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Leading Change—Prework

Preparing for the Workshop

You will soon be attending the Leading Change workshop. During the workshop you will
practice leading a discussion with a team member on one of the following topics:
• Introducing a Change
• Exploring a Change
• Overcoming Resistance to Change

To help you prepare for these important discussions—and to help you create your own skill
practice situation—please answer the following questions and complete as much of the form on
the next page as you can for a hypothetical discussion with a current team member. Bring the
completed document to the workshop and be prepared to discuss it there.
• What strategic business goals are driving your organization’s performance today?

• Specifically, what change will your team be dealing with?

• What impact might the change have on your team’s productivity and morale?

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Leading Change—Prework

Discussion with:
• What do you want to discuss? Why is it important?

• What is your objective for this discussion?

• How will you know whether the person/team has accomplished the task or is achieving
desired results after the discussion? How will progress or success be measured?

• What personal needs, tendencies, or characteristics of this person/team do you need

to consider?

• What are the opportunities or challenges in this discussion or the underlying situation?

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