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Level - 2

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FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 18, CHOOSE THE 7. Many people are of the opinion that the Third
MOST SUITABLE OPTION TO COMPLETE World War will be fought _____ oil.
B. from
1. Reema _____ be kidding! No way she could
C. about
have witnessed a unicorn in the park. They D. for
aren't real.
A. must 8. ______ yourself together, control your feelings
B. may and behave calmly.
C. shall A. Pull
D. might B. Grab
C. Push
2. The activity of collecting coins is called D. Control
9. This time round, we have ______ parents at
A. congregation the conference.
B. numismatics
A. a large number
C. omniscience
B. large number
D. philately
C. a large number of
3. My parents don't ______ me go out alone in D. seldom
the evenings. They fear for my safety. 10. I cannot understand why we are trying to
A. ask bury our heads in the ______.
B. help A. ground
C. dares B. earth
D. let C. sand
D. soil
4. Learning how to use a computer is ______
for children than it is for adults. 11. Whenever we travel by ______ train we take
A. more easy food with us. It is a more hygienic choice.
B. easier A. a
C. easiest B. an
D. easily C. the
D. no article
5. _______ at the top of their voice, the children
went out to play. 12. Ravish can do so many things. He is really
a ______.
A. Scream
B. Screamed A. jack of all trades
C. Being screamed B. red herring
C. square deal
D. Screaming
D. Herculean task
6. I will run the marathon if I ______ Delhi on
13. All the comic books ______ on the second
the 10th.
shelf in the cabinet. Look carefully.
A. reached A. can be found
B. reach B. were to find
C. will reach C. was finding
D. would reach D. will find
2 Class-7 | Level-2 | Set-5
14. After her dance in the TV show, she achieved 21. The new teacher ask the students to talk
________ fame and her life was never the loudly.
same again.
A. The new
A. cold
B. teacher ask
B. rapid
C. the students to
C. speedy
D. overnight D. talk loudly.

15. Thieves broke into the house and stole _____ 22. Tomorrow they won't walk to school if it
money from ______ safe. were rainy.
A. no article/no article A. Tomorrow they
B. the/an B. won't walk to school
C. the/the C. if it were rainy.
D. a/the D. No error
16. You must _____ your career with all seriousness, FOR QUESTIONS 23 TO 25, CHOOSE THE
only then you will succeed in life. CORRECT MEANING OF THE GIVEN IDIOM/
A. pursuit PROVERB.
B. direct
C. complete 23. Bring matters to a head
D. pursue A. To take matters seriously
B. To take matters to a decisive point
17. Family planning is essential for curbing the C. To create an atmosphere of confrontation
rapid _____ in population. D. To make matters serious
A. spurt
B. augment 24. A bee in one's bonnet
C. spread A. A good habit
D. increase B. An obsession about something
C. An achievement
18. We thought that she _____ the job. Sadly, D. Ability to face problems
she did not even clear the written test.
25. Left-handed compliment
A. will have got
B. would get A. An insincere compliment
C. getting B. A flattering
D. gets C. An honest compliment
D. A well-deserved compliment
19. These orders from the manager may put the
lives of many workers in a danger. 26. _________
A. These orders from A. Parallel
B. the manager may put B. Approach
C. the lives of many C. Emporiam
D. workers in a danger. D. Satellite
20. Which sports magazine do you subscribe
27. _________
A. Which sports A. Ominous
B. magazine do B. Entreprenure
C. you subscribe C. Bouquet
D. for? D. Argument

Class-7 | Level-2 | Set-5 3

28. _________ 32. Tyranny
A. Caprecious A. Challenge
B. Cautious B. Despotism
C. Height C. Madness
D. Fulfil D. Representative

29. _________ FOR QUESTIONS 33 TO 35, CHOOSE THE

B. Demise
33. Antagonise
C. Subtle
D. Curriculum A. Oppose
B. Offend

30. Acrid 34. Impede

A. Dull A. Obstruct
B. Bland B. Advance
C. Flattering C. Retard
D. Bitter D. Block

31. Enthral 35. Foreigner

A. Mesmerise A. Native
B. Inside B. Alien
C. Weary C. National
D. Repel D. Stranger



PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Sometimes, you can spot a large mountain
THAT FOLLOW. under the water. These are the seamounts.
Volcanoes form them. We know that
Just as you can see mountains, plains and the cooling of hot molten magma forms
valleys on the surface of earth, ocean floors volcanoes on land – underwater mounts
too have similar landforms. Closer to the are formed in the same way. The tops of
coastline, the sea is very shallow. This is these seamounts may sometimes be so large
that they may appear as islands. In fact, the
because the continent extends itself into the
Hawaiian Islands are said to be a chain of
sea in a terrace-like structure. This structure
islands formed by such mounts.
is called the continental shelf. Usually, it
Like mountains you can also see deep
extends from the shore for about fifty to
valleys in the ocean floor. They are called
sixty miles. After this, you can see the shelf
ocean trenches. Trenches are often several
sloping steeply down. These structures are
miles below the sea level. One of the deepest
called continental slopes. If you were to trenches, the Mariana Trench, is over seven
slide down the slopes, you would reach miles deep. In order to better illustrate the
the ocean floor. actual depth of Mariana Trench, consider

