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Part – B Micro-Project Report

Client Server Network

1.0 Rationale
This project is based on the study of client server network .
2.0 Aims/Benefits of the Micro-Project
To create a power point presentation on Client server Network.
 Backups and network security is controlled
 Network peripherals are controlled centrally
 Users can access shared data which is central controlled

3.0 Course Outcomes Addressed

1) Use basic concepts of networking for setting-up computer network.
2) Setup a computer network on the basis of requirements.
3) Configure basic network services.

4.0 Literature Review

This study explain us that is a system that performs both the function of client and
server so as to promote the sharing of information between them. Unauthorized user cannot
access other server database.

5.0 Actual Methodology Followed.

 Prepared proposal.
 Literature Survey.
 Created Presentation.
 Prepared report.

6.0 Actual Resources Used.

S. No. Name of Specifications Qty Remarks
1) MS Word. MS word 2013 1 -
2) MS PowerPoint Presentation MS PPT 2013 1 -

7.0 Output of the Micro-Project

8.0 Skill Developed / Learning outcome of this Micro-Project
We learnt installation of the network,in which conditions it should be installed and its
9.0 Applications of this Micro-Project
 In gaming system where multiplayer games are played Client server network is
used where the servers are divided according to the user where they are living.