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Christmas Term


8:35 – 9:10 1
9C GEO 10 G 1 SS
9:10 – 9:45 2
9C GEO 10 G 1 SS
9:45 – 10:20 3

10:30 11:10 4
11:10 11:45 5

12:45 13:25 6
13:25 13:55 7
9A AGR 9C SS 10 G 1 SS 9C AGR 9B GEO
13:55 14:30 8
9C SS 10 G 1 SS 9B GEO


To provide quality teaching / learning experiences so that students can

become functionally literate, law-abiding citizens capable of
contributing positively towards the development of self, their
communities and the nation.


To equip students with the right attitudes, skills and capabilities

necessary to function effectively in this modern society and world.

To ensure that every individual has access to educational, cultural and

sporting experiences which cater for his / her with knowledge, skills and
attitudes necessary to make a meaningful contribution to national


The aim of Golden Grove Secondary is to work along with all

stakeholders to create a supportive learning environment which would
enable students and staff to develop:

 A disciplined demeanour
 Tolerance and respect for each other views, customs or ideologies
 Good inter-personal relationships
 Academic and technical brilliance fit to develop self and society.


 To structure a child-friendly environment in which students can develop

their individual potentials to the maximum.

 To create a supportive teaching / learning environment through

empowerment of the teaching staff and parent body.

 To create literate individuals who can think independently and be able to

differentiate right from wrong.

 To provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes fit for life and

 To inculcate in students civic awareness and a sense of loyalty.

Easter Term


8:35 – 9:10 1 9B GEO 9A SS
9:10 – 9:45 2 9B GEO 9A SS 9A GEO
9:45 – 10:20 3 9C SS 9B SS 9A GEO

10: 30 11:10 4 9C SS 9B SS

11:10 11:45 5 10G 1 SS 9C GEO

12:45 13:20 6 10 G 1 SS 9C GEO

13:20 13:55 7 9C SS 9A SS 10 G1 SS

13:55 14:30 8 9B SS 9C SS 9A SS 9B SS 10G 1 SS

April - June 2016


8:35 – 9:10 1 10 G 1 SS 9B SS
9:10 – 9:45 2 10 G 1 SS 9B SS
9:45 – 10:20 3 9B GEO

10: 30 11:10 4 9B GEO 9A GEO

11:10 11:45 5 9C GEO 9A GEO

12:45 13:20 6 9C GEO 9C SS

13:20 13:55 7 10 G 1 SS 9C SS 9C SS

13:55 14:30 8 9B SS 10 G 1 SS 9C SS 9B SS

My First Day Experience at Golden Grove Secondary School

On the 31st of August, the first day of the school year 2015, was my first day at work as a new teacher at
the Golden Grove Secondary school which is located on the East Coast of Demerara and which is also
five minutes away from my home.

Having reached at school I approached the HM’s office and submitted my letter of appointment from
the Teaching Service Commission (TSC). She acknowledged my letter and I was told to sit in the waiting
area, while sitting there I was approached by two other colleagues from Cyril Potter College of
Education (CPCE) whom were also appointed to the said school. I felt a bit more comfortable knowing
that I wasn’t alone since I was a total stranger there. I was also greeted by a few other teachers at the
school; they were quite friendly and welcomed me to their school.

After assembly I was given a tour of the school except for the Home Economics Department by the
Deputy HM. After the tour I felt discouraged because I had very high expectations of what the school
would have been. Firstly I was not happy about the way that the classrooms were situated; they were
not separated by rooms which I had gotten accustomed to during teaching practice at Annandale
Secondary. I got worried and felt frustrated as to how I was going to teach students in an open
environment with such a high noise level. As I looked around students was up and about walking around
the school yard and from class room to class room during instructional hours.

Secondly, I noticed that the wash rooms were very dirty. I felt uncomfortable. I knew right away that I
wouldn’t be able to use such an untidy and unkempt washroom. I was placed in a staff room for
teachers that was very much dusty and smelly. It was neither properly ventilated nor cubical thus it was
very, very hot. I was not happy at all. I was scared to be using the stairway because it was very weak and
shaky, seem as if it would fall any minute.

Finally I was given a grade ten class and was told that I would be the form teacher. I got really nervous
and scared because I knew I was inexperience and didn’t want to hold such a class but it wasn’t an
option. I was also give grade nine and ten classes to teach which I had also found not appropriate for me
but I gladly accepted. It was not a good day for me because I felt very much disappointed and
discouraged by the environment I was placed in. I realized that I was being faced with many challenges
which I would have to sort out and adjust to.

Schedule for Mentee

Date Time
2015-10-28 10:50
2015-11-03 09:40
2015-11-03 13:35
2015-11-20 08:30
2015-11-24 13:50

2016-01-14 09:45
2016-01-19 01:50
2016-01-22 12:50
2016-02-01 08:30
2016-02-02 08:40
2016-02-09 12:45
2016-02-12 08:40

2016-03-03 13:50
2016-03-05 08:30
2016-03-16 12:55
2016-04-23 13:50
2016-04-27 08:30
2016-05-24 09:40
2016-06-13 13:35

Weekly Meetings with Mentor
Christmas term

Time Date Observation Planned Activities

The new teacher instructed grade 9A on The new teacher should have
the 1953 general election. more students’ participation in
The content was clear but more student lesson.
involvement was needed.
10:50 2015-10-28 This will help to encourage more
students to participate in lessons
also students will be able to ask
questions not being afraid to

New teacher presented a well prepared The new teacher plans to have
lesson but more class room control was this class out in the school yard
needed. because of the noise level in the
upper flat of the building during
2015-11-03 Students were distracted by other the after sessions.
students from neighbouring classes since
the classrooms were only separated by
one blackboard each.

