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Match the following words with the correct definition.

- a large wild animal of the cat family that

1. wrestle
has a yellowish-brown coat with black spot

2. box - take part in a fight, either as sport or in

earnest, that involves grappling with the

3. seagull opponent and trying to throw or force the

opponent to the ground.

4. desert - a type of large monkey which has a long,

pointed face like a dog and large teeth
5. grapple
- an area, often covered with sand or
rocks, where there is very little rain and
6. gossip
not many plants

7. baboon - fight an opponent using one's fists

- casual conversation about other people

8. jaguar
which usually involves details which are
not confirmed as true.

a close fight or struggle without weapons

a bird that lives near the sea and has short legs,
long wings, and white and grey feathers