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Nike Live Store Essay

Nike has launched its newest Omni channel plan Nike Live, bringing on digital and brick-and-mortar retail
during a 4,500-square-foot cross-category store called Nike by Melrose, on Melrose within the heart of West
LA. Online stores are opening brick-and-mortar locations. Nike transformed the athletic shoe industry with
technological innovations. Looking up to the today’s generation how the market is growing fast and utilizing
both digital and physical market. The concept store also features Nike Express Sessions, which allows
customers book appointments for Nike plus Members through the Nike App. Nike is planning on to make its
place unique physical environment. Shopping malls are struggling to keep tenants and to attract the customers,
so the retailers came up with new idea and making it easy, fast and more fun so the customers will be easily
attracted to come to stores. Most retailers struggle with the adapting new technology and new style of selling.
They have been working on the same model for years and learning a new way to attract customers changing
the style will be difficult. To make customer shopping easy for both walk-in and digital customer and save a
lot of time and energy. There’s a vending machine which distribute free items to the members of app user by
swiping on their phone.

Nike has adopted the right strategy to generate improving financial returns. Nike were also good at keeping the
manufacturing cost down understanding the consumer is just part of good marketing. Customers love to
prefer sneakers bar service as it offers a unique and fast shoe buying experience, it is operated like a customer
service station. The customer is welcomed by a store athletic which will help the customer to know which
shoes are good and can get a mix of style minded for performance. The customer can get any shoes of their
type or their favorite one on the spot and can try on and checkout. Customer could prefer faster service rather
than waiting in long queue to get your product or a really busy place filled with people and can’t find the exact
shoes you are looking for and wasting hours in store.

The shopping experience helps the customers knows what’s trending and it even help the Nike to know what’s
the item is more sell in this place, what are the most top product the customers and presentencing those set of
items in store. Through the Nike app the customers can know the new features came in store. If the product is
not available in the store they will go and bring the product you wanted. Nike is delivering one-to-one service
to consumers in thirty minutes or less. In case of return of the product the customer can swoosh text to the and
make sure they have their size or choice of the color is ready. Yes, it is profitable and it attracts the customers
really easily and there is more deals and you can stay at home and decide which product you like to have and
free items for members on app of your choice, there’s even a reserved pick up system when you order the
shoes you can get it on the same day kept in the locker which opens by a scan of their smartphones. As
customers prefer fast, easy and innovative service.