New teacher had a role play involving the Have more role plays and
students in presenting the lesson. Lesson presentations.
entailed concrete facts.
08:30 2015-11-20
Students were excited to participate in
role play; it was a form of motivation
taking up leadership roles.

Bi-Weekly Meetings with Mentor
Easter term

Time Date Observation Planned Activities

09:45 2016-01-14 The new teacher instructed class on Group work was given for
cooperative society. discussion and students will
Content was cleared and students participated report on their discussion.
in lesson discussion.
There was a lot of interaction and group work.
01:50 2016-01-19 New teacher instructed grade 9C. Students New teacher will be involved
were engaged in discussion in an outdoor in pair teaching for the next
classroom. Teacher could have used an lesson.
additional teaching aid for more clarity of
08:30 2016-01-22 New teacher instructed grade 10 G1 on vocal Have students research topic
control in the school compound due to the on values and pair teaching
noise level in the upper flat of the building. will also be done in the next
Student’s involvement could have been more lesson.
present and some students needed to pay
more attention.
09:45 2016-02-01 New teacher (mentee) observed mentor Mentee and mentor will be
instructing grade 10 business / science teaching together in the next
students in Geography on topic ‘Population’. lesson.
08:30 2016-02-09 New teacher introduced lesson by using Students were given the task
discussion on social control with students. to research on types of
Students were asked to share their views on leaders.
the various forms of social control.
01:20 2016-02-12 Both mentor and mentee had a staff Mentee will be observing the
development session. expert teacher in the next
During this session a discussion was done on lesson.
how to present a lesson on hurricanes.

Mentee observing Mentor

Class: Grade 10 Business / Science

Subject: Geography

Topic: Population

Date: 2016/02/01

Time: 12:45 hrs

Mentor instructed Grade 10 Business / Science students using vocal control.

Mentor introduced lesson using pictures showing a number of persons based on population.

Mentor used a brief discussion and brainstorming to formulate a definition for the term

Mentor examined ways in which a population is determined by reading from textbook.

Students were able to suggest answers.

Mentor read from textbook and facilitated discussion.

Mentor then discussed key terms.

Discussed the importance of taking a census to determine the population.

Discussed the importance of knowing the employment, unemployment rates, birth and death

Mentor concluded by recapping lesson.

Discussed Geography SBA with class.

Team Teaching
(Mentee & Mentor)

Class: Grade 11 Business / Science

Subject: Geography

Topic: Vegetation

Date: 2016/02/02

Time: 08:30 hrs

 Mentee introduced lesson by the use of pictures based on vegetation.

 Mentor used brainstorming to formulate a definition of the term vegetation.

 Mentor also gave some additional information on topic (definition) for students to build on.

 Both mentee and mentor examined examples of vegetation.

 Both mentor and mentee facilitated discussion based on vegetation.

 Both mentee and mentor discussed types of vegetation found in the Caribbean, South and
North America.

 Mentee discussed some key terms related / associated with the types of vegetation.

 Mentor concluded lesson by recapping.

 Both mentee and mentor plans to visit the mangroves with the said class which is located
behind the school (Golden Grove Secondary – seawall / sea defense).

Mentee observing Mentor

Class: Grade 10 Business / Science

Subject: Geography

Topic: Population Distribution

Date: 2016/02/15

Time: 08:35 hrs

Duration: 40 minutes

 Mentor instructed Grade 10 Business / Science students using vocal control.

 Mentor introduced lesson using pictures.

 Facilitated discussion based on picture.

 Students shared their views and previous knowledge on topic.

 Mentor gave a definition of topic.

 Used brainstorming to bring out the factors that influence the distribution of population.

 Facilitated discussion based on factors which influenced population distribution.

 Read notes to students from textbook.

 Students copied notes.

 Concluded lesson by recapping.

Observing Expert Teacher

Class: Grade Nine A

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: The Family

Date: 2016/04/06

Time: 13:20 – 14:30 hrs

Duration: 70 minutes

 The Expert teacher introduced the lesson by asking questions. The questions asked were
structured appropriately and students were able to respond correctly to questions.
(good questioning techniques)

 She then wrote the student’s responses on chalkboard and formulated a definition of
the term family. Students also shared their definitions of the family.

 Students copied definition.

 The teacher facilitated a discussion based on the types of family in the Caribbean using
pictures to show examples of the different family types.

 Students were able to list the types of family in the Caribbean.

 However, the teacher introduced the ‘reconstituted family type found in the Caribbean.
Students were very much interested since they were hearing of this for the first time.

 Students copied the types of family in the Caribbean.

 After a detailed discussion the teacher instructed students to describe the types of
families in the Caribbean in one paragraph each.

 Most of the information was given by the students in the class.

 The teacher concluded the lesson by recapping what was done during that session.

 Teacher then used the remaining time of the double period session to check and mark
student’s notebooks.

Report on Workshop at NCERD

This workshop was held at NCERD on April 12 and 13, 2016 at 09:00.00 hrs. It was based
on strategies and social skills in the Social studies and Geography subject areas. The
facilitator of this event was Dr. A. Kissoon Russell – Snr Subject - Specialist.
This event was done to help teachers of the said subject areas to make their lessons
more meaningful and to help students to grasp concepts, engaging students in more
activities, also encouraging more role plays, drama and simulation in the classroom.

