is moral behaviour of each

individual; second is material prosperity in society; the third one is

realization of the Law of Nature and its unfailing cause and effect.

Ignorance neglect or the absence of even one of these three will

result in pains, miseries and disturbances in Hfe of man. (17)

Vethathiri Maharishi emphasises strongly the implementation of spiritual

education among mankind through an international organisation. His strong

belief is that spiritual development is lacking, in the world: "The sciences have

been developed to impressive proportions and material prosperity is more than

enough, only the spiritual development is lacking and is needed by mankind"


Vethathiri Maharishi in his article "Why there is InequaUty in society"


Belief in God is widespread in the world and this has had a bearing

on the explanations given out for social disparities. To the extent

belief in God helps shrink one's ego and aids expansion of one's

mind to the awareness of the Total Consciousness that extent it is

beneficial (Anboli Feb 83: 14).

Practising awareness to deal with the material world appropriately and

to streamline the mind accordingly is to him the veritable spiritual achievement.

In his article "Life before Birth and After Death" Vethathiri maintains:

The authors of the vedantic ancient Indian scriptures were of

course men of wisdom who revealed the existence of the Absolute,

the infinite, otherwise called god in very clear terms. They could

not however give a description of the soul with the same clarity

with which they delineate God. They gave out a method of

psychic practice, namely 'Yoga' in order to enable a deserving

aspirant to realise the secret, phenomena 'Soul' and

'Consciousness' to his satisfaction. The chaos of worldly affairs

clouds the understanding of man's real 'self. When man becomes


calm through a systematic psychic practice and a regulated way of

living, the clouds of misconceptions disappear. It is realized that

matter or 'Truth' is one. It is consciousness. The same in its

various activities become the soul and the mind. Even though the

primary aim of man is the realisation of 'Truth' he forgets his goal

by the intoxication of sensual activities and feelings (Anboli March


Thus according to Vethathiri Maharishi, one need not renounce wealth,

land or relative as it has been insisted down the ages. He ascertains that, it is

enough if one renounces the three evils namely 'Ego', 'Sins' and 'Undue

Attachment' which are barriers for self realisation. Man is unique among the

manifestations of the universe. He is supreme among all the living beings on

earth because he is gifted with the sixth sense, the potential for self-realisation.

In his article 'Self Realisation" Vethathiri Maharishi affirms:

The ultimate goal of man is to achieve the purpose of birth-Self

Realisation; Realisation of God; Realisation of Truth. All the three

are the same. When one realises Self, then one can realise God,

that is a basic phenomenon of everything working in and out. That


is "I". So when Self-Realisation is achieved~God-Realisation is

achieved (AnboH May 95: 3).

If self- realization is God-realization, then the self is the God. The self is

also Nature as much as it is God. He firmly believed that the primordial state of

Nature is Almighty God. It is the infinite state of Consciousness. Its

manifested state by its evolutionary process is the Universe. Its sensing state is

living beings. The perfect life-form evolved for realising its own fiillness is


The mind is only the peripheral state of consciousness, enjoying and

experiencing the physical world. The soul is the store house of all the

experiences gathered by the Mind. This realisation of consciousness the inner

vision of man's own self can be had, he says only through Yoga.

Vethathiri Maharishi states that it is by one's own Hmited consciousness

one accumulated all impurities. This limited consciousness is Ego. When one

becomes aware of this, then one can reach his goal. Realisation. This is ultimate

knowledge. This knowledge is the realization of Truth, realization of


consciousness. According to Vethathiri Maharishi, self-enquiry is a sign of

spiritual progress.

In his answer to a question by an U.S. aspirant Vethathiri comments:

Mind is only the extended activity or the external projection of

soul. It is the peripheral function of total consciousness that is

universal being or Truth. If a trained mind turns inward and

focuses its energy on the store of knowledge that lies within, the

secrets of Nature are revealed (Anboli Feb 1981:15-16).

The purpose of the sixth sense is to realize all subjective and secret

phenomena and to develop consciousness to perfection. By the development of

the consciousness, man gets the opportunity to fulfill the urge within him to

realize intuitively all the secrets of Nature. Because of the sixth sense man

comprehends the secrets of nature and communicates his knowledge, methods

and experiences to his fellowmen. Man is able to realize the three stages of

consciousness first that is The Mind (material consciousness), second the Life-

Force (cosmic consciousness), and third which is the Truth (the Total


Mind, Life-Force, and Truth are the main and important phenomena in

man. Only when one understands the existence of these three functions and

their relationship to each other, is he called a man of wisdom, a perfect man

who is fully developed in consciousness.

According to Vethathiri, Consciousness works in man at three levels:

Consciousness, Sub-consciousness and Super-consciousness. These are the

working stages of the mind. The very same consciousness is able to understand

and realize its own static state as Total Consciousness or Brahman. When the

mind remains in that state for a long time it acquires peace.

Realisation according to Vethathiri Maharishi is one of the psychic

functioning of consciousness which is accessible to the human mind through its

intrinsically sophisticated and mechanically advanced brain.

Vethathiri effects a logical link between science and spirituality. The

'Brahman' in spiritual language and 'Gravity' in scientific language are fused

together. Vethathiri Maharishi says that "Gravity is Brahman". This logical

blending of Maharishi's concept reaches the entire world overcoming the

national, religious and cultural barriers; Maharishi's spiritualism is a kind of

scientific globalization.