4 Class-7 | Level-2 | Set-5

this; if Mount Everest, which is the tallest FOR QUESTIONS 41 TO 45, READ THE
point on earth at 8,850 metres (5.5 miles), THAT FOLLOW.
were set in the Mariana Trench, there would
still be 2,413 metres (1.5 miles) of water Last year, we went to a beach during our
left above it. You can imagine how utterly summer holidays and this year my family
decided to go to the hills. My brother, Raju,
dark the lowest point in the trench could be!
always wanted to see the snow and was upset
36. The main purpose of the extract is to tell the that we went to the beach instead, last year.
reader that .
I was very excited to see the sea last year but
A. the ocean floor is not a featureless, flat the hills were the most thrilling and at the
structure same time the scariest experience for me. We
B. the ocean floor is a place where you can took a small gauge train and as we reached
slide and play the hilltop we were suddenly surrounded by
white snow all over. Everything looked so
C. a volcano can erupt in the ocean too
beautiful just like I always read in the fairy
D. there are very dark places on earth tales. I loved the feel of the snow in my
37. The water in the ocean is shallow in the . hand. My brother and I made a snowman
outside our hotel room in the garden while
A. continental slope my parents sat inside the room drinking
B. trench hot tea. My mother refused to come out of
C. continental shelf the room fearing the cold. She wore three
D. seamount layers of clothes and four layers of woolen
clothes along with a monkey hat, which
38. What connects the ocean floor to the shore? covered most of her face.
A. Seamounts
My father suggested that we learn skiing
B. Continental shelf
so we went to the top of the small hill and
C. Ocean trenches paid for the ski lessons. As I tried to walk
D. Islands gently with the skis I lost my balance on the
soft snow and fell on my left side. I tumbled
39. Which of these is sometimes visible on the
down the slope. The skis came off my foot
sea surface? and I started rolling down like a ball. Snow
A. Continental slope went into my mouth and inside my jacket.
B. Trench I just could not stop rolling and slipping.
C. Continental shelf
D. Seamount Finally, when I stopped, I looked at my
brother who was running down the hill
40. Which of the following statements is false? yelling my name, ‘Mala, Mala!’ I was
A. Seamounts are formed due to the cooling shivering because of the shock and the
of hot molten magma. cold. He gave me his hand to help me up, I
B. People live on seamounts. smiled at him and pulled him down instead
C. There are places on earth where sunlight and we both rolled down together on the
never reaches. snow screaming with joy. It was the best
D. Mount Everest is a seamount. vacation ever!

Class-7 | Level-2 | Set-5 5

41. Who wanted to go to the mountains the C. Her mother
previous year? . D. The ski
A. Mala
B. Raju 44. Mala was very when she was slipping
C. Mother down the slope.
D. Father A. thrilled
B. excited
42. When Mala’s parents were drinking tea what C. cold
was Mala doing? D. scared
A. She was playing in the snow.
B. Raju and Mala went up the small hill. 45. Why was Mala so cold?
C. Mala and Raju sat inside fearing the cold. Because __________.
D. Mala was making a snowman with Raju. A. her brother threw snow at her
B. she was not wearing enough layers of
43. What made Mala fall? . clothes and woolens.
A. Raju C. snow had gone inside her clothes
B. Her father D. her brother’s hands were freezing


FOR QUESTIONS 46 TO 48, CHOOSE THE B. cacophobia

SENTENCE. D. theophobia
46. Anything that can be felt or touched is called 49. CHOOSE THE CORRECT SYNONYM OF
_______. THE GIVEN WORD.
A. paltry Obnoxious
B. panchromatic
A. Pleasing
C. pandemic
D. palpable B. Groovy
C. Enjoyable
47. Mukta was ______ because all her plans had D. Offensive
gone ______.
A. distraught/awry 50. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANTONYM OF
B. happy/rejected THE GIVEN WORD.
C. dejected/magnificently Perjury
D. elated/propagating A. Treachery
48. Fear of insects is called ________. B. Openness
A. dipsophobia C. Dishonesty
D. Evil


6 Class-7 | Level-2 | Set-5