What is Role play?

Sending a message through action

Acting out
acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique
in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived
expectations of society as regards a person's behavior in a particular context.


 Play
 Dramatization
 More organized


 Critical thinking
 Problem solving
 Game like abstraction of events based on synthesis of case studies that promote
problem solving.
 More elaborate than games because they provide realistic parts for students
with enough roles to keep a whole class working for several periods.
 Acting out or mimicking an actual or probable real life condition.

Professional Development Session

Topic: Leadership

Facilitator: Mr. Mark Lite (President – G.T.U)

Becoming a leader

Leaders never desire to lead but to serve

Leadership is the ability to lead others by influence
To a leader life is a career
Don’t be a copy, be original
Leadership is being, and then doing.
Ability to inspire others.

Difference between leadership a Leader

Leadership includes the capacity to influence, inspire, rally, direct, encourage, motivate, move
and mobilize others to pursue a common goal or purpose while maintaining commitment.

Two components of Leadership:


Five basic ingredients of a Leader:

Purpose a strong sense of destiny

Integrity – self knowing, honesty and maturity, never lies to himself
Trust – earn
Curiosity and daring
Challenging traditions

General Staff Meeting

Date: 06/01/2016

Issues discussed at meeting:

Duties of teachers
Duties of level heads
Class cleanliness
Accuracy, labeling and completion of records
Percentage Pass rate of students
Behavior of students
English department activities.

General Staff Meeting

Date: 2016/02/10

Issues discussed at meeting:

Fund raising events (profits made at these events)
GTI program with grade two students
PYARG – grade nine students
GTU meeting
Time off ledger
Time book
Contingency plan
End of term examinations

Grade Ten Parent Conference

Date: 2016/2/11

Issues / Items

One on one interaction with parents

Welcome parents
Introduction to class teachers and subject teachers
Discussion on grade nine projects and examinations
Discussion on students behavior
Submission of assignments
Tours – areas to visit
Lateness of students
Attire, cleanliness, tidiness, dressing and uniform
Adult behavior displayed by students
Ministry policy on beating students

Monthly meetings with Mentor
April / June

Date Observation Planned Activity

Discussion on migration Students had to research

in grade 9A. Teacher information on causes of
2016/04/22 introduced lesson by migration.
recapping previous

Discussion and pair Students were given the

teaching on task to find out how the
urbanization in grade various problems of
10G1. Students urbanization can be
participate well in reduced.

Discussion on the causes Students had to read up

of migration in Grade on effects of migration.
9C. Students were
involved in discussion
and concepts were

Discussion on
deforestation in grade Teacher completed her
9A. Teacher introduced mentorship program.
lesson using role play
and students actively
The lesson was very
interesting and the
content was quite clear
to all students.

Professional Development Sessions

Date Topic Observation Facilitator

Preparation of Ms. Sharon Willis

lesson plan.
Key elements that
2015/11/18 Lesson Plan
should be in the Ms D. Dublin
specific Benjamin (HM)

Preparation of
2015/12/05 School Records end of term Ms. Sharon Willis

To improve
Specific teachers ability in Ms. D. Charles
objectives writing specific




Letter of appointment from the Teaching Service Commission

Notes from meetings with School management

Copy of the School Improvement Plan

School Vision and Mission

Copy of School Rules and discipline code

Orientation Schedule with annotations and useful sessions

Staff list of Golden Grove Secondary School

Map of the School

Summary assessment forms from HM

Notes from meetings with Mentor

Notes from classroom visits by other school managers

Schedule of professional development sessions

Notes on participation in a learning community

Monthly reflections / logs

Notes on parent conferences

Reflections on observations of specialist teachers’ lessons

Reflections on special events


Annotated bibliography


The New Teacher would like to extend sincere gratitude to Miss Sharon
Willis (Mentor) for her guidance and support throughout this Induction
Programme. I would also like to offer special thanks to Miss Ruth
Richmond for her assistance; her willingness to give her time so
generously has been very much appreciated and the HM of Golden
Grove Secondary School; Miss Delores Dublin Benjamin for providing
me with the necessary information needed to be placed into my
portfolio. The new teacher would like to express her deep gratitude to
her colleagues (Miss Kendall and Miss Sukhu) for their patience,
encouragement and valuable support throughout this entire ordeal.

This portfolio is a requirement for the completion of the Induction
Programme which was scheduled for one year ‘September 2015 to June 2016.’
This portfolio entails information towards the growth and development of the
new teacher during the first year of teaching, upon the completion of Cyril
Potter College of Education. The new teacher known as the mentee is assessed
and guided by an expert teacher called the mentor. These assessments are
done by the mentor to help the new teacher with his / her weaknesses so that
he / she can be corrected and be able to grow into a professional teacher /

During this period the mentee will be taught as to how to deal with various
situations or circumstances which may arise from time to time at a school.
Being placed directly in an environment with real problems, the new teacher
will have firsthand experience to address such matters.

This period will enlighten the new teacher about school records and other
important documents. It will also help to improve the capabilities of the new
teachers in the classroom thus the school’s capacity will be strengthened and
known as a place that offers high quality of educational opportunities to the
students in its classrooms.

