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Testing and Evaluation Book Introduction Unit 1 test Unit 12 test Summative test 4 Unit 6 test ‘Answer key and audio scripts f_ftustionstest 2] pssst nes eersenette_ iia fa oS posure ae pie haa isc tat 2 nea ls CES Tee Peel lic iss 9° rs I 2 es eisls Introduction Testing and evaluation ‘The Family ond Friends Testing and Evluction ook provides different ways of evaluating chiar’ progress though ongoing essessment, hire’ self stessmentond formal testing. 1 Classroom evaluation ‘Ongoing classroom evaluation is key to assessing childrens progres. This can be achieved in @ numberof ways Monitoring \When children are engaged in productive activites such os speaking or writing walk around the classroom and check their progress, ond offer help where appropriate Regular reviews in the Class Book and Workbook ‘The purpose ofthe double-poge Review section Inte Class Book and Workbooks to revise the ‘main leoring points ofthe units, giving you an ‘opportunity to evaluate how much children have understood. + Always start the Lesson by revising the language ofthe units using flashcards to focus fon vocabulary. It's also useful to sing the songs again to help children memerise the key words. ‘Yeu may wish to make notes on which children are still having difficulty in recognizing or Producing words. These notes can be recorded loteron the teachers evaluation sheet (see below), + Go through the Class Book review activities. Explain fist what children have todo to complete each exercise, Give children time to check their answers. Observe how individuol children respond tothe exercise, + Go through the answers to each activity with ‘the whole loss asa group, ‘teachers evaluation sheets provided on ge 2. This sto help you keep ongoing records of children’s progress in skills and attitudes towards learning, Ths evaluation sheet con be completed ‘every semester, From this information you can plan further activites to develop the language ‘of those children who have mastered the sls work easily and to reinforce the Language of those childen who ate hoving difficulties. Family and Friends \ Evaluation Sheet Name so (ces eee eee ne Improvement | opportunity Te ore an join singe stoves with undestonding The earer on defy spe iforaton from the tering “The eer ca ep rg words and simple pros of a made he leome cn prod single wets ond spl proses The are an rede simple sentences The leomecan anne spl uations The emer on eo sgl word The ere one spe seen The earner ed by tng urs ina dog The rer on Bae cone The ere on py erect ocular The emer cogs the meonng of words when ube eos them Te lear age the monn of wor when he es her Te learner eon nome people bets ard oie. Sedo devlopert The learer an open ogo The leamer age help ter The ere ommuncates with ave wih Wa/Rer per “The eome wor hardin cand tees espoebty fewer The leone con eluate Rar wm Wor