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Half Hollow Hills School District

Building Formal Observation

Id Teacher Building Department Cert Type Tenure Period Grade Subject

4103 Danielle Fricke West Hollow (053) MATH Professional Non Tenured

Date Opened Observation Date Observer Date Closed Score

10/27/2016 11/2/2016 Milton Strong 11/17/2016 3.68

Select one rating for each criterion as they apply.

Ratings: (I) Ineffective, (D) Developing, (E) Effective, (H) Highly Effective, (N/O) Not Observable
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
During our pre and post observation conferences, Ms. Fricke demonstrated a solid understanding of the material
she developed for this particular lesson. As a new teacher to West Hollow Middle School, Ms. Fricke appears to
have acclimated well to the school community, building cordial relations with the department. The desired aim for
this lesson was listed as; How do we determine if a relationship is proportional? In an effort to meet this objective, Mr.
Fricke’s lesson plan included a Do Now exercise that led into an instructional component, followed by a
collaborative activity (in which students were asked to work in pairs); and ending with a closing activity. As a
whole, Ms. Fricke crafted a well-designed lesson in which all elements of the plan supported the stated goals in a
cohesive and seamless fashion.

Although some of the building and district resources are new for Ms. Fricke, she comes to us with a strong
understanding and usage of educational technology. For example, the SMARTboard was a featured tool of her
instructional program that complemented her classroom nicely. In addition, during our pre and post observation
conferences, she mentioned how she has incorporated the “flipped” classroom philosophy to her homework
practices as well.

1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy H E D I

1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students H E D I
1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes H E D I
1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources H E D I
1e: Designing Coherent Instruction H E D I
1f: Designing Student Assessments H E D I
Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
Upon entering the room, students were attentive and quietly working as the lesson began. They then were
directed to complete the Do Now task entitled, “The Giant Tortoise”. It was evident that daily opening exercises
were quite routine, as a number of other procedures seemed to have functioned well throughout the period.
During this time, Ms. Fricke was available to students and had a soft, kind demeanor which was warm and inviting.
As such, the atmosphere in the classroom was focused but comfortable, cultivating a nice supportive environment
for learning. All of these factors highlighted the solid rapport Ms. Fricke had established with her students. There
were no observable behavioral concerns throughout the period. Students interacted well with Ms. Fricke as well as
amongst themselves.

During the pre and post observation conference, we discussed the process of sharing classrooms and the
challenges that process presents. In all, Ms. Fricke has made nice contributions to the space and will continue to
take advantage of opportunities to address the physical space when available.

2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport H E D I

2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning H E D I
2c: Managing Classroom Procedures H E D I
2d: Managing Student Behavior H E D I
2e: Organizing Physical Space H E D I
Domain 3: Instruction
During the lesson, Ms. Fricke’s delivery of instruction was error-free as she effectively communicated with her
students. As mentioned earlier, Ms. Fricke’s calm, patient demeanor afforded her students the opportunity to
consider and digest the material in a clear manner. The materials utilized throughout the lesson was easy to read,
neatly organized and presented a professional finish. In addition, the “chain” activity provided an interesting task
that challenged students while highlighting some of Ms. Fricke’s creativity. Ms. Fricke is commended for the amount
of time that went into the development of all the related material for this particular lesson.

Throughout the period, students were focused and engaged on the lesson and related activities. They worked
diligently throughout the period and participated in the lesson by volunteering responses and developing
structured conversations with their peers when appropriate. During the post observation conference, we
discussed the “chain” activity in greater detail. When discussing how students were working through the various
problems, Ms. Fricke said, “learning should be messy”. As that quote highlights an aspect of Ms. Fricke’s teaching
philosophy, she exercised patience when guiding students through these, at times, challenging tasks. As such, the
activity provided Ms. Fricke time to circulate around the room and assess students. Another assessment tool that
Ms. Fricke utilized was the exit card at the conclusion of the period.

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3a: Communicating with Students H E D I
3b: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques H E D I
3c: Engaging Students in Learning H E D I
3d: Using Assessment for Instruction H E D I
3e: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness H E D I
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
4a: Reflecting on Teaching H E D I N/O
4b: Maintaining Accurate Records H E D I N/O
4c: Communicating with Families H E D I N/O
4d: Participating in a Professional Community H E D I N/O
4e: Growing and Developing Professionally H E D I N/O
4f: Showing Professionalism H E D I N/O
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