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk
to health, life, property, or environment.[1] Most emergencies require urgent
intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation, although in some
situations, mitigation may not be possible and agencies may only be able to
offer palliative care for the aftermath.
While some emergencies are self-evident (such as a natural disaster that
threatens many lives), many smaller incidents require that an observer (or
affected party) decide whether it qualifies as an emergency. The precise
definition of an emergency, the agencies involved and the procedures used,
vary by jurisdiction, and this is usually set by the government, whose agencies
(emergency services) are responsible for emergency planning and

An incident, to be an emergency, conforms to one or more of the following: if


 Poses an immediate threat to life, health, property, or environment

 Has already caused loss of life, health detriments, property damage, or
environmental damage
 has a high probability of escalating to cause immediate danger to life,
health, property, or environment

Dangers to life
Many emergencies cause an immediate danger to the life of people involved.
This can range from emergencies affecting a single person, such as the entire
range of medical emergencies including heart attacks, strokes, cardiac
arrest and trauma, to incidents that affect large numbers of people such
as natural disasters including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, mudslides and
outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, Ebola, and malaria.
Most agencies consider these the highest priority emergency, which follows
the general school of thought that nothing is more important than human life.

Dangers to health
Some emergencies are not necessarily immediately threatening to life, but
might have serious implications for the continued health and well-being of a
person or persons (though a health emergency can subsequently escalate to
The causes of a health emergency are often very similar to the causes of an
emergency threatening to life, which includes medical emergencies and
natural disasters, although the range of incidents that can be categorized here
is far greater than those that cause a danger to life (such as broken limbs,
which do not usually cause death, but immediate intervention is required if
the person is to recover properly). Many life emergencies, such as cardiac
arrest, are also health emergencies.

Dangers to the environment

Some emergencies do not immediately endanger life, health or property, but
do affect the natural environment and creatures living within it. Not all
agencies consider this a genuine emergency, but it can have far reaching
effects on animals and the long term condition of the land. Examples would
include forest fires and marine oil spills.

Most developed countries operate three core emergency services

 Police – who deal with security of person and property, which can cover
all three categories of emergency? They also to some extent deal with
punishment of those who cause an emergency through their deliberate
 Fire service – who deal with potentially harmful fires, but also
often rescue operations such as dealing with road traffic collisions. Their
actions help to prevent loss of life, damage to health and damage to or loss
of property.
 Emergency Medical Service (Ambulance / Paramedic service) – These
services attempt to reduce loss of life or damage to health. This service is
likely to be decisive in attempts to prevent loss of life and damage to

health. In some areas "Emergency Medical Service" is abbreviated to
simply EMS.

Wednesday 16th September, 2015

Commenced at 14: 30 hours

Issue / Item Decisions taken Persons responsible

Ms. Ruth HOD Science spoke
about extra lessons for Grade
Eleven students on Tuesday
and Thursdays.

Teacher’s concern Miss Ruth and Parents

Students are asked to remain
for one hour to facilitate
completion of the syllabus.

Ms. Djanada Charles HOD

English spoke about the
acquisition of the relevant
material for the teaching of
English B and Reading. HOD English

Parents were informed about

the extra classes on Tuesdays
and Thursday for Grade 11

Parents were also informed to

get a deeper connection with Parents
their children and encourage
them to read more.

Ms Maxine Henry Samuels HOD Business and Parents

HOD Business Studies
reminded parents about the
importance of the School
Based Assessment

Subject Teachers

They were also reminded that

all SBA’s begin from the
second term at Grade 10.
All SBA’s must be completed
by December, 2015.

Mock examinations will begin

October 12 and will conclude
on October 26, 2016.

Students pursuing Business

subjects are asked to
subsidize support material.

Cost for mock examination

script ($500)
DHM Ms Septana Stephens

Parents were reminded about

the school’s uniform and the
dress code of students.

Male students are to wear

pants with 17 inches bottom,
plain black belt, and black
Uniform footwear with black socks.

Female students are to have

their hair neatly braided, no
extensions, ribbons, badges,
black footwear and white

SM Rhonda Benjamin spoke /

reminded parents about the
Grade Supervisors and Parents
Ministry’s policy regarding
parent conferences.
Parent’s conference
Grade 7 – Oct 29,2015

Head - Ms Devon Holder Level Heads and Parents

Grade 8 Oct 27 Tandy Tappin

Grade 9 Oct 22,2015 -

Rhonda Benjamin

Grade 10 Oct 20 - Sharon

Grade 11 Oct 15 - Elon Lee

Ms Maxine Henry Samuels

responsible for the bible club
informed parents of the
objectives of the said club.

Launch will commence on

September 24, 2015.

Bible club session will be

conducted on Wednesdays
12:10 – 12:45. Ms Maxine Henry Samuels and
Committee Members
Parents were reminded that
they play an integral role in
the lives of their children.

They were urged to

encourage students to attend.
Launch of bible club
Remarks by HM – Ms
Dolores Benjamin.

Punctuality – HM mentioned
that there has been an
improvement in the
punctuality of students. Parents

Habitual latecomers will be

sent to the school’s welfare

Parents were reminded that

they need to work with the
school to enhance the
performance of students.

There has been an increase in

the CSEC results 2015 29.1 –
CSEC results and Prize Giving
53% grades 1-3 and 78% Graduation Committee, Parents
grades 1-4. and Graduates.

Prize giving exercise will be
done sometime between late
October early November.

Parents were asked to donate

prizes towards same.

Parents were reminded that

they need to encourage
students to participate in co-
curricular, extracurricular

School t-shirts will be on sale

Cost $2200

Sports will be held on October

01, 2015 @ 9:00hrs.
Trampoline, games and side
attractions will be available.

