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All My Days asea 4 Psalm 8 = 88 is Joyfully Gp? (FA) ‘music: Dan Schutte, SJ. AGE) Wis: Jim Mamay, 8. i — a Ant: Till the énd of my days, ‘O_—_ Lord 1 will bless. your mame, sing your praise, give you thanks, _ & he (©) Gat 4") uy wy wee made me i te less. than w God, and have, joe "aah td your ey tee RLS nd Sour a wt _ Fe) Dm (cfm) Vb bv. ised omy heart with your tov VB ta foow the Way thug he night pela) At) pS cemene | lve ee ioc) (iredied =: mene | (eee With peat = yy and Syour kid ho nor you've clothed me,__ given mete ver al will sing your praises Fe) a FA) 2” Yge hive teed eth good ing aad en ys da 0 ‘“ How © your ‘ove, Fa ther, — ou aoe me pics) that y¢ Se 2 round- ed omy t= ble with fend —— Their ove and their 4. “wnt ue your Savior Son, Mis, death and mio) x6") 2. ugh ter en = rich mest = gether we sing your. praise ” Saw us aR ne Sou es Sis ing! will 2 thal opel | and