Co- curricular and extra – Novelty races will be arranged

curricular activities. to include parents.

Each student has to sell three

tickets and they will gain free
entrance into the ground. Sports Committee & P.T.A

Uniform for marchers will be

made available @ the cost of

Each child must make a

contribution to their house

Students will be given at least

three pieces of assessment. All Teachers

Continuous Assessment Examinations will be

administered at the end of the
term for Math and English A. HOD Math and English

Students were placed into

streams according to
Streaming performance.

Students must be encouraged

to work hard to have preferred
Parents were reminded that
each student must pay a
continuing fee $1000) for each
Continuing fee Parents
new academic year. (Sept –

Parents were encouraged to

do all in their power to support
their child / children.

Parents must set realistic

goals for their children.
Parental Involvement
Parental involvement aids the
child in various ways and
school managers have fewer
problems with student

The PTA of Golden Grove

secondary will be hosting a
Concert concert in November 29,

Registration for CSEC 2016

will be done soon and
payment will commence early
in November.
CSEC 2016 HM and parents of CSEC
Payments must be completed
by the end of the first week.

Vouchers distribution has

been completed and a total of HM and Staff of Golden Grove
123 have been returned. Secondary and parents.

Mr. David Gentle has now

been elected as the new
P.T.A chairman.
Parents and PTA
Electing P.T.A President
Vice Chairman.
Mr. Winslow Cole has been
selected as a new committee

Prepared by:

Adopted by: Lucille Caesar

Seconded by: Carol Ross



COMMENCED AT @ 13:30 hours

Item/ Issue Decision Taken
Class teacher must inform Class teachers
students on the dates
assigned for tours

The fund rising was School

Fund raising

Teachers were reminded to

be prepared for a visit from All teachers
Ministry visit
the ministry by having all
records ready.

Officials from the G.T.I are

expected to visit on the 25th Officials
G.T.I Visit Feb., 2016 at 11:00 am to
have a talk with students for
40 minutes.

Officials from P.Y.A.R.G are
expected to visit on 16th Feb., Officials
P.Y.A.R.G Visit 2016 at 11:00 am to have a
talk with students from grade

G.T.U meeting will be held at

the Golden Grove Secondary All teachers
School on the last Thursday
of the month.

Teachers were reminded to

sign the ledger upon request.
Time Off All teachers

Teachers were reminded to All teachers

Time Book
sign in and out.

Contingency Plan Teachers were reminded that

any teacher can be asked to All teachers
replace an absent teacher for
a time table period.

MOD- Construction of flag $160,000 would be needed
pole. for the construction of the flag P.T.A
pole. The PTA is expected to
raise funds. This construction
is to be completed before the
50th Anniversary.

To be held on the 19th Fed,

2016. All teachers
Mash Parade and Concert

Prepared by: Ms Lynese Kendall

Adopted by:

Seconded by:

Staff Meetings
Date: 16th March, 2016

Time of commencement of meeting: 13:30 hrs

Time of conclusion of meeting: 14:45 hrs

Item/ Issue Decision Taken

Submission of Records Schemes must be

submitted to HODs. HODs Subject teacher
will submit schemes to

In complete CID Cards CID cards must be

Class teacher
submitted by 17th march,

Outstanding SBAs
Deadline for SBAs will be
the 24th march, 2016. Grade 11 teachers
Teachers with outstanding
SBAs should submit a list
with the names of
students with outstanding
SBAs to HM.

Teachers need to be
Completion of Records aware of the number of Class teachers
subjects that are done in
their classes.

Teachers need to remind

None submission of students to return their Class teacher
Report Booklets booklets by the second
week of the term.

End of term Examination Teachers of each All teachers

department need to
supervise examination
according to department.

Dead line for the Teachers need to submit Subject teachers

submission of Test their test papers in a
timely manner.

Teachers with outstanding Subject teachers

Table of Specification table of specification were
urged to submit their
table of specification on
the 17th march, 2016.

Students should not be
Staff Room seen in staff room All teachers that occupy
especially during the staff rooms.
instructional time. It was
suggested by DHM that
students state their
business upon entering
the staff room then leave.

Mathematics and English

Poor performance in Mathematics and English
teachers were
Mathematics And English Language teachers
Language encouraged by DHM to
work harder with students
in order to improve their
Subject teachers were Subject teachers
also encouraged to check
student’s notes books to
ensure that the subjects
agree with the verb.

English teachers were

Positive Highlights praised for working with
students who won both
categories of the spelling
bee competition.

Science teachers were

also praised since Golden
Grove Secondary was
place second for the
recycling of bottle


Teachers need to take up All teachers

Sports club responsibilities and
participate in the sport to
which they were assigned.

Form teachers need to Form teachers

Motivation of students motivate their students

All teachers
Improvement of Teachers need to take up
performance their role in order to
improve performance.

Supervision Supervision need to be
addressed by all seniors.

Class teachers
Registers Registers must be stapled
balanced and prepared
for next term.

It was suggested by HM Level supervisor

that level supervisor
ensured that the number

of students on the
schedule corresponded Class teacher
with the number of
students on the register.

Report booklets that were Class teacher

Report Booklets not distributed to
students should be
submitted to the level

Level Heads
Appraisals Level heads need to be
objective when appraising
A panel will be in place in
order to appraise

Orientation Teachers will be guided

continuously in order to
make them aware of what
is happening in the

An assistant mistress can

Mentor be asked to be a mentor
to a TQM and so on.

All teachers
Salary Sheets/Book The salary book should be
signed in a timely manner.

HODs need to actualize HODs

Action Plan what the teacher said
he/she would have done
last term.

If teachers are not

Leave Concession All teachers
medically sick then their
leave will be leave over
taken for those who have
utilized all allocation.

Time Book Teachers need to sign All teachers

their time on the arrival
and departure.

Third Form Projects Projects will be

distributed on the 17th of
march, 2016. It was
suggested by HM that one
period be set aside to deal
with issues related to the
completion of projects.

Prepared by: Ms. Karen Stuart

Adopted by:

Seconded by:

General staff meeting
Date: 12th April, 2016.

Time of commencement of meeting: 13:05 hrs

Time of conclusion of meeting: 14:00 hrs

Opening prayer was done by Ms Ruth Richmond

Item/issue Decision taken Persons responsible

There was a 2.5 increase

Reflection on last term’s in student’s
performance performance for last
term; however, there is
room for improvement
for much more. All teachers
Submission of
assignment is a sore
issue for students and
teachers were told to
take actions to curb this

Completion of grants All departments were

urged to work on their
It was noted that grants
are not to be used for All departments
purchasing text books.

Teachers were urged to
Last term’s school work together for
effectiveness improvement in all
areas for better school All teachers
HOD’s need to do more
supervision and
observation of their

Teachers were
SBA reminded to look keenly
at the heading (dates
etc) and that they should
jot down the dates for SBA teachers
their SBA.
Teachers were urged to
work feverishly with the
students on their SBA’s
when completing labs.

Teachers were prompt

Miss Independence in inquiring students for
Pageant the pageant
The deadline given for
the submission of entry All teachers
forms is 14th April, 2016.

Subject committee Dates were given

meetings between April to June
for the various subjects

to conduct their
meetings. All teachers

50th Anniversary The school’s building

preparations has to be decorated as All teachers
well as the flag pole
needed to be erected
before 1st May to the 4th
Teachers should
examine their
classrooms and depict
aids in aid of the

Classroom competition Class teachers were

urged to get their
classrooms up and
running. It was noted Class teachers
that the ministry
assesses the

Teachers were
Teachers leave taken reminded to
communicate with the
school whenever he/she
is absent from school. All teachers
Teachers were told to
call the school’s phone
to make their reports.
Failure to comply will
result in UAL and

logging. It was also
noted that medicals
should be presented
within a 48 hour period.

Finance for school Ministry stated that

every school should not
keep more than $10,000
in school. Excess should
be placed in the bank.

Project teachers would

Grade 9 projects have distributed
projects and submitted Grade 9 project teachers
their monies collected.
Teachers were urged to
guide the students and
explain I detail for
optimum marks. Every
child must submit a
project. Submission
dates should be decided
upon by departments

General Assembly Teachers were

reminded that it is
compulsory to be in All teachers
every general assembly
the school conducts to
supervise the students.

Teachers were
reminded that there is a
Daily rota rota available for the
upper, lower and annex
building. All teachers
Teachers need to act
more responsible with
the rota.

Dismissal Our SOP states that the

school should have
orderly dismissal and All teachers
teachers were reminded
that they should remain
15 minutes after
dismissal. Teachers
were also reminded that
if they teach the 8th
period they should
dismiss the class in an
orderly manner.
The bible club was
instructed to formulate a
prayer for dismissal on a
daily basis.

Teachers were The bible club

instructed to get the
school’s pledge and
make it available to their
class for them to learn.

Social funds Teachers were Class teachers
reminded to pay their
social funds.
HM read a quote for the All teachers
staff and the meeting
was adjourned.

Prepared by: Ms Devika


Adapted by:

Seconded by:

General Staff Meeting
Date: 19th May, 2016

Time of commencement of meeting: 13:10 hrs

Time of conclusion of meeting: 15:00 hrs

Item/issue Decision taken Persons responsible

August term The term consists of All teachers

fourteen weeks and the
various activities have
been planned. The
success o these activities
depends on the support
of the staff and students.

CXC schedule CXC examinations are in All teachers

progress and as a result
students are expected to
stay home on different
Teachers are expected
to teach however, it
appears as though some
teachers are neglecting
their students when
they are present.
Teachers were urged to
attend class on time.

Teachers were urged to

plan examination
questions early and to
make required date for

submission. All teachers

Examination Teachers were

supervision reminded that the
correct amount of
assessment should be All teachers
given in order to acquire
the 40 % needed for
course work for the

Assessments HM inquired about the Grade 9 teachers

submission of project
from subject teachers.
English Language has
approximately 10
outstanding projects
from grade 9B and 9C
respectively; teachers
were urged to All teachers
Grade 9 project encourage students to
submit projects since it
was in their best

Level 8 supervision The current level All teachers
supervisor Ms Tandy is
on whitley council leave
and as a result an acting
level supervisor has
been assigned. Please
address all concerns
with Ms Devika

Application for leave Teachers were urged to All teachers

apply for whitley council
leave in a timely manner
so that it can be
Teachers were also
advised that only two
teachers per department
will be given leave at a

Records Teachers were informed

that there is a new All teachers
format for monthly
reports and this report
should be used when
submitting records.
H.O.D’s and level
supervisors were
advised to record visits
and submit records Class teachers
showing same.
Teachers were advised
to submit notes of
lessons and schemes
because the H.O.D’s have

to record this and
submit the monthly SBA teachers
Teachers were urged to
complete mark books,
log books, CDIC cards
and to also prepare the

School Based
School Based Assessment must be
Assessment implemented in the final
term at Grade 10.
Teachers were urged to
have students start the
project in a scrap book
and to keep a record of All teachers
how many students have
submitted this book.
Teachers complained
that there are several
constraints and they Class teachers
were urged to make
contact with parents.

The current students of

grade 10 will not be
Repetition repeating the current
All teachers

Class prayers Students do not know

the school’s prayer for
lunch and dismissal.

Teachers were urged to
ensure that students All teachers.
know and acknowledge

Fund raising activity Frosty sale is scheduled

for 23rd May, 2016.
Students must
participate or contribute
in one fund raising
activity. All teachers

Independence activity Internal rally scheduled

for the 23rd May, 2016.
All teachers are required
to wear clothing
showing patriotism and
students will be attired
in school’s uniform. Level heads

Teachers duties All teacher were

informed that they
should not refuse to Class teacher
accompany students to
any activity held or
sponsored by the region
and / ministry.

Registers All level heads were All teachers

advised to identify an
assistant so that
registers can be marked
when they are not

Teachers were also
advised that registers
must be marked at the All teachers.
end of each session.

Lateness All teachers must

address the lateness
book when late and
state reason for being All teachers.
late since information
has to be related to the

Addressing students Teachers were advised All teachers

that they should not call
students out of their
names. This is not
permitted at all.

Marking of work books Teachers were advised

that students’ work
book should be marked
and signed.

Department rally Teachers were informed

that there is a rally
scheduled to be held at
Bladen Hall Multilateral
School in observance of
Golden Grove Secondary
and other schools will be
presenting a booth on
Chinese and their

Prepared by: Tekisha

Adapted by:

Seconded by:


Date: 10/12/2015

Time: 13:05 hours

Concluded: 15:15 hours

Item/Issue Decision Persons Responsible

Review of school Year: Teachers were informed that

Implementation of schools activities on the list were
curriculum incomplete and as such
should be completed for the
new school year. All teachers

Teachers agreed that it was a

fair school year but there was
room for improvement and as
such each subject department
made necessary suggestions:

-Strategies to help students

perform better and getting
students’ attention on various

-completing of assignments
through motivation.

-There should be more

student centered lesson to
improve students’

The practical aspect of Home

Economics should be

Students Welfare -Teachers should try different
forms of assessment and All teachers
reduce the number of take
home assignments.

-Teachers should be
supervised to ensure that
these strategies are

Teachers suggested that an

oral assessment should be
given to Timothy Lim.

A list of students writing the

CSEC subjects should be
written up.

Various strategies should be

implemented to make contact
with parents.

A day guard would be

Teachers welfare implemented at a later date.

Teachers should have the

student’s interest at heart and
recommit themselves to the
students by spending more
time in their class.

It is noted that there should

be no more than thirty-five
(35) students per teacher.

Teachers raised the concern

of not being able to use the
washroom due to unsanitary

conditions and also the fact
that there are not many and
as such should be available
and regularly cleaned.

Teachers should communicate

with H.M/DHM on issues that
affect them.

A differentiation among staff

should be made for various



The Induction Year Programme was both challenging and rewarding for the
mentee. The mentee however is privileged that she was given the opportunity to
complete this programme and at the same time develop herself as a teacher. The
mentee is therefore looking forward to continue the good work she started
during the induction year period and to also continue her self- development on
the job.

Monthly Reflections In Classroom

Highlights Challenges Recommendations

The Mentee was visited by Ms The mentee had The mentee recommends that
Delores Dublin Benjamin (HM) observed during the first teachers and students alike
of Golden Grove Secondary. few months of the new should be encouraged not to
She pointed out the way in school term that the stigmatize a child or class
which the mentee wrote her students demonstrated because of their lack of abilities.
specific objectives in the notes indiscipline behavior and
of lesson were in correct. the mentee had to try
various ways of dealing They should be treated fairly and
with such. with the same respect as others.

This was a surprise to the

mentee as she has been The mentee however
writing her objectives that came to realize that the
way since final teaching previously transition class
practice, to which no lecture had a stigma attached as
who assessed her objected. a dunce class so they
sought to get attention by
delinquent means since
The mentee willingly changed they cannot get it by
the way she writes her objects performing academically.
as demonstrated by Ms

The mentee has realized Parents should be called in if
In this month the mentee was that students are not teachers report students who
a part of the ushering submitting course work have not been doing course work
committee for graduation pieces on time or at all. pieces by the middle of the term.
2015. This affected the This will help in preventing the
This was an enlightening mentee’s timely delivery child from failing by providing
experience because the of scores to class him or her with enough time to
mentee was able to foster co- teachers. Students complete course work pieces.
operative working skills. The continue to show a lack
mentee also learned team of interest for their
work in getting students to be school work and this
ushers and training them for affects the scores for the
best performances. performance of students
in her subject areas.

February Parents not attending Parents need to be encouraged

The mentee was a part of the meetings scheduled to be to be more involved in their
school’s annual school tour updated about the child’s learning and penalties
2016. performance of their should be put in place for those
children. who do not attend. This will force
The mentee accompanied the This is a sore point at parents to come out and perhaps
level nine students on the 26th most schools and yet at they can be enlightened on the
February, 2016 on their tour the end of the term importance of going to school
to Berbice. The mentee parents cry out about the meetings.
shared this learning injustice done to their
experience with the students children that they
and developed her cognitive themselves have caused.
level. The mentee has always
had the opportunity to
speak to parents whose
children have little or no
complaints but never for
those whose parents are
greatly needed.

The school hosted a cake Lack of co-operation Firstly teachers need to
raffle. This was a highlight among students in the demonstrate cooperation among
during the mentees induction classroom. Students have the staff so that students can
year period because it was a demonstrated their learn from them.
student from her class strong dislike for others in
Samantha, Cox who walked this classroom and this Sometimes students mimic the
away with a whole cake. hampers group work behavior of their teachers and
The mentee felt proud as the being done by the this affects the development of
form teacher. Samantha Cox mentee as the lack of community spirit in the school.
made the event more cooperation affects the
rewarding by dividing the cake activities being done in Students need to be encouraged
among the students of the groups and causes for to work in groups which often
class. This demonstrated a work to be incomplete. foster community spirit skills and
charitable deed as students co-operation.
are always encouraged to
share and do good deeds for
each other.

Being a part of the induction
year the programme was an To teach students good Students need to be punished for
innovative experience for the behaviour to take with indiscipline behaviour and
mentee. She was able to them into the next class complimented on good
develop herself further as a and to wherever life takes behaviour.
teacher and as an educator. them.
This will be helpful in establishing
The mentee would like the difference between right and
for students as they grow wrong.
older to develop a
responsible and
respective attitude
towards school and the
community at large.

Reflections On Special Events

 Education Month Rally 2015

During the month of September the mentee was a part of the educational
rally at the National Park, in Georgetown. She assisted her colleague Ms
Andrea in accompanying some students that participated in the March
pass. Students were very excited and they enjoyed being a part of the rally.
At the rally students from various schools participated and was given a
chance to show case their talents and skills. The President of Guyana along
with the minister of education was present there. There were also some
popular Guyanese artists that performed at the rally. The mentee was able
to demonstrate her commitment towards her responsibility of monitoring
her students.

 Graduation
The mentee was a part of the graduation exercise 2015 held on the
November 5th. The mentee was a part of the ushering team where she
learnt co-operative work and team effort in making sashes and corsages for
the ushers as well as partner shipping with fellow committee members to
train the ushers. On the graduation day the mentee was awarded by the
excellence performance of the ushers as they displayed skills and etiquette
in performing their jobs. The graduation activity was fulfilling and a
wonderful experience for the mentee.

 Culture Day
On May 04th, 2016 the students and teachers all got dressed in our
ancestral clothing. It was such a beautiful sight. Different classes were
dressed to depict a specific ethnic group, their food, dance, music, craft and
embroidery, history and way of life.

This enabled students to become aware of the contributions made by each
ethnic group towards the development of Guyana. The mentee was
responsible for getting the grade 10 bus/science students to demonstrate
the way of life of the Amerindians. Most of the students in that class
participated in the said event. The students were dressed in Amerindian
outfits purchased by the mentee. Both mentee and the students decorated
the classroom with branches, trees and other materials and objects found
in the environment which is associated with the Amerindians. After the
display of art and craft, and food and clothing a concert was held where the
different groups were asked to participate in dances etc.

 Internal Independence Rally

On May 23, 2016 the mentee was involved in the organization of the
independence rally held at the school. The mentee was involved in
organizing the dance pieces for the various ethnic groups that came to
Guyana as well as researching the relevant music to match each dance.
This assignment was the sole responsibility of the social studies
department to which the mentee belonged. This exercise allowed the
mentee to show case her knowledge of history which she holds a special
interest in and values.

Notes On Participation Within The
Learning Community

 Annual School Sports ( sports 2014)

During the course of late September to early November Golden Grove
Secondary school prepared, practised and executed all activities pertaining
to this grand annual event. The enthusiasm of students could be felt
leading up to the events and participation by all was evident. The first
meeting was held on the 5th of September, 2015 at 13:45 in the
auditorium. The mentee was placed in C house with fellow colleagues,
namely Ms. Sukhu, Ms. Tappin, Ms Devon and Ms Sharon Willis. During the
16 -19th of September the mentee along with the school community
participated in the inter-house sports. Though the mentee was not a part of
the winning team she celebrated the efforts of her house members both
teachers and students. The mentee contributed to her house in the writing
and painting of the Banner.

 Annual school tour

At about at 7:30 on the 18th of February most of the students had already
assembled in the school compounded excited to begin the learning
adventure. The mentee herself was eager to begin this wonderful
experience. The places to be visited were the NandPersaud Rice Factory in
Berbice, the Tain campus on the Corentyne and the 63 Beach,Corentyne. At
the Tain Campus we educated about the making and the packaging of rice.
We were also educated about the different faculties the centre houses and
the courses it offers.At the 63 beach the students were allowed to rest and
picnic while being educated about the sea creatures, waves and soil

 Being a form teacher
The mentee was the form teacher of Grade ten bus/science. This class is
comprised of 26 students,5 boys and 21 girls. During the course of the
school year September 2015 to July 2016 the mentee had a lot of
challenges dealing with the indiscipline behaviour of some of the students
.By the end of the first term the mentee finally understood most of the
students and was able to find out possible reasons for their delinquent
behaviour. The mentee had a chance to counsel, advice and form
relationships among students of her class. Students were encouraged to
display good morals and were reminded that they have the ability to do
well in school and that they can be whatever they want to be